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Action Id: 2230 Crisis: Participants: Aethan, Monique, Juliana, Tesha, Harper, Ember, Wash, Catalana, Ian, Porter, Gwenna, Iseulet and Elara(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 4, 2018, 10:16 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 80000
Economic Resources: 359
Military Resources: 150
Social Resources: 390
Action Points: 90

Action by Aethan

@action/newaction Aethan has taken command of the Kennex navy, and has taken stock of the number of ships there are and what condition they're in, as well as whether they're fully crewed. Once that is taken care of, he has several things on the list:

* Ships. Since there are, to say the least, not many at the moment, the first thing he is going to to is call in as many favors as he can -- and, let's be honest, start owing favors to some people -- to get the materials to make more, writs to buy more, or hopefully on the Stormward pirate clearing trip, take a few as prizes.
* Crew. He will be meeting with anyone who he thinks can help point eager young people who feel the call of the sea toward Kennex. And maybe some people who don't feel it but could be convinced to for the right incentives.
* Reputation. Capitalizing on the goodwill hopefully generated from the Stormward trip, he will be looking for people who are respected in their various spheres to start spreading the word that Kennex is on the rise again.

Part of this will also be enacted on the trip to Stormward already planned -- Aethan will be out meeting people, letting them get to know him, and laying out his vision for the Kennex navy. He is not the most charming of men, but he knows how to lead, and that is probably what one wants in an admiral, right?

Action by Ian

Ian is going to turn his considerable knowledge and expertise in training new recruits towards the new hires, starting with the basics and maybe even pitting himself against Wash or Aethan in elaborate war games! One way or another, he'll make sure that nobody goes into battle unseasoned.

Action by Wash

Wash will write letters, visit vendors, and generally share all of the tips and tricks he learned in his time as Admiral of Kennex on how to rebuild a fleet. He will paint a picture for vendors of how illustrious it is to craft Kennex vessels, to know that your lumber, ropes and brightwork went into making the finest ships in all of Thrax.

Action by Porter

Porter is going to be Porter, that is, the dashing sea captain that is hard working, fair, and leads a life of adventure. If there recruitment posters, he'd be on the poster. It's important for everyone to see the hard work and know that Kennex doesn't shirk the work and that they party hardy. He also knows some sailors tired of the Gray River and can be lured out to sea.

Action by Juliana

Juliana is going to help two fold. First she is going to use her influence and resources in Isles Canines, to get shipwrights and craftsmen to help with the recreation of Kennex Fleet. She will not only talk to those she can but she invest in the fleet as well. Second, she is going to use her own reputaton and skills to talk to those others that can help. Nobles, sailors and the like. After all, Kennex lost a lot fighting to protect her home.

Action by Monique

Monique has agreed to help Aethan reestablish the Kennex navy under his control, and to that end the Minx of the Marches is calling in markers from various contacts and providing the Admiral a significant amount of funds to start.

Action by Iseulet

Iseulet is many things, but scared of hard work? Never. She accompanies Aethan and Juliana and others that are heading out there and learning as much as she can about the Brothers Kennex and their achievements on the sea.
Her approach to the rest of what she's seeing around here is /vastly/ different and it's readily apparent she marches to the beat of a different drummer, because, you see, she makes music for them! Singing (slightly embellished) songs featuring tales of the Brothers Kennex and how they will rebuild Kennex's navy (with your military writ donations)! Every night they are out there among the people of Stormward, she takes her trusty lute out there with her and performs the songs (in the form of humorous sea shanties) and even improvises so that each night, there is something a little different about the show to keep drawing larger and larger crowds.

While she's not doing this (boat rides are long and boring, alright?) she uses her economic expertise to lend advice where needed, keeping the expenses for the trip as low as possible (without making the Brothers Kennex and other 'staff' of the ship eat gruel - that'd just be cruel).

Action by Catalana

As Voice of Kennex, Lady Catalana has been busy and being the forefront for Kennex now that she's back on her feet. After discussions and appointing Lord Aethan Kennex as the new admiral of the Stormward fleet she is there to support him. It is with him she intends to help build up the fleet, along with her family, and be sure to make it known that she has full faith in their knew admiral. Visiting with other nobles and vassals, she reaches out to them in order to gain support of writs of otherwise to make the fleet even stronger.

Action by Ember

Ember cannot spare her seasoned sailors, but there are young men in Redreef Shores who would suit as sailors for House Kennex. She attempts to recruit, through cajoling to threats and everything in-between, young untrained men for the Kennex Navy.

Action by Gwenna

After discussing this particular effort with Lord Aethan, Gwenna will speak in her various social circles about the endeavors being put forth by he and the Kennex. How when knocked down, they pick themselves up and quickly get to work rebuilding. War and political turmoil may bring chaos, but it is in those moments that we learn and grow toward a better future. She'll mention the visits made to Stormward and dedication of so many toward re-manning a fleet - new ships, new duties, and the new faces feeling the call of the sea to man them. Kennex surely is on the rise, building it plank by plank, deed by deed.

Action by Elara(RIP)

Elara has been asked to work her charm and musical talent to continue to promote the navy. And hopefully to bring in more recruits as well. She will join Iseulet in singing and playing as much as she can. Going further, she writes up little skits with comedic moments and tale telling about actual Kennex sailors and victories that can be added to performances or done on their own.

Action by Harper

Harper spends alot of time in the burroughs and meets alot of people on her patrols and through her volunteer work at the Tragedy. She also sees alot of people that need more productive pursuits to keep them from falling into trouble that she or her fellow guards might have to deal with later. So she spreads the word that there's a fancy admiral fellow looking for crews. It's good work and a chance to learn something useful. And she keeps planting the bug about it in their ears, over and over, hoping that maybe through persistence she can badger them into something productive if nothing else works.

Action by Tesha

Tesha is going to be helping Aethan and the Kennex fleet in the usual way Tesha can, that means she'll be using her delightful charm and wit to talk up the Kennex sailors and things of that nature. Hoping to steer some wide eyed youths looking to become sailors that way. She'll also be aiding with silver to cover some of the costs.


The Kennex Navy under Lord Aethan Kennex is slowly starting to rebuild. Now Aethan makes a tour of his facilities and shifts some priorities over to focus on shipbuilding to make up for the decimation of the fleet at Setarco. Lord Ian comes to help train new recruits. Lord Wash uses his experience as Admiral to encourage merchants to focus on their shipbuilding first.

Lady Juliana uses her own contacts with the Isles Canines and others to encourage support of - and slightly lower prices for - the new Kennex navy. Lady Monique chips in as well, calling in favors and contributing money to the cause. And Lady Catalana, Voice of Kennex? She's right there helping find money to spend on these new ships.

And to crew them? Lord Porter takes the lead here, serving as the face of the Kennex Navy. Lady Iseulet Blackshore, singing songs and telling tales of bravery and heroism! It doesn't hurt that this also bumps up visibility for her new venture, The Empyrean either, but surely that's tangential to the cause at hand! Lady Ember helps focus on recruitment too, and Princess Gwenna talks about the valiance of the Kennex Navy at Setarco.

With Lady Elara also singing songs of bravery and Harper Ashdown encouraging recruitment to a better life for orphans and other misfits and even Lady Tesha Telmar helping boost recruitment, the people of Kennex take a good long look and realize... the Kennex navy is -famous-. Like, famous-famous. There are people from all over the Compact who know them!

Pride swells, recruitment soars, and the Kennex Navy is well on its way to being rebuilt.