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"There is no better 'Thank you' for a jeweler than a smile dancing on a woman's lips and delight sparkling in her heavenly eyes"

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Sociable Jeweler
Fealty: Crown
Family: Siqueiros
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 02/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: average height
Hair Color: fiery orange
Eye Color: shades of brown
Skintone: white

    This young man has a lean, but toned physique. Fiery orange hair tops his head, which is swept back leaving the sides and back shaved close to the head. A hint of hair can just barely be seen along his chin, lower lip, and just beside the corner of his left eye a black tattoo of the teardrop can be found. The color of his eyes almost echoes the one of his hair at some moments, but usually they are full of various shades of flames and land clumps.
    Typically found with woolen trousers and boots, his chest is left bare in the warmth. A woolen tunic and a heavy cloak in the colder months keeps the man safe from the winds. His torso and hands, when visible, show many various tattoos. In addition there are several tattoos along his forearms which appear to be more of a tally, as though keeping track of something important.

* Black teardrop beside the corner of his left eye.
* Flying eagle on the right upper part of his chest. Its flying towards the mans heart.
* Simple floral ornament on the middle upper part of his chest, which joins the flying eagle and another tattoo on the left upper part of his chest
* Blooming lily on the left upper part of the mans chest, where his heart is beating, as if the heart itself would be blooming.
* A dark mixed forest spreads across the bottom part of his chest from left to the right. Some trees are bigger than others.
* A conspiracy of crows is flying from the forest up towards the lily on the left upper part of his chest.
* A shadow of some kind of monster is hiding between the stems of the trees.
* A muzzle of a wolf is on the left upper arm.
* There are the letters H, A, I, L written in a very artistical script on four fingers of the left hand, between knuckles and the bigger joints. Just the thumb does not have a tattoo. I - on the little finger, L - on the ring finger, H - on the middle finger, A - on the pointer finger.
* A diffuse ellipsoid form starting from the outer part of the wrist and reaching to the back of his hand, a darker shade within that circle depicting a small figure or man engaged in an endless walk. (left arm)

Personality: Enzo is a sociable young man, who usually gives an impression of a true friend. He is a good listener as well as a person who does not spare advice. He tries to cheer people up, when needed. He doesn't mind offering a hug if he sees that the person needs one. He doesn't value people according to their status and treats everyone equally. He is also very thorough, sometimes a true perfectionist. Even if sometimes he appears to be as a flighty man, he puts a lot of time and effort into his works.

The nobles have their own life full of politics, intrigues and other schemes. Their life is usually so complicated and most of the stories of their past are at least exciting for others to hear. The same may be said about knights and, maybe, some explorers or wanderers. However, simple commoners usually have quite simple life and they have to find their own passions to make the daily routine at least a little bit more exciting.

Enzo found this passion in the art. Many say that he was blessed by Jayus himself. Though, the man himself is not very religious. He knows that his talent came from long and hard work. Of course, some religious mystery about his talent doesn't hurt when it comes to selling. So, he is not vicious to give all the praise and glory to Jayus instead of his hard work.

Enzo was born to Amadeo and Bonita Siqueiros, their fourth child. His three older sisters are Manuela, Coleta, Rosaline. A younger sister was born too and named Eloisa, but she died once she turned two years old from unknown illness. Maybe because Enzo grew up close to his three sisters and mother, the boy became passionate about style and clothes, and, especially, jewelry. He loved seeing his sisters and mother so happy once they got something new to spruce themselves up.

Enzo's father was not that happy seeing his only boy interested more in gossiping, drinking tea, helping his mother to make meals, draw various new accessories he would love to make for his sisters, and befriend more girls than boys in Lyceum. Amadeo, of course, wanted to see his son grow up into a soldier or a knight. Amadeo was quite a harsh father and a knight himself. He made Enzo as his own page and beat the boy quite a lot. Especially after getting drunk. Making fun of his own 'soft' son was his favorite activity during free hours, making him fight with older boys and getting him beaten by them too.

So, Enzo can not lie. He was happy when his father died in one of those battles he used to fight and Enzo didn't care. Enzo was just happy that he snuck out and ran away that day from his page duties to sit down in a forest and draw. After the death of his father everything has changed. Bonita understood the talents of her boy and with the help of her sister Esmeralde, who lived in Arx, Bonita set Enzo up with a Master jeweler in Arx.

So, Enzo left home to be apprentice to the jeweler. He enjoyed his lessons as well as he enjoyed life in the capital. The older he grew, the more handsome he turned out to be and as his master used to say: "Sometimes I wander if those young ladies show up to gawk at you or the jewelry". Enzo worked at Harry's Workshop even after he graduated and was acknowledged as a jeweler. Harry didn't have family. Enzo became like a son to him and he became as a father to Enzo. When Harry died he left his Workshop to the boy and that is why he stayed in Arx to work and live.

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