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Redrain Fealty Dinner II

A fealty dinner for Redrain family members, vassals and friends.


Sept. 2, 2017, 6 p.m.

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Eleyna Petal Clara Aella Talen Tallius Morrighan Donella Marian Fergus Brianna Khanne



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Talen and Eleyna's arrival is not at all late, for once, the fashionably Lycene tradition put by the wayside. There is, however, another rather tut-worthy fashion trend on the rise. Arriving at fealty dinners for others houses, gatecrashing, with a bottle of wine in hand.

Talen's gauntleted grip about a bottle of Lenosian strawberry wine is fast, as he drinks from it, the last swig moments before he enters the Great Hall. "I got thirsty," he reports to Darren, upon seeing him, without any such greeting expected of a prince with some level of etiquette.

Marian arrives with her husband, wearing a pale blue woolen gown. There's a slight bump giving an indication that her pregnancy is now starting to show. She gives a nod to those present, moving to take her proper seat. There's a glow to skin and softness in her manner that shows that the marriage is agreeing with her. Eleyna

Marian arrives with her husband, wearing a pale blue woolen gown. There's a slight bump giving an indication that her pregnancy is now starting to show. She gives a nod to those present, moving to take her proper seat. There's a glow to skin and softness in her manner that shows that the marriage is agreeing with her. Eleyna's arrival brings a smile. She gives Talen a greeting as well.

The Great Hall has been left mostly in its natural state, although the tables have been dragged out towards the center of the room. Dinner is going to be served buffet style today - plates and bowls heaped with different meats and vegetables and everything else are laid out along the tables, along with copious amounts of whiskey to be had. But, notably, there's also fish in between the meats. And tea. Who drinks tea at a Redrain dinner? Probably the pregnant people.

Darren stands at the center of it all, the seat beside him likely reserved for Donella. And he beams a grin when people start to arrive. "Come, come and sit," he booms happily, coming around to embrace Eleyna when she arrives with Talen and kiss her on the cheek. Talen gets a pat on the back. "The two of you are more than welcome. You can sit near Donella and I," he offers, before he moves to greet Marian and Fergus as well. "Marian, Fergus. Good to see you. I see marriage is agreeing to you," he chuckles, motioning down to Marian's belly. "That is good to see."

The Halfshav cousins arrive together, their two flame-bright heads ducked together in a private conversation. Brianna, dressed in a simple gown of emerald silk, left plain except for the pale skin it bared of her breast bone as the elegant silk drapes her curves, and Khanne dressed as any shaman, fierce in leather breeches and a corseted vest over a cap-sleeved top, feathers affixed in her own bright hair by a leather thong. Their conversation comes to an end as they step into the hall, Brianna squeezing her cousin's hand gently before she draws away to claim a seat quietly at one of the tables rather than joining the buffet.

Eleyna arrives next to Talen, looking somewhat annoyed as she enters. She cradles a bottle of wine in one arm, which she is quick to hand off to Darren as she says in exasperation, "You were supposed to receive two, but -someone- got thirsty on the walk here and decided to drink one. Even after I had to buy him a damned dagger to keep him out of trouble at the various stores. He was threatening to steal someone's aquarium. I mean, how in the Abyss do you even carry an aquarium away inconspicuously? Anyway, our apologies." She catches Marian's eye and gives her a smile in return, her irritation with the Sword at her side fading just a bit.

Fergus is here, looking absolutely grumpy as per usual, broody countenance an all, which contrary to Marian's perpetual glowyness. Having enough manners to pull out a chair for his wife, he drops into the one next to her. "Cousin." the Warchief grunts, eyeballs the distinctly non-Redrain folks before lasping into his trademark stony silence.

A raspy croak resounds within the adjacent hall before Brahm toddles his way in, feathers rustling, tail wriggling about, for there it the scent of food in the air and he's keen to investigate. Not far behind the raven is the newly appointed knight, moving languidly, one palm pressing lightly against her eyes, as if to rub sleep away from them. "Behave yourself," she mumbles to the avian who hops about, gliding into the air to find a perch on the back of one of the chairs at the table. Morrighan casts a somnolent gaze about, noting the faces present, and moves to deposit herself into the seat her feathered companion has saved for her, near the end of the table. The dame leans forward against the edge, drowsy, and exhales a tired yawn. Not quite awake yet.

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Tallius enters hand in hand with Petal, the young archer for once out of his usual leather jerkin and trousers. He's actually dressed nicely tonight, a testament to the skills and talent of Petal more than his own sense of style if one has ever seen the man's clothing choices when left to his own devices. Thankfully, he's been taken well in hand. He looks towards the woman at his side with a smile, before looking around for where they should sit, the young man looking just a bit uncertain perhaps, but giving a respectful bow of his head towards the nobles.

