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To Honor A Prince

Prince Aiden Grayson wishes to honor the life of Prince Dominic Thrax by spending the day offering mentorship and guidance to those with animal companions. Dominic Thrax was well known to have worked and thrived alongside his dogs, so dog owners are especially encouraged to bring their canine friends by for day in the park. Aiden will be offering training to owners and their pets, until he cannot stand! There will also be a reveal of a memoriam in dedication.

OOC: Free retainer training, until I use up my AP. Even though I can train all sorts, I'd prefer them to be animals only.


Sept. 1, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Alaric Titania Calarian Regla Shard Wash Ford Arcelia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Menagerie - Companion Park

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Comments and Log

The descent of the bright morning sun streaking through the heavy cloud above awakens a crystalline glint, encapsulated in the snow like thousands of tiny diamonds. The landscape of the park has been transformed into a wintery wonderland from the piles of snow yet untouched and left folded around many objects, flora, trees and outbuildings. The air is crisp with the scent of the sea wafting subtly throughout.

An area of the park has been swept free of snow, creating a path to walk toward a designed point for this ceremony. It becomes obvious upon sight, for a heavy canvas with rope covers a statue which has yet to be revealed, while lanterns have been placed in an large oval around it. A table nearby contains unlit candles available to light for prayer to be laid at the base of the statue. There are also many many bottles of rum on hand and no glasses on hand - it's a ceremony for a sailor, so the indication is to take a swig in memoriam rather than propriety.

Two squads of the Isles Canines, with their war hounds, are standing silent to either side of the statue, behind the oval of lanterns. A bannerman on each side hold the insignia of the organization at a lower saluted tilt - a white banner with a half dog half fish creature sitting on a wooden board. Two more fly the banner of House Thrax. Their faces are fixed and firm, clearly representing the strong motto of the Prince's house.

Aiden stands in a militaristic garb, a white jacket with a red sash wrapped around his waist. A formal ensign of knotted rope around his shoulder, to represent his station and ranking with the Isles Canines, which had been and presently still is, Officer General. His hands hang aside him stiffly, as he waits for those who have come to gathered around, his chin lifting up as he looks across the sea of faces.

3 Grayson Guardsmen, Crown Observer Barcus, Philip, an overworked assistant arrive, following Calarian.

Titania comes walking into the park looking around she has her cloak about her to keep her warm from the chilly air she is with Lord Admiral Wash and the Marquis Ford, her blue eyes fall onto the Aiden and the Isles Canines.

Wash doesn't have a pet, he doesn't really know what to do with pets, as demonstrated when a dog sniffs him and he freezes to make sure he doesn't disturb the pet. He is draped in warm winter clothing to give him staying power throughout the memoriam and he's got an air of blissful contentment to boot.

Aiden spots Titania and his cousin Wash, sterling eyes following them and his head tilting, "Cousin, Lady Kennex. I'll be starting soon, so we're not out here for too long." His gaze searches the faces of those who drift along behind them, "Thanks for coming."

Ford stands behind Wash and Titania by a handful of feet, looking unmoved by the cold, even when a chilly breeze jostles his hair a bit. He remains as Ford as Ford can be.

Regla doesn't have a dog, and any other kind of pet, for that matter. But she appears to be willing to turn up to make an appearance of some sort, at the very least.

Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon, 2 Navegant Marines arrive, following Arcelia.

Calarian's only pets seem to be Barcus and Philip, both of whom seem to be quite tired going into this appearance. They are followed by three Grayson guardsmen, and they are following Prince Calarian Grayson as he strides into the room, fur-lined cloak of silk flowing behind his straightened back, with that cote sporting the griffin on his chest -- and the cloak sporting the same on his back so that either way there is no doubt who is who. He takes a moment by the entrance to take in the crowds-- though Regla comes soon enough. "Lady Navegant, it is good to see you," he greets her aside with an inclination of his head and a brief curve at the edges of his lips.

After a few moments, Aiden moves toward a central area in which his voice can reach out to those who have gathered. "Tears in our wake, not at our wake-" Aiden's voice begins, "We will honor that today, but we will also honor the man who we called and knew to be Prince Dominic Thrax. He was a serious man that was determined, resolved, and polite - he helped in ways only he could. He was a living contradiction to the warrior some of us knew. He wasn't given the easiest of lives, edged by all the cuts that he has taken - an entry from Rainier's that rang true with me. He was taken too soon and in a way too harsh." He bows his head a little, before he lifts his head with the intent to speak further. Apparently he wasn't going to keep anyone waiting too long, spoken as if he's practiced this for some time prior.

