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Sergei Marchesi

You say I've reached a new low, I'm begging you not to go. Don't leave me with the monster beside me, not another shadow, no darkness. The antidote is wearing thin; I'm howling at the moon with a bottle of whiskey. If I had a silver for every sin--

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Displaced Mercenary
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Marchesi
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 41
Birthday: 12/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: midnight blue
Skintone: bronzed

Description: Sergei falls into the realm of tall and dark, certainly -- but handsome? That is up to the beholder. His features are built from hard cut edges and solid lines through his jaw and cheeks, angular and sharp; he has the make of a sinister face. It's a face that's made no softer for his dark hair, often stubbled jaw, and thick dark brows. It is an immensely serious face, right up until he smiles; which he does remarkably often with a too-easy kind of grin that makes full use of a wide mouth. Beyond the stony features of a man who looks like he would sooner eat you than kick back with a whiskey for a chat, Sergei is of an impressive stature if only for his towering frame. There isn't a great deal of bulk to the man, his is more an athletic build of a swimmer; broad shouldered and all tightly corded muscle that barely suggest any significant strength.

Personality: Indolent is one of the first descriptors drawn for when asked about this man. An innate flaw of Sergei's very being seems to the lack of any real drive, or desire to do much else then fulfil his base needs. It is easy to assume he is a creature lead by the instruction of his lessor mind, eternally ignorant of the greater one between his shoulders. Sergei has a dark affect offset by a too-easy-going nature, sharp tongue behind a smiling mouth and the potential for great wit (if ever it showed itself). There is more to him then this though-- surely. Gods, please let there be some redeeming feature here. Maybe he writes poetry in his spare time or, or something... who knows.

Background: Sergei is, in simple terms, a true mongrel. He'll profess having almost any bloodline at any given time if the moment calls for it. The man has a hundred and one stories for how he ended up here on Arx and not a single one has any glimmer of similarity to another. It hard to even tell if the man is a native to the Crownlands at all, even though he claims being crownsworn. Only the Gods' know which story is the truth -- but most are so farfetched it's doubtful any are. What is known about Sergei is that the man did have a long standing place in the Valorous Few, until he up and married a bounty instead of turning her in -- which probably didn't sit well with the group. Not that Sergei stuck around to find out. Though he might have shown up in the Lowers on more than one occasion since then, with various mercenary groups. it was never for very long and certainly not long enough to be a familiar face, hopefully.

Relationship Summary

  • Audric - Assumed dead more than once, and he still pays me when I show back up

  • Crownlands:
  • Saya - Come home kitten..
  • Name Summary
    Calaudrin He's really tall. Probably lucky that ugly thing didn't break him in half. But hey, he's got guts. Just kept fighting. Some people run.
    Delilah A down to earth, powerful fighter. A presence that radiates power belief in itself. I cannot wait to meet him again.
    Keyser He's a looker, all right. But he talks a bigger game than just his pretty face. Keep around. Know better.
    Magpie Magpie met Sergei right after getting his job as DMoRPA, so of course he wanted to do what he could to make a prodigal comfortable and happy. Plus, the man was fun to talk to. All it cost was an extra sword Magpie had laying around to help Sergei out and maybe this is the beginning of a solid friendship!
    Marian He's got the young tailor's back, rather noble for a sellsword. I might use him in the future. I like someone who's loyal to his friends.
    Petal He seems okay, rather taken with Saya as men can be sometimes when around lovely women.
    Raja This is a giant of a man. Seems a little on the dangerous side. Then again, everyone has the potential to be dangerous.
    Reese he has swagger. I hope to be able to hire him soon.
    Saya Tall. Definitely a fox in human skin.
    Shard Mercenary. Apparently he bailed on the Few. Now he walks back in looking for a job again. Asshole, but I already said he was a mercenary. We'll see how far he gets.
    Skye He's very nice and optimistic. I hope I didn't depress him. I hope he takes care of the shopkeeper. She has a little girl. The world isn't kind to those adrift.
    Tallius He looks quite skilled, but even so, all those pokes and slashes with those hairpins had to be painful, even if using training tips and the like. He handled the defeat well though, and that speaks much about a persons character.