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Action Id: 4188 Crisis: Participants: Valdemar, Vanora, Edward, Iseulet, Ingrid and Orchid
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 12, 2020, 12:34 p.m. Public: True GM: Fabulist

Economic Resources: 10000
Military Resources: 5000

Action by Valdemar

Valdemar is going to begin planning for improvements to be made to Grimhold at Grihem's Point. Primarily, this will be expanding it and fortifying it, making the walls stronger where possible and adding arrow slits, murder holes, and pots for boiling pitch. While he is at it, he would include some renovations for the purpose of comfort, but this will be secondary to making it a more secure dwelling for his family.

Action by Ingrid

Ingrid has studied much of economics and with her intellect and perception, she can spot the best deals, and hopefully avoid the rips, for building materials and labor for the improvements to be made to the Grimhold at Grihem's Point. The materials should be the best they can find, while at the most affordable price considering it is a huge project. An emphasis will be made on directing more business the way of whomever deals fairly. For the labor as well, she seeks those that are honest and hardworking.

Action by Vanora

Duchess Vanora Grimhall has been highly focused on improving Grihem's Point since her husband became Duke, for just as he is the Builder of Grihem's Point she may be the muse that inspires many of the expansions and additions to the Isle. Certainly she played a key role in the Grim Seminary down to details of architectural design...and she lent her support to the Harald Grimhall Naval Academy as well, with slightly less expertise. Expansions and renovations to Grimhold are certainly in her wheelhouse. As her husband considers ways to sure up its defenses, she focuses on the appearance of the castle itself, suggesting the addition of high outer walls and turrets that lend appropriate grandeur to the Grimhall family seat. She supervises the addition of onyx from the famed Grimhall onyx mines to the columns in the great hall and the decor around the gates.

As with any building expansion project, this one requires labor and thus provides jobs for the people, and for some those jobs are the first they have as free men, thralls who are released and paid fairly for their work. Her experience at organizing large efforts of this kind, as well as her charm and diplomacy, which aim to convince the people of Grihem's Point that this endeavor is for the glory of all of them. If her speeches are moving enough, perhaps there will be donations to the cause from the noble vassals and wealthy merchants, in order to impress their Duke and his family.

Action by Orchid

Orchid is going to help Valdemar with his fortifying and renovations by suggesting changes to optimize the land and organizing the people used for renovations. She isn't really focusing on the military aspect but the more building and people oraganizing.

Action by Iseulet

Iseulet uses her vast network of merchants and people that know people in order to make this a more financially viable affair for House Grimhall. She focuses on sourcing all the materials from local merchants where possible and wields the Empyrean Route to direct more materials that they need to bring in from elsewhere without incurring extra taxes/tariffs. She focuses on not sacrificing quality, just price by (gently) making the merchants compete a little for this business.

Action by Edward

Having considerable construction experience - from helping to rebuild Darkwater after the Gyre, to building up the colony at Whitefrost, and assisting in the rebuilding efforts of Stormwall in Redrain lands - Edward is going to leverage his ability with economics and logistics to make sure that quality materials are brought to the efforts of the rebuilding that is being done by House Grimhall. In addition, given his military background and experience - particularly in his assistance with sieges from the Siege of Arx and other locations - he will advise the Duke on how to best place the defenses so as to make full use of the design of the castle at Grimheim's Point.


Fortifying a castle is no small feat; it takes time, people and money. Thankfully, the Duke of Grihem's Point has all of those things. The end result is a heavily fortified keep, complete with secret boltholes and escape routes, a reinforced curtain wall and increase defenses. The people of Grihem's Point are pleased to see that their Duke is looking out for them in these trying and dangerous times.