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Action Id: 2859 Crisis: Participants: Marian, Darren, Joscelin, Gwenna, Artur and Lorenzo
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 23, 2018, 6:05 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 208750
Economic Resources: 600
Military Resources: 900
Social Resources: 200

Action by Marian

Princess Marian Redrain, Warchief to the North, is going to make sure the families of the fallen receive the pensions for their warriors. She will personally go to each family, giving them comfort for their loss and praising their fallen warriors for their sacrifice. For those with able body men, she will make sure they have an opportunity to join the military and sponsor their starting equipment by working with the Crafter's Guild. She will do workshops to make sure these new recruits receive proper training.

Action by Darren

Darren travels alongside Marian as they go door to door, the High Lord making sure that he speaks to each and every one of these families personally to speak of the heroic actions of their fallen family members and offer his condolences and thanks. There's a lot of solemn praise, but also a lot of encouragement given to the able bodied men and women in the families he meets, talking up the actions and abilities of his War Chief, Marian Redrain, with the hope of recruiting more into the military.

Action by Gwenna

As on previous trips of this nature, Gwenna accompanies Marian and Darren on the delivery of pensions for the families of the soldiers lost during the protection of the Lodge. Beside her new husband Lorenzo as they make their visits, she will echo the sentiments offered by them all; gratefulness for their service, appreciation for their sacrifices, and that House Redrain will always care for her own. While Marian and Artur work with new recruits, Gwenna will talk with those who may hedge on joining about Marian's exceptional abilities with battle planning as well as training, share tales of heroics and good deeds against those who threaten the Northlands, and that anyone could be that person who changes the course of history on the battlefield. At the taverns with Artur and Lorenzo, she will sit quietly by the hearth and encourage veterans to share their own stories, listening with genuine interest, and with the hope that they might inspire others listening to join for their own chance at such glory and service.

Action by Joscelin

Joscelin would provide gear and workshops, as specified by Princess Marian Redrain. Blacksmithing, weapons-crafting, armorsmithing, she would either teach the beginning classes herself or bring in those Crafters skilled in such abilities to head more advanced classes, depending on what's needed, asking for volunteers from the Crafters Guild. She would provide materials for work and practice and final creations.

Action by Artur

Artur is happy to go on a recruiting tour of the Northlands with Marian! The young prince is charming and inspiring, yet also really personable, making him a good companion for Marian, who is after all a near legendary war hero! Artur works with the recruits, putting them through their paces and filling their with tales of battle and glory from the myths and legends of House Redrain. By night, he's always the first to the tavern to laugh and carouse with the locals, making him a popular figure indeed!

Action by Lorenzo

Newly married into House Redrain, Lorenzo uses this recruiting journey to tour the Northlands and meet the people who live there. With Gwenna by his side, he is warm and deeply empathetic as he takes the hands of the family members of fallen soldiers to express his sympathy. He smiles as he meets people, he listens to their stories of lost loved ones, he assures the families that House Redrain will continue to take care of them. Part of this mission will be military recruiting, and Lorenzo will emphasize the way that Redrain supports soldiers and their families, as well as the rewards of military service. He will happily join his brother-in-law Artur in the taverns in the evening for some diplomacy-by-buying-drinks, encouraging a warm-fuzzy memory of this visit. Lorenzo reaches into his own pockets as well, to assist in paying the pensions and recruitment costs, making clear to everyone that he may have been born Lycene, but the people of Northlands are his people and Redrain is his family.


Roll Result: 129

Following the actions at the Lodge, the Redrain family - Darren, Gwenna, Marian, Artur, and Lorenzo - with the help of Guildmistress Joscelin - make provisions for the families of those who fell defending the Lodge. They also take the time to recruit, resupply, and train their armies, and given how much turmoil is rampant in the Compact right now, their people think this is a Very Good Thing. Veteran soldiers know well enough that these new recruits are likely to get quite a bit of on the job training as it is, what with the Great Road being so problematic - and they're glad for the new blood. If there's one thing an old soldier loves, after all, it's a newbie to do all the scut work.