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Action Id: 3152 Crisis: Participants: Umbroise, Kenna, Jeffeth, Riagnon and Radhilde
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 16, 2019, 1:59 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 500
Military Resources: 500
Social Resources: 500

Action by Umbroise

Marquessa Rhea Acheron has tasked Umbroise with the weighty matters pertaining to the conflict between House Bellerive and House Threerivers, and all of the things that have spilled over since. She will be personally traveling to Threerivers, with a proper escort of course, to see if she can talk some sense into Count Trevor, and convince him to withdraw his troops from the lands of House Bellerive and to cease harassing the vessels of Harthall.

On her way there, she will pay visits to the other vassals of House Acheron to talk trade, spread propaganda about how war is bad for trade, and spread a message of unity within the March. Her hope is that by doing so, she will help reassure the other vassals that House Acheron won't tolerate aggressive actions, but offers its support to its vassals in time of need.

When she arrives at Threerivers, she will seek an audience with Count Trevor of Threerivers to see if she can convince him to bring his troops home, that a siege of Bellerive risks a war with House Blackram and its vassals. She will attempt to convince him that none of this is good for trade, and she will offer him some heavy incentives to withdraw those troops such as support in laying claim to some of that disputed territory. One of those incentives will be an exclusive right to a corner of the new great marketplace that the Marquessa has planned to build in Aviaron's Peak.

She will sympathize with him, be fully supportive and understanding for the losses suffered among his soldiers, listen to his grievances and do her best to see them addressed, but she will be firm. While he may be free to do what he wishes within his own lands, besieging the lands of another fealty is not an acceptable solution. She will, however, do everything in her power to assure him that she has his best interests at heart for the sake of the March as a whole, and wishes only to help him out of this difficult situation. She'll try to convince him of the benefits of the Great Road, and how it will help to bring trade to his County, being so close to it, once these disputes can be settled.

Should he agree to return home, Umbroise will do her best to negotiate a deal to divide those disputed lands between Threerivers and Bellerive so that the lines may finally be firmly drawn to everyone's satisfaction. It is her hope that in doing so, future conflicts will not ensue. If he doesn't agree to return his troops home and end the siege of Last Bridge, well... that would be up to the Marquessa, surely, as to what will happen next. But Umbroise hopes it doesn't come to that.

Action by Riagnon

It's no mistake that Riagnon is accompanying Umbroise on her mission. Symbolic of House Acheron's honor and legitimacy, the House Sword's presence is meant to speak to the gravity with which Marquessa Rhea takes these conflicts as well as her investment in discovering a happy denouement. Not a diplomat himself, Riagnon will defer to Umbroise on most matters while flexing every muscle of knightly etiquette in his possession. Hopefully Umbroise doesn't make him fight anyone to the death.

Action by Kenna

New to the conflict, Kenna is quite happy to be a force behind the scenes. She charms her way into various confidences, working mostly among the army to sway minds and hearts towards a more peaceful action. It's her intent to sway the public opinion against the conflict. She reminds them of the trade ties that are fraying and close to severing. Leaning on her merchant background she reminds them of how scarce food gets during conflicts, and the approaching harvest season that will go unharvested if the armies are not in residence.

Action by Radhilde

Radhilde is not very knowledgeable about everything politics but one thing she knows for sure is that something large is at stake. She fully supports Umbroise, not just as her sister but in House Acheron's ultimate goal of peace, so she also joins the journey to Threerivers. Radhilde intends to use her wits at her sister's side as she lends agreement to her offers of peace and efforts to reason with Count Trevor and will use her perception to take note of anything amiss.

Action by Jeffeth

Jeffeth has been asked to accompany the retinue heading up to Threerivers. With him he carries the authority of the Knights of Solace. But mostly, he's bringing big smiles. The large knight is here to offer his support for any negotiations that could be made with the opposing parties. He of course will be making sure to protect the group should anything happen. But mostly he is here to provide support. If they reach any negotiations, if there is any assurances the Solace can make, he can act as an obective representative of the Faith. Peace is best here guys, come onnnn.


Lady Umbroise Acheron's actions are absolutely vital, and in the end make all the difference for ending the war between House Bellerive and House Threerivers. Countess Tresa Threerivers at first is furious and wants to avenge her father, but all of them have their ways of helping talk Threerivers down from the ledge they are at first determined to try to leap off of. Umbroise and Radhilde have an advantage in that their coming to Acheron was relatively tragic- they might be of the liege's house for Threerivers, but like Countess Tresa, they know loss. It's deeply meaningful for her to see Umbroise help oversee the return of the bodies, and then have all the members of House Acheron speak and plead with her. Kenna is meaningful, as a new member and an outsider who has a fresh set of eyes, and speaks compelling about the losses from continued war, while Riagnon as House Sword is a symbol of how seriously Acheron takes the mission. (And he doesn't have to fight anyone to the death.) Jeffeth as a presence helps as well, due to the respect commanded by the Knights of Solace. Ultimately, it's their efforts that has Threerivers willing to seek peace, and agree to the meditation of disputed territory by the Faith as being pushed by the Whisper House.