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Sir Andry Bayweather

Focus. Work the problem.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Crafty Knight
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Bayweather
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Toned and slender, this man's size suggests, average, or just above! Of average height and a build that suggests exhaustive activity but not heavily musceled to be sure. His muscle is toned and lithe, someone that favors agility far more over brute strength. His skin is sun kissed, scars dotting his lean body from head to toe. He has a handsome boyish charm about him, often keeping a touch of brown scruff resembling a beard along his jaw and lips. His hair is of the appearance to be messed and as if no attention was given to it when very likely, there was a degree of effort there. His gray eyes often blur between hazel and very light blue depending on the light.

Personality: Andry is a survivor first and foremost. While other Knights may look down on this attitude, being more self sacrificing and 'noble' Andry hasn't lived as long as he has that way. He's done it by making the right choices to put him and those closest to him first. Yes there's ideals, there's the Gods who obviously come first, but there's always a way to make sure there is still a way to advance. Andry is always planning. There's always an angle, he casts wide nets to get involved with a great many projects, giving favors reaps favors, after all. Andry tries to keep up good relations with everyone he meets, you never know when they might be useful. He's a careful meticulous planner who makes sure to have his fingers in as many pies as possible and his sharp eye and wit to help out those in need. He is deeply pragmatic, and while his true loyalties only belong to a select few, he views them as an extension of himself. While he's a deep thinker, relying heavily on his mental skills, he is also given to bouts of passion and emotion which can sometimes be his greatest bane. Leaving him often perplexed at himself the night before, trying to figure out how to get out of this pickle.

Andry also likes to use his keen mind for practical jokes. It is often a way to show those he cares for he has a deep love for them. Intricate, meticulous but ultimately harmless pranks being the tops.

Background: Another day, another orphan, another life into the Lowers. Perhaps Andry's parents are some line of royalty, perhaps great nobility runs through his blood, perhaps he's a bastard child of a former king, perhaps there's magic in his blood! Or perhaps his parents were just no ones who got ran off or killed and he's just another baby in the Tragedy of the Lowers. One of those being more likely than the others, Andry lived his life with pragmatism. An urchin and an orphan in the Lowers, Andry was quick to learn he couldn't make it alone. Not being a sizeable boy, he was not one who would survive many of the scraps that took place in the Lowers. So he found himself a big boy, an older boy, and endeared himself to him. Jeffeth Bayweather. The two took on the same surname, both of them without real families, two orphans decided they could be their own family.

With Andry's wit and Jeffeth's brawn the two were able to survive the lowers and grow well enough. While Jeffeth was swayed by the stories of the Knights Solace, Andry made sure they had solid connections to the Cullers, a family with known criminal connections in the Lower Boroughs. He always appreciated the thought of just taking what you want in this world. And so he made sure to endear himself to the Cullers, that they would look upon him kindly. But when his adoptive brother became a fully Godsworn knight, Andry wasn't far behind.

Becoming Godsworn meant a life being taken care of. Of course he had to become a bit more in tune with the Gods that he was originally inclined, and eventually he took a great liking to Gild. Feeling more of a kinship with the Goddess than he expected. While still much was expected of Andry, it was never very hard for him. Looking after his pocket of trusted individuals, Andry became a well known Knight of Solace, famed for his keen eye and sharp wit as well as the edge of his blades. Andry is always sure to keep those he is close to happy and safe. While they may be on either side of the tracks, Andry feels deeply indebted to both the Cullers and the Knights of Solace. Though now, his duty is to protect those who could not protect themselves.

And hey, make some money on the side.

Relationship Summary

  • Jeffeth - My giant of a brother

  • Acquaintance:
  • Reese - She's taught me much

  • Ally:
  • Thena - My grandmaster

  • Parent:
  • Martin - Rest in peace

  • Friend:
  • Macda - Partner in crime
  • Ophelia - Oooophelia
  • Name Summary
    Adora Andry Bayweather all grown up. Though not as far up as his brother. Nothing changes. I still don't like him.
    Aella He was scared off by my beauty and my profound ability to enjoy winter like none other. Obviously. That was it.
    Austen Full of good humour, and good advice. I hope he remains well.
    Caith Jeffy little brother! He is a bit blurry but a very good catcher!
    Delilah The gentility of the Knights of Solace he wears like a cloak effortlessly. A genuinely kind individual with a strong command of courtly etiquette.
    Domonico Dedicating his life to aiding others with sword and shovel is a commendable one.
    Gilroy Seems like a very nice knight. I'm not sure what he was saying to Adora, but it made her very angry, which is always good.
    Harlex I have a few things in common with the Knights of Solace. Learned from the road, tough fighters. Andry ain't so different. Seems like he can have a good time. Glad I didn't break any of his bones.
    Jeffeth Little Andry back home. It's almost enough to get me to forget about the sadness we've had recently. Just seein' his dumb face warms my heart. I would do anything for the little shit.
    Macda Have I seen your boots before?
    Mason Mason was introduced to Andry via his brother, Sir Jeffeth. A friendly fellow with a pleasant rapport between the brothers. Mason was happy to see such strong camaraderie between the pair.
    Monique I didn't see much of him, but what I did see struck me as courteous and witty.
    Ophelia I'm so glad Sir Andry is back in the city! He never fails to make me laugh or smile. I do so enjoy being around him and I think he is simply /Dandy./
    Ouida A Knight of Solace, and excellent company on a winter's evening at the Hart. A credit to those he serves with.
    Reese Seems like an experienced warrior who is friendly and eager to learn even more. A bit different than his brother, but I think he is going places and I like his way interacting with others. There is something interesting about him.
    Samuele Very interested in improving, is it true his brother is like a bull in the ring?
    Terese A reasonable young man, who has so far proved himself to be a pleasure to share the company of.
    Thorley The other Bayweather brother. Perhaps Tala can now find a little peace and thank those that helped in saving her life.