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Vassal of Redrain

Words: "Half savage, half hero."
Sigil: A figure on a red field, with the left side drawn as a knight holding a shield and right side as a barbarian holding a sword.
Nickname: Prodigal nobles.

Halfshav, a young house a mere few generations old, was founded with a great King Of the Shavs bent the knee to the Prince of Farhaven after a combined force of a dozen clans of the Abandoned was crushed in a battle to decide the fate of the North. After more than a century of living under Redrain rule, they still bloodfeuds with a number of Abandoned tribes that refused to yield and ties with many peaceable ones.


Name Rank Title Description
Vercyn 1 Duke ---
Brianna 2 Voice ---
Khanne 2 Voice ---
Arik 3 Noble Family ---
Ivar 3 Noble Family ---
Rona 3 Noble Family ---
Logan 3 Noble Family ---
Marcas 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Rosalynn 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Tarik 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Tavish 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Valda 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Tila 5 Noble Vassals ---
Cirroch 5 Noble Vassals ---
Oddmun 5 Noble Vassals ---
Braith 5 Noble Vassals ---
Edelma 7 Known Commoners ---
Cybele 10 Serf ---
Wylla 10 Serf ---

Ruler: Vercyn

Minister Category Title
Logan Income None

Land Holdings


Description: One of the most remote bastions of the Compact, the duchy of Whitehold nearly borders the Everwinter, and even in summer is rarely without snow.