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Action Id: 2315 Crisis: Participants: Valdemar, Harald(RIP), Vanora, Edward, Ingvar and Ingrid
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 19, 2018, 12:49 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 45000
Economic Resources: 350
Social Resources: 500
Action Points: 50

Action by Valdemar

On Valdemar's last trip to Grihem's Point, he and his scouts checked out the shoreline of a modest-sized island just south of his home. Now house Grimhall is looking to explore that island, to see if it is worth settling, or if there is anything of interest or value to be found there. No coastal settlements were noted last time, but as this expedition moves further inland, they will be on the lookout for Abandoned who might live there. They will be offered the opportunity to bend the knee and become Prodigals, but if they refuse, survivors will be taken thrall according to Islander tradition. According to the new laws of Grimhall, however, orphans will be taken in to be raised and taught alongside child thralls who have been freed already.

Action by Vanora

Vanora isn't much of a scout, but she is a skilled diplomat and has been training in Isles Shav too. She plans to blend those skills and try to convince groups of shavs to bend the knee to Grimhall, The Mourning Isles, and the Compact. She'll co-ordinate and lead a group of similar diplomatic types to work with, and will try to stay out of the way if anything more violent threatens to occur. She will also bring along trinkets (or just silver) that the shavs might enjoy to be offered as gifts should they agree to join the Compact.

Action by Harald(RIP)

Harald will be working side-by-side with Valdemar to scout the island for signs of life. Should any Abandoned be found occupying the island, he will use the fearsome reputation of Grimhall to convince them to bend the knee to the Grimhall, Thrax, and the Compact.

Action by Ingvar

Ingvar has been asked to take charge of the scouts and head out and start surveying the island searching for any signs of habitation by the Abandoned, or any signs of past habitation in general. In addition he will be bringing back information about what he finds that may suggest natural resources or other landmarks of interest to allow the others of the expedition to make better assessments of the island. He is not going to engage any locals in hostilities, just observe, and retreat back to the main force if any hostilities begin.

Action by Edward

Being the veteran explorer on the team, Edward will give an idea of how many potential Shavs could live on the island based on its size and location - using the same methods that Harald used the first time to know the general size of the population of Whitefrost's Shav population before they were dealt with. Edward will also use Ingvar's information from the scouting trip to help estimate the value of the resources on the island and give exerpience based information on how habitable the island is - having done this with Whitefrost he's learned about how long it can take a colony to hit self sufficiency based on the islands resources that it is known to have. Besides information, Edward will also be ready to help either fighting teams or diplomacy teams. He can recommend some of the more appealing trade items to Vanora that Isles Shavs might be interested in.

Action by Ingrid

Ingrid will turn to old maps and chronicles to see if there are any historical accounts documenting the layout and possible resources that may be found on the island. She is trying to determine whether the amount of resources found on the island is worth the risk of trying to settle it. What she is seeking is locations of potential farmlands, mines and any sightings of grazing animals or anything else of interest.


Roll Result: 112

Cold winter months are not well known as good months to be on the water, but that doesn't stop the delegation from Grihem's Point at all. Under Lord Valdemar Grimhall, heir to Grimhall, a group sails forth to look at a smaller island south of Grihem's Point. Unclaimed and unbothered by the Compact in years past, now Grim attention turns toward it.

Advised by Baron Edward, who did something similar in his own holdings, they first sail around to take stock of it. It's not a huge island, certainly not big enough for a large holding in its own right, but it's not small either. They find a good place to land the ships and the group goes ashore, complete with their armies.

Lady Ingrid has poured over maps for months now, trying to find the most likely places that would hold good resources and good opportunity. Lord Ingvar scouts ahead, looking for potential problems or opportunities as his sister directs. Some of they places he scouts seem to be abandoned, as though the shav there saw them coming.

Others though welcome them. News of the recent events in Darkwater and Setarco have reached even the shav here, and those who stay to hear what Lady Vanora, their diplomat has to say. Though some are fractious, Duke Harald's glower calms them down and they listen.

In the end, several villages worth of shav bend the knee, and a small toehold is established on this nameless island.