Donella is herself a few minutes behind schedule, handing off a very small child that is resisting Donella's efforts to sock her feet to an attendant. She hurries to join the gathering. "Dame Morrighan," she says warmly, "I am sorry I was not able to attend your investment. Congratulations," she observes. As the Halfshav party arrives, Donella greets them both, asking, "I have been looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you both better, and now we have to do it around savories. I hope you'll forgive me, if I seem a little out of place." A shy smile is directed across the gathering toward Darren and the guests he is greeting.

"It's much less heavy without the water," Talen is insisting of Eleyna, with Darren, when they're invited to sit. "Honestly, your lack of confidence is severely disturbing," claims the very same Sword at the princess' side. At the speak of the dagger though, he 'ohs' with a delayed sense of surprise, remembering. "It's pretty neat," he claims, slipping out a blade and likely making every single person within the room suddenly very tense. Luckily, it's in its holder, buttoned up and peace-tied as it should be. After all, he had to agree to that to get into the estate, considering how drunk he was upon arrival. "See? Proper Oathlands steel." Of course, right then, as Donella is looking their way he asks - oblivious. "Where's your wife? Did you lose her already?" to the Prince of Farhaven. "It wasn't the wheelbarrow, was it?"

"Darren, it's good to see you too," Marian tells with High Lord with a smile and returns the hug. She looks down at her baby bump and laughs, "Yes, well it seems this one here..." She nudges her husband who's protectively at her side, "Didn't want to wait." She smiles as he pulls out the seat and then joins those sitting at the dinner table. She leans over to her husband's ear and murmurs what she would like since he'll most likely be putting together both their plates at the banquet table. Morrighan gets a little wave in greeting as she shifts a little to get comfortable. Donella gets a respectful nod once she arrives at Darren's side.

Petal arrives while with Tallius, holding onto his hand with her small and pale one. She wears a wolf tunic and leggings. Her sewing basket is on her opposite arm and her hound is close to her slender legs. She seems a bit shy around all the nobles, but she has a smile, especially for Eleyna.

Clara makes her way into the Great Hall wearing a whole lot of white. The white cotton dress she is wearing is cut in a Northern style and is accented with black buttons down the front and black lacing down the back. She sets her white cloak aside and makes her way to take a seat somewhere near Fergus and Marian. "Good evenin'."

"Donella," the dame similarly greets, tiredly, but amicable enough, along with a forward tip of her head in the Princess's direction. "It's quite alright. Was jus' a matter o' bad timin', with everythin' tha' went on tha' day, but thank you." Exhaling a quiet yawn then, Morrighan glances down the length of the table, eyeballing the closest bottle of whiskey, should any be set out, though in the process she spies Marian's wave, and offers one in return.

Khanne does indeed walk in with Brianna, as detailed, and after parting her cousin's side, heads to the table where Darren sits with the others. She remains quiet at the moment, giving a curious look to Eleyna and Talen, but smiles to them. Her curiosity travels to the child Donella passes off, though it seems to move towards confusion as she glances to Darren then. "You move fast..." She chuckles then says, "good evening, High Lord, Princess Donella, Fergus, Marian... everyone." She decides to not name everyone, but does look at each person in turn.

"Well, there's plenty of whiskey at least," Darren smirks over to Eleyna, passing the bottle of wine over to a passing attendant so they can do whatever normal people do with wine. Probably drink it. He looks over when Morrighan enters, giving her a broad smile, and then to Tallius and Petal as well. "Mistress Petal and Messere Tallius, so nice to see you. Have you met these two yet, Princess Eleyna? Mistress Petal's a very accomplished tailor, but Messere Tallius is a talented carpenter. He made a chest to shove all of Donella's things in. Who knew women could have so much -stuff-?" There's an angelic smile passed to Donella though when he sees her, before he rolls his eyes over to Talen. "She's right -there-. She was just fussing with Victoria. We have a baby guest," he explains, "I think it is a test to see if I can manage fatherhood. I'm doing well so far. I've avoided every single diaper change," he grins. To Khanne and Brianna, he smiles, and waves them towards the table. "Good to see you, Lady Brianna, Lady Khanne. Everyone sit and we'll start soon enough. Grab yourself food."

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"That aquarium was as big as you are, you dolt. Anyway, thank you for letting us crash the party." As Donella enters, Eleyna offers a smile and an upticked brow for the child in her arms before she greets her with a not insignificant amount of warmth, "Princess Donella, happy to see you again." As she pointedly waits for Talen to pull out her chair, she meets Petal's smile with a nod and a fainter one of her own, murmuring, "Indeed, I have. Mistress Petal is my protege. And it is a pleasure Messere Tallius. Also, all of the 'stuff' keeps the Compact's economy moving. At least the silk trade and as a Lycene, I am especially interested in -that-." She tips her chin in a nod. She meets the curious looks in the direction of the Lycene pair with an unruffled expression, as if it's the most normal hing in he world for the two Southerners to be present in the midst of all these Northerners.

