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Malvici/Grimhall reception

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Grimhall & Malvici Wedding Reception

Duke and Duchess Grimhall invite you
to join them as a reception in the
celebration of the union of

Lord Artorius Malvici
Lady Melinda Grimhall

Wednesday, September 16th, 2017
08:00 PM EST/20:00 EST
Navegant Redoubt Dining Hall


Sept. 16, 2017, 9:20 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Melinda


Victus Alarissa Calypso Monique Turo Corban Estaban(RIP) Artorius Edward Melinda Regla Sivard


Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Navegant Redoubt - Dining Hall

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Ryder the falcon, Matteo, 6 Malvici Guards arrive, following Calypso.

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Navegant Marines, Ortrik, A Navegant Orphan leave, following Arcelia.

Alarissa drops Dining Table, Section 1.

Alarissa drops Dining Table, Section 2.

Alarissa drops Dining Table, Section 3.

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Navegant Marines, Ortrik, A Navegant Orphan arrive, following Arcelia.

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Navegant Marines, Ortrik, A Navegant Orphan leave, following Arcelia.

Calypso comes in to the dining hall in rare form. Alone, but with a casual confident gait, she is dressed head to toe in red and black seasilk, the colors of House Malvici quite prevalent. She gives a look around the extravagantly decorated room and blinks a little. "This is.. very impressive." She says before looking for the happy couple!

Somewhere a battle wages, but in the Navegant Redoubt in their dining hall that has been decorated for the event, Grimhall and Malvici has come together to celebrate a wedding. Boats filled with flowers bob up and down the trough in the center, appetizers have been coming and going and individuals who come are encouraged to take a seat at the large table that has been decorated.

Not a single detail has been left to chance despite that a good many who would come have been drawn away. But here the air is warm, there's laughter and music and the celebration of a new phase in the life of two houses coming together is being had.

Although their own departure is very near, not everyone has left just yet. Regla and Sivard are still present in the city, and enter the dining hall together, a quiet conversation being had that seems far more serious than the festivities should dictate. Regi has traded in her usual pants and armor for a leather and silk dress for the party. As soon as they are in through the door, Regi drops the subject to glance around for the couple, commenting quietly, "I bet there is going to be plenty to drink."

Estaban comes walking in looking aeound a brow raised at how the dinning hall is done, he smiles looking around he is dressed in silks but not his normal green Saik silks no he is done all up in white with his high black boots and a black belt around his waist that holds his new Admirals sword. He has something in a blue velvet bag that he holds in a arm much like someone would a infant, "Wow, nice." he nods his head to himself moving further in looking for the happy pair.

Plenty to drink. Edward was here before the bell called and he sits off in a chair while he has his legs stretched out and a bottle of rum in his lap. A grip on the neck. He seems to be lazily sprawled to relax and he drinks from it occasionally while he looks at those gathering in the room to celebrate the bride and groom.

Anneke Grimhall sits near her daughter, amazingly strikingly familiar to those that have seen the statues erected to the Sea Godess Mangata that Grimhall had placed within Thraxian lands. Mother and daughter look strikingly alike the pair smiles as they whisper occasionally together. On her other side sits her Husband Artorius she smiles as she holds his hand and she looks around "such a great reception it is beautiful" she says, as she looks over to Artorius's daughter Serah.. the little girl dressed in a matching gown of the bride. She sits next to her father too!

Artorius was straightening out his collar a little bit, looking quite...quite happy. His very young daughter Serah was at his left side holding his hand and looking spectacular. he speaks with her in whispers and Serah visibly giggles at her father, and Artorius laughs as a result. At his direct right was his bride, Countess Melinda Magnotta He looks among the great hall to all who had attended, a happy, relieved sigh coming from him. He sees faces that he recognizes: Sivard, Regla, Estaban, Calypso, Edward. He smiles to all present warmly and brightly, occasionally whispering things to Melinda and greeting those he knew with a wide wave and a warm smile.

Alarissa - sans Victus - is seated at one of the tables near the middle of the event so she can easily keep an eye on things and ensure they're moving along at pace. Servers move to pull out seats for new arrivals, as others move to bring out more food. Alarissa looks over her shoulder at the sight of Estaban, dipping her head to the man then back to the table as a whole. "Countess Malvici." Alarissa calls out softly over the din. "Perhaps you or the count might regale us with the tale of first meeting?"

