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Action Id: 2441 Crisis: Participants: Lumen, Michael, Samantha, Ariel and Zoey
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 16, 2018, 10:35 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 2000
Economic Resources: 1000
Military Resources: 300
Social Resources: 1000
Action Points: 40

Action by Lumen

Long have the people of Pridehall stood in ready support of the Crown, the Compact en masse, and House Grayson. Throughout his Majesty's childhood and infamous Rest, whilst Duke Gabriel acted as Regent, the noble family members and those serving under House Bisland suffered no neglect -- rather, they picked up the mantle of duty themselves in epic furtherance of peace, prosperity, and glory.

Lumen is bringing others together to produce a grand festival in celebration of these longheld ideals. To take place throughout the streets of Pridehall, the festival will serve as a fantastic reminder of the legendary resolve of House Bisland. Lumen will personally be throwing around her weight (socially, that is). She'll call in boons and finesse friendships to ensure vendors and street performers of all walks. She'll procure the finest lodgings for allies past and present (and prospective) so that they can come, bear witness, and partake in the merriment firsthand.

Action by Zoey

Delighted to return to her beloved Pridehall, Zoey plunges into the festival with cheer and abandon. This scion of Bisland encourages the stodgy and often grumpily taciturn people of the Mourning Isles (well, at least her husband, Ian, who has been told that he has no choice about coming but all he has to do is drink and stand there) to come with her to partake in Crownlander hospitality at its absolute finest. She uses her charm and diplomacy to encourage deeper bonds and alliances between Pridehall and Stormward.

Action by Michael

Lord Michael Bisland the Steadfast, will put boots to polish and to march and prepare a large procession of military prowess for a parade through Pridehall. The survivors of Stormwall will front and center and march on foot with Michael Bisland. Veterans of previous wars will fall in behind them, then behind them the various knights pledged to House Bisland.

Action by Ariel

Ariel will try to pull dance troupes from Stonewood, Fireviper, and Bisland. Each would do a dance native to that area during the party. Then the final performance would be a new dance involving all three groups one to represent the unified area. She hopes to draw attention to arts of the region and make new contacts in those social circles

Action by Samantha

Samantha is going to solicit Deepwood vendors of crafts and street food, utilize her social connections, and throw money at the thing to help get it all paid for. But most importantly? She is going to be hiring a playwright and a theatrical company to create and produce a play, portraying the story of Duke Gabriel's heroism during the Tyde Rebellion, and in particular, his rescue of young Samantha from the agents of the Rex'alfar. (Maybe it'll be a musical!)


A festival at Pridehall is arranged in celebration of many long years of success and stability. Lumen Whisper organizes the entire thing, pointing to the years of stability, and how even when Duke Gabriel Bisland served as Regent his heir, Lord Michael Bisland, kept Pridehall secure and successful. Indeed, Lord Michael stands with Lumen, as does Lady Zoey Kennex nee' Bisland, and as do two of their more prominent vassals, Marquessa Ariel Stonewood and Marquessa Samantha Deepwood.

Marquessa Ariel works with performers and creates a new dance. Marquessa Samantha encourages entertainers and performers to show up for the festival, adding to the joy - and even commissions a play to be written and performed that emphasizes the Bisland role in setting the Tyde rebellion to rest, and in rescuing a very young Samantha Deepwood herself so that Deepwood could continue to be strong and to exist as a March in its own right.

Everything is very well received, and the people of Pridehall take great pains to support and enjoy the festival. Indeed, it's a good day to be Bisland.