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Action Id: 3323 Crisis: Participants: Alessandro, Ida, Margret, Venturo, Helena and Emrys
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 15, 2019, 3:24 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 155000
Economic Resources: 2571
Social Resources: 1224

Action by Alessandro

Now that Greenhaven has become home to many refugees and displaced Prodigals, and the infrastructure has been upgraded to support then, Alessandro gets to work on assisting the new citizens of the Greenwood in other ways. He goes to find crafters in Arx who would be willing to take on Prodigal apprentices, and/or come to the Greenwood to teach, and makes an expedition there to bring them there for any interested citizens who wish to learn the trades.

In particular, he works with master brewer Venturo Thayne and Ida Ferron. The former, to establish a Raconteur brewery on Greenmarch lands. With distilleries already operating, there are many wish knowledge of how to make other kinds of alcohol, and will be eager to learn from him. The new road is also useful for allowing the Kismet Carnival to come to Greenhaven, giving the refugees some fun as a small respite from the horrors they've faced. The latter, because Ida has very strong ties with Greenmarch and is known throughout the Oathlands as a well-respected smith with the patronage of Prince Edain himself.

He reaches out to healers, scholars, and other people who are willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation, and he himself offers to take on up to three assistants who are interested in the law, now that he has become a Magistrate of the Court. He contacts the Whispers as well to see if any will make the journey to Greenhaven, since becoming a Whisper can be quite a prestigious vocation.

He finds House money to fund all the apprenticeships, assistantships, and anything else that will be used toward the further education of the new citizens, and also funds those who wish to study at Mia Riven's new university (Action #3196).

Action by Ida

Ida has spent much of her time as a smith teaching those who might not have the opportunity to learn in more traditional ways. She's often taken apprentices from the Lowers orphanages and gone out to newly formed holdings (actions 2444, 3069) to teach smithing to those acclimating to the Compact. Since their arrival in Arx, Ida has been close with House Greenmarch for some reason, so this project is especially important to her. She will take the trip and bring some journeymen along, both so she can give lessons herself and have some of the journeymen stay on to continue guiding those interesting in taking up the trade. She will also make all the tools they might need to further their careers, of no cost to Greenmarch. (OOC putting in 50k to represent steel cost as well as 300 econ)

Action by Margret

Margret is a Voice of Greenmarch. She helps Alessandro by coordinating and managing the talent they already have in the Greenwood to make sure the Prodigals who want to learn a trade have teachers. In addition to that she teaches the healing arts to those who are interested.

Action by Venturo

Working with Lord Alessandro, Venturo will help to create jobs, improve morale, and bring something to be proud of to those refugees and already members of the lands of House Greenmarch. He'll establish a Raconteur brewery and cultivate new farmlands, along with creating a Kismet Carnival to travel to the villages and Greenhaven itself, bringing those games and entertainment. But equally as important, he'll spread the word. He'll look for investors, tell stories to the refugees of hope from moments of darkness, and in general do what he can to make certain the message is spread of what House Greenmarch is trying to accomplish.

Action by Helena

Helena is thrilled to offer her services as a scholar and teacher to anyone looking to better themselves through education and knowledge. She brings quills and books and parchment and journals, quite the picture of an eager, bright-eyed school mistress ready to engender change and foster growth in her pupils. Oh, there will be poetry classes, too, of course, but some more "practical" topics as well, like reading, writing, rhetoric.

Action by Emrys

To imagine Prodigals, new to the Compact, would know all they are required to know to be proper citizens is foolhardy at best. Thus, Emrys joins the efforts of House Greenmarch in ensuring a smooth transition for their new people. With teaching being what he's been doing for more than three decades, he sets to work at once, with diligence and patience.


All through the Oathlands, it's becoming known that Greenhaven is true to its name- it is a haven for the diplaced, for prodigals who are seeking sanctuary, and for safety from the worst impulses of those who live in Arvum. House Valardin and House Greenmarch were tied by marriage, and that bond is still strong, however much lower houses have had to question it. Now, with all the funding and efforts overseen by Alessandro, Greenhaven has a chance to be far more prosperous.

Ida, Hammer of the West, has a surprisingly large Hammer Fan Club among new smith devotees. Pugilism is also catching on in Greenhaven, which is almost certainly related. This ties in surprisingly (and arguably unfortunately) well with Venturo's Kismet Carnivals, which are wildly popular- and also provide a great deal of work.

Margret does extremely well making certain the development is peaceful and goes over well, and Helena and Emrys both put extensive effort in teaching the prodigals- many of whom never had the chance for learning any real trades in their old domains.

Greenhaven grows substantially from their efforts.