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Public channel GM Q&A

This will be a few hours blocked out to answer questions on Public channel about theme and setting, metaplot, whatever!


July 17, 2017, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Apostate Hellfrog




Hellfrog's Dynamic GMing Room <OOC Room>

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Comments and Log

[Public] Apostate: Hi guys!

[Public] Hellfrog: Ok guys, for the duration of the event please keep non-Q&A related chatter off the pub chan.

[Public] Lou comes to lurk as she reads story stuff :)

[Public] Hellfrog: You can ask whatever you like, though I can't promise everything will have answers we can share. BUt I wanted to start out with some things people can do that they might not realize.

[Public] Margot: do we know what sort of impacts the dominion system will have? Will it alter our current incomes?

[Public] Apostate: So we were pretty much going to talk about season 1, season 2 and where the story was going, and just answer any general questions for anything that comes up, Hellfrog going over some of the things that we all feel would be helpful to know.

[Public] Margot: will we have to like do things weekly to upkeep or will it be automated?

[Public] Margot: ah story stuff? The story's awesome. :)

[Public] Octavia: My main question is "is there any word on when +crime will be implemented?"

[Public] Hellfrog: So, because there's SO MUCH investigation and vision writing going on, naturally some things are 'foreshadowing'. Not everything hinted at is going to be an immediate threat, but if there is some sort of personal project you have in mind for your character, like as long as it's setting-appropriate and isn't stepping on other PCs or ending their stories, we are going to get behind that for you! OVerthrowing NPC leaders of your org, throwing your resources behind civic works or revenge, etc.

[Public] Apostate: About Dominion, we generally speaking really do not like to have systems that punish people for failing to address things, so much as reward activity, because we don't want people feeling like they get screwed over because they can't login or something comes up, so more than likely it'll have a lot of active things you do that can modify a domain upwards that will then continue on, rather than 'this is in crisis, address it or things go terribly'

[Public] Hellfrog: Octavia - when it's done. :)

[Public] Margot: oh I am so relieved Apo.

[Public] Orazio: Oo. So more 'opportunities to exploit' than 'traps to avoid/address'?

[Public] Octavia: Okay, so not really certain yet? I know I'm chomping at the bit, but it's relevant to my interests.

[Public] Apostate: Yea can't really give an ETA on coded systems, save that it is Tehom's current focus

[Public] Apostate: Right Orazio

[Public] Margot: are we still planning to have season 2 start begining of august?

[Public] Aiden: To the story part, would we submit our project in a request, or storyrequest... or how do we tell you what we envision? What's the best method?

[Public] Hellfrog: Margot - yup!

[Public] Aiden is still trying to get a handle on what's appropriate to submit and what we can do with a player group.
[Public] Hellfrog: Aiden- Storyrequest is what you use when you want some GM resolution and backing for your personal plot/ideas. I'll be posting a storyrequest guide...shortly? I've been super sick.
[Public] Aureth: Sickie Frog :(
[Public] Magpie: Do you guys prefer +request or @askstaff when it comes to asking questions that aren't urgent?

[Public] Magpie: Sorry you've been sick, HF :(
[Public] Aureth: You can also get together with a player GM and have them submit a prprequest and staffers will help with metaplot details etc for the PRP
[Public] Mydas: I've grown rather confused as to what should be done via +storyrequests and what should be @investigate. Any general guidelines as to what goes where?
[Public] Olivia ^ this is one of my biggest things, like I have plot 'ins' but I do not really no how to address them often

[Public] Orazio: Setting question (low priority): What little trade we have with Eurusi/Cardia/etc. comes through intermediaries in the...Saffron Chain, correct? Is there a sovereign power involved there, or just a lot of little privateer/trade enclaves?

