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Action Id: 2657 Crisis: Participants: Aethan, Simone, Carita, Porter, Gwenna, Artur, Lorenzo, Evonleigh and Nuala
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 10, 2018, 12:46 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 5000
Economic Resources: 200
Military Resources: 535
Social Resources: 566
Action Points: 20

Action by Aethan

Aethan will be using the Kennex Navy to transport as many shav'arvani away from the Grey Forest as possible via the river system, in an attempt to cut off the Horned God's supply of people to enslave for his armies ((OOC: this will be ICly done in advance of the main crisis action)).

He himself will be commanding the navy and sailing his own ship, but he is not always very convincing to people who are not directly under his command. To that end, he has brought diplomats with him, who will assist by speaking to the shav'arvani and urging them to evacuate, speaking of the dangers should they stay and attempting to get them to come as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. He will also be bringing along people who will serve as security and protection should they run into danger.

There may be some nervousness from shav'arvani about getting on a Thrax ship, but Aethan hopes to circumvent this by flying very obvious Kennex colors, as Kennex is so publicly thrall-free. They will be temporarily relocated to Stormward until the danger passes, after which they will be offered the choice of whether they wish to relocate permanently, bend the knee and join the Compact, or taken back to the homes they left, which will be done once it can be carried out safely.

Action by Simone

Marquessa Simone Greenmarch will first assist with convincing as many people to evacuate as possible, trying to convince them of the dangers ahead and the security that the Compact can offer them. She will especially urge them to send those who cannot fight away to safety. Then, she will draw upon her extensive experience in dealing with prodigals, including her own house, and her own skills in diplomacy to try to help allay any fears that the people dislocated from their homes may have. She will also talk to them about the Compact and the Faith, to answer any questions that they may have regarding them.

Action by Gwenna

Princess Gwenna Redrain, as well, will try to explain to the remaining Abandoned tribes within reach of the Lodge about the dangers of remaining, much in the same way she did prior to the Pirate War. Those who can not or should not fight, especially, will be encouraged to evacuate via the ships and promised a safe return when the threat has passed. The Redrain will note that none of them need to bend the knee to be brought to safety - as the latter is what is foremost in the group's mind. The option for those who might consider bending the knee will be there from others, but moving people away from danger is her main message.

Action by Artur

Artur has been asked to come along to help keep everyone safe in the event that the group comes under attack, or that any of the svav'arvani they encounter are aggressively not open to negotiations (which can happen after all, since shavs are not legendarily friendly). Even so, he's a pretty personable sort of guy and for the most part is as jovial and easygoing as ever, welcoming the refugees aboard and helping them get all safely situated ready for the journey. Should the need arise however, Artur is fully armed and armored and apparently quite comfortable with the idea of bashing, pounding, thumping, hammering and smashing as required!

Action by Evonleigh

Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk will be assisting as one of the diplomats. She will be there to reassure the shav'arvani that evacuating is in their best interest and that their safety is the concern of all present. Her hope is that her fealty belonging to Grayson rather than Thrax may also help convince them of the altruism of those leading this endeavor.

Action by Porter

Captain Porter Kennex offers the use of The Damsel's Heart to ferry additional people, if the capacity is needed. Primarily, however, he's there to provide a reassuring and personable presence... and thoroughly discourage attacks on the refugees. To this end he's bringing a handful of his most trusted sailors, family men and women who show good instincts for dealing with people and are capable fighters.

Action by Carita

Lady Carita Darkwater is more than happy to assist in convincing as many shav'arvani as she possibly can that their current area of habitation is not going to be safe and that, like she did with her people on Darkwater when the Gyre was a threat, explain that leaving to another location is the best possible thing to do. That Kennex played a major part in bringing the people that had fled Darkwater back to the island, and that Lord Aethan Kennex, and those he's handpicked to help, would not let them down. She believes in this so much, that she's giving over her own personal military resources to help, in the name of Darkwater.

Action by Lorenzo

Prince Lorenzo Velenosa is happy to help the situation with whatever diplomatic skills he can offer. He will try to appeal to the parents of small children, encouraging them to take advantage of the offer to at least get their children to safety. He will use his kindness and natural warmth to appeal to the kids, and he'll bring along some comfort items to give out: blankets, toys, and so on (adding 100 econ). Hopefully this way he will earn the trust of the parents, and if some family members agree to evacuate, others will as well.

Action by Nuala

Princess Nuala Redrain trades on the skill of her sword-arm to guard the most vulnerable. With the shav'arvani already in a possibly uneasy situation, she will provide a lively charming presence for those significant diplomats - right up to the point things start going pear-shaped or hostilities are engaged, at which point she falls into on the front line or guards against ambushes and rear-guard attacks. She will be happy to offer support to everyone coming aboard for safety, be they shav, polar bear or something stranger, right up to giving them cover against threats. In short, she's the willing pair of hands pitching in wherever she is needed and providing considerably honed martial skills as security. Rain or shine, she's pleased as punch to be there and will be a persistent source of gallant optimism. Like you do on these things.


Roll Result: 177

The evacuation efforts don't go quite as planned, almost from the beginning. Shav in the Gray Forest aren't really interested in evacuating for the most part. They've seen no signs of armies, there's been no mass attacks anywhere. They are on edge though, and where the Compact has the most success are when they talk to villages that are near the ones that have just disappeared without a trace. Those shav are already considering being on the move, and so the overtures are welcomed and accepted.

Still, there's an interesting shift that's starting now - this is the third time in the last few years that the people of the Compact have faced a serious threat in the Forests, and each time they're trying to reach out to shav to make sure they're protected. It's a new sort of attitude, and one that doesn't go unnoticed. Shav raids decrease significantly during this time, out of respect for those who took the time to come talk to them and warn them and offer them safety.

It's not a truce. Nothing so formal as a treaty. But it's a good precedent to set.