Shard enters the park at a low stalk, looking about as out of place as she can. It's not anything about her physical appearance, per se, so much as a distinct air of discomfort mixed with something less tangible, but no less present. She comes with no pets, but that's no surprise; no one in the city has ever seen her with any. Her gaze slides over those present, human and animal alike, with a careful, cautious look, but it's not as thorough as it could be--she seems tired and distracted today.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Shard before departing.

Regla glances over at Calarian, flashing him a quick grin before she moves over to stand next to him, "Your Highness." She greets, and anything else she might have been prepared to say she holds back for the moment, her attention turning towards Aiden when he begins to speak, her expression sobering.

Arcelia gets there as Aiden begins to speak. She is quiet as she listens to Aiden, long dip-dyed, blue from white, dress flowing in the light breeze. She has her dog with her, the mastif at her side looking happy as can be. She offers Aiden a warm and thankful smile when he pauses in his speech.

Calarian's smile mirrors Regla, while Philip whispers to the lady in turn, "My Lady." Barcus keeps himself to a deep nod, before his eyes return to the procedures. The Prince's eyes are also focused on Aiden, listening to his words and giving an approving bob of his head from afar. His eyes also find Wash and Titania. Each are afforded nods from his position. "Mistress Shard," comes the soft greeting to the woman who just enters. He mouths a few words aside to Regla, low enough for him and his retinues to hear only.

Titania brings her hands out in front of her watches and listening to Aiden, there is a saddness in her eyes but she does not show it on her features, She listens to the Prince speak, staying close to her cousins while she listens.

"I will always recall him to be the man who did not see softness in me, rather a collected calmness as he put it, like the familiar sea, miles and miles away from shore. I will always embrace him in my heart for the confidence he had in me, for the gauntlet he lead me to that allowed me to test myself, in leadership and courage. He sat with me, considered not what people had spoken of me, but of what he saw before him. He gave me a chance to lead, before anyone else had even considered I could. That chance changed everything. He understood, without many words. He put great value upon me and entrusted me to a senior position of the Isles Canines." Aiden's eyes not the fact of those who are here, from Ford, and Regla, to his cousin Calarian. The last does get a faint tilt of his head in greeting. He does realize the lack of pets that are coming along, though he remains steadfast, looking back toward the covered statue, before he looks back to the group gathered, resting on Regla when her expression sobers.

"For those of you not familiar with the company, we are a sellsword company after a fashion, one for breeding and selling war hounds throughout the Compact, and employing ship and war hound tactics upon the seas. The group arose from Dominic's dreams to meld the two worlds of his passion into one; of sailing and working with hounds, as well as his warpig - and somewhere in that, balancing his wives." He smirks a little, then continues, "It is a company that I do hope remains together and enduring. He was so very excited to get his Black Dog." There's a moment that Aiden needs as his gaze turns up toward the statue. Then he continues, "For serving alongside Petrichor's creatures, for his bravery fighting until his very last among his crew, for how he lived in life, I reveal to those who have come here today, a monument that will stand long in service, to honor a Prince."

A pair of Isles Canine's members unknot ropes and haul on them, to unfurl the canvas that blanketed the statue.

Aiden drops Monument to Prince Dominic Thrax.

Arcelia pulls her fur-lined cloak tightly around her body while she continues to listen to Aiden speak. She leans down to give her dog's head a scratch while they both sit there patiently. Her eyes take in the statue of Dominic and she claps once it is revealed.

Shard gives Calarian a very small, faint nod, before her attention shifts toward Aiden. There's little to be read in her expression beyond what she walked in with--the tiredness and distraction, as the rest is, as seems usual with her, neutral and well schooled, but she's clearly listening.

