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Lady Charlotte Wyrmguard

I will knock the dust of this place from my boots and see how far I can go.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Impetuous Ingenue
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 32
Birthday: 2/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: ink black
Eye Color: honey hazel
Skintone: fair

Description: Of average height, this young woman embodies the word 'pleasant'. She has a softness about her, both of curve and in the curls of her ink black hair. Her eyes are amber gold with hints of green and deep blue. Her beauty is not of the 'stunning' variety, more often labeled 'adorable', likely to her chagrin. She is animated, her features expressive, both of her temper and her joys.

Personality: Charlotte is a charmer, often used to getting her way. Unused to opposition, she can rapidly switch tactics when she does not get the results she wants. Friendly and open, hers are the still waters that run deep. More than one old friend has been mystified when they are suddenly cut from the fold, only to be taken in again after a bit, all forgiven. Not to say she is disloyal, Charlotte is a Wyrmguard and takes that very seriously. She is simply put... mysterious, from time to time.

Background: Enough was never really enough for Charlotte. Growing up with six siblings in a backwater like Apsfel Falls was just dull. A cadet branch of the illustrious Wyrmguard family should have given her excitement and prestige, but their family was poor. So very poor, and all their wealth went to keeping their patch of land operational. The infrequent trips to Blancbier were the only bright spots of her youth. That and her twin sister Yessica. Together they would dream up the life that they would lead when they were older. Traveling from city to city, rubbing elbows with Princes and Princesses, catching the eye of a dashing Duke... it was going to be amazing.
Reality, however, was not as kind. When she was eighteen she was married to Tymer Sanna, now Tymer Wyrmguard. The man was a brute and practically a savage. He had a wandering eye, a coarse manner, he as everything Charlotte did not want. But she married him anyway. Because a Wyrmguard puts family first, and this was a duty to be borne with dignity. And the occasional screaming fits punctuated with flying vases. The marriage was a seven year war of silence. When word came that Tymer would be fighting in Stormwall, there was a part of her that rejoiced at the forced absence. When word came weeks later that Tymer died, there was a small part of Charlotte that felt actual relief at the news.
She grieved as was proper, and then promptly sent a letter to Yessica saying that she was going to move to Arx, to get to know the extended Wyrmguard family, and if that didn't work, they had a sister, Reigna, living there too. Charlotte has a chance to capture her childhood dreams, dreams she spent a life preparing herself for. Fancy parties, fancy people, fine wine and ballgowns. She has a wealth of political game (she thinks) that she is eager to put to the test. She is ready to take her life into her own hands. With Yessica at her side, the city of Arx should be put on notice! The Wyrmguard twins are going to take the city by storm! ...Is that too soon?

Name Summary
Agostino She seems pleasant enough, if quiet. Perhaps she opens up more when not around so many people.
Asher Idealistic, but charming. She's pleasant enough, though seems averse to war. Which can, and usually is, a good thing.
Beatrice Quintessentially Oathlander.
Calypso Not as much fun to mess with as I thought she'd be.
Cristoph It was entertaining to see the exchange between Lady Charlotte and Marquessa Reigna. It reminds me a lot of growing up with Jael, except probably with less running away from home. But still! It's nice to have another member of House Wyrmguard back in the city.
Dio Like fine dessert: sweet but firm, and a little hard to get. Hard to resist the desire to taste.
Domonico This Lady seems a bit... distracted at the very least. I get the feeling she is not in the least bit martially inclined.
Drake She has a bit of mystery to her, and it is hard for me to read... a good sense of humor, certainly, but perhaps a bit of sadness as well. She is family, of course, and I know she is trustworthy.
Gerald Ah, she's quite young and does not understand the infirmities of age. Or cold joints. Ewww.
Geralt Not an animal lover, it seems. She needs to speak louder!
Iroh A cousin in law, I believe. A woman with big dreams and big hopes, with a bubbly and friendly personality. I would not mind seeing more of her, and I truly hope that she succeeds in her dream. After all, we are but what dreams are made of.
Jules She's not the most extroverted type but given a whole bunch of Redrain nobles, that's very understandable. Perhaps she might be more gregarious given the right situation.
Kaia She seemed a bit lost, but I found it somewhat endearing. Quite sweet this one, even when going through hardships. Might be worth getting to know; she seems quite fond of fashion, or at the very least practicality.
Liara Chatty and absolutely bursting with enthusiasm. I'm sure she will thrive in Arx. It is hard to be sure if she is unflappable or simply so cheerful that one could not notice either way.
Martino Expressive with her hands but, when the soft words come out, turns a memorable shade of pink to the cheeks.
Olivian Lovely Wyrmguard lady that made a wonderful first impression by exclaiming that she does not like cats. Nor goats. Messy animals, but, a very neat noblewoman.
Orelia Only person I know who hates snow more than the Lycenes.
Porter A Wyrmguard, huh? I don't get it, does she not like dogs? Why is she staring at me? I brush my hair!
Reigna My favorite older sister. Even in the dark times when I was afraid to be close to anyone, you had a way of drawing me out. At the time I couldn't tell if I wanted to strangle you or hug you, but now? Now I know I adore you and I am so, so glad that you are here. I cannot wait for you to meet your nieces and nephews.
Sabella One of a set of Wyrmguard twins who sings and acts and knows all of Prince Niklas' plays! I can tell we are going to be the very best of friends!
Thea Got a few things all confused about dogs and--well--I'll just blame the fact she fell into the charms of my brother. I won't specify the brother. Poor girl.
Zoey Dear lady, you do not know what misfortune is, and you should count yourself lucky for it. On the other hand if you find yourself keeping up with us you will learn all kinds of fortune, mis- and otherwise.