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"What," Talen asks, turning aboutface, to find Donella in the room suddenly. The plus side to being at least a bottle of wine into your festivities is everything is a pleasant surprise. Even for a brooding, sullen prince such as Talen. "Oh. Your highness," he greets, inclining his head, before looking aside to Eleyna as she's all pretty and perfect with her manners. "Well, look at you," he says in accusation, before openly making a show of tugging her chair back. While he waits, he leans in, murmuring something beside her ear, against the wisps of flaxen blonde hair that sneak out of her pinned style. It's not very quiet: "You're being a bit of a bitch today." Was it fondly said? Who knows. It's hard to tell. Then, he rises up, moving to take a seat beside her, and therefore Darren and Donella. To the rest of the guests his eyes wander, a few nods to those of note. "Don't mind us. We're not invading."

The large Sword makes some kind of unintellible comment, grunting at the nudge. "Says the one who kept me locked in our fucking room for a week after the wedding." Making her order in his ear, Fergus nods once, muscular bulk getting up to his feet. "Khanne. Red." he greets Khanne and Morrighan in usual gruff tone. And off he goes, to make that plate that his wife asked for. "Get used to that shit, Darren." he pauses, grabbing a plate to fill. "Shoulda seen all the shit Marian brought with her. Room smells like a damn perfume shop with all the scented...stuff she's got."

Petal smiles brightly over to Eleyna, seemingly pleased when Eleyna announces she is the princess' protege. She then looks over to Prince Darren. "I finally choose a patron and well I certainly don't regret it at all. The Princess has been very good to me." she murmurs.

Late, but not too late, hopefully. "Fuck, I need a fucking guide for this place. Get lost in this damn city." The countess mattered to herself as she came around the corner. Long red hair partially tangled, brushing it back over a shoulder. She rested a hand on the top of her axe head, blue grey eyes moving around as she entered the Great Hall. "'Ello! Not too late I hope." A wide grin on her lips. An up nod towards Clara. "Lady Clara!" Is greeted loudly, but warmly.

The carpenter turns towards Darren at the welcome and introduction, and bows his head, "Your grace, I was most honored to be given the opportunity. I hope that your wife and you shall find it both useful and pleasing." He gives a smile to Eleyna as well, "I've heard so many wonderful things about you, it's an honor to be able to meet you," he says. His eyes drift then, towards Khanne, and though he says nothing he offers an almost reverential bow of his head to the woman. He moves to pull a chair out for Petal before settling in beside her.

Donella teases Marian from a little ways off, "Well, you look just lovely. It suits you. My mother told me when I was little that a woman was never so lovely as when she was bearing; I thought it was nonsense, for at home they mostly looked crabby and uncomfortable. The mainland blooms put us to shame there, evidently. Or maybe it's the look of love?" To Khanne's observation, the new bride laughs, and explains, "My niece, Vicca. The Duchess Tyde is enthusiastic I should put some experience with children under my belt." A pause, as her face grows a bit red. "I might have missed the double entendre in that the first time around. Your Highnesses," she says to Eleyna and Talen, "You didn't bring the snake! Or the baby?! I am bereft." A little overwhelmed, Donella steps around the table to greet Petal and Talen on her way to her seat.

Talen checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

"You -have-? You must have the wrong Eleyna Velenosa, Master Tallius." This, in response to the flattery paid to the princess of the South, of course. 'Wonderful things', indeed.

Snatching at least one bottle of whiskey from the table, Morrighan takes no time pouring herself out a glass, knocking it back just as swiftly as it was filled up. One elbow props up, her face held within the palm of her hand while upending the bottle into drink number two. Hearing that gruff voice down along the table, she slants her sea-blue eyes down in that direction, and wiggles her fingers over at the surly Grumpus. "Ferg."

"Your grace," offers Brianna simply, her fierce, blue gaze lingering for a moment on the High Lord before it draws away as he move to greet others. Instead, it slips around the table, marking Eleyna and Talen with a quick smile in answer for the assurance that they aren't invading, before it sweeps on.

Marian gives Khanne a greeting, giving her a warm look as she joins the group, "Khanne, it's good to see you." She gives a nod to Brianna who Khanne arrived with, "Who's that?" She is still meeting everyone in the Redrain family, "I don't belive we've been introduced." She laughs at her husband's comments on locking him in the bedroom, her green eyes twinkling as she tells Eleyna, "Yes, cause it was such a hardship to keep him there." She makes a motion to Talen and tells him, "Oh no, there's no offense at having you present. I don't get enough time with your lovely wife as it is. Most weeks I just have to settle for our letters back and forth." Donnella's comments on love gets a laugh, "Oh it's definitely a combination of love and the little one I'm carrying." She gives a fond look towards Fergus who is getting their food, "I am very lucky."

Donella calls over, "Select your champion, Your Grace! All of that 'stuff' is yours. Everything I own fits in a box."