The statue has a reddish cast and varies from the deepest of

crimsons to a sheen that looks almost gold, crafted out of

rubicund to ensure it lasts the ages. Two figures rise out

of the podium. A tall impressively life-sized resemblance

to Prince Dominic Thrax has been sculpted to one's best

memory, showing the mop of frayed hair and bulbous nose,

thick mustache and knotted braid of beard that hangs to

his broad powerful chest. His posture is that which he

conveyed in life; obedience through silence, tranquility

in listening. As in life, this sculpture shows the

contradiction between warrior with rage beneath the surface

and the cultivation of leadership and civility. Beside him

is a canine, one of the large breeds used in naval battles.

The canine is posed to look up toward him to await orders

like any respecting soldier and companion. Below the life

like rendition is the pedestal made out of Gemecitta

marble. Near the center of the pedestal, carved is the

plaque to honor the fallen, surrounded by the heraldry of

two rampant canines bordering it.

Regla's brows twitch up a fraction at the look, then she glances behind her, then back forward before she leans slightly in Calarian's direction to murmur something back. There's a quick upwards twitch of her shoulders to accompany her quiet words, then she lets her eyes start to roam across the rest of those gathered.

Ford steps out from behind his family and regards Aiden, "If I may, your highness?"

Wash nods to Aiden thoughtfully. He cannot be somber or sad right now, so he settles for confident and proud. He's happy to be included and supportive of those present, both past and present family.

Aiden clearly wasn't anticipating that his thoughtout speech would be interrupted, but when Ford does interject, he nods to the man, "Marquis Kennex," he squints his eyes as if trying to make sure he got the name right, "I will be allowing everyone to speak if they like, in but a moment, but if you need, certainly."

Calarian cannot help but give a deep, firm nod again to Aiden's words as he speaks of the teachings he learned, this inclination much more accentuated and approving. Bronzed hands lace one with the other, long cloak's-sleeve hiding them from sight as he stands by Regla and his retainers. The statue unveiled, his eyes taking in the statue -- then Ford as he requests to speak. Meanwhile, he is still murmuring words with Regla. His tone of voice is soft enough for it to be a windy whisper.

10 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

"You'll get your speech, I assure you." Ford says before turning to one of the men Titania brought along, holding out his arm. "It's quite an honor.." Ford starts, looking to the small group, "to have a statue of yourself erected, however, a Thrax is not truly laid to rest until torches are placed on his pyre by those in attendance." Ford looks back to Aiden, "If you'll permit the small detour, your highness?" Titania's guard is already lighting the torch in his hand.

Most of her attention is on the speech, most. Regla isn't the most attentive person to long speeches on good days, but she does at least put forth a very strong effort to appear to be paying attention to everything. When Ford speaks up, her attention shifts in that direction, looking curious for a moment before she continues with whatever quiet conversation she's having.

Aiden bows his head and gestures his arm out for Ford, with some curiousity lingering in his eyes, "This certainly isn't a place for a pyre, though I understand your need for... funeral rites." Aiden clasps his hands behind his back and considers, before he thoughtfully includes, "What would you have us do, Marquis?"

"It's made of rubicund isn't it? Should be able to withstand a couple torches." Ford asks, looking over at the statue, "Place your torches at the base once you've said your words to him."

"Ahh... Well then, may I finish?" Aiden notes with a faint grin to Ford, "I was almost to that part."

Calarian is keeping an eye on the torches being lit, while he keeps his hushed conversation with Regla. Most of his attention is set on Aiden and Ford for now, though. Most of it.

"Sure." Ford hands his torch over to Aiden before returning to the side of his Kennexes.

Alaric and his guards roll in, although the open outdoor space of the Menagerie makes it seem less of a production than the whole process of getting a whole retinue set up indoors tends to be. It's a fairly low-key entrance by royal standards, as they're making an effort not to disrupt the speeches already in progress. Still, the King has a regal wave and a bright smile for the citizens who notice him.

Aiden gestures for one of the rum bottles to be handed to him and he raises it up in salute toward the statue. The rum is also being passed around to the audience. "Join me in a final homage to our friend, comrade, leader, and Prince of Thrax." His gaze holds toward the statue,  "Prince Dominic, find peace with the salt that reared you and reclaimed you, rest well and know we will continue to fight, for the freedom of Arvum." The Grayson Prince holds up the bottle before he finishes the toast with a hearty swig of rum. The rum is then passed on.