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Throughout the maneuvers, from the first sailing until now, the fleet under the orders of the Warlord of Thrax has been sailing the Mourning Sea to attempt to give protection where it can. Small groups of ships break off to pursue leads or pockets of resistance, often rejoining the Fleet proper, though sometimes appearing in Maelstrom for repairs and Mercies. And so this evening, as the sun sets over the horizon, the Grim Fleet is at last, located when Prince Abbas Thrax and the Knight of Sorrows, Lord Darrow Darkwater, sail into the harbor. And of course, since the nobles of Thrax have been accused of many things but rarely good sense, Duke Harald Grimhall pushes himself from his cot in the House of Mercies and walks with a stately gait down the path to the docks to join the Warlord and his fleet. Prince Abbas has called together some of the older reavers, speaking to them for a long time, and they too board longships to join the fleet. And just like that they're gone, Abbas, Darrow, and Harald taking point as they continue their patrol of the seas.

Calypso takes her seat at the table, glass of wine in hand now. A nod is given towards Alarissa at her suggestion. "I think I'd like to hear that tale. How did it happen?" She grins ever so slightly and crosses one leg over the other.

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Estaban looks over to Sera waving his fingers at the small girl he looks then to Melinda and Artotius smiling to them both moving to find himself a seat putting the blue velvet bag on the table next to him, he nods to Alarissa in return greeting and leans some what back in his seat.

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Upon arriving, the very first thing Sivard notices is the fact of his Mother, Anneke, being present. Blinking several times in order to be sure this isn't simply some trick of the light, mixed with drinked from earlier, the Grimhall son quietly utters "Mother?" and excuses himself from Regla's arm, heading in the diection of where his Mother sits, paying no mind for the Groom and Bride to be. "When did you get here? I've so much to tell you! I've missed you.."

Regla finds herself a drink and something to snack on before she moves towards the dining tables, claiming one of the seats for herself, giving a nod towards the others that have shown up to the reception, "Lovely, isn't it? Hardly recognize the place."

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Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet arrive, following Monique.

Monique arrives, following Corban.

Anneke looks up to Sivard, there was a nod of her head to him. She dose not raise up from her seat however, she gives a curt nod of her head to her son. Dark hair sweeping her features, "Good to see you My son, we should talk before I go back home, I could not miss the wedding of my first daughter." She smiles to Melinda who gives her mother a warm smile.

Melinda looks over to Sivard and she smiles as well to her brother, "Father is on a sudden mission but he wished our wedding to go on without a hitch." she says quietly. Her eyes turn then to Alarissa, then move the storm grey eyes over onto her Husband. "Our first meeting?" she laughs and smiles, "It was nothing really special, I believe it went something like "oh your Artorius, your cousin made mention we should meet." she chuckles and nods her head to Calypso

Calypso grins a little and raises her glass towards Melinda. "And I couldn't be happier that you did. Congratulations." She says before taking a sip. "I have a gift for the newlywed couple I would like to make official, if they would give me a moment to speak." She inclines her head to Artorius and Melinda, waiting for their permission to speak.

Artorius smiles to the interactions between Sivard and Anneke, before glancing to the question of Alarissa, reinforced by Calypso. He opens his mouth to speak after laughing a little before Melinda takes it away! "Something like that yes. I believe Calypso played a direct role more than she'd admit." he winks at his cousin "and I'm very happy she did." he squeezes the hand of his wife, before Calypso asks for permission to speak. He looks to Melinda, before looking back to Calypso "You have it. Speak freely, my cousin." he smiles warmly to her.

Monique enters the beautiful fray on Corban's arm, the redheaded Greenmarch Voice pausing a moment to whistle low. "Would you look at the troughs! That is one of the more spectacular things I've seen! I've got to compliment the hosts! Do you see them, Lord Corban?" She rises in tip toe, looking around. "I knew we shouldn't have come late. But your hair does look spectacular."

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon arrive, following Victus.

Edward moves over from his chair in the corner to sit at a table. He settles in and then sets his rum bottle on the table while he looks for the food. He smiles to Melinda and Arty before he glances to Sivard going over to his mom. He considers that for a moment and then he looks down at the table as he rubs his face and then leans back into his seat with a sigh.

