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Dame Gemma Glass

Whoever said money can't buy happiness is clearly hoarding too much of it.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Diamond in the Rough
Fealty: Crown
Family: Glass
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: ruby red
Eye Color: turquoise
Skintone: freckled

Description: What this scrappy young woman lacks in height, she more than compensates for with boundless energy and a confident air that can make her seem taller than she really is. Just barely over five feet tall, she is nevertheless athletically focused with lean muscle and compact curves. Curious blue-green eyes are a vivid contrast against bold ruby red strands often left bouncing in loose curls. She is an overly expressive young woman prone to dramatic gesticulation when she speaks, which is as often as she can get away with. Mischievous smiles come easily to her, and are frequently emphasized by dimples that deeply indent her freckle dusted cheeks.

Personality: Sparkling with street-smarts and radiating moxie, she tackles each day like it's her last because she believes she has nothing to lose. Her loyalty is hard-won but dazzlingly fierce once earned, and she goes out of her way to protect the less fortunate in the way she wishes someone had looked out for her. Living such an independent youth has left her with a diamond-sharp edge that she wields defensively when she feels threatened or unduly pressured. Underneath the layers of brassy bravado is a woman who genuinely wants to do the right thing, but can't quite shake her envy of those with more luxurious lives. Ultimately, her approach to life is a simple one: Do good recklessly.

Background: The first years Gemma can remember were spent among the other orphans of the Tragedy. It's so easy to be overlooked when there are so many others in the same proverbial boat to nowhere. Usually the smallest of the bunch, she had to fend for herself with an oversized personality to ward off trouble and stand her ground. All she ever wanted was for a family to take her in, and she /almost/ got her wish. Taken in by one of the less-than-reputable criminal organizations of the lower boroughs, she spent several years picking pockets and irritating guards and merchants with slingshots.

It was an encounter with one of the Knights of Solace that changed her life for the better. Recognized as one of the wayward orphans, who now demonstrated a keen eye and a knack for landing small targets, she was swept into the fold and (mostly) reformed of her troublemaking ways with a little bit of care and warm meals. She has since pledged the rest of her life to serving Gild and the common good. Although a part of her will always long for a life of personal prosperity, she finds meaning in the aid of those with similar circumstances. She has high expectations of the wealthy, and is not too shy to publicly nudge them toward charitable acts.

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