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Action Id: 2434 Crisis: Participants: Zoey, Ford(RIP), Octavia, Korka, Ian, Christine, Cassima, Constantine and Aahana
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 18, 2018, 3:58 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 300
Social Resources: 100
Action Points: 150

Action by Zoey

Upon taking over the Ministry of Coin for House Kennex, Zoey has launched into a months long codification and audit of the March's books. This includes consolidating the various half-filled ledgers, implimenting a standard of itemization and documentation for all transactions, adhering to a single and comprehensive interpretation of fiscal policy, increasing the efficiency of all trade matters coming into and out of Kennex holdings, and tracking down the exact destination of every donation of silver received from the Compact during the financial crisis surrounding the abolition of thralldom in Kennex lands.

To this effect, she and her assistants will be focused on a two prong approach: one focusing on the increased efficiency and financial output of Kennex trade and policies, and the other focusing on forensically identifying the 'paper trail' of Compact funds from the crisis as well as physically tracking down any anomalies within the data.

Action by Constantine

Connie is on gofer duty alongside Ian, following the line of paper trails to physical sources to discuss the reality of all notes made and get a first account history of where the funds have traveled.

Action by Christine

Since Christine had been taking care of the books until Zoey took over the Ministry of Coin, she knows more or less how things are and how are they organized.
She'll try, then, to work side by side with Zoey to help her achieve her goals, mostly the first, sinceshe thinks there are no anormalities since she has already checked those books. (See action #1484)

Action by Cassima

Cassima will assist Zoey with her own understanding of Kennex's finances, given her knowledge and exposure as the overall finance minister for House Thrax.

Action by Ian

Nobody with any sense wants Ian anywhere near the books, trying to math things out, but he's happy to be dispatched on gofer duty, tracking down people who are dragging their feet getting Zoey information she needs.

"You the one who told Zoey you'd get her those receipts 'later'? It's later. Hand them over."

Action by Octavia

Octavia is going to be devoting what time she can spare to helping doublecheck the books, and also to discussing the fiscal policies that Zoey is suggesting. She should be able to offer some unique insights that will make the process more effective.

Action by Aahana

Aahana is going to help Zoey by focusing upon the increased efficiency and financial output of Kennex trade and policies. She will be quite meticulous with her efforts and triple check her work.

Action by Ford(RIP)

Ford and Korka are off to Stormward! Meeting with people who received money, following the paper trail, and making sure that everything is as it should be and appears to be. And of course, checking up on the state of the businesses and organizations that received money to make sure they're all working well.

Action by Korka

Korka will be assisting where interviews are needed, looking over shoulders and verifying stories, ultimately doing her best to ensure that the stories that the Kennex folks are receiving are the truth. As well, helping with extracting information from people. Kindly. Because she's a friendly sort of person and people like to talk to her.


Roll Result: 263

Zoey takes the lead, as Minister of Income, in a thorough audit of the books. Christine helps, having done this at least once before, as does Cassima - who is so accustomed to Thrax books and searching for trouble that she's really an old hand at this. The whole family gets involved too - Constantine and Ford, Ian and Octavia all pitch in. Then friends and allies too - Aahana and Korka help Ford with a more manual audit of the receipts given to the Kennex Ministry.

In the end, it's fairly successful - Zoey finds a few places where economy can be made, and Stormward benefits accordingly. And fortunately she finds there are no abnormalities, testament to Christine's excellent work previously on the financial matters of Kennex. Overall, Kennex is in a pretty good position right now to grow, and to shine.