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Lady Lucie Laurent

Be a warrior, not a worrier! Today is for living!

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Boisterous Lady Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: green
Skintone: tan

Description: Well, well, well, what do we have here? Lady Lucie Laurent cuts an impressive figure with a supremely tall and statuesque build. Her strapping athletic form comes from years of martial training not only in the ring but out in the field. She has muscles made to swing a sword and carry full plate without breaking a sweat. Her features are even, with a round face, strong nose and full lips. Her cheeks often have a little red to them, maybe from physical exertion or just from laughing too long and too hard. A wild tumult of dirty blonde hair is often kept plaited into messy braids, lest it fly all over the place. Her eyes are a vivid green, arched over by dark eyebrows, sharp and inquisitive as they survey all.

Personality: Lady Lucie Laurent did perfectly well studying the finer points of etiquette when she was a child, as such, she's more than competent at navigating high society. But that doesn't mean those are the kind of parties she really enjoys. No, Lucie would much rather be at the local tavern or inn following a scuffle with some bandits, drinking ale and re-telling the tale of her knightly heroics to some engaged onlookers.

Lucie loves to be the center of attention in that way, the big hero. Under her command she leads a troop of knights to defend Artshall's borders, it's a job she's thrown herself into full-heartedly. It keeps her out in the field, and away from the harsh confines of the indoors that often feel so incredibly stifling.

She's tall, strong, inherently athletic, and she has no trouble reminding people of it. It's no surprise at all that she's a member of the Champion's Guild, or that when she visits Arx she spends a decent chunk of time ghosting around the various training centers and halls, looking for a worthy opponent. Her competitive streak is strong, intense even! But underneath it all she has a good, cheerful attitude. And she's as likely to be spotted in a vigorous boasting match as she will be coaching those less experienced than she is.

Background: Born the second daughter to a cousin of the late Duke Edmund Laurent, Lady Lucie's upbringing had all of the trappings one would expect of a ducal house in the Oathlands. She was taught proper etiquette, how not to be embarrassing in court, and how not to draw shame upon herself personally. All in all, a very standard childhood that she did just fine with. But it wasn't in the softer sides of nobility that she excelled but in her martial training.

Lucie trained with some of Artshall's best knights and she had a true talent for it from a young age. She could dance circles around the other squires in the sparring ring, nimble and quick, she was also strong and bold. It became a point of pride to take her on in practice, whether you lost or won, because you were going to leave that experience with a number of very colorful bruises.

Her upbeat attitude and boundless enthusiasm also made her quite popular in other ways. She displayed a natural disposition toward leadership. She could not only command effectively by making smart and calculated decisions, but people /wanted/ to follow her. They felt a bone deep loyalty to her and by the time she was assigned her own troops, she already had a solid following of knights clamoring to be in her unit.

Lucie has since spent the last several years traipsing about the Oathlands with her cadre of knights, fighting with honor and distinction everywhere that she goes. Travelers through Artshall feel a little safer knowing that the Lady Knight Commander of the Laurents is out there, quick to lend a hand with her sword, and even quicker to offer up a drink or a bite of food and a place at her fire.

Name Summary
Caspian a stoic woman to be sure. However, she doesn't let that stop her from venturing into places that cause one to question, and that is quality to be admired! i look forward to our next encounter!
Cosimo An intimidating and fierce warrior and tactician too - and quite the storyteller! Someone I will have to talk to more, no doubt.
Mabelle My cousin has returned to Arx safely. I am glad to see she kept her spirit about her. Some of us must.
Marli Lucie Laurent seems like an honest and genuine person. I do hope Arx doesn't crash that out of her.
Pasquale It sounds as if she is a Knight well versed in working outside the usual structure out in the wilds. She seems well grounded too.
Savio I have great respect for anyone who willingly ventures into a place that is outside their original comfort zone, and who lingers there to learn about it.