Apostate says, "
[Public] Mia: Is there any sort of guide as to what happened in Season 1 so far, for those of us just joining?
[Public] Mira: Are there things you'd like us not to reach for in Season 2? Or is the sky the limit?
[Public] Apostate: Anytime you are trying to find out information, Investigation. Anytime you are trying to change the world around you, that could potentially yield information but may not be the focus of the action, storyaction
[Public] Octavia: Aislin has a story writeup, I think Hellfrog does too
[Public] Hellfrog: Aiden- @investigate is always going to roll your investigation and perception. It is for when you want information on a subject. Storyrequest is more for something you'd like to DO. Like, "I want to know more about Cardia" vs "i want to send scouts to cardia". (please don't send scouts to Cardia)
[Public] Reese: I wonder if this conversation be logged on posted on the website. I read and process things a bit more slowly than some, but would like to read it lately at my slow pace.
[Public] Magpie: I can send you the log later, Reese
[Public] Apostate: This will go on the website soon with a big writeup, but yes for a season 1 recap-
[Public] Reese: Thank you Magpie :)
[Public] Aiden nods. I appreciate the answer on that. Thank you, I'll try to be wiser in my own requests going forward!
[Public] Darren: So there is a lot of information that comes in through visions and story requests. Is there a main focus for this Season, without giving anything major away? And if there IS a main focus for the season (a specific "big bad"), what about the other stuff that we've gotten wind of? Will that just progress in the subsequent seasons?
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio - yes, that's right, it comes through the Saffron isles, and they are essentially peopled with "shavs". There are some larger conglomorates of peoples there, but I don't think anyone's really investigated their heirarchies yet.
[Public] Orazio: Excellent. Thank you!"

[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - yes. Season 2's initial focus (as we have it planned) is about the Despite of Fable and magic.
[Public] Dafne cheers quietly.
[Public] Aureth: How different did season 1 end up being from how you planned? >.>
[Public] Hellfrog: Reese - yes, we are logging this.

[Public] Hellfrog: Aureth- wow. SO different. Wow.
[Public] Reese: Awesome, thank you.
[Public] Aleksei: Just wait until we make a treaty with Fable next
[Public] Mira scuffs foot.
[Public] Merek: A question, if we want to attempt to get a vision, is that Storyrequest?
[Public] Hellfrog: We thought probably people would want to wipe out the nox, not help pay the teind. We had another antagonist in the wings that we scrapped. etc.
[Public] Cara: I'm so glad to have played a little part in derailing Season 1.
[Public] Hellfrog: Merek - yes, if you want to pray or something.
[Public] Aleksei: Just wait until we make a treaty with Fable next
[Public] Mira scuffs foot.
[Public] Merek: A question, if we want to attempt to get a vision, is that Storyrequest?
[Public] Hellfrog: We thought probably people would want to wipe out the nox, not help pay the teind. We had another antagonist in the wings that we scrapped. etc.
[Public] Cara: I'm so glad to have played a little part in derailing Season 1.
[Public] Hellfrog: Merek - yes, if you want to pray or something.
[Public] Aleksei: 'Doing something' beyond 'looking into X topic', yeah
[Public] Caelis: So, if you wanted to get more information on something from a vision, is that a story request or an investigation?
[Public] Corrigan: As a noob, anyone want to enlighten me on 'Despite of Fable'? Apologies for the interruption.
[Public] Hellfrog: Caelis - you answered your own question! If you want information, that's investigate. If you want to take action, that's a storyrequest :)
[Public] Mira: Question: With the advance in Magical knowledge, are we advancing in Mechanical knowledge as well? There isn't really an Engineering skill at the moment.
[Public] Magpie: that's IC stuff, Corrigan
[Public] Merek: I think staff has said we'll not be mechanically advancing.

