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Rumors circulating around the city...

Last week

Magpie Grayhope, Deputy Minister of Refugee and Prodigal Affairs, is asking around for people to take in orphaned children of prodigals or refugees with small jobs or apprenticeships.

Last week

Princess Admiral Katarina Valardin's name has been a frequent fixture in the mouths of coastal merchants moving supplies along trade routes through the Saffron Chain from the Eventide Vast. The Eventide Flotilla under her command have been lending ships to reinforce trade routes to see vital supplies delivered to those in need for the war in return for relatively small investments in upkeep and their expansion.

The resources and support from Rook are being poured into Katarina's efforts.

Last week

People have been praying to Gloria to bestow blessings of courage and honor upon Thrax and the Compact so that they may face the approaching fleet. This is in small part do with the request attatched to the Rite of Gloria organized by Caspian with Prince Galen as his opponent in the duel.

Derovai likes watching fights. So do merchants with idle time on their hands. (Not-so-secretly, he's talking up Caspian more than he is the unknown rival.)

Spreading the word for the upcoming Rite of Gloria between Prince Galen and the duelist, Caspian.

Last week

Marquessa Quenia Igniseri is at it again. She's been heard all over the city talking about Granato wines this, Granato wines that. It has been suggested that they are soon expecting a new shipment of wine for the fall season, and they may be holding another debut very soon.

Marquessa Quenia has been making efforts to build a stronger trade route between her March and the Duchy of Southport. And House Malvici has been quite receptive! Wine for everyone!

Last week

With a fleet on the move in the east and turmoil to the south, Calypso is being kept very busy. She is heard discussing military planning with all walks of life in the city.

It is said that King Marin is an imminent threat to various holdings along the coast and even farther up within Arvum. Duchess Calypso is working tirelessly towards these ends, and has the support of Vanora Kennex as she does so.

House Velenosa, Mirrorguard, Artiglio and other known associates within organisations who owe Talen a favour support the causes of Duchess General Malvici.

Duchess Calista Fidante stands with her fellow Lycene Duchess Calypso, supporting and speaking in favor of military tactics in preparation for the naval confrontations.

Being the charmer that Galen is, it was certainly no trouble for him to help discuss Calypso and war plans with some of the nobles within the city, taking opportunities as they presented themselves to do just that, no doubt this was often over a bottle or three of rum seated at a bar, but alas, social engineering has its required sacrifices.

The words on the lips of almost everyone with any sort of military experience are the pros and the cons of a variety of battle plans.

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