Corban arrives in the dining hall with Lady Monique Greenamrch on his arm for those who would take note of such things. He guides her towards where alcohol might be found, knowing she might need a drink. When Calypso says that she would like to speak, he tosses his head towards the Minister of Defense. "I think we are just in time for an announcement," he says, suggesting she might want to wait until after.

Estaban nods to those who come to join him at the table, "Lady Regla, Princess Alarissa it is good to see you both again." he looks over at the other table smiling at the short story that is given then he looks over to Edward with a nods, "Baron Edward it has been some time."

Regla smirks very faintly, something amusing her before she lifts her drink towards Estaban at his greeting, "We seem to keep running into each other at these things." She gestures a bit to indicate the wedding reception before she leans back in her seat, pacing herself tonight in her drinking so she just sips on it while her attention shifts towards Calypso.

Calypso rises from her seat. "House Malvici and House Grimhall have found common ground over the years. The way we fight, the way we conduct ourselves. Hard, stern and always with family and fealty first. That is why the joining of Melinda and Artorius comes to us so easily and so naturally. Recently, our two houses set out to bring a cluster of islands in to the fold of the compact. The Cytro Arch. It is on this day, that I would like to officially name Artorius and Melinda, Count and Countess Magnotta of Kaer Mohren, an new County under House Malvici. Long may they be our beacons in the south!"

There's a murmur of something as Victus makes his way into the hall. Something unintelligible and probably indicative he isn't precisely in the mood for festivities, but then again he was never much of a 'social butterfly' at all. His eyes briefly scan the part of the table with people he most recognizes. There's Alarissa, a Grimhall, Regla and the Admiral he met. He picks that one, immediately.

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Calypso is overheard praising Melinda for: Countess Magnotta! Congratulations!

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Monique quiets to listen to Calypso's speech and then she raises a glass, newly placed in her hand thanks to the handsome Telmar Voice, in honor of the newlyweds. "Hear, hear! To the new Count and Countess!" She casts a sidelong look to Corban, leaning to murmur something.

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There's her husband, Alarissa looking over at the familiar noise of him as it seems he's sparing some time and she gestures discreetly to the empty seat beside her even as a plate with seafood - everyone gets seafood! - is being laid down.

Edward raises his bottle bu the base with the toast, "To the newlyweds." and then he tips it back for some light chugging before he sets it down and then settles into his seat again. He rubs his hands together and then he smiles looking up and down the table at the ones gathered here today for the dearly beloveds.

"Hear, hear!" says Corban, charging his glass to the new Count and Countess, adding his voice to Monique's. "To the new Count and Countess." He then takes a sip and leans back in to murmur something to her, a small smile on his lips.

Estaban nods his head, "Does seem that we do Lady Regla." he smirks and raises his glass up, "Hear! Hear!" he takes a sip of his drink and looks over nodding to Victus, "Hello again your Grace, a pleasure to see you again." he looks to Alarissa then back over around to everyone in the room watching and listening.

Artorius listens to Calypso's words in earnest, holding the hand of Melinda and giving it a squeeze periodicaly. When she finishes, he bows his head to Calypso in great appreciation of her words. "Thank you for your words Duchess Calypso. My cousin...they will not be forgotten." he bows his head again gratefully. He waves a hand to all who congratulate them. "Thank you, all of you."

"I know where out Father is, Melinda. But thank you," Sivard remarks, casting the bride a look before returning his gaze to Anneke. "We should indeed talk before you leave once more. I've news you would like to hear, it brought a smile to even Father's face." A soft laughter slips from between his lips, before he leans to press a kiss to the corner of his mother's mouth, only to straight back up and give a respectful bow of his head. "It's good to see you." He muses, before retreating away to go settle down in a seat beside Regla. Looking the Sword od Escuma over, he flashes a roguish grin and says, "You look beautiful."

Leave for almost two months to visit Escuma and people start thinking they can use his dining hall for any old reason. Turo may not of exactly known he was hosting an event. So imagine his surprise when his home is being used for a wedding reception. To the point where he was walking by the door. Stops. Backs up. Leans backward a bit to look inside. Eyebrow raise. Then he crooks a finger at the nearest servant at the door, maybe exactly just what's going on. Being given an answer, he blinks. Once. Twice. Three times, before responding with a "Huh." and then nodding.

