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Action Id: 2248 Crisis: Participants: Gareth(RIP), Cassima and Caith
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 2, 2018, 1:36 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 150000

Action by Gareth(RIP)

Gareth and Cassima will be putting their big brains together and placing down coins to make a profit. The two have decided to together with their intellectual and economic prowess try to play the market and turn a profit. Gareth will be fronting the investment for this venture and will be seeking out businesses and trading companies to buy and sell off of to make good on their investment money.

Action by Cassima

Cassima will take Gareth's initial investment and seek to turn a profit off the origional by investing the money wisely. Additionally she has added 50k of her own silver seeking a greater return. All returns will go to Gareth for him to split as necessary or desired.

Action by Caith

Caith doesn't bring money to the deal -- she brings her considerable charm. She goes to butter up merchants and encourage them that they are in safe hands with Gareth and Cassima. Long soothing talks, pats on the shoulder, understanding eyes. This is a risk, but don't worry -- these people know what they're doing.


Roll Result: 98

This business of investments is difficult, but they manage to make it work. With shrewd investments on the part of Gareth and Cassima, not to mention some smoothing the way and buttering up merchants by Caith, they find their investment profiting - as 150,000 silver turns to 200,000 silver. Profit indeed.