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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Neither by chance nor by fate."
Sigil: A gold hawk on a split red and black field.
Nickname: Raptors.

According to legend, House Malvici's ancestor was a brilliant general during the Reckoning, a master of deceptive warfare whose small army's distractions, feints, and traps delayed the demons' advance on Arx. Historically, House Malvici has fielded a larger standing army and a larger, better-trained militia than its competitors in the Lyceum and been unafraid to use them. The family that believes in making its own luck avoids leaving anything to chance. Although the records are largely lost, there's a belief that House Hawkmour was a cadet branch of Malvici that split off many centuries ago, explaining the similarities in their sigils.


Name Rank Title Description
Calypso 1 Ruling Duchess Duchess of House Malvici and General of Southport
Eirene 2 Voice Voice of House Malvici and Brigadier General of Southport
Anze 2 Voice Duke Consort and Voice of House Malvici
Fiora 3 Noble Family Lady of House Malvici and Archery Commander
Inigo 3 Noble Family Duke Consort of House Fidante
Caelis 3 Noble Family Princess Consort of House Valardin
Artorius 3 Noble Family Count of House Magnotta
Pepper 3 Noble Family ---
Melinda 3 Noble Family Countess Consort of House Magnotta
Roxana 3 Noble Family Princess of House Grayson
Enyo 3 Noble Family Baroness Consort of House Gilden
Apollis 3 Noble Family Lord of House Malvici
Talaith 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Costas 4 Trusted House Servants Bodyguard to Duchess Malvici
Leola 4 Trusted House Servants Minister of Agriculture
Mirari 4 Trusted House Servants Minister of Coin
Harmon 4 Trusted House Servants Resident Scientist and Researcher
Arthur 4 Trusted House Servants Master Leatherworker
Xander 4 Trusted House Servants Drill Sargent
Corinne 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Arcelia 5 Noble Vassals Countess Consort of House Navegant
Estaban 5 Noble Vassals Baron of House Saik and Admiral of Southport
Karadoc 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Saik
Marcos 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Saik
Lucita 5 Noble Vassals Baroness Consort of House Saik
Orazio 7 Known Commoners Crownsworn Former Lord of House Saik
Saedrus 7 Known Commoners Whisper
Waldemai 7 Known Commoners Master Smith
Lia 7 Known Commoners ---
Valenzo 7 Known Commoners ---

Ruler: Calypso

Minister Category Title
Leola Farming Minister of Agriculture
Eirene Population Minister of Population and Health
Anze Warfare Minister of Warfare
Mirari Income Minister of Finance

Land Holdings


Description: Southport is one of the few cities whose entire population trains for war. Under House Malvici, the City of Swords is a regimented military meritocracy, the birthplace of the Lyceum's dramatic fencing style. Its gardens and terrariums supply herbs for medicines and poisons alike, while its strategic harbor is the midway point on the Arx-Sanctum trade route.

Landmarks: Constructed in mid 1007 AR, Southport boasts the Training Academy of Gloria, a frequent visit for templars and all the martially minded to pay their respects to Gloria while on the Pilgrimage Path.

Trends: Since the construction of the Training Academy, perhaps no city in Arvum has more Rites of Gloria performed routinely, with duelists frequently traveling to the city to hone their skills. This in turn has made it extremely popular with the Champions' Guild, and Oathlander styles of honor duels are becoming the norm.