Regla lifts her drink again at the announcements, cheering the news in a somewhat subdued sort of way, then she sets her drink down, unfinished for now. "Your Grace." She greets Victus when he moves to join the table, then she leans forward to start picking idly at her food before Sivard takes his seat. A smirk crosses over her face before she glances down at her dress, "Well, I admit I was almost worried it was too much." She leans over towards him, "Did you remember to congratulate your sister?"

Monique murmurs something further to Corban, finishing her first drink and seeing out aside. She laces her arm through his, grinning and looking... thoughtful. Ominously thoughtful, for a moment. But then there's a nod of her vibrant head and she follows where he leads.

Melinda blushes slightly at the announcement and then sticks her tongue lightly out at her brother for his remark. She looks over those who have come to attend and she smiles softly at them all. As Turo enters she smiles softly in his direction, she leans over to whisper a bit to her husband.

Anneke slightly pats Melinda's arm to remind her to be nice on this day, but she smiles all the more at her son, "I can not wait to hear from you then what it is." she says before she looks over to Calypso "They do look happy together".

And where Corban leads is to Lady Calypso, approaching the Lady General's chair and dipping his head in greetings to her. "Duchess," he says with a warm smile. "I knew the twist in advance, but it was still delightful to hear it announced out loud. Warm congratulations to you as your demise expands." He then gestures to the woman next to him. "Might I introduce the Lady Monique Greenmarch, Voice of her House, and vassal of mine?"

Alarissa rises in her seat, now that Calypso's announcement is offered up. "A hearty congratulations. Thrax loses a fine Grimhall and Malvici gains. You have my eternal jealously Duchess Calypso. She loves hats. May you be able to dress her, as fine as you dressed me. That said." There's a gesture to the one uncovered altar to the gods, the bowl of coals and the papers and inks. "I would like to invite everyone through the rest of the evening, to write their prayers for the couple, and then place them upon the coals. Offering them up to the gods." Turo is caught at the door. "And a lovely thanks to the Count Navegant and the Countess for their hosptiality this night."

"Congratulate her?" Sivard inquires, looking to Regla with an eyebrow arched. "What fun for that be? She knows I'm happy for, besides.. I've not caused a scene.. yet.. so I'm sure she's fine with how things are." Smirking, he steals the Sword of Escumas glass and sips from it, before handing it back.

Edward snorts and then shakes his head as he tips his bottle up and then he feasts on the food. He looks at those gathered and he gives the couple a nod and a smile if they look his way but for the most part he keeps to himself verbally. Enjoying the festivities.

Calypso inclines her head to Anneke. "That they do. A rare marriage indeed when both love and politics align. I know they will be happy together. You raised a fine woman." She looks then to Corban and Monique when they approach. "Lord Corban, Lady Monique, it is nice to see you both. Lady Monique and I used to run in to one another quite a bit in the Redrain Halls. But I admit it has been some time. I hope you are well." She says with a pleasant incline of her head. And as Alarissa addresses her she raises a brow. "Prayers for a happy union seem fitting. I'll be sure to get to it before I leave, your Highness. And yes I feel rather fortunate to be getting Countess Melinda. Her father drive a steep bargain, but anything would have been worth it to see them happy."

Turo shares a couple words with the servant. Probably to get some more details, before his attention is drawn away, ending up with the Count giving a nod upon being indicated. "Yes. Apparently, my wife is far more hospitable than I had expected. She must've forgotten to note this to me in her letters while I was away. But, I'm more than happy to open the Redoubt for such a positive occasion. Glad I could help." A pause. "Even if it wasn't really me and more Arcelia."

Artorius smiles to Melinda and kisses her cheek softly, whispering back to her before hearing news that the Count Navegant had arrived. "Yes, many thanks to you and the Count Navegant, and that of the Countess for offering your hall to us for our wedding." he bows his head "We are grateful beyond words." he smiles faintly, looking then to Victus "Your Grace, thank you for joining us." he smiles warmly, then waves to Lord Corban and Lady Monique. He does smile warmly to Alarissa at her words, then to the rest of the party who seem very happy to do this.

