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Action Id: 460 Crisis: Participants: Sameera(RIP), Darren, Edain, Max(RIP), Khanne, Juliet(RIP), Joscelin, Lark, Harald(RIP), Ford(RIP), Merek, Remi(RIP), Driskell(RIP), Ariel, Katarina, Edward, Carita, Seva, Titania, Malesh and Lucius
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Silver: 186500
Economic Resources: 2691
Military Resources: 364
Social Resources: 329

Action by Sameera(RIP)

While not taking on the grand task of ending thralldom for those sworn to the Thrax Family Dame Sameera Coldrain IS taking on the task of making it so those released from Thralldom can assimilate into the world of freedom far easier, especially for those who have spent many years as a thrall. To this end she is using the land Count Maximilian gave her to manage to create a small village, that is not intended to grow large, for former thralls to use as a 'half way house' of sorts. She is looking to have it run by former thralls and allow for former thralls to create their own safe haven. The thralls will be able to find their niche in the world among those that have been where they were and not be thrown in a world of decisions and freedom unprepared. The final, solid goal for this little village is for the former Thralls to give back what they take and become profitable. What this means, in essence, is she wats to make the former thralls self sufficient and contributing members of society. These people can either stay in Coldreach or find their place out of it, armed with skills to help them survive. Obviously for this to work Sameera needs people skilled in economics, stewardship, and agriculture as well as any resources needed.
Any and all resources will also be very useful for making this happen.
(OOC: For resources: For the moment Apostate said it would be 5 economic resources per person in the village.)
Sameera has gotten money from Niccolo to use towards the village project. He donated 100,000 silver, 42,000 of it has been used to obtain military and social resources to add to the resources being used.
OOC Since Aldwin already has an action in King's Rest but is definitely supporting: Player Aldwin pages you: Farm implements for the farmers and some tools, and guaranteed to buy 10% of the exports for teh first few years, and... Sending a priest to the village with a disciple of mangata to help organize the thralls.
Sameera would be sending a sketch along with those going to Coldreach to give them an idea what is being shot for when it comes to layouts and for potential more than expected. She is shooting for 500 people in the cost department, while trying to assure there is enough cushion for if more than projected amount arrives. Coldreach Sketch: A vague mime of the island is done on this sketch with the buildings focused around the center of it. The buildings are a mix of communal homes and personal, using the buildings already there by repairing them if possible, as well as necessary buildings like the keep. The homes are intended to be set up with herbal, vegetable, and ground fruit gardens for them to feed their families and export any extras. The lands surrounding the village is made up of open animal farms, consisting of smaller animals like sheet, pigs, and goats. Types of animals that don't take a lot of space and can graze openly on the island's grass. Rather than farm lands orchids of limes, lemons, mangos, and bananas are the dominant intentions. Around the island edges, outside the normal ship docks, are docks designed to house homes and businesses should more than the projected amount of people arrive. There is also a designated area for fishing and oyster diving. At the bottom of the sketch is a note listing the desired major exports: tree fruits (limes, lemons, bananas, mangos, etc), fish, and pearls. A list of potential minor exports is also included, which is what would be excess of supplies produced for consumption over anything else.

OOC: Just so it is known the angle Sameera is going for and all that.
Damnit. Any 'sheets'=sheep and 'orchids'=orchards. And in the central area churches/schools as well, since the Faith is sending priests and disciples. Basically, Sameera would do her best to assure that all the expected buildings of a village is there. Taverns, businesses, chruch, school, etc. Maybe not of grand sizes but there. And she would not be expecting it all to happen 'right away'. The orchards, I am loosely playing at the angle of them having been there due to the island originally hosing a plantation.
Since Samantha can't add due to having an action already in: Player Samantha pages you: Samantha will be contributing by donating lumber from Deepwood for structure and furniture building, as well as seeds from grove crops to see if any of them will grow viably on the island. She will offer any former thralls currently residing in Old Oak who want to return to Thrax an opportunity to do so as instructors in lumber and wood artisanship to be presented to Sameera as possible instructors to teach newly free thralls trade.
Donella (since she might still be having net issues?) has decided to throw her whole support behind Sameera's project and is determined to see it succeed. She is using her connections with people and adding any financial help she needs too.

