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Lady Chrysanthia Chatreuxe-DeVirre

Just because I'm mad doesn't mean I can't see the Light!

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Spring Knight of the Brindleberry Court
Fealty: Crown
Family: Chatreuxe-DeVirre
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Time
Vocation: Hedge knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: cadmium red
Eye Color: acid green
Skintone: olive

Description: Chrysanthia is a young woman of such bright demeanour that one would be forgiven for thinking the sun had left its place in the sky. She has a sparkle of joy in her eyes, and cadmium red hair that captures light in a spectacular corona as it cascades down her head and shoulders, an infectious laugh and an easy smile. She moves with an easy grace and a bounce in her step, exuberant in her zest for life. Her body is lithe, the softness of her curves contrasted by the toned nature of her muscles. She favours vivid floral colors such as mauves, golds and greens in her clothing and while flowers don't quite turn to face her as she passes by, no one would be surprised if they did.

Personality: Whimsical, eccentric and mad like her mother and her grandmother, the Baroness Hope. Most people would sum her up like so but the budding knight is more than that, she is compassionate and gentle souled. Easy to get along with and yet possessing of a deep, ageless wisdom that makes her seem so very old. Every now and then she is possessing of a certain trickster's playfulness but it is never capricious and always with the intent to cheer. Yet her pranks -have- most -definitely- gotten on the very last nerves of her friends and family. People who know her very well will often say that she is harder to understand than her plants but boy is she a bucket of fun and weird. Very weird; in the well meaning kind of way. Bless her little sylvan soul.

Background: The Brindleberry Wood is a place of mystery and wonder. Many people don't even know of it or where in the Lord of the Deep Wood's name it might even be but boy do the stories come a pourin' out of /that/ place. People say a lot of things about the kooky Baroness; she's a reclusive hermit, she's eccentric, she throws exclusive tea parties with thee most interesting guests, she's crazy. The list of things goes on but all of them are usually very nice.

People kiiiiind of laugh at the Chatreuxe-DeVirre's because their lands are all primal forests and beautiful glades filled with people who don't like to wear clothes. Or, maybe even worse, people who like to spend more time with plants than people (which is nothing to judge anyone for) and not a single soul in her Court ever comes to the city. The Peerage all think they're mostly a rumor but when Chrysanthia showed up wearing the mauve & green sigil of the Brindleberry Wood, well, it becomes quite clear that it is -not- a joke. Nobody can really say much about who or what the Spring Knight of the Hedge has been up to, but she's really bizarre and seems to have a passion for plants, animals, and people. In that order.

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