Regla glances at Alarissa when she stands up, her brow twitching upwards just a moment before her eyes narrow a fraction. She then shakes her head at Sivard, "I'm sure it'd be no fun at all for you." She replies, accepting her glass when it gets passed back, eyes flicking towards her brother before she frowns, "Right..." She leans over to whisper something to Sivard before she stands up.

Melinda nods her head to Artorius and then she smiles softly to the high Lord, "Thank you for coming, your lovely princess really came through as a party planner, she arranged all of this. Thank you ever so much Princess Alarissa.

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Turo didn't look to be staying all that long, having been given another letter to read. "Right. Thank you." He gives a small vague salute while holding the letter. "Well, you all enjoy yourselves. And congratulations to the newlyweds. Sorry I can't stay longer. Work calls." A slight bow given and he's back off, likely to his office.

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Monique essays a curtsey to Calypso, smiling a brighter-than-bright smile. "It's been far too long since I've been in Redrain's wards and spoken with the High Lord and your husband, though I've raised a cup with Duke Asger of late. He's still in fine form. It would please me to no end if you would meet with me soon, Lady General, to have a drink or several?"

"It was my pleasure Count. Countess. I am glad that I could do this for you" Alarissa offers in quiet reply, turning to Calypso. "I have no doubt that the Duke Grimhall did." But she done her part again and Alarissa takes up her seat again beside Victus, take a sip from her own wine glass and offers him a smile and a murmurs.

After the whispered words, Sivard watches Regla rise to her feet, before reaching to take hold of her hand. "Sit, please." Please? He never says that, something must be up. So when he looks Alarissa, from across the table he remarks, "A pitty it wasn't the Count who suggested or came up with the idea of having the reception here," he states ratherly flatly and loud enough to be heard by all. "Your thanks is misplaced, seeing as how it Lady Regla, Sword of Escuma and Voice of Navegant.. who had first offered the use of the Navegant halls for this occassion."

Corban smiles as Monique and Calypso chat, nursing the wine that he holds in his hand and looking between them as the conversation ebbs and flows.

Sivard is overheard praising Artorius for: Taking my beloved, yet so very troublesome sister far away, so that I may live in some semblance of peace.

Regla frowns at Sivard when he catches her hand, shaking her head just a bit but she retakes her seat, reaching for her drink once more to take a sip off it.

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Anneke looks sharply at her son for his words and wrinkles her nose lightly. She leans over to murmur to Melinda, to put out any fires that might be brewing there.

Calypso lifts her glass to Monique. "I'd like that. Fine company and conversation is always a welcomed thing. Maybe Lord Corban would join you if he is free. We'll sent something up soon to have you by Malvici Hall. I'm sure Duke Anze would be happy to see you."

"Time spent in the company of two of my most-favorite women is time always well spent," says Corban, when his name is mentioned, offering innocent flirtation right on cue. "I would be delighted to double date, if it would not be too much a burden."

Artorius glances to Sivard with sharp eyes. Clearly his comments didn't sit too well with him. He saves comments however, instead just sighing at the Grimhall Lord, before taking a sip of his wine. His daughter tugs at his sleeve, and he glances to her, exchanging words with his child.

Estaban looks around at everyone who is at his table shrugging his shoulders, "If you all will excues me." he moves over to Melinda and Artorius. "Congratulations." he smiles to them both, "A small present for you both." he hands them the velvet blue bag.

Calypso looks to Alarissa next and Victus as well. "Your Grace, Princess Alarissa. I've not yet had the pleasure of being able to congratulate the two of you as well. House Thrax is lucky to have you, your Highness." She takes a sip of her wine. "I hear Marquis Ford was married just this afternoon as well. It feels like something of a crude gesture at the demons we face to be having such happiness. The right kind of revenge in my eyes."

Edward snorts and then laughs softly as he finishes off the last of his bottle and sets it on the table. Then he looks at Sivard and laughs again as he shakes his head, before he looks at Regi, "Your defender is cute Regi." he laughs again as he leans up straight in his seat and then he looks at the couple to see what their reactions are.