Action by Merek

Merek Black and Meeka, along with his two Guards, will be doing what they can to help sway some Merchants/People that might be sympathetic to the ideals of Sameera's task, to support it with funding. In addition to this, he will also be putting his own funding into it to an extent. He does not have the abilities to manage any logistics, so he will be specifically staying away from anything too involved besides the funding aspect, for the time being.

Action by Ariel

Ariel is doing a fund raiser and using her charm, her dancing, singing or her violin playing to gather funds as well as more help in Sameera's deed. Former thralls need homes too!
Ariel has also donated her own personal resources into the action. 305 economic, 105 military, 50 social.
Ariel has also donated her own personal resources into the action. 305 economic, 105 military, 50 social. She is also hosting an Auction on thursday, auctioning off donated items and vouchers that she has bought personally.

Action by Seva

Princess Seva will be having a luncheon at her shop to raise awareness for ex-thralls. She'll be having Count Maximilian speak on Sameera's behalf. She's also try to help sway any merchants or noble's that she knows to get behind the worthy cause.

Action by Joscelin

With her Guild's support, Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius would contract and trade to provide materials and labor to build the village Sameera needs for her endeavors. Joscelin's connections allow her to provide the resources needed as well as the manpower. While that is going on, on the mainland and in the city, Joscelin would speak of Sameera's work to anyone that might be interested, encouraging others to invest and aid the young Dame who looks to use her new title to improve the lives of others who share a common history with Sameera herself.

Action by Harald(RIP)

Harald is training a retainer  in stewardship to assist Sameera in organizing her new domain.  The coded retainer is Henrik, who will remain in Sameera’s service.  Harald will spend further influence to smooth over the view of Sameera’s project among the more reactionary Isles nobility, painting the experiment as a step to preserve Thralldom in the long term (100 social)

Action by Ford(RIP)

Gathering up a handful of Stormward's best Agricultural experts and teachers, Marquis Kennex is sending them to Dame Sameera's new island to work with the ex-Thralls, teaching them what they need to know to improve their living conditions on the field, as well as help them teach themselves.

Action by Carita

As the child of a former Thrall, Carita has connections among the Lower Burroughs through her extensive commoner family to raise awareness of the project. A village will need villagers. Through her social connections she will be seeking former Thralls that might be able to aid recently freed Thralls in the transition from one life into the other in a way that is more feasible to the people. Like ought to meet like as it will aid in the learning process. In addition, she will be seeking donations of silver and resources.

Action by Max(RIP)

Max put Sameera to this task, and he is not leaving her high and dry in any measure. Putting his own economic mind to the task, he will be assisting her with the economic side of things, as well as putting 1000 economic resources into the venture to help getting it going with no possible failure for lack of funding or supply.

Additionally, with generous pensions and bonuses to the military, on top of a highly successful military campaign, Max is ensuring the Darkwater military and local bannermen have no cause to feel like they are losing power or prestige to this effort. In that end, Max is disbursing an additional 250 economic resources for parades, banquets and honors in Darkwater Watch itself.

Action by Lucius

Having heard of Sameera's plans and the support she's gained Lucius has decided to use his knowledge about stewardship to help the former thrall. He is giving instruction on how to manage the lands properly and assuring people are doing what they are suppose too to keep the village going smoothly.

Action by Driskell(RIP)

As a former thrall who has been able to pay his own debt and freedom as well as steward for the Darkwater family, Driskell knows many thralls and understands the issues they face. As a teacher and steward, Driskell will offer to go to the village and provide assistance in educating released thralls on how to manage finances, business and lands to squeeze as much profitability from whatever they have as well as being an example to emulate. He'll also be preaching that the Reflection offers thralls hope in their darkest moments, they can find strength in what others might feel are weaknesses.

Action by Lark

Lark has pledged her support, using her influence in both House Grayson and the Crown to draw attention to Sameera's efforts, spreading the word. She uses her knowledge of economics, her contacts with merchants, and her <3<3charm all in conjunction to try to make deals on Sameera's behalf while assuring investors that Sameera has her long term support in this matter.