Petal takes a seat as the chair is pulled out for her and she gives Tallius a smile. Her attention is on the Princess Donella. "Oh all my stuff fits in about ten boxes and two wardrobes, almost fits anyways."

Eleyna sits down with a little flounce of her candy pink silks, replying icily to Talen, "Well, you're a bit of an unmannered cur everyday, so I suppose we're evenly matched. Now sit your drunk ass down." She gestures to the chair next to her with a jerk of her chin. Her pale blue eyes flick skyward as Talen reassures those gathered that they aren't planning to invade, but manages to use her own 'good manners' as she smiles at Tallius and says with precise manners, "I am pleased to meet you as well. I've been looking for just the right protege for a long time. I feel like Mistress Petal is a perfect fit." Her pale eyes drift to Donella, "Unfortunately, we have been told not to bring Donato out much until Spring. Don't fear. I'll bring him by to drool on all your things the moment that the trees begin to bud." Marian gets a deep laugh as she says with a faint grin, "I'm sure you had to tie him to the bed. Silk rope works wonderfully for that, by the way."

Clara offers Aella a nod of her head. "Good evenin' Countess. Are ya well tonight?" She looks to Fergus and Marian then. "How are ya both doin'?"

"Oh, really? I didn't know that. That's good news. Princess Eleyna is a good friend of mine, Mistress Petal. You made a great choice," says Darren with a smile as he moves to stand at the table. He doesn't sit just yet, though he does glance aside to Talen and Eleyna. He manages to not laugh aloud, but his grin is obvious. "Whiskey bottles can be thrown really easily, your Highness," he winks to her, before he looks over to Clara and Aella as they make their way in as well. "Countess Aella, Lady Clara. Come and sit, make yourself a plate. We've only just begun," he grins, before he looks to Donella with wide eyes and puts his hands to his heart. "Now that's.. I mean pretty close to the truth, actually, but I'm still going to complain!"

There is movement between Talen and Eleyna, as if she's kicking his foot under the table. Probably not a great idea since rubicund beats silk slipper and leaves Eleyna wincing instead.

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"Didn't compalin until all the fucking chafing started." Fergus grumbles returning with that plate for Marian, on the way ruffling Clara's hair in passing by. "Clarie. Returned that armor already, eh? Can't blame you, shit's old. Get that sword yet?" The plate and tea is set down for the wife before taking his chair back, and since he's in such close proximity to Marian, he does not pointedly drink.

"Don't ever let them tie you to the bed," Talen calls to Fergus, "not with silk. It's a trick. One moment you think they're going to give you--" and then he stops talking abruptly, turning his face to Eleyna, giving her a long look. "Really? You know my foot is wrapped in an armoured solleret, right? Made out of rubicund? I barely felt it," he insists, of likely an under-the-table stomp. Still, it seems to bring home the point that he needs to stop talking and think a little, so he clears his throat. Leaning over, he places a kiss to the princess' cheek, a quieter murmur this time before he fusses with his gauntlets to see them places after his platter, in advance of whatever is being served for food. To Fergus and Marian then, he finally finishes with a simpler: "Basically, don't trust being tied up, Prince Fergus - you'll regret it."

Petal peeks over to Darren, giving the High Lord a warm smile. "Thank you, Prince Darren, I am glad that you and the princess are friends. I made and amazing choice. She defended me in strife and kept me on in controversy and everything." Petal says. She is sitting at the table now with her hound at her legs, likely hoping for treats from the table and her hands in her lap.

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"'s good to see you," Marian tells her with a nod in greeting and then gives one to Aella as well. She laughs at Eleyna's suggestions for using silk ropes for tieing down her husband, "I shall have to keep that in mind." She gives Donella a shake of her head when she mentions only a box was brought over, "Oh Fergus had to move my whole bedroom set over, since it was a gift from him." When Fergus arrives back with the food and her tea, she gives a happy smile and starts eating, not caring if others have migrated to the buffet yet. Her little one inside of her seems to have given her quite the appetite. She does pause long enough to tell Talen, "Oh I think my husband might enjoy it, if he let me." She turns to Petal and offers her congratulations, "I'm glad you've chosen Princess Eleyna as your patron. She's an amazing princess."

A laugh catches in Brianna's throat, blue eyes dancing with amusement as she so clearly listens in on Talen's conversation with Fergus. But as Marian questions after her identity, her attention drags to the princess. She introduce s herself, telling the other woman, "Lady Brianna Halfshav, your highness."

"That fucking bed." Fergus mutters. Because that bed always seems to come up in conversation somehow.

Clara inclines her head to Darren. "Thank you Yer Grace. I am glad ta see ya lookin' well." Then Clara's curly hair is ruffled by Fergus and the noble is laughing. "Aye, me brother gave me silver ta have some made fer me. As to a sword, no. I got an axe but not as good as the one ya said you might help me get." She smiles though. "I'll be goin' on Princess Reese's Gray Forest trip. I'm ta protect Prince Aiden Grayson and be a healer fer them if they need me ta be." She then turns her smile to Marian. "I look forward to more trainin' with ya Your Highness."