It's an uncertain time right now. The reports from Maelstrom are grim, and more and more people are flocking to shrines of Mangata to pray, to offer gifts, to give thanks and to pray for their loved ones to come home. Under the direction of Baron Silas Whitehawk, small shrines to Mangata have been built all along the White Mountain River and the Gray River - personal shrines but no less beautiful for all their size. In Farhaven, Prince Darren calls for Shaman and the Faithful to band together to build more shrines to the goddess around Red Run. Lady Arianna Stonewood, Sister Thena of the Knights of Solace, and Lieutenant Calaudrin Estardes of the Iron Guard all offer help to protect the craftsmen organized by Eshken Greenblood. The shrines are safe and used - in ones and twos people come to offer prayers to Mangata.

Monique dips her red head to Calypso in an easy nod. "Sound perfect to me. I never tire of Lord Corban's company, and I certainly could never hope for enough of yours! This is a lovely evening, and thank you for the invitation." She moves aside, murmuring something to the Telmar.

Melinda looks over to her Husband as Estaban comes over with a gift, she looks in to see what was given, with currious eyes. Presents take her attention off her brother!

Sharing a word in private with Alarissa, Victus' held tilts up to look upon Calypso next. "Oh, yeah, thanks. It's been a long road and plenty of people have tried to start dramatics about it. Who has the fucking time to care that much?" He scoffs with a roll of his eyes. "It's done now and we'll be ruling together just as the two of us want, that's enough for me to be happy."

Regla glances over at Edward, a brow lifting a moment before she finishes off her drink, setting it down on the table, "Isn't he? I think he's very handsome." She spreads her hands out to her side, indicating her dress, "Fabulous taste, too, don't you think?"

Corban pauses in murmurs to Monique, and then apparently a decision is reached, for he leads her off to greet the newlyweds, bowing his head to them both. "Count and Countess," he says warmly. "Congratulations to you both. Both to your nuptials and to your rule. Some give silver or trinkets. A barony is a fine gift indeed."

Something is going on between the Grimhall siblings and that gets a bit of a distracted glance before Alarissa looks to Calypso, a gracious smile. "I echo his Graces sentiments. I look forward to the time when we can celebrate properly, but for now, we will be be grateful that we were able to marry now, instead of later. Speaking of such. We should tend to things, before his Grace will have to part from my side. If you would excuse us." keeping her voice soft.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Artorius smiles warmly to Estaban as he comes bringing gifts, taking his attention only briefly away from his child. "Thank you, Lord Estaban." he bows his head, accepting the gift. "You are far too kind, my friend." he bows his head. He turns then to Lord Corban and Lady Monique "Lord and Lady, Thank you both for your congratulations and your presence here. It is greatly appreciated." he smiles to them both.

Monique dips a curtsey to Melinda and Artorius, echoing Corban's sentiment. "You are fortunate to have found each other, and you make the most charming pair. I am fair green with envy," she teases lightly. "And there's certainly nothing so magnificent I could offer to top these gifts, but I did bring something small for each of you." And with that, two small bags are offered over, one to each, with an easy smile.

Melinda smiles as she greets and thanks people for their gifts and well wishes. She smiles to her mother before she nods her head to Estaban, "Thank you Lord Estaban for this fine wine, it will start us on our own collection of saik wine." she smiles brightly to the bottle and then she looks over to Monique, "it is wonderful, thank you, our new surname honors the Godess Mangata, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Edward smiles as he nods to Regi, "Mmm yes as fashionable as I would expect any Lady of Arx to be. It is quite a fetching dress." he leans back in his seat and pops a piece of food into his mouth to chew on while he continues to grin.

Glowering at both Regla and Edward, Sivard gives a shake of the head, before pushing himself up to stand. "Artorius," He begins to say, shifting his attention to the man. "It is only customary that I ask you to accompany me to the Practice Grounds, so that we may a friendly bout. I head about your instance with my Father, and while I'm not him, unwilling to draw blade here and now, the desire is all the same." A nod is given to Artorius, behind the Grimhall son turns for the doors. "Don't keep me waiting too long, I've still need to pay you back for losing it during the battle." He remarks, before finally leaving the Hall.

Estaban nods his head, "I do hope you both the very best." he looks to Sivard a wrinkle of his nose as he turns to head back passing near Edward clasping him on the shoulder, "You should stop over at the tower some time." he looks to Regla nodding his head, "Lady Regla." then he is off heading for the door.

