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Vassal of Redrain

Words: "From the depths, comes courage."
Sigil: A golden hammer against a backdrop of dark red mountains.
Nickname: Mountain men.

Clans of the Abandoned have long lived in the mountains, warring over access to rich deposits of gold and other rare metals. While the Prince of Farhaven marched on the North, a group of enterprising Abandoned overthrew the region's reigning Shav King and bent the knee after the bloody coup, saving countless lives by swearing fealty instead of engaging in battle. After several generations under Redrain rule, the mountain men continue the long tradition of mining the Northern mountains, supplying rare metals to much of Arvum.


Name Rank Title Description
Lydia 1 Duchess ---
Mydas 2 Voice ---
Cassius 3 Noble Family ---
Signe 3 Noble Family ---
Sigurd 3 Noble Family ---
Brogan 3 Noble Family ---
Iraia 3 Noble Family ---
Belladonna 4 Extended Family ---
Aksel 5 Trusted Servants ---
Rhea 5 Trusted Servants ---
Castor 6 Noble Vassals ---
Jorunna 7 Vassals of Esteem ---
Morrighan 8 Known Commoners ---
Saira 9 Distant Family ---
Valerion 9 Distant Family ---
Vesper 9 Distant Family ---

Ruler: Lydia

Minister Category Title
Sigurd Warfare Minister of Military Defense
Mydas Income Chancellor of the Exchequer
Brogan Loyalty Minister of Cultural Assets

Land Holdings


Description: Located in the highest reaches of the mountains to the east of Farhaven, the duchy of Stonedeep prides itself on its famed rose-gold arches and nigh-legendary metalsmithing forges.