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Open Throne feat. MC Talen

Rumor has it at the King's open throne today none other than the Sword of Lenosia, Prince Talen Velenosa will be arriving to request his boon from the Tournament of Roses! What will he ask for? People are already staking out good spots in the throne room to watch!


Aug. 27, 2017, 1:15 p.m.

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Alaric Talen


Shard Ian Alarissa Korka Eleyna Edain Valencia Edwyn Demura Aislin Grazia Monique Christine Blacktongue



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Throne Room

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Rosaline, former contortionist of Tor arrives, following Blacktongue.

Talen's arrival is rumoured, sure, so it's expected he'll show up. When he actually does, however, he'll appear at Eleyna's side - arm in arm. It's open throne hours at the palace, so they walk their way down toward the court gathering, finding a place amongst them. It's not until he's invited forward that he'll do just that, so in the mean time he clears he spies the inside of the throne room's ceiling with a degree of fascination. "Fancy," he drawls, to the nearest by. Eleyna and some poor unlucky soul.

Aislin makes her way in, settling in near the edge of the crowd to watch. The Ashford adventurer stares at the throne for a moment, studying the elfbone construction, but then her attention shifts to the rest of the audience.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Eleyna arrives on Talen's arm, but quietly disentangles herself from it as they enter the throne room. The Velenosan Princess offers Alaric a curtsy before she finds a place in the crowd gathered in front of the King to watch Talen make his request. She remains hanging back as Talen steps forward but not without a few last, low murmured words. She clasps her hands before her, chin slightly lifted so that she appears every inch the regal princess of her house.

In the habitual monochromatic blacks the Artiglios seem so fond of, Blacktongue enters in a black cassock but with a brightly dyed beard of a deep emerald. The Harlequin of House Velenosa settles in the crowd, speaking softly to his assistant as things begin. His cheshire's smile spreads slowly as his eyes drift to his nephew and his nephew's wife.

Monique stops gossiping with the messengers after a moment, and enters the throne room proper, smiling to those she knows, her eyes sliding sidelong to Talen's arrival. Gossip fodder noted! There's a curtsey for the reigning Monarch. Maybe a touch of a chagrinned smile.

Heralds step up into place as Palace stewards escort Talen to the front of the large empty area in front of the throne. A short, precise fanfare from some of the heralds with horns cuts down the general hubbub of the throne room, and into the resulting silence a formal list of Talen's titles and accomplishments is read aloud. Once it is done the King leans forward in his seat and raises his hand in a beckoning gesture. "The Crown recognizes Prince Talen Velenosa, victor at the 1007 Tournament of Roses," Alaric proclaimes in a loud, clear voice. "Approach the dais and state your petition."

Talen has joined the Elfbone Throne Dais.

Korka is still wearing her cloak but she's pulled her gloves off. The young woman is probably all but unrecognizable for those only familiar with her usual half-messed look, given that she's dressed up and her hair is actually behaving. She's found somewhere quiet and unobtrusive to stand and watch the proceedings, not bothering to put much effort into masking her interest, her curiosity. When she spots Aislin she smiles that way, lifting a hand to wave but not beelining over.

    Apart from the predictably heighty crowd of other nobility, the shine of heavy crimson armor - and its rustle - foretells the arrival of one Marquessa Demura. She bows toward the throne and merely moves aside, standing relaxed, silent and expressionless while she looks on at Prince Talen when he's called.

Shard crosses her arms over her chest and watches the proceedings intently, although she spares more than a few careful looks for arriving nobility.

The Jester looks positively amused at something, but the joke has yet to be shared. Blacktongue coughs into his black gloved hand and composes himself, weathered face set into the utmost sincere repose of propriety.

Ian continues to lean against a pillar somewhere in the back of the room, watching.

With a hand upon the pommel of the peace-tied Mirror Blade, the ancestral heirloom for House Velenosa, Talen marches up along the column toward the dais to stand before the king. There's a well executed bow, a drawn arm to his front. "Your Majesty," he greets, simply, low tones of his soft bassy voice. Handing across the belt won to a nearby royal aide as though it were some kind of physical token of his win, the Sword of Lenosia's gaze lifts to Alaric, whereupon he says: "On this day I request the Crown's aid in rightfully rewarding a servant of the Compact, a friend of the Crown and a would-be vassal of the Velenosa. Audric, of no last name, Captain-General of the Valorous Few. This man has fought alongside me during the the Silence Wars when you are at Rest. He led men to hold Seawatch Gate and stood for as long as he could to keep the Herald Brand at bay. He was with my Mirages of the Mirrorguard when we combined forces to pincer the column on the day, and on that field, which would be known as the battle of Giantsfall-- and make know mistake, there -was- a giant."