Action by Katarina

As Sameera is her lady's maid, and a dear friend, there is nothing Katarina would not do for the half-Eursui. She pledges a sizeable portion of resources, in both economic writs, social and military contacts gained in the time of the siege, to ensure a prosperous start for the island.

Action by Remi(RIP)

Through his persona and alternate identity of sorts Remi as The Tempest has called together friends and those who have sailed under his command now holding to their own vessels. Pirates, Bucaneers, Smugglers and outlaws of the water called under his flag to assist in the aftermath of the siege that nearly ended it all. But rather than having war or riches on their minds they come to help.
     The ships set to arrive in the early morning hours with their flags lowered to half mast and banners of truce flying to show they are there not for raiding or taking but in peace. The men of the crews there to assist in building efforts and if need be lay the ground work for docks for future trips and to aid others coming to help. Before the crews and ships leave any former thralls wishing to take their path beyond the edges of the law are allowed to leave with them learning the trade of sailing and questionable legality.

Action by Khanne

Khanne Halfshav, Minister of Agriculture for The Crown and Voice of Halfshav House, has agreed to assist Sameera with her efforts. She has spoken to other nobles about the efforts, and how it is a large undertaking that most of the Great Houses should be in support of. Aside from spreading the word, Khanne has offered to assist the thralls learn about agriculture and other means of survival. She offers to teach the thralls how to plant and best care for the crops, how to forage, and even hunt. Though others might be better skilled than she, she has vowed to do what she can, even offered to go on a dreaded boat and help begin on the island itself if need be. She has also offered to speak on shamanism to any thralls interested in the paths, and to work with the thralls in support of their own spirituality.

Action by Juliet(RIP)

Juliet is helping - the Salon's long-promised debate on how to replace thralldom now has a practical example to point to, and as both a Spoke of the Silver Consortium, a Senior Associate of Black Mountain, a Diplomat in the Voice of the Compact and a Voice of Fidante, she has a lot of sway to help her pet projects. In this case, that includes encouraging the ethical practice of the village and gathering promises from merchants and nobles to remove their sanctions on Thrax-produced goods guaranteed to be made by the hands of free men and women. She's also making a personal investment into the village of Coldreach to the tune of 125 Economic Resources.

Action by Edain

To assist with Sameera's attemps build her community by sending some masons and farmers from the Oathlands to help them build sturdy homes, and to grow crops upon the island.

Action by Edward

Edward will assist the efforts of Sameera by using his own House resources to set up intitial trade routes with the expansive merchant fleet that Redreef possesses, to ensure that the village has suitable food imports and reasonable and discounted prices for the first two years. As well as provide, at no cost to the village, construction materials and supplies to ensure that the village has the material needs to get its initial neccessary construction projects under way, such as housing, food storage, defensive structures, and centralized village buildings, without being forced into construction stops due to a lack of those materials. These things to be represented by an influx of economic resources by House Redreef.

Action by Darren

For his part, Darren will be garnering support of the noble class in Redrain and the Crown for support of Sameera's island. He takes the position that this is a thing of hope for the City - a true sign that times are changing and evolving for the betterment of all people. And if the Thrax can support an entire island of freed thralls, perhaps that will give them all the incentive they need to continue freeing more Thralls. There is a firm reminder that no one wants to see Thrax's economy stumble as a result, which is why it is all the more important that this island be supported by /all/ fealties and the Crown as well.

Action by Malesh

Marquis Malesh Stonewood, having heard of the Coldreach Villiage project through the Graysons and the Darkwaters, will be lending his aide as well. Assisting Lady Khanne and Dame Sameera Coldrain in the agricultural department, he lends expertise particularly in the propper care of orchards. Every helpfull, he will also lend his economic expertise to the project, helping to manage things at scale to prevent waste, loss, and graft. All to give the former Thralls of the village the best possible start.

Action by Titania

Titania is helping educate the former thralls, when she can, and is trying to send those she thinks would go to help educate along. She is putting focus on sending those she knows are former thralls.


The village of Coldreach is established- still a part of the darkwater domain, but in effect an extension of Darkwater's territory and a strong exemplar project towards the abolition of Thralldom. See Vox update.