Calypso grins a little as she hears Sivard's challenge to Artorius. "I'll tell you what I told your father. House Malvici is happy to pay the bills for House Grimhall with the Mercies." She inclines her head and lifts her wine, all in a tone of good fun of course.

Alarissa checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Artorius smiles to Monique and Corban's combined gifts. "Thank you both, truly. We will remember your kindness. You honor us." he bows his head softly, looking then to Estaban's gift. "Thank you, Lord Estaban. We will surely put it to good use." he smiles to his old friend. before Sivard calls his attention. he hears him as he speaks, and rests his hands on his knees, sitting up straight. When Sivard challenges him, those looking at Artorius closely could see a smile threatening to unfold. Though he glances to Melinda "Very well." he nods simply, slowly rising to his feet as he lifts a glass to all who attended. "I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for coming. Thank you to Duchess Calypso and my family." he lifts his glass to Calypso, then to Anneke and Melinda "and to the family of my beloved for allowing us this happy union with their benevolent gifts." he looks then to Alarissa "Thank you, Princess Alarissa Thrax, for helping organize this wedding and the reception. Without you, this wouldn't nearly look as astonishing as it did this night." he bows his head to her respectfully. "I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart." he lifts his glass to all of them "Thank you." he sips his wine then after his toast. before setting it down. "Now then...apparently customary business must be conducted..." he glances to where Sivard went.

Calypso is overheard praising Artorius for: Fine wedding speech!

Melinda looks to Calypso, then she turns to take her Husbands arm, it would seem she wanted to watch this bout that Artorius was just challenged to.

Edward looks up at Estaban as he seems ready to go, "Of course. I will make sure to do so." eventually though his tone hints and then he stands up and he nods to Artorious and Melinda popping another bite of food into his mouth as he stands waiting.

Edward is overheard praising Alarissa for: Great dinner!

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Corban bows his head to the newlyweds are their response. "We wish you both all life, love, and happiness together. And honor as rulers over your people and your lands." At the mention of fighting, he looks to his date. "Shall we watch the pugilists do their thing, Lady Monique?"

Artorius smiles to Melinda, walking with her and his child off to his apparent customary fight.

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Monique grins up at the taller Telmar, giving a shake of her bright head. "I've a suggestion. You mentioned getting drunk somewhere? Well, I'd like to see where you got this idea from. If you're game, Lord Telmar of the Most Beautiful Eyes, Slayer of Dire Bears?"

There she is, being thanks again. Alarissa dips her head to Artorius, nary a blink as she drinks her wine - that is a bit of a heady sip when it seems there's to be... dueling. Oh. But then people are moving to the practice field. "We should tend to our duties." Murmured to Victus as she starts ot put her napkin down and to the side, rising from her seat.

With people departing Edward gives a bow to the High Lord and the High Lady, and then he goes to slip out, to enjoy the fight...

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Regla gets to her feet after everyone else starts to file out, making her way towards the exit as well.

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"Yeah. The battles." Victus murmurs back in reply to Alarissa as he raises as well. "Thanks for havin' me and all of that." He says with a brief wave toward the hosts before motioning for Alarissa to follow.

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And never let it be said that Southport is not also devoted to the Goddess too - and so Duchess Calypso Malvici calls for a monument of Mangata to be erected on the southernmost tip of Arvum. Waldemai Isenhu uses his own skills to keep the tools of the crafters sharp, and Lady Caelis Malvici travels to assist with the building of the monument as well. When it is completed a grand dedication ceremony is held, with Caelis making sure the statue itself is washed in sea water during the prayers offered. Lady Eirene brings the Phoenix of Malvici to the shrine's unveiling and treats her people to a night of drinks in the Goddess' name too, and thus is Mangata honored from the north to the south of the continent.

Not to be outdone, especially since this crisis is just off the shores of Maelstrom, High Lord Victus Thrax unveils a titanic statue of Mangata, carved into the cliffs of Maestrom rising high above the docks. Her face is toward the sea, her arm outstretched to hold an everburning flame, by day looking out over the harbor, by night shining into the darkness to see all ships safely home.

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