[Public] Hellfrog: No problem, Corrigan - and there will be minor spoilers in this talk, so if that bugs you then flee! I think most PCs would be somewhat familiar with the idea that there has been a lot of knowledge just...lost. Records, journals, even some peoples' entire lives just vanish, with no memory remaining. That's what I mean by the Despite of Fable.
[Public] Aleksei: Caelis, I know someone got a vision that included an unfamiliar name, for example. And they were like, I want to know about that person/whoever that is. So then they did an @investigate with that name as the topic, etc. Just as an example.
[Public] Merek: Though it'd be interesting to know for sure what level that stands at.
[Public] Hellfrog: There could be some technological advances, but we're never going to GM a mechanical/gunpowder society, it just doesn't interest us.
[Public] Merek: So advancement of siege weaponry and advancement of that nature is still possible, basically, as long as it doesn't get into anything crazy.
[Public] Darren: Hellfrog - how can Facleaders help facilitate the story going forward? Is there something specific we can be doing more of, or doing better? I know I try to have dinners with the fealty where I give them threads to follow. Is there anything else I can be doing to get Redrain involved?
[Public] Mydas: OCs are only to be created after the end of the break, correct? I got mixed reports on that matter.
[Public] Hellfrog: Mydas- correct
[Public] Darren: Hellfrog - how can Facleaders help facilitate the story going forward? Is there something specific we can be doing more of, or doing better? I know I try to have dinners with the fealty where I give them threads to follow. Is there anything else I can be doing to get Redrain involved?
[Public] Mydas: OCs are only to be created after the end of the break, correct? I got mixed reports on that matter.
[Public] Hellfrog: Mydas- correct

[Public] Estaban: OCs?
[Public] Aleksei: Original Characters. As opposed to Rosters.
[Public] Octavia: Seconded Darren's question. I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to help kickstart the season.
[Public] Orazio: That's an excellent question, Darren!
[Public] Aiden: If there aren't any volunteers to player GM, can we ask staff?
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - we can try to brainstorm on a more one on one basis some other time for specifics, but in general: find out what interests the people in your faction, and enable them! Give them resources, hook them up with others who share their interest, etc. What I really want from leadership characters is just to always be thinking, ooc, about enabling and creating rp instead of shutting people down. Sometimes you can't help it, but that should always be the end of a process of critical thinking.
[Public] Darren: I have the best questions!
[Public] Mira: Are there any really annoying things we can try to avoid doing to make your lives easier?

[Public] Darren: Thank you Hellfrog for that answer :)

[Public] Hellfrog: Mira - hmm. That's a tough one. Hard to think of something off the top of my head besides "be more considerate of people in leadership positions/people who are doing things you aren't doing". I think it's far too easy to fall into the trap of choosing negative IC reactions to them, or choosing to be resentful IC of them. Just don't do that. If you are upset about something OOC, that's something I'd caution a lot of editing in your IC reaction to. Channel your energy into reaching out to learn more about a plot thread YOU want for your character.
[Public] Freja: ^^ That.
[Public] Hellfrog: because people pulling those threads are what derailed our season 1 plot, and it was great! It's great when it's collaborative, and you guys throw us curve balls by being engaged and enthused.
[Public] Hellfrog: I love engaged, enthused players. So happy!
[Public] Apostate: Mira, my largest issue that I didn't expect was players jumping into IC conflict that is ultimately rooted in ooc annoyance. It's basically zero fun for anyone involved. Generally speaking, I think it is better for anyone, if they aren't having fun rping a conflict, to avoid it at all costs. Pretty much no one enjoys it, I think conflict with solid reasons that's interesting for both parties is always a great time, while people feeling slighted ooc and decide to declare war over it is soul crushingly awful

