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Action Id: 499 Crisis: Participants: Fatima, Edain, Margot(RIP), Isabeau, Freja(RIP), Aksel, Turo, Ariel, Estaban(RIP), Edward, Alexis, Regla, Skapti, Tarrant(RIP), Aella and Sivard(RIP)
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Silver: 100000
Economic Resources: 210
Military Resources: 450
Social Resources: 400

Action by Fatima

Princess Fatima is coordinating privateers from all the Houses in the Compact who wish to be involved in restoring order to the Mourning Sea. Seeing the wisdom in combining Duchess Margot Tyde's diplomatic mission and Lady Regla's search for the weapons into one large initiative, the High Lord believes there will be a higher chance of success by banding together to form a sizable armada. For the sake of logistics and chain of command, Princess Fatima has organized the mission directive into three separate Corps within the armada. The Privateer Corps, the Diplomatic Corps, and the Cobalt Corps. These are not necessarily the official names of each division within the fleet, but it has made organizing the endeavor much easier. The Thraxian princess has gathered together capable sailors, reavers, warriors, strategists and military leaders from across the fealties. Each is dedicated to routing out the Pirate Clans and Abandoned Houses of the Isles participating in acts of piracy and raiding. After speaking with several experienced Admirals, Captains and sailors - Fatima knows that most pirate activity happens just off the coast and along well known trade lanes. It is likely that the cobalt weapons might be in enemy territory or in the same places that pirate activity is heavily concentrated. While searching for the cobalt weapons under Lady Regla's direction, the armada will deal with any Pirate Clan or Abandoned they come across. Duchess Margot will lead the Diplomatic Corps in negotiations with the aforementioned groups in an effort to see them bend the knee and rejoin the Compact. Those who refuse to give up their banditry will be meted out the King's justice; their ships and stolen cargos will be siezed by the armada. Offers of surrender will be accepted and those that do can join the armada as Prodigal crew members with fair wages and the same rights as any citizen of the Compact. Thus far the fleet consists of two dromonds, twenty-seven longships, and two galleys. More ships will be joining the efforts as the other Houses of the Compact get in touch and coordinate with Princess Fatima. Sometimes the Lady Regla will have to break off with a small division of ships and soldiers during her search for the cobalt weapons and contingencies have been put in place for such an event. Fatima is a wise leader and has delegated several positions with their own purview of authority to those who've sworn to the cause.

Division Leader of the Privateer Corps and Head of the Armada - Princess Fatima Thrax
Fleet Admiral of the Privateer Corps - Count Turo Navegant
Quartermaster of the Armada - Baron Edward Stormbreak
Division Leader of the Cobalt Corps and First Mate of the Crimson Shadow- Lady Regla Navegant
Division Leader of the Diplomatic Corps - Duchess Margot Tyde
Countess Aella Ravenseye graciously contributes two longships to the Armada and will serve as the Commander of her forces. Skapti Thrallson, vassal to House Navegant has graciously contributed one dromond to the Armada and will serve as the Captain of said vessel.

Action by Regla

After receiving a vision in which Gloria spoke with her about several things, and hearing from others in regards to similar visions from Mangata, Regla has taken it upon herself to begin searching for the weapons that have been mentioned/described/seen that will aid them in their fight against the danger growing in the Darkwater Deep. It was Turo’s own vision regarding a mountain with a blue tear and lightning that has given her the starting point, mixed in with the fact that Gloria showed her Escuma for what she can only figure is a very specific reason. Combined together she is aiming her attention in the northern islands, starting with any that have a mountain large enough to fit what Turo saw. Things that she will be using/doing for this search are as follows:

Sailing charts that have terrain depicted on them.

Gossip and rumors of sailors, searching for any island that seems to have a high frequency of storms AND a mountain.

This is very much a no stone left unturned situation for Regla, and her main priority in things is the search for these weapons, as systematically as she possibly can be under the circumstances.

Action by Edward

Edward has been asked to the job in the fleet that is that of logistics and primary quartermaster, given his history of doing this for House Redreef. He will be responsible for ensuring that the fleet is adequately supplied with food and spare stores of equipment and repair materials for the ships for the long cruise. In addition he is first level of responsibility for ensuring that all seized cargo and resources are catalogued and recorded for proper distribution among Houses Stormbreak, Navegant, Tyde, and Thrax.

In addition, he is also primarily serving in the portion of the fleet that is in search of the cobalt weapons, assisting the Sword and Lady Regla Navegant in her search for these weapons.

Action by Sivard(RIP)

Sivard will be aiding both Regla and Fatima as they have need of him, though when left to his own choice he will default to helping Regla. He can be used as a scout, infiltraitor, or sword as needed of him.

Action by Skapti

With the shakdown of assignments, Skapti is taking the Leatherback to be Turo's flagship and him the Captain. With this in mind Skapti will take part in the primary fleet actions with the Thrax fleet to handle pirates and other Shav raider ships the combined fleet is on the hunt for. When Lady Regla Navegant is dispatched to any nearby islands to search for the weapons, the ship and its escorts become the center of her primary command with Admiral Turo moving his flag to the Crimson Shadow; while the Leatheback and its escorts conduct the Sword of House Navegant to her destination and then back to the fleet.

