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Action Id: 2871 Crisis: Participants: Monique, Marian, Alrec(RIP), Sparte, Jhond, Cadern, Etienne, Josephine(RIP), Andry, Estelle, Helena and Lora
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 22, 2018, 11:26 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 100000
Economic Resources: 300
Military Resources: 300
Social Resources: 325
Action Points: 3

Action by Monique

It's no secret that Lady Monique Greenmarch has been at odds with the Faith lately. It's something the Minx of the Marches is trying to rectify. She has plans to search out an artifact or lost piece of lore for each of the gods she feels closest to: Gild, Petrichor, Skald, Vellichor. She will recruit her friends to help her, and with each success, will donate said artifact or information to the Pantheon.

The first attempt, and the Goddess the Greenmarch is closest to, Gild. Perhaps ambitious, but the Lady has heard stories about the dwarven kingdom to the north, Aviaron. She seeks some lost relic of Gild beneath the Peak of the Dwarves, or perhaps renewed contact and Faith with those who live under the mountain.

Action by Etienne

Etienne will, out of a great sense of at least curiosity, travel to find the Gild loving Dwarves beneath the mountain. Eager and developing a burgeoning sense of adventure goes forth with some protests of need for comfort and trappings of civilization in hopes to share stories, knowledge, and appreciation for the goddess with the sub-terranean dwellers and aid in the recovery of some relic. Etienne would bring textiles of all moderate sorts as gifts. (such as seasilk, umbra, and aeterna).

Action by Sparte

Sparte has long been on good terms with Lady Monique, and he knows what it is to be at odds with a group and have to make amends. That Lady Monique seeks amends is something he finds admirable. Her choice of method is a dangerous one, so he is seeing this expedition as a risky venture to be planned for accordingly. He will be collecting supplies and equipment through the Society of Explorers to help ensure the mission's success. He will of course also be going, and taking the same risks.

Action by Marian

Marian will go on the trek, assisting with the security and protecting the group from harm. She's the warrior so she'll be first in line to attack anything that proves to be a threat to the group. She will also use her knowledge of the Northlands and survival to navigate any difficult areas. Keeping a sharp eye out of any ambushes or attacks.

Action by Jhond

Jhond will go on the trek as a member of the expedition. His specialty is as a guide and in reaching hard to reach places if its needed. Cliff to climb to drop a drop, river for swim to help the others ford, etc as well as facing whatever danger may prevent itself with steel if needed.

Action by Alrec(RIP)

Initially brought in as a tent-buddy, Alrec, gains some weight and makes sure to bring a lot of games, alcohol, and furs. Still, wanting to be respectful to the cause, he amasses a few writs to trade along the route (and one can only hope, with the dwarves also).

Action by Cadern

Cadern is happy to join the search for the Dwarves to further his research in . Cadern in particular will go along to research the fascinating culture and take note of what they learn. His primary goal to smooth relations within the group and with others they encounter, dwarves or otherwise. He'll also bring along trinkets to trade particularly things he thinks they may not have such as glass and masks in particular, and no doubt extra booze.

Action by Josephine(RIP)

Dwarves. It's... well. As she stated to Monique. Oh no dear Lady, not you too. But Monique is a good client, and for good clients Josephine will go out of the way and if a potential (likely false and laughable claim made by others) lineage makes things easier for one of her favourite clients? Well, Josephine will go. Armed in heavy furs, a sturdy cane, bearing gifts of brass namely in the shape of a series of tomes of brass sheets engraved with the history of the people since the reckoning as a communal gift, and a dragonweep stone in a lovely iridescite box made by Josephine, she's venturing forth. The worst? They find nothing and Josephine has at least experienced the far north and can quietly laugh to herself. The best? They find these dwarves and Monqiue's purpose is achieved. Either way, she's along for the journey and it's at least NOT via a boat.

Action by Helena

Dwarves? Princess Helena's eyes lit up with wonder and awe when she heard of the quest to Aviaron, so much so that poor Monique probably felt she had to ask the Redrain to go along. Still, Helena's of the north and knows much of the journey well, and she's going along to add her own knowledge of the north and its lore to the wealth of knowledge of her party mates and to chronicle the event should they actually meet the storied dwarves of Aviaron, for that would be a story worth retelling.

Action by Estelle

Estelle is coming along to assist in any way that the Mercy is able! She is most likely to assist in the capacity of a healer however, keeping everyone healthy and in one piece for the trek as well as helping out with negotiations if need be.

Action by Andry

The Knights of Solace are more then interested in making contact with these worshipers of Gild and Andry is one of the knights assigned as escort. He will also do what he can to bring along whatever supplies may be needed.

Action by Lora

Lora, possessed of a keen interest in Brass and his associates, will first assist Josephine with the design and creation of brass objects, partially to show affinity to the Knight and partially to create some kind of pictorial communication device. She will join the expedition as a diplomatic asset, bringing coin to hopefully make the journey easier, and then her skills as a communicator in case they actually find who they're looking for.


Roll Result: -37

It is, in a word, daunting.

Rumors of dwarves have swirled in whispers for a long, long time, but any more precise details that would take them from legend to an actual meeting are impossibly elusive. Ultimately, the most promising lead came from a seraph of a small village near Aviaron's Peak, who had some local Northlands legends about them. From there, it was a long trek of chasing the local legends that were disappointments, and then came a story of the Red Mine of Underhill Fortress, which was an abandoned set of mines from veins of gold and silver long since run dry, but legend had connected to a fortress miles deeper in the mountain that once had dwarves. Several days of searching there does find what once was obviously a massive fortress built deep in the earth, but almost completely shattered ages ago, possibly before the Reckoning, with some skeletons of what likely were dwarves there. With luck though, they find writing on stone tablets near the entrance with a single skeleton by itself next to the tablets. Etched in Arvani, speaking of 'the Last Stand of Clan Underhill against Ruin'. The etchings say, 'Ruin was understood too late. Cannot be stopped by swords or spells. Cannot be stopped by strength or will. Bound by words, but not by magic. Needed a treaty. A pact. Perhaps the copy of the treaty forming this new alliance in the South? Blessed by Gild. That might have saved us all."