"House Velenosa intends to reward him and bestow upon him lands within our borders, to make him Baron Audric of a family name he may soon choose, in recognition of his efforts. As a vassal to us, we will grant these acres and half of the silver required but we ask the Crown to join us in this effort, to lessen the burden and recognise his merits alongside us, to grant him a royal thanks."

Talen drops An Unyielding Grand Melee Championship Belt.

Christine arrives driven by her curiosity. She moves to a side and away from the door.

Aislin lets one eyebrow quirk upwards at Talen's request, but makes no comment on it.

Ian is leaning against a pillar in the back of the room somewhere, watching. His alert blue eyes note Christine's arrival, and he nods a silent greeting to his cousin before returning his attention to the throne.

In mildly more appropriate silk wear of the colors of House Valardin, Edwyn says nothing, but takes his place among his peers to observe, hands folded at the small of his back.

Shard's eyebrows both arch upward, though she keeps the rest of her expression mostly schooled. She looks intently from Talen to Alaric.

Korka's smile warms some for Talen's request when it comes, her attention shifting to the king for the response.

Valencia slips into the room as the request is made. There is a litte pause, though her expression is otherwise unreadable. The little vixen does a quick survey of the room before drifting with a rustle of soft southern silks to the back of the room to watch the scene unfold.

Eleyna clasps her hands behind her back, a faint smile playing on her delicate lips as she listens to the request, approval apparent in her expression. She glances at the crowd briefly, sharp eyes taking in reactions, both approving and dissenting, before she refocuses her pale gaze on the King to see his response to the request.

"Prince Talen, your petition is heard and approved. By the noble traditions of the royal boon, the Crown agrees we shall assist House Velenosa in establishing this new Barony," Alaric proclaims. "May this new House serve its liege, liege-lords, and the Compact as a whole with distinction, just as you have fought and triumphed in the Grand Melee with distinction. So let it be." With that, the King smiles and by royal decree, apparently that is that. Courtiers start applauding politely.

Monique's fiery brow wrinkles at the request, her lips pursing momentarily. But the expression is a flicker of disturbance in her lovely countenance, and covered quickly by a wide smile and applause.

Never one to be out of place among his ilk, Edwyn starts to applaud, a smile on his face, showing no teeth.

Demura's expression remains unchanged. Her eyes go over Talen in some short study of the Prince before instead drifting to the Crown when Alaric so approves. The Firebird's applause follows, though it is measured.

Ian takes note of Valencia as well, and nods to her. And then -- wait, is he supposed to applaud now? Caught off guard, Ian hesitates, then leans his cane against his leg long enough to clap a couple of times.

Edain claps for the King and the Lenosian prince as the Boon is asked for an awarded. After all the Tournament was kinda a big deal! He is glad to see it all coming to fruition!

Edain is overheard praising Alaric.

Edain is overheard praising Talen.

Christine notices Ian and walks to join him. "What did I miss?" She claps her hands with the rest, though.

Golf clap, smile, golf clap some more. Grazia has this whole nobility thing down pat. She looks around the room to measure reactions as well, but there's nothing but polite approval in her posture as her gaze lingers on the decision makers with grave consideration.

Alarissa lifts her hands and claps as the boon is granted after the belt is offered - snacks and all - a smile on her face for the tradition still being kept.

Eleyna bring her hands together in applause, a faint smile playing on her lips as the boon is granted. She seems to release a long breath, perhaps as if she had been holding it.

At the approval of the mercenary's ennoblement, there's a drawn step back, an arm forward and a traditional bow given once more in acknowledgement of the approval. "I, and I'm certain Baron Audric himself, thank you. I am sure he will be a great asset to come for both the Lyceum and the Compact as a whole." It's assumed all the nitty gritty will be handled outwith the actual throne room, of course, which means he can then step down off the dais. Simple, clean, easy. With that, he marches down back toward his wife, giving a flick of his eyes to those heavy in his direction. The next petitioner is likely to take his place, surely, so he turns aboutface to observe.

Korka also applauds! Quite cheerfully. It's not long before she's back to quiet and watching, though.

Shard doesn't applaud, but she doesn't exactly look disapproving. Instead, her gaze sweeps the room, studying what others in the crowd she can make out, until her attention eventually returns to Talen himself.

Applause over, Ian takes up his cane again. He shakes his head to Christine. "Not much."

Blacktongue takes his darling, lovely assistant by the arm and moves over to speak with Eleyna and Talen. There is a whisper in his nephew's ear, a glance to the more disapproving glances of the crowd before the elder man barks a laugh.

Inasmuch as the ceremonial aspect goes, there's another closing fanfare played by the heralds, and that seems to be it! It's perhaps a little weird that the direct recipient of the boon isn't present to politely interrogated by the various courtiers, but that doesn't stop the gossiping from beginning immediately. Smiling, the King descends the throne to sign and seal the various official papers the Crown Observers bring together to make it all official-official.

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