Action by Aella

With Fatima's reaching out, Aella is taking two of her longships with her at their head. Aella will take part in the primary fleet actions with the Privateer Corp to handle pirates and other Abandoned raider ships the combined fleet is on the hunt for. When action is spotted, Aella will do her best to act as a forward scout, as well as entreating the spirits, and praying to Mangata to attempt to becalm hostile ships, and fill the sails of their own. If the fleet runs into bad weather, she will attempt to beseech them to ease the storm as well, by offering up tokens of personal sentimental value, and fine liquor.

Action by Ariel

Ariel is contributing two longships to the Armada under the command of Commander Reginald Bosier (NPC) to assist. Commander Reginald will follow the orders given to him by his higher ups.

Action by Tarrant(RIP)

On behalf of Valardin, Sir Tarrant is accompanying the expedition aboard the Crimson Shadow. In typical Oathland fashion, he will step to the front in any dangerous or combative situations as a glorified bodyguard to any VIPs, or as a shock troop for any attacks, as he is directed. Should the opportunity arise (and should the commanders allow), he will seek single combat with any enemy champions.

Action by Margot(RIP)

Margot leaves the mission in the Grey Forest straight to go board a ship to perform diplomacy with the abandoned, bringing with her 5 of the Tyde longships and 2 galleys, with members of the crews that previously attended the mission to the Eswynds as they have an idea of what to expect. All her ships have peace flags flying and will not engage in violence with out explicit orders to do so from herself or Fatima (any who do will be kicked over board). They will take their share of recovered cargo and/or ships but no thralls will be taken by Tyde. Her goal is to where ever safe to do so, make first contact with groups they encounter and attempt to sway them to bending knee to Thrax/Tyde/Grimhall. Margot will offer a represenitive or two of any groups who swear themselves to the Isles a place on the Galley she herself is on so she can learn more from them regarding thier peoples, circomstance, and what they have seen of the Darkwater. (Note: Margot speaks Isles Shav fluently)

Action by Alexis

Alexis is not very diplomatic or particularly cunning, but she is a decent meatshield, and so her job in this matter will simply be to escort those VIPs she's told to escort, to attempt to keep them safe, as much as possible. She may also be part of other military action, if needed.

Action by Isabeau

While Princess Isabeau Valardin won't be setting sail with Princess Fatima's fleet, the Oathlands princess will be assisting the Privateer Corps by provided materiel support on behalf of House Valardin and using her considerable social sway to ensure that trade ships take the threat of increased piracy seriously and that any potential pirates might reconsider their life choices. She will use both open lines of communication and whisper campaigns of propaganda to ensure that Princess Fatima and Lady Regla encounter diminished resistance.

Action by Estaban(RIP)

Estaban will be bringing 3 longships and 1 Galley to the fun, he will commander his ships as he is the Admiral of them and assist the Thrax in whatever it is they need him and his men to do.

Action by Edain

Edain is supporting Fatima's attemps protect Duchess Margot's diplomatic outreaches and to limit reaver/pirate activity during this crisis. Too support her armada, Edain is sending 1 Dromon, 2 Galley's and 5 long ships. They will be commanded by NPC commanders (Katarina is helping other actions on her own.)

Action by Turo

Taking command of the ships in the fleet as Fleet Admiral, Turo will be overseeing the warfare aspects of where the ships are, where they should go, their formations, divvying up fleet to make proper sea units of varying ships, and planning logistics of any battle that might come to pass. If there is to be battle, whether with pirates or shavs, he will plan the offensive and defensive movements, as well as any counter-strikes should they be needed. The fleet will be broken in smaller groups, so as to cover enough ground in Regla's search, but differing combinations of longships, galleys, and dromonds so as unit strength is not detracted or taken away. The main priority is to make sure the safety of the crews, the second is the minimize the potential losses of ships and soldiers by developing the proper strategy for each situation that may result in combat. Thirdly, to make sure they cast a wide enough net to be able to search for the weapons in a timely manner.

Action by Aksel

Aksel with be assisting with whatever is needed during privateering actions, mostly fighting and fighting and likely a little more fighting. However, when Regla sets off on missions of Cobalty nature, Aksel will assist there. If fighting is on snow and ice, he'll use his skills and knowledge of the North to assist in ensuring those on the landing team survive that sort of weather and battle conditions.

Action by Freja(RIP)

Freja will be using her own scouting skills and spooky shaman hijinks to help Regla in her search for the weapons to help them in their fight in the Darkwater Deep.


One group attacked and dispatched murderous Marinites. One group found a cache of Cobalt weapons. And one group found some shav who were willing to bend the knee as free people in return for information! Sure, some ships were lost but that's not /that/ big a deal, is it?