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Vassal of Farshaw

Words: “Rich in loyalty”
Sigil/Heraldry: Orange stag with three gold coins above on a black field.
Nickname: Harts

On one of the larger islands in the duchy of Farshaw, the Harthall house governs from its seat in Fair Harbour. A march that spans across not only the larger island, but several smaller ones that string around it. They epitomize a loyal and productive fealty in that they know how to put their island’s resources to the best use and excel in trade negotiations. Predominantly a merchant house, they have several trading ships along with a very small contingent of armed guards in respect to the Duchy’s requirements.

For their own exports, the islands contain mining (precious ore - unique suggestion needed) and gathering (name-unique name) pearls, while also producing various sweet, hard skinned fruits for the Duchy. With an introduction of deer to the island they have been able to support a seasonal hunt for a stag as a cultural symbol for when they earned the loyalty of the Farshaws and were awarded the island march to oversee.

Harthall is a relatively young house as the original Orvell Harthall was elevated to his position after the war with the Lyceum state several hundred years ago. They were mainlanders, Orvell a knight of renown that bested many enemy soldiers before falling prone to his many wounds. The wounds should have killed him but instead he survived sans an arm. He was given his rank for his loyal services to the Farshaw house. The once mainlanders move into their new seat of power and decades after the first Marquis Fair Harbour was finally finished and quickly gaining in economic wealth.


Name Rank Title Description
Orvyn 1 Marquis ---
Sunniva 2 Voice ---
Kent 3 Ministers ---
Ouida 3 Ministers ---
Islin 4 Noble Family ---
Liliana 4 Noble Family ---
Bree 7 Godsworn ---
Brannen 7 Godsworn ---

Ruler: Orvyn

Minister Category Title
Sunniva Loyalty None
Kent Income Master of Coin
Ouida Warfare Minister of Defense

Land Holdings

Fair Harbour