Khanne smiles to Tallius' bow and says to him, "it is good to see you again, Tallius." Then to Marian, "my cousin, The Duke's daughter, Brianna Halfshav," she explains. "And it is good to see you as well, looking beautiful and healthy." Smiling to Donella she gives an 'ahh' of understanding, and another smile. She cannot help but laugh when Fergus mutters about the bed. "Clara! Hi! Glad you made it. I am going on that trip too."

"Is that so?" Donella asks of Clara. "If they ever get him to come back within the gates, now that people are talking of Unicorns."

Petal smiles over to Marian. "Oh and congrats Your Highness, on your little one." She murmurs softly and peeks toward the princess' belly. She turns her attention to Khanne then, giving her a smile as well.

"Aye, tad lost on the way, but I found it. Branwen would say I shouldn't have had as much whiskey I as I did earlier down at the docks. I'd say it was not enough." Aella smirks a little there, before a laugh folllows. "Ah well thanks, your-" A pause as she glances from Darren to Clara and then back. "Shite, I know this one." A pause, "Your Grace!" An a wide grin is flashed to Darren. Marina is given a nod of greeting in return. But, "A Unicorn?" Aella turns then to glance towards Donella, an uprised eyebrow. As she grabs a bottle of whiskey under one arm, and fills her plate up with food to plop down at the table.

Talen drops A Lenosian Strawberry Wine In A Black Bottle.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Talen before departing.

Tallius seems, perhaps, a little uncertain as to just what to make of the goings on at the table so mostly sits there listening and watching, looking perhaps just a bit bemused. Petal's words draw his attention towards Darren though and he adds, "Petal shared the words your grace sent as" he pauses and then simply smiles, "thank you," seeming to decide simplicity and honesty are the most eloquent words he can manage. He looks towards Khanne then and smiles, saying something in northern shav before adding, "it is good to see you again. My thanks once more.." His voice is quiet and solemn as he addresses her.

"Yes, I believe Her Highness mentioned you were coming." Clara nods her head to Khanne and then turns to nod at Donella also. "Aye, I may just have ta drag him back meself."

"It's nice to meet you Brianna. Your cousin was a great co-host at the last event we held," Marian greets Brianna with a smile. When Clara brings up the training, Marian assures her, "You're an excellent student. It's not hard work at all and gives me an opportunity to exercise a little." Fergus' comment about the bed gets a smile. She nods as Petal offers her well wishes about the baby, "Still have a bit of time to get. Probably won't get here till summer."

Tallius says in Northlands shav, "Revered Spirit Guide"

"I wonder how easy they are to ride. Unicorns, I mean," Darren says to Donella with a laugh, before he gestures to everyone. There's a clearing of his throat, and the man hops up onto his chair, but only because the table was too full of food to get up there instead. "If I can have all of your attention, just for a moment," he calls out, lifting up a whiskey glass in salute.

"I'll be brief, but thank you all for coming tonight. Make sure to fill your bellies, and drink deep. I have a few announcements," Darren says, looking to everyone in turn, before he reaches down to grasp Donella's fingertips. He pulls her up onto her chair, too, assuming she goes willingly. "The first, of course, is to welcome my wife to the family. I know all of you've probably read the announcements and the journals, but.. well, these sorts of things require a personal touch, I think. So, the first drink is to you, Princess Donella," he grins to the Princess and drains his whiskey cup.

"I'm just saying. Silk rope, a couple of scarves, a bottle of scented oil, and a pair of satin gloves. It's a proper Lycene night in." Eleyna says to Marian with a silky smile. She glances to Petal and waves a hand. "Controversy is no reason to rid oneself of a talented protege. You're stuck with me for the time being." Talen's kiss to her cheek is met with a glare as she leans in the murmur something against Talen's ear. She lifts the glass of whatever she is drinking in honor of Donella and nods at Prince and Princess.

Petal peeks over to Tallius as he speaks in Northern Shav, the girl nodding in response to his words. She then looks over to Darren as he speaks, before having a smile for Donella. She then turns Eleyna a moment later, her cheeks are pink and her brown eyes are bright. She has a warm smile for her.

"And you as well, princess," offers Brianna with a bright smile in turn, tipping her chin. She glances to her cousin, adding, "My cousin is a remarkable woman in many ways." But then Darren begins to speak and she falls silent. As the toast is given, she moves to pour herself a quick glass of whisky, lifting it and then taking a sip with only a bare wince as it burns down her throat. She keeps the glass in hand, attention on the Highlord.

