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Vassal of Bisland

Words: "Steadfast as Stone."
Sigil: A purple mountain with three dark green trees in front of it
Nickname: Stonehearthers

One of the somewhat newer and though rather steadfast of House Bisland's vassals, it is said that no ruling Marquis or Marquessa of House Stonewood has ever betrayed the trust of their liege lord. From their seat at Stonehearth, the powerful march house often acts as House Bisland's strong right hand in economic commerce and has done much to keep things quite lucrative for the duchy.


Name Rank Title Description
Malesh 1 Marquis ---
Ariel 2 Voice ---
Arianna 3 Minister ---
Joslyn 3 Minister ---
Orelia 4 Noble Family ---
Graham 4 Noble Family ---
Nikola 4 Noble Family ---
Gailin 5 Noble Vassals ---
Titania 5 Noble Vassals ---
Zenix 6 Vassals of Esteem ---
Rose 7 Known Commoners ---

Ruler: Ariel

Minister Category Title
Nikola Upkeep Minister of Conservation
Arianna Loyalty Minister of Fidelity
Joslyn Income Minister of Finance

Land Holdings


Description: Stonewood March, also called Stonehearth, is the seat of House Stonewood. The march was originally settled to guard Pridehall's flank against potential invasion, and still serves that purpose today, even as it has grown into a major seat of commerce in the Gray Forest.

Landmarks: An extremely large temple complex dedicated to the Thirteenth has begun to be constructed in Stonehearth. A massive structure of mirrors and made with obsidian, jet and onyx, the temple was designed to be the largest place of worship to the Thirteenth in Arvum, and seems well on its path to doing so. There exists potential floorplans for a univeristy dedicated to Dominus Marach, a hospital for research into countering abyssal influence, and expansive living arrangements for the Reflections, Priests, Priestesses, Acolytes, Silent Reflections and foreign dignitaries of the faith. Gardens of blood orchids and other exotic fauna that please Tehom are also planned throughout the holy site.

Trends: Most of Grayson isn't sure how to feel about the temple. Of course, the Thirteenth is worshiped, but the Black Temple at Stonehearth seems... a bit much. The Lyceum loves it, of course, but many Grayson vassals are distinctly uneasy over it, but are willing to see how it plays out.