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Lord Constantine Kennex

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sea-born Counselor
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 6/6
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Counselor
Height: tall
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Voice of House Kennex, Stormward Minister of Population

Description: Tall and lithe, Constantine managed himself with a rolling grace. He moved without hurry, limbs languidly swinging to project him forward in an effortless sway. He bears a clear resemblence to the Kennex genetic line: blonde, blue eyes, fair skin. The youth even maintains a bit of that sterness his elder siblings have coined simply in his passive expressions. While his jawline is a chiseled line, there's a certain softenss to Connie's facial features. He held an intense sort of appeal to him. Often mistaken for 'brooding' by appearance alone.

Personality: While topically Constantine appears to be of an easy placidity, behind those pale eyes rages all the passion of the tempestuous sea. His pride and stubborn nature are often mistaken for qualities of ambitious youth, but when a closer look is taken it seems that bullheaded nature clearly is motivated by the well-being of his people and dedication to family. Outside of matters of Stormward, Connie maintains a diplomatic approach to most day-to-day conflicts. As a counselor, he finds listening to be a far superior skill than that of oration leaving the man a quiet observer in the storm of life.

Background: The second youngest of the Kennex brood, Constantine found himself in a position of freedom in comparison to his elder siblings. There was very little expectation of him beyond upholding the family dignity and preparing himself for the time when the weight of political responsibility would fall to his shoulders via future marriages and so forth. Without the determined role he would play, it allowed young Connie a more open relationship with both his mother and father spanning from his early years all the way to their tragic deaths. Denholm Kennex to the world was a calculating and brilliant naval commander, but in talks with his youngest son late into the evening Constantine learned there was so much more to his father than the lens of responsibility allowed to be seen. He came to realize each individual faced a myriad of inner struggles that more often than not were bore in silence. Alone.

And so Constantine found his calling. He began seeking out others outside of his family, ingratiating himself with nobility and common folk alike via drink and topical discussion until like long ago in the wee hours of the evening his conversational partners began to reveal who they truly were. Not as whatever role they played in the grand scheme of Stormward or Arvum in general, but as people with all their hopes, dreams and fears. He found this made life a far less intimidating thing, especially in the political sphere and while the sea was always a soft siren's call in his ear... Constantine knew he was not meant for its embrace.

During the transition and abolition of Thralldom within Stormward, Constantine worked tirelessly in the "trenches" shoulder to shoulder with his people. Up until more recently, Constantine remained home as a steady presence of House Kennex, but now that the dust has settled and Stormward progresses forward again with the Pirate War past he has decided to join his family in Arx at least for the near future.

Name Summary
Aahana A fellow lover of numbers who I am glad is willing to accept my aide. I am sure he will become quite an ally.
Aethan Cousin, working to build the House up again. Gods know we need it -- good to have him in Arx.
Alarissa A mover and shaker in Kennex. With common sense! I applaud this and the hope he brings with him.
Alessandro Niklas' brother, and therefore already miles ahead of most people.
Ariella The brains of the outfit.
Avaline Lord Constantine appears to be very serious and dedicated to his work, but he is also friendly and welcoming.
Berenice Another Kennex! His reputation preceded him. By why of several strange questions to his brother. (No, they weren't /my/ questions. /I'm/ not strange.)
Delilah Introduced by affiliation to Prince Niklas, which itself commends Constantine to a certain degree. Delightful manners even as we passed in ships in the night, and he shares that anchoring wit, so that is well in his favour. If the rest is as sharp, a possibility of a boon companion.
Emilia Such a polite Lord! How is he not married yet?
Ford Is it possible to have a favorite brother? No, it isn't? OH well. Then Connie is not my favorite. At all. I love my brothers' EQUALLY. Though I've always gotten along better with Connie. Though we never really got to know each other until after Denny died, we would sit around the house back home sipping on drinks and playing cards, or stones. Enjoying each other's company. I love him. So very much.
Gareth A unique position he seeks to claim. Whatever his intentions for doing something so unusual, I will keep an eye on how he does in the city. I hope my natural intuition is proved wrong.
Gianna Still waters run deep.
Grazia Somewhat smarter than the average Kennex, this young man is full of questions and perhaps an honest interest in learning, as well.
Jasher An observant and quiet man, much like me. Perhaps we may find a lot in common.
Jeffeth My Lord Connie, he seems nice. If he's a friend of Lady Kalani he must be a good sort! An agreeable man.
Jordan Voice of House Kennex. He seems to have a dignified and lordly bearing, and is definitely someone interesting to observe, and converse with.
Juliana Another Kennex, easy enough to like, we will see how the trust develops.
Karadoc So formal. So pressed and neat and tidy. All ledgers and quills and work-work-work. Is there more? We'll have to see.
Lydia I swear when they made the Kennexes the Gods asked, "What are all the things Lydia finds good and charming?" and stuffed each one of them full of this. Constantine is no different, a gracious host and diligent student, and oh so handsome and charming.
Niklas Little brother. Since Ford was never around I never had the big brother experience, so I'll just give him all the shit Renny gave me.
Orelia He doesn't push himself to the forefront, in a crowd. But that's not a flaw. It's perfectly acceptable - and sometimes more fun - to observe. He's also rather easy on the eye. I don't believe he's aware of it and I certainly shan't be the one to point it out!
Petal He seems like a kind Lord, who loves the sea and probably needs some clothing.
Prisila This is Ford's kinfolk. Interesting. Certainly looks like a Kennex, but I wonder if he can sail and fight like one too.
Quenia Constantine must be newly arrived to the city of Arx. I was only just introduced to him today, though more in passing than anything. I hope to have him dine at the Igniseri table at some point, as I have his cousins. I wonder if he has as many wonderful tales as Lord Ian.
Reese He is a very gracious lord and very flattering! He seems to be pretty smart like his brother is.
River So polite and a charming individual, I look forward to learning more of him.
Rosalie A very serious young lord. But so well-dressed! I wonder what it would take to make him laugh....
Sabella Niklas' youngest brother who appears to be just as sharp and witty as he is! I think we shall be great friends!
Saedrus A charmingly affable young man who sought out the Whisper House for tutelage. Even more impressive still was he did not even yawn during my instruction on social graces. I know the lecture is dull, but one would not know it for his attentiveness. I look forward to knowing the young Lord more.
Vanora Ford's charming younger brother, an accomplished playwright.
Zoey Intelligent, measured, reasonable, capable, and polite. I think we'll get on swimmingly.