"Silk ties? Nah. She usually just punches me an says 'Now'. She's a hard one to please. Don't suggest saying no to her, she'll just take that shit as a challenge." Fergus comments, leaning back in his chair. "Fucking demanding." Which then he turns back to Clara, twisting his lips in a mild frown. "Well, told you get you a decent sword at some point. Just fucking remind me or something, been busy." A jerks a thumb to Marian. "Mostly with making sure the cub is alright." before shutting his trap to listen in to Darren's announcement. While he's not exactly drinking whiskey, he can at least toast with something. Even if it's just water. Donella gets a long look, then finally a nod, drinking from the glass

For better or worse, there's a laugh that catches Talen's attention. Levelling steel-hued eyes upon one of the Halfshav women, Brianna, there's a smirk shared with that smile - if fleetingly present. Picking up the nearly empty bottle of wine he'd been guzzling on the way over, he polishes it off, before reaching with a small grunt for the decanter of whisky present closest to him. Inspecting it, he seems to gauge his own interst before pouring it out into one of the provided glasses. With Darren's speech, he soon lifts his glass, offering it toward the toast. "To Princess Donella of House Redrain, a valuable ally of the South in the North."

Luckily, he manages to get through the whisky before he turns his eyes to Eleyna, seemingly caught unawares. "Wait, what. If I see you put on gloves, I'm going to elsewhere."

"Well, your hands are too big for them, silly." Eleyna says with a smile before sipping the whisky to smother her laugh.

Khanne shares a smile with Tallius and nods her head to him, seeming almost embarrassed. "I am just happy I could help you," she says to him before Darren speaks. When he mentions welcoming Donella, she claps her hands and whistles a bit loudly. "I am happy to have you, Princess Donella!"

Marian had to stop herself from laughing when Fergus mentions just how demanding she is. She gives a wink to Eleyna, "I excel at wrestling." She raises her glass of tea to Darren and Donella's wedding, "Congratulations, I am pleased you are finally with Your Highness."

Talen says, "Wrestling is... not Eleyna's forte."

For once, as rare as it is, Eleyna is actually agreeing with Talen. She shakes her head and says with a little sigh, "No. No, it is not. I think last time I tried, I managed to almost knock myself out. Don't ask me how. It just happened."

"Thank you Marian. I'm tryin'. I'm practicin' with Aksel as well... though mostly this ends up with me bruised and unconcious." Clara laughs at that though and doesn't seem to mind that she takes a beating training with him. She turns her white eyes to Fergus. "Aye, I'll come remind ya when were both not busy."

Tallius listens intently, then raises his own glass in salute, drinking but remaining silent to wait and hear what else the high lord has to say.

"Congratulations, your grace, your highness," offers Brianna, her words rasping with the whisky but her smile fierce as it touches her lips. Having caught Talen's attention, she only slides a look to meet his, before quirking one brow upwards with a smirk of her own, before looking away.

The smirk on Aella's lips growing somewhat, as she pours herself a glass of whiskey. Starting to drink it down. Stormy blue-grey eyes sweeping over towards Tallius as he murmurs in Northlands Shav, causing her gaze to over towards Khanne. A nod to the woman, and the a loud "Ha!" As Aella lets out a laugh at Darren's remark about riding Unicorns. Raising her glass to Donella. "To the Princess."

Hauled into what feels like the center of attention like an eel noodled from it's den. A chair is not a very stable perch to her mind, and so it's more pragmatism than amorousness that has her clinging about Darren's waist. "Nor your forte either, to hear your lady tell it, Highness," Donella quips to Talen aside. To the greater group and their toasts she says, "My first shall be in turn, to all of you, and to the Northerners in general, who have welcomed me with such generosity of spirit. The North is FREEZING cold, but its welcomes, like it's people are warm." She raises her cup to them. "And also to strong furniture that goes for less than a million silver," she says, and idly taps the chair back with her foot, to cover her obvious embarrassment.

Darren is overheard praising Donella for: Welcome to the family!

Petal peeks over to Aella as the woman seems to notice Tallius' Northern Shav words. "You speak Northern Shav?" She asks of the countess. She does have a heavy accent, suggesting she probably speaks such herself.

Talen is overheard praising Donella for: Sorry about your case of the Redrain.

Clara nods her head at Petal. "Aye, I think a lot of us do." She nods her head and offers Petal a smile. "It is me first language. Arvani is me second."

Eleyna is overheard praising Donella.

Marian is overheard praising Donella.

"Uh, actually, I win like every wrestling match with Eleyna," Talen claims like a sullen teenager, before he necks back the whisky, sets down the glass and leans back to continue watching Darren throughout his speeches.

Aella's hand tips back the rest of her whiskey, as her other is already grabbing for the whiskey bottle to refill her glass. Both hands baring a few blue inked tattoos on their fingers. Turning towards Petal at her question. "Aye, It's my native tongue." The woman offers with a wide grin to Petal and a nod of her head to Clara. Her own words heavily accented.

