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Name Rank Title Description
Ember 1 Baroness ---
Marina 2 Voice ---
Mikani 3 Noble Family ---
Edward 3 Noble Family ---
Arcelia 4 Trusted Allies & Servants ---

Ruler: Ember

Land Holdings

Redreef Shores

Description: One of the baronies closer to the Darkwater, House Redreef derives its name from the Battle of the Crimson Reef, where tens of thousands of Abandoned perished on the reefs surrounding the small barony under the direction of an Abandoned Sealord that was attempting to raid the isles during the chaos of the Crownbreaker Wars. Hundreds of ships were lost, and the once little valued collection of small isles became the small barony as a strategic waterbreak against Abandoned raiders.

Landmarks: In 1007 AR, the Hedge Maze of the First Choice was built as part of the Pilgrimage Path. A meditative place, it is said one cannot get lost in it, as it only has one path in and out.

Trends: Most pilgrims aren't certain what to make of Skald, as one of the lost gods of the Pantheon that is now being worshiped, but the small barony of Redreef Shores has become inundated with Faithful traveling the Path. There's a disproportionate amount of faithful here that preach about the tragedy of thralldom, or even of serfdom, making it one of the more progressive baronies in Thrax- fitting for a ruling baroness.