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Vassal of Darkwater

Words: "May the blood of my enemy spill upon the shore."
Sigil: Great Beast lanced by many harpoons, its blood soaking the shore black.
Nickname: Harpoons. Black Bloods.

House Blackshore gained its name from the terrible battle fought against 'those twisted by the Great Beast' during the Reckoning. For many centuries, the honorable vassals were known for their naval military tactics, keen business sense and thirst for knowledge that led many of the descendents to explore the seas and collect a rather large library on creatures of the Deep. Stories of sirens, merfolk and sea serpents filled the library's shelves. Perhaps it was their thirst of knowledge that led to the downfall of Blackshore. There have been rumors for the last several decades that the men of the bloodline have been twisted by the darkness they once spilled on their rocky shores. Last year, Blackshore Keep and the bustling port town nearby were destroyed by what some whisper was dragon fire. The isle stayed abandoned for a year, until House Darkwater found the last living heir of Blackshore and named her baroness. Perhaps the family will fare better under a matriarch. Currently the new baroness seeks to rebuild her isle.


Name Rank Title Description
Skye 1 Baroness ---
Romulius 2 Voice ---
Thesbe 3 Noble Family ---
Iseulet 3 Noble Family ---
Dycard 3 Noble Family ---
Ethan 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Alarissa 10 Ally ---
Kael 10 Ally ---
Turo 10 Ally ---
Reigna 10 Ally ---
Estil 10 Ally ---
Regla 10 Ally ---

Ruler: Skye

Minister Category Title
Romulius Warfare Minister of Warfare
Iseulet Income Minister of Income

Land Holdings

New Hope

Description: Currently just marked by an outdoor shrine and dock, this site will in time be the new keep on Blackshore Isle. Industries that once thrived in this holding are: fishing, whaling, exotic skins, lamp oil, candlemaking, and ship building.