"Really good at fucking wrestling." Right, that's what Fergus wants to call it, can just go with that. That comment about expensive furniture just has the man muttering about 'that fucking bed', but saying little else. Oh right, he does nod back to Clara. "Get something decent for you, Clarie. Once you're earned it. Marian will know when you're ready."

"I pay good money to make sure all the tables and chairs can hold my weight," Darren quips to Donella with a grin, before he presses a kiss to her cheek. He murmurs something just for her, before he grins and hops down from his perch, pulling her down along with him so that she can seat herself again. Then, with a nod, he looks back to the rest of the group. "We have a host of other things to be happy for. A congratulations, of course, to my cousins Fergus and Marian, for their happy news. I am .. very excited to see what kind of child Fergus creates," he grins to Marian and Fergus, inclining his head to the both of them, before he looks to the rest of the group, "And although she's not here tonight, Mistress Valery's completed construction on a garden outside of the Villa that I hope everyone will find some uses for. So make sure you all stop by and see."

"Tonight is about celebration and enjoying one another's company. But I want to put your heads, too, to the darkness around us. If any of you want to put out a helping hand to Thrax, with whatever you're able, please do so," Darren continues on, "I know High Lord Victus will appreciate whatever help we can give him, and it behooves us to see our allies remain strong." Then, he waves a hand, "But that's all I have to say about that. So please. Eat and drink and enjoy the dinner and conversation. And if you have anything to talk to me about, or want to voice a complaint, you have my ear tonight. So be my guest."

"Right because I'm -such- a challenge to beat." Eleyna says with a roll of her eyes and a sweep of her hand, indicating her own diminutive figure, looking even more delicate in pale pinks tonight. "That's like boasting that you can beat a one handed man in a boat-rowing contest." She quiets as she finishes listening to Darren and distracted refills Talen's whisky glass.

Brianna is silent through the speech, listening with only a glance slid to her own cousin. She smiles to Khanne, a simple thing, before she falls into a quiet reserve while drinking her whisky.

Petal turns her attention to Clara, giving the lady a smile that touches her brown eyes. "Oh, you will have to come visit me and talk to me sometimes. I miss the language. That is when you have time, between missions and all." She then turns to Aella. "Oh, a pleasure to meet you then. I am Petal. I run the Tangled Skein." She then turns to the high lord, smiling at her his words. She seems thoughtful at the mention of donating to Thrax.

"Well, I am an excellent trainer if you ever want to get better," Marian tells Eleyna and Talen with a smile. When Darren brings up her pregnancy, she makes sure to let everyone know, "We're expecting the little one in the summer." She lightly touches her stomach with her hand, "So for now I'm just training, donning on my armor these days." Once Darren is done with his speech, she raises her glass to him and then takes a drink.

Fergus gives Darren a mildly hairy eyeball. "Nice fucking pause there, cousin." he states, glancing at Marian. "If I have my way, the cub will be born with a sword in their fucking hands. Though Mari seems to already know it's gonna be a girl. Eventually I'll have to pass Demonslayer down to someone. Can't do that shit forever. I'm already going fucking grey." Scratching at his beard, he then rubs at one of the larger scars on his face. "Marian's the best there is, an that ain't no lie. Figure she can go toe to toe with anybody. Y'know, once she's not eating for two."

Marian is overheard praising Fergus for: For his virility!

Donella says, "Cub?"

"Thank you," Talen has the good grace to say to his own wife, as she refills his whisky glass, sipping it once more almost automatically. Then, to Marian, he calls across: "We've passed along a gift, a traditional offering of sorts, to Darren and Donella. If they're so terribly busy with other matters that they can't pop out an heir, you should ask about 'the wheelbarrow'." Fingergun (from around the glass he holds), nod tipped, then he looks to Fergus. "Fucking run, mate."

Fergus is overheard praising Marian for: For an iron womb.

Petal has the grace to blush. "I did make that wheelbarrow. It is very fine crafted, but...." She then trails off. "Blame Prince Talen for it, not me, he ordered it!

Eleyna rolls her eyes and drops her face into her hands, muttering to her self.

Tallius looks up towards the head of the table, and when the comments are concluded he offers with an entirely earnest face, "Your grace, the winters are cold and certainly there are always those without enough warm clothing. If it would be of aid to the commons of Thrax, there are a number of bundles of used clothing that I am storing in my shop for another shopkeeper.. They're a bit fancy perhaps, but I can attest to their quality and assure you, those who are cold will be most thankful for them, if you'd like to have them sent to see to the warmth of the needy?" He smiles slightly, "I'll settle accounts with the other shopkeeper, who was fairly uncertain what to do with the garments anyway.."

"Did it cost sixty-five thousand fucking silver?" Fergus asks, that number alone enough to make his face pale. Then a look back at Marian. "You're never getting another bed."

Petal looks over toward Tallius and her cheeks are pink. "Oh, that clothing.." She says and bites her lower lip as if trying to hold back a laugh.

