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Action Id: 374 Crisis: Participants: Tobias, Cassius(RIP), Ywaine and Violet
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Action by Tobias

The Crimson Blades have been tasked with overseeing fortification/trap/funneling efforts around Arx by the Lord Regent himself. Emerald Company will be assigned to scouting out Catacomb entrances to seal off (100 elite scouts/archers) in cooperation with the Knights of Solace. Meanwhile, Bronze and Copper Company (200 heavy infantry) will direct any House forces interested in helping with the effort, with Tobias Telmar himself directing the effort. The intended goal here is to make it as costly as possible for any force attempting to besiege Arx, instead forcing them to march on Seawatch Gate or take tons of casualties. Iron Company (those inside the city) will remain in Arx to keep the peace.
With order restored in the city, Silas has given Tobias leave to allow the Crimson Blades to be released from guard duty. As such, Tobias will leave a security detail at the Blades outpost, but otherwise pull everyone in Iron Company out of Arx to bolster the numbers for siege preparation work and scouting for tunnels to collapse. If an army approaches ahead of schedule, we will help to defend any civilians caught out of position as we can, without seriously risking suicide, before retreating behind the walls doing as much damage to the approaching army as we can as we go.
Tobias, in addition, wields Requiem, an Alaricite longsword gifted to him. He is not interested in playing hero and chasing after anything that isn't a clear and present danger to military personnel or civilians, however. His first priority is safe withdrawal behind Arx walls if it comes to it.

Action by Ywaine

As a lieutenant in the archer/scouting company, commanding a squad in the Emerald company, Ywaine is assisting in scouting out catacomb entrances with the Knights of Solace. This means sealing off, marking and noting entrances and exists and trying to limit (and funnel) the enemy's ability to move into and out of the catacombs.

Action by Cassius(RIP)

Cassius is coordinating between the Knights of Solace and Crimson Blades to assist with their work, with a focus on the Catacombs. Cassius and his men will be helping seal off Catacomb entrances outside the city, and also keeping a close guard over any entrances inside the city. All Knights in Arx, and whichever of the Crimson Blades partake, will also get continued training from Cassius in the ways of slaying Bringers and the other creatures of darkness.

Action by Violet

After giving her squad a day or two to rest, Violet and her folks are right back to work. Her troops will be doing a lot of the heavy-lifting when it comes to sealing off those marked entrances, and she'll be coordinating with other LTs to make sure any interior entrances are guarded.


So noted! The attacks will likely be live GM'd, and the contributions of the Crimson Blades will be accounted for whether the players are online or not.