After a somber silence, he considers the crowd, "I would like to invite anyone who wishes to voice thoughts upon who he was to share those memories with us now,  take another swig of rum in his name, light a candle, place torches, or honor him in your own time. For my part, I offer you my humble services in training your animal companions today, until I exhaust myself, to repent for my personal failure that I was not there, as an Officer General, when the Black Dog was attacked." His shoulders rise up in formal regality, stepping onward toward another open another area laid clear of snow and packed down if it wasn't.

Calarian does have the readiness to give a smile to Aiden when his speech is done. "Well-spoken, cousin," he mouths in his direction, trying to keep it quiet to not disrupt any new speeches -- though not as quiet as his conversation with Regla. He does bow to the King when he is noted entering, and greets him in that same very quiet, hushed tone, "My King."

Shard glances over as the King arrives, but her attention moves quickly enough back to Aiden. When the rum comes around to her, however, she shakes her head and lets it pass by. Instead, she crosses her arms over her chest, apparently content to merely watch, rather than participate.

Arcelia's bright blue eyes move from Aiden to Ford and then back to Aiden again. She draws her eyebrows together and curiously listens to the two men. When the King shows up, the Countess curtsies deeply to him. "Your Majesty." She then looks back to Aiden after she is proper to the King and listens to the Prince speak. When he is finished Arcelia looks down to pet her dog but he is not at her side. She looks around in a sort of frantic way to see that the dog has started over towards Aiden on her own. The dog sits at Aiden's feet and looks up at him with a big 'hello' grin on her face.

Is it appropriate to wave at kings? Who knows, but Regla lifts a hand and waves at Alaric when her attention is diverted towards him, then she turns to look around to see if anyone else is going to step up and offer a speech.

Wash hangs back when the call to salute the fallen with fire, giving the Marquis, and here comes the king, first chance to honor the Prince of Thrax that Wash never had the opportunity to meet.

Titania looks over as she spots Arcelia curtsy, her eyes look to see who it is and when it is the King she curtsys as well, "Your Majesty." she says softly looking down as she does so then stands back up again she does not move to honor Dominic just yet she allows those of higher station to do so then she will join but for now she stands with Wash.

Aiden gestures to Ford, "You may proceed, Marquis." He nods to the matter that the statue was made of rubicund, belatedly, but there it was. His gaze flicks over toward the murmur of a royal person in the audience, brows raising when his eyes come across his other cousin, the King! He might just gulp a bit but then he bows his head in respect to the man. Of course, then there is a big old pooch in front of him. The dog sitting at his feet is met with a favorable look, kneeling down to Aemily, "Look at you. Come, we shall see what you do not know yet... and what I can help you with." A hand reaches out to ruffle the pupper's chest.

Aiden checked command + animal ken at difficulty 0, rolling 60 higher.

Ford moving towards Titania's guard he retrives a couple more torches and has those lit properly, then he looks towards the King, "Your Majesty, perhaps you'd like to places the first torch?"

Calarian whispers something to Regla and keeps a serene smile on his lips, hazel eyes briefly peeking aside to her. The corners of his eyes crinkle with a flash of amusement. When Aiden ruffles the hair of the hound, Aemily, there is a satisfied smile on the Voice of House Grayson.

Arcelia makes her way over to Aiden and Aemily with a smile. "You are still far better a teacher for her than I will ever be." SHe laughs and then reaches down to open her side bag and Amethyst, a raccoon, pokes her head out to say hello with a silver coin in her paw, she pulls it towards her chest and gives Aiden a look that says 'mine' before she dives back into the bag. "Thank you Your Highness. I'll leave you two to it and go set my torch." She curtsies to Aiden and then heads over to place a candle at the Statue's feet, after the King if he places the first.

Alaric settles in amongst those gathered with a respectfully somber expression to listen to the speeches, but then he's called up to take a torch. Always one for ceremony, he steps forward when called. "Of course, Marquis, I'd be honored," he declares and when given a lit torch steps up to the base, contemplative for a moment as he regards the statue. "You never forgave me for Genevieve, and I can't blame you for it, Dominic," the King declares. "She deserved better. I won't forget her." He says something quieter, apparently only between himself in the statue, and when that's done he places the torch at the base and returns to his original spot, head held high.