"Aye, I wouldn't mind coming over for a talk." Clara nods to Petal. "Maybe I can talk to ya about getting some winter clothin' at some point too. Alarie is making me a dress now but I think I'd like to support someone under Redrain too."

"It's become an heirloom, Mistress Petal," Darren laughs over to Petal about the wheelbarrow, refilling his whiskey cup and taking another long drink. "We're going to pass it back and forth through the generations. Isn't that right, Prince Talen?" he winks, smirking around his cup. He looks to Tallius as the man speaks, and nods his head. "I think that's a wonderful idea, Messere Tallius. Let me know if there's anything I can do to support that," he suggests.

Somewhere throughout all the chatter, a good portion of that liquor has been imbibed, and yet another glass is poured, then promptly consumed. Morrighan remains silent from her perch near the end of the table, fingernails idly drumming over her cheek while she listens to all the voices chatter, catching bits and pieces of various conversation, but her focus drifts primarily to Darren whenever he makes his speech. For the most part the dame is attentive, her expression neutral - for the most part. The corners of her mouth begin to take a downward pull, and it's then she rises from her seat, cork shoved back into the mouth of the bottle, aiming to take it with her. "C'mon Brahm," she mutters, and the raven hops up onto her shoulder, loosing a soft, croaking whuff. With a subtle wave, the redhead silently makes her way out, heading off towards the servant's quarters, whiskey in hand.

Khanne takes a breath and her jovial smile slips away after Darren's speech. "I um.. yeah, I am helping the Thrax.. working with Harald.. .been... um... anyway, i am busy with many things. Many darknesses... yeah.." Merriment and celebration have left her and she looks tired instead, reaching out for a bottle of whiskey, not bothering to pour a glass. She opens it and tilts it back, taking a few healthy swallows. After, she says, "but.. now is not the time for that talk.." She shrugs, fingers playing with an empty plate in front of her.

Morrighan has left the Bear Table.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven leaves, following Morrighan.

Donella is overheard praising Marian for: Never more beautiful.

Petal glances over those gathered at the table. "I am sorry, but I need to get going. I have so many orders to make and so little time. It was lovely to step out and thank you so much for making us welcome." She then turns to Tallius, leaning into to whisper softly with him.

"Nice to meet you too, Petal. Countess Aella Ravenseye. Tangled Skein. I have been in there a few times. Bought my 'lil sister a dress actually. Very fine wool one with sweet little wildflowers embroidered on it. And I got me these stockings from there too." Aella lifts her foot up to show the anchor stockings she bought. "Wouldn't mind an over dress with something like them embroidered on it." Her foot falls back down and she drains most of the Whiskey form her cup. "I offered what assistance we can to Thrax, mostly in timber. As well as ship building." Aella remarks to Darren.

"You are not to blame in anyway, Petal." Eleyna says when she lifts her face from her hands and reaches for the whisky glass, knocking back a large drink. "But yes, we intend the wheelbarrow to be passed from family to family, for anyone who needs a comfortable place to sit while gestating. Or a convenient reason to hate their husband. I'll even let them hate and throw things at mine if it helps."

Marian gives her husband a smile, "I guess it's a good thing that I love our bed." She gives a nod at the mention of helping Thrax and mentions to Darren, "I did reach out to High Lord Victus after the incident, and offered my support." She takes a few more bites of food. The wheelbarrow comment gets a laugh but she doesn't comment more on it. She shakes her head and tells Eleyna, "Oh no, I take my ire out on Fergus when the pregnancy gets to me." She lowers her voice and admits to the other woman, "The sickness at smells has been aweful. It's getting better but I still can't stand alcohol on his breath."

Petal smiles over to Aella. "Oh, I am glad you brought that dress. I really like that one. I can work on an overdress, once I get a bit caught up." She says, giving her a smile. She then then has another smile for Eleyna. "Bye, Princess Eleyna." She says, sounding a bit adoring. "And congrats Princess Marian and Princess Donella." She says, before rising to her booted feet.

Fergus raises his glass of water as by example. "Curse of my fucking life. She won't touch me if she smells the hint of it on me." Then a shrug. "She took her ire out on me before she got fucking pregnant. Didn't figure that would change once she was."

As the talk focuses on pregnancies, on children, the Lady Brianna Halfshav slips quietly from the table, but only after finishing a second glass of whiskey. She only draws away to the buffet, where there is food. It's a good place to be.

Brianna has left the Bear Table.

Tallius rises as well, and offers a bow of respect, "Forgive me, but if I don't go look after her, she'll forget to eat or sleep while she works on things for her customers," he sys, sounding just a bit exasperated at how often it has happened.

"Aella? I have heard of your arrival. Pleasure to meet you. I am Khanne Halfshav," Khanne says, quietly, she listens to the talk around her but to most of it... well, she's not married, so...

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