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Action Id: 3367 Crisis: Participants: Estelle, Sophie, Teagan and Umbroise
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 28, 2019, 8:04 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 300
Social Resources: 500

Action by Estelle

Working for the Faith, Estelle is organizing a caravan of Mercies escorted by the Knights of Solace to the battlefield of Last Bridge. Once there, they will begin to sort and care for the bodies of the fallen, ensuring that they are sent off to their respective homes for proper funeral rites. The living will not go neglected either, with the wounded from all sides involved being treated as best as the Mercies can manage. For those beyond treatment, Estelle will read prayers specifically prepared by the Mother Mercy Sophie herself.

Action by Sophie

Sophie seems intent to let Estelle handle the organization of this caravan. When they arrive she focuses on healing. She walks through the wounded, setting bones, mending wounds, and whatever else might be necessary to send as many home to their families as possible She's prepared extra bandages, salves, and tinctures for pain. Sophie doesn't neglect the dead, but her primary focus is on the living. Once she's done all she could do in the way of healing - she'll move to saying prayers for the dead of both sides.

Action by Teagan

Teagan has entrusted this venture to Estelle: both as a family member and as a Mercy. She believes Estelle will be able to do what is best for all involved (notably the dead and wounded). However, Teagan will attend insofar as ensuring that Bellerive themselves do not interfere with any Threerivers representatives that are present to see to their people. She wants to make sure it is as smooth a transition as possible and that the focus is on both mourning and healing: further politics can come after. She'll also welcome any representatives of the other houses involved (such as Fireside and Delcambre) so that they can see to arrangements for any of their injured or lost.

Action by Umbroise

Umbroise, who will already be in Threerivers hopefully (@action 3152), will work on convincing the new Countess of Threerivers to allow the Mercies to do their jobs, and bring home the fallen Threerivers soldiers, including Count Trevor and his Sword. Umbroise will be very careful to ensure that all due diligence is paid to honoring the traditions of House Threerivers with regards to the handling of their dead, and will advise the Mercies on such as an intermediary of sorts, hopefully to prevent any further tensions. Umbroise will suggest, based on Mother Ailith's advice, that the new Countess send her representatives to meet wtih the Mercies on the disputed lands to retrieve the fallen. She will offer her deepest sympathies to the new Countess of Threerivers, and will stay for any funeral rites that are performed should the bodies be safely returned home.


It's somber work, taking care of the bodies. Sophie is able to help a great many of the injured, including some that were thought to be beyond help, winning praise, but it's scattered bright spots in an extremely sad duty. With great care and courtesy, Estelle, Teagan and Sophie see to the bodies and being certain they are treated with dignity, and Umbroise is familiar enough with the Threerivers' ways to be certain that no offense is accidentally given by the Oathlanders seeing to the bodies. It's hard work, but it's very important work, and the bodies are taken by Estelle to meet with Ailith for transport.

Due to their efforts, House Bellerive at Last Bridge and House Threerivers are willing to talk, and it makes the other jobs to come much easier.