Wash follows suit after the first torch is placed, adding one of his own and laying a hand on the warming metal statue. Then he goes to Aiden. "I'm very glad that Prince Dominic was an inspiration to you. Working here, I suppose I can understand you a little better."

Regla smirks about something, but she then wipes that expression off her face fairly quickly. Her hands tuck into her pockets, shoulders rolling forward just a fraction before she straightens, eyes narrowing just a fraction at Alaric's words, but then she starts to let her attention wander once more, studying the others.

Aiden lifts his eyes from Aemily toward Arcelia when she comes over toward him, his hands continue to ruffle against Aemily as he sends her to complete a series of tasks. Aiden smiles to the raccoon as well, "Wow, she got big." There's a soft look to her, "Please do." He rises back up to look toward the King, where the Marquis has invited him to place the first torch. Aiden's chin rises up in pride to watch his cousin attendance make a difference to those who have gathered and to the memory of the Thraxian prince. His eyes might glimmer a bit, nodding after Alaric's placement of his torch. His eyes flick to Wash when he comes to his side, "Thank you cousin. He was so excited to show me the ships he had acquired for the Canines..." there is a sullen tone, "At least I can do this for him." He reaches out to offer his forearm to Wash, leaning in close as he lowers his voice to offer a word.

Shard continues to watch silently.

Aiden is overheard praising Ford for: For helping Honor a Prince

Wash clasps Aiden's forearm and hmphs. "You're more generous than me perhaps. Or maybe just better at managing your incomes." Wash has to inquire. "How are the Canines doing? Did they lose a great many vessels in the Great sinking? Are you in charge of replacing them?" That's how long it takes Wash to start talking shop.

Calarian is overheard praising Aiden for: For organizing a nice ceremony in memory of someone who taught him much.

Finally Ford heads down to the statue with his torch. He looks up at the Rubicund Dominic and speaks to him quietly for a few short moments before tossing the torch at the base of the statue as if it were the man's pyre. Dom was a stickler for tradition. Then he murmurs, "Tears in our wake." before returning to the side of Titania.

Wash is overheard praising Aiden for: Commemorating the fallen.

Titania moves to take one of the tourches from her guard and places it at the statue taking a long sip of the rum in her hand, "Prince Dominic, we meet a hand full of times. I will always remember the first time, how can I forget." she says softly with a sigh, "We did never get to spar, but I know how much you cared for your family and people." she says softly a gloved hand moving to touch the statue, "Tears in our wake, never at our wake.

After saying her words she moves back down to stand with the other Kennex who came with her.

When Arcelia places the candle she says nothing, closing her eyes and offering a silent thought for the Prince she'd never met or only met in passing. She steps back and goes back over to Aiden, fishing her Raccoon from her bag as she does. The raccoon squirms in her hands and then gives up, defeated. She is placed on Arcelia's shoulder while she watches Aiden work with Aemily. "They miss you, can't you tell?" She laughs since Amythyst was so small last time they had met. "Aemily went right up to you and this one gave you sass... signs that you need to come around more often."

"Managing, cousin. Saving away for times like these," his gaze holds to the statue, needing to take a moment to collect himself before Aiden returns his gaze to Wash. "There is one Dromond and one Longship left-" he states with inflection that there had been significant loss, "As for the canines, what you see here, is most of what is left. I do not count those of his stock set aside for breeding." As for the question of who is in charge, he murmurs, "I reported directly to him. I have not heard what is to become of the organization, though I imagine one of the Wardrooms would have to step up or they will come together to make a decision. High Lord Victus, Duke Harald Grimhall, Prince Abbas... I imagine they've had greater things to think of, than Dominic's sellswords. I imagine in time, I will hear one way or the other. If they disband the group, I will ensure the dogs will be seen to good homes." His mouth thins as he watches each person moving up to the statue and each time, he has to take a deep breath.

When Arcelia comes back over, he notes with a wry remark, "It is likely because she is mad that she hasn't seen me in a while. I do apologize... with all this-" his chin indicates the menagerie, "It has been busy."

Alaric listens to the various tributes and remembrances attentively, watching as more torches are added to the base of the statue. He's content to remain silent and reflective during this phase of the proceedings.

Calarian remains silent and attentive to the every speech given, Barcus and Philip following suit of their Prince.