[Public] Mira: Sounds like good advice. ^_^
[Public] Aleksei: Yeah, it's really rough when you happily share some clues or lore or story with someone and they turn around like "why didn't you share this sooner" or "what else are you hiding from me." There's SO much story going around, and everyone has limited time, and sometimes there's LOTS of IC reason to be circumspect about stuff. It doesn't encourage anyone to share fun when the reaction turns back around negative.
[Public] Reese: That sounds like good advice to me. Will try to remember that. Yays for logs, so I can reread it too.
[Public] Aureth: fingerguns
[Public] Cesare: As far as musical technology goes is there a particular era/earth location analogue for musical instruments?
[Public] Orazio: Delicate question: PVP elements. You've said before that you don't want PCs stepping on others' funs or ending PCs' stories. But, at the same time, there are, I gather, some PCs who are actively aligned with...extremely hostile factions. Will staff help us find ways to deal with PCs whose actions have put them exceptionally at odds with the IC Compact or parts thereof? Without having to kill/run off PCs, and I know we don't ICly imprison people.
[Public] Merek: I mean to me, that'd depend if it's their IC or OOC reaction Aleksei.
[Public] Hellfrog: Right, so in short, don't worry about annoying us by getting involved. That's never going to get us annoyed! Just be considerate of your fellow players. Give them all the benefit of the doubt you would want, and that will make our lives ten times easier. :)
[Public] Reese: Do we slowly auto heal? I wonder this one cause walking around injured. I like that we can't self heal now though, cause more for healers to do.
[Public] Mailys: I heard it can get worse
[Public] Aureth: IC and OOC reactions are not always as separate as one might ideally prefer.
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio - any PCs involved with 'extremely hostile factions' are told going into it that they are on team evil and thus have to be prepared to have their character's stories ended if they are found out. By either their superiors, or the PCs.
[Public] Edain: We do slowly heal but it can sometimes get worse. After my beating from Victus there were several days that it got worse before I got better.
[Public] Apostate: By design, no one person can (or should be able to) gate the plot. There's -18- secret orgs, guys. There's probably more going on than even the most tied in player has any idea about.
[Public] Apostate: (yes I had to count)
[Public] Cara: You missed one
[Public] Hellfrog: We don't just thrust people into that alignment. They choose it! So, generally speaking if you have evidence (ICly obtained, legit evidence) that someone is working against the good of humanity? don't worry much about ending that particular story. It's fine to react to that IC
[Public] Magpie: There's no IC prison?

[Public] Reese recovering from her duel with Victus too.
[Public] Orazio nods to Hellfrog. "I'm sure! I guess my question is more - if we discover one of these PCs, and would like to find a way to deal with it that doesn't involve trying to murderize anyone, can we poke staff for help with brainstorming?"
[Public] Cara runs.
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio - of course! yes yes yes. We are here. Ask us for advice if you aren't sure.
[Public] Orazio: Thank you!
[Public] Corrigan: *dur... Sorry, hammock phone client.
[Public] Darren: So. This is likely a stupid question, but with the secret orgs. Are these open to anybody, assuming you do the RP? Or do you prefer high profile people (like facheads, yes I'm talking about myself) stay away from those storylines?

[Public] Merek: Are these secret org folk expected to put up stopping blocks and create RP for the 'good' aligned characters rather than end their stories?
[Public] Orazio: Magpie, my understanding (which may be flawed!) is that Compact culture is not one that's big on long-term imprisonment - you might be held for trial, but afterwards, you're not going to be locked up for years.
[Public] Dafne believes there are good-aligned secret orgs, too! And if Apos wasn't including those in his count, I'm scared.
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - they are, very generally speaking, open to anyone. There are exceptions, because these are all orgs with goals and fleshed out characters who might not agree with the way you play your PC.
[Public] Aleksei: Lol. I assumed the count was both good and evil orgs, Daf.
[Public] Apostate: They accounted for... 3. 5 depending on how you look at them.
[Public] Olivia: Now I'm sad I'm in zero secret orgs :(
[Public] Orazio patpats Olivia.
[Public] Dafne: I had a sudden vision of 18 evil secret orgs and started counting shadows.
[Public] Aleksei: are they smiling
[Public] Apostate: Team Morally Ambiguous is by far and away teh largest
[Public] Darren: Worry not, Dafne. There's only 15 evil secret orgs :P
[Public] Hellfrog: magpie - Yeah, the compact is mostly not about like, life imprisonment. Waste of resources. if you have done something so bad a harsh fine or some other poetic justic punishment won't account for, they default to death/exile before 'life in prison'
[Public] Dafne: 13-15 not really any better.
[Public] Magpie: Gotcha, thanks
[Public] Reese: and they got no cake and rum in prison either when you do go.
[Public] Merek sits patiently for answer, and debates # of orgs.

