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Crimson Blades

Words: Heat without control is a wildfire.
Sigil: A black and red shield with a sword in front, half covered in blood.
Nickname: Crimsons. Blades.

A small Battalion of sellswords, the Crimson Blades are disciplined and trained by Tobias Telmar himself. The organization rejects the notion of being cannon fodder, instead offering well trained sellswords with a philosophy of being a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. While certainly capable of rampaging, their speciality is more in positioning, formations, and planning.


Name Rank Title Description
Violet 2 Commandant Leader of the Crimson Blades
Ywaine 4 Colonel ---
Hali 4 Colonel ---
Conrad 6 Lieutenant ---
Blair 6 Lieutenant ---
Genevieve 6 Lieutenant Diamond Company Scout
Carmen 6 Lieutenant Medic Badass
Kamon 7 Sergeant ---
Staci 7 Sergeant ---
Dierdre 7 Sergeant ---
Soren 7 Sergeant ---
Briar 8 Corporal Canine Unit Medic
Valarian 8 Corporal Rose Company Heavy Infantry
Harlex 8 Corporal ---
Henrick 9 Private ---
Arianna 9 Private Special Ops
Bjorn 9 Private ---
Melody 9 Private Public Relations Specialist
Malesh 10 Associate Advisor
Gwenna 10 Associate Diplomatic Advisor
Thorley 10 Associate Sailing Advisor