"You must come by the ward of Thrax." Wash urges. "Seems like half the hounds you meet will respond to you as well as their masters." He points out. "And there's a grotto for swimming." Wash turns to Arcelia. "Please say that you will invite Aiden to the hot spring Countess Navegant."

"Well, you and Silas are welcome at my home any time you want to visit us. I'd love you to come and take a look at the finished courtyard." Arcelia offers Aiden a warm smile. "To have a drink and take a break." She smiles at Wash then and nods her head. "Or to come over to the hot springs and relax."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Shard before departing.

Ford smirks and looks down at his boots before taking a step or two backwards, making ready to depart.

"I think he means to ensure I don't try to kiss Mangata again," Aiden notes with an aside to Arcelia, with a half-smirk to Wash, "I will come by, cousin. I should like to know that I am still welcome there... after all, I wasn't there for the Prince..." He looks down for a moment and then regards the others who have placed their torches, "Excuse me, but I do have to place a torch as well. Thank you for the invite." He claps Wash on the arm again, and then gently reaches for Arcelia's hands and squeezes them, before he approaches the rubicund statue, an orange flickering against the metal for the torches already burning. He lights one and looks up to Dominic, a silent dedication this time before he minic's Ford's gesture and tosses it into the pile.

Titania looks between Wash and Ford, she looks to Aiden then to the king giving him another Curtsy and looks like she maybe ready to turn and follow Ford.

Shard exhales slowly. After a few moments more of watching, she takes a step back, then turns on her heel and moves off with a certain amount of purpose and not a single uttered word, heading either for the exit or other areas of the Menagerie, judging by her direction.

Wash sits with Aiden and watches him train and interact with the animals that are here. He's clearly trying to absorb how the man does it.

Calarian leans in to murmu something to Regla, perhaps some manner of farewell, before he is turning to address Aiden, "Thank you for organizing this, Aiden. It went well. Your words were quite touching." His eyes tick off aside to Alaric, to whom he bows deeply. "My King. Good to see you."

Arcelia smiles at Aiden. "I'll leave Aemily with you but I need to head out for a meeting." She offers Aiden a hug if he'll accept it and then heads on out.

Aiden is considerate of Wash looking over his shoulder and certainly provides emphasis where it is needed for the subtle hints at being able to teach better, showing, rather than telling. When Calarian moves over, he nods, "I appreciate you attending Calarian, it means a lot." It truly did, and especially since his other cousin had been here too.

Aiden does accept the hug! Yes, "I will see you later."

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon, 2 Navegant Marines leave, following Arcelia.

Alaric sees the ceremony about to conclude and break up and heads over to Aiden along with Calarian to do a little socializing before everyone vamooses. "Calarian, Aiden, Washburn, good to see you all. And I entirely agree with Calarian. It's a very fitting remembrance for Prince Dominic you've organized here Aiden, well done," he says confidently.

Wash nods to Calarian and stands up when the King approaches. "Both of them have done everything they could to make me feel welcome in Arx." He looks from one to the other. "If I have been a bear to be around these past few months, please forgive me. I was in a selfish fit of pique. I feel much more myself recently." He includes the king in that apology. "Your majesty. I've heard you are funding a cathedral to be raised in the Ward of Thrax."

Regla offers a quick grin to Alaric when he approaches, but she doesn't say anything in favor of responding to Calarian about something, then she takes a few steps away to allow them some semi-privacy while she loiters.

"He truly did surprise me by seeing through to who I was, before I really knew who I was," Aiden answers to Alaric and Calarian both, "Dominic... was a lot like me in some ways, and then not, in many others. Perhaps our lives will cross again, should the Queen of Endings determine it." He looks up to Alaric, pride again in his gaze, "You all-" this to his cousins, "have my gratitude for coming. I--" he gulps a little, "didn't expect it. Thank you." He bows his head again, having done his part to lay a torch and now it was time to social and train on the side. Aemily is sent for another dutiful series of commands, when he has a moment to reward her and appreciate the last. The heartfelt words from Wash has him... reach out and HUG him. Like gripping brotherly hug. OOF. Yes. Hug. Then he will do the same to Calarian, before the last HUG is reserved for Alaric. Should any of them disallow it, he will easily be kept off. BUT, if they allow it, it's clear it meant a lot for them to be here with him.

Aiden is overheard praising Wash.

Calarian gives a smile to Aiden, and one to Alaric as well. The King is given a few murmured words of farewell. Though he does pause to give Wash a smile. "In my heart, Cousin Wash, you have appreciation and fondness reserved," and to answer to Aiden, "You have nothing to thank me, Aiden. You know that I will support you and those you love or care for, as is my duty to our--" The hug definitely catches him by surprise, his arms set at each sides of his perfectly straightened posture. One elbow stiffly bends, and he pats the young prince's back to reciprocate. "I appreciate you as well, cousin Aiden."

Aiden is overheard praising Calarian.

Aiden is overheard praising Alaric.

Alaric is just fine with hugs, apparently. He hugs Aiden back, then turns and apropros of nothing hugs Regla, dragging her out of the margins and into the middle of the gathering sociably enough. "Regla! Come on, don't be a wallflower now. We'd love to have a Navegant at this little impromptu Grayson gathering, now wouldn't we boys?"

Wash isn't used to such things, they aren't common place in Thrax after all, but he doesn't resist Aiden's expression of joy. To Calarian he responds: "If I don't need your forgiveness yet, wait until I tell you how I almost drowned our cousin here." He nods in Regla's direction, her company is clearly welcome to him.

Regla's eyes widen a fraction when she gets a sudden King-hug, "Oh, no...Your Majesty, it's fine." She assures him, but returns the hug with perhaps more enthusiasm than strictly required. "Really, I'm not wallflowering, I'm just loitering in a semi-invasive manner instead."

The different reactions are noted, from one to the other. Alaric might get a more healthy dose of Aiden hugging than the others, since he senses the awkwardness for both Wash and Calarian. When he pulls back from the hugs, he stands with his head bowed a touch. Any further conversation though, he seems to let it float between the others, content with the way the day turned out.

Alaric laughs. "Semi-invading is never good, Regla. Either fully commit to the invasion or keep your troops at home," he advises regally. He glances from Wash to Aiden. "Well, it wasn't me who almost drowned, so. What happened? Don't you know how to swim?"

"Did you now?" Calarian wonders of Wash with a tilt of his head, an amused curve at one edge of his lip. "Well, then, I can take a very minor apology for it, cousin Wash. It is noted and thanked for." Regla is given a brief smile aside, though Alaric's words have him gazing at Aiden too.

Wash says, "I do that sometimes." Wash admits to Regla. "Usually when I know a lord has a juicy lumber contract I can poach." That's been Wash's sole occupation for a week. He explains to the King. "So I invited Aiden on a salvage mission but neglected to tell him that there was some swimming involved." Wash admits some failure on his part before rallying with: "To be fair, Aiden was brave enough to strip to his skivvies regardless. Lad's as brave as anything. Unfortunately, he hit his head coming off the deck or something. By the time I caught up with him he was striking for the ocean floor with all his might.""

Calarian checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Aiden checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Calarian's brows do minimally lift at the story of Aiden's near-death experience. "I do hope we can avoid you hitting the side of decks, or carriages, in the future, cousin Aiden," he notes aside to Aiden, "I fear I am not good neither at swimming nor at rescuing people from danger. Though perhaps Lady Regla is, for the expedition to come." He looks aside to Regla.

"I'm not entirely certain that I should commit to full invasion, Your Majesty. It probably would not go well, I'm not sure who it wouldn't go well for, but probably not for someone." Regi replies with a grin, shaking her head a bit before she looks over at Aiden at Wash's story, brows lifting, "Oh, yeah, hitting your head is usually a bad idea." She pauses, then shrugs, "I hope that I am, if not, it might be a bit awkward if things go badly."

Aiden looks suddenly a little uncomfortable by the blunt ask if he knew how to swim and his cheeks heat up, especially for the story provided by Wash. His eyes flick to Regal and his cheeks darken a bit more. Complete composure is not out of the window but he is looking at least embarrassed by the story given to them, "I really don't recall what happened, to be honest." He nods in short to Calarian's words, "If I had more funds for a proper helm..." He suggests, and nods to the remainder, turning his gaze to Regla, "My ribs hurt worse when I did awake. I don't know ... exactly what happened." Eyes on Wash, brow lifted.

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