[Public] Estaban: I mean the Iron Guard has cells but they are not meant for long term holding I believe.
[Public] Darren: How will magic be dealt with? Are there multiple avenues to getting magic? Is it expected that most PCs will at some point get magic?
[Public] Darren: (sorry for the rapid fire questons, they just go together)
[Public] Magpie has spent a night or two in Iron Guard cells. Tis true. (I did get a donut in the morning on release, so there's that)
[Public] Hellfrog: Merek - I don't think I understand the question. Secret orgs are run by GMs, and we are always trying to create rp instead of end stories. Estaban - right, those are for 'holding' until people in charge decide what to do with rabble rousers.
[Public] Apostate: Fully coded system, yep and yep to varying degrees.
[Public] Dafne: (Yay for Team Morally Ambiguous! Ambiguity is always fun.)
[Public] Octavia: Magpie: What Hellfrog said. You might spend a night or maybe a week in the Iron Guard cell, but you're either going to be fined or executed at some point. I've seen characters spend months in IC prison, it's not fun for anybody.
[Public] Aleksei: Merek, was your question basically wondering if Team Evil PCs should expect the possibility of death maybe from other PCs if discovered while Team Good PCs should expect roadblocks but not so much PVP death from Team Evil PCs?
[Public] Mydas: Any details on how magic is intended to be implemented, on the subject of xp cost and preventing characters from being combat gods as much as magic gods, or is being both viable, or some such?
[Public] Olivia: I do kind of wonder at Darren's thing! Like I've been told of some of those things but again it's not having much clue how to pursue it. I think my biggest anxiety on the game is that I have 'Cool Things' with this character but I'm not properly utilizing them/forwarding that story and I'm not sure how to do more.
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - There are multiple avenues, for sure! All PCs will have the potential for magical ability. If you're a PC, you are one of the snowflakes that can become a mage or an adept. However, it's not mandatory. You can totally choose to RP you don't have that potential. So say if you want to learn magic but you are not aligned with, say, the good witch of the west, maybe you can talk the Nox'Alfar into teaching you blood magic.
[Public] Mydas: Also curious by the point raised by Aleksei. If we can call out evil PCs and make them risk death, are we at similar risk from retaliation from team evil?

[Public] Hellfrog: Mydas - you are not safe in this world.
[Public] Hellfrog: All character death is basically vetted by us, but there's no guarantee of safety.
[Public] Mydas nods. Fair enough.
[Public] Octavia: And now I'm remembering that shitty old ytmnd meme
[Public] Orazio: I remember hearing that magic was going to use a separate XP/advancement system. Is that still the case?
[Public] Hellfrog: Also Mydas - we are going to have a special resource for learning magic, that will be unlocked at a certain time for everyone, and will only come at a fixed rate for everyone, I think. Our magic system design is subject to change.
[Public] Calaudrin: In regards to investigations again, what's the chances of a person investigating something an instead of getting a clue, getting uh, death? Or is that something that's kind of variable?
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio ^
[Public] Orazio: Oo! Thank you, HF!
[Public] Mydas: Good to hear! Thanks for the answers!
[Public] Darren: So there will be no one getting magic before the time is there? I.E. Magic is released for all, not for specific groups?
[Public] Corrigan: Magic is evil. *questions, harshly*
[Public] Thena: Yeah, like, will learning something from an investigation kill you? Or only if you do something dumb with your information?
[Public] Hellfrog: Calaudrin - you are very unlikely to get death from an investigation, as long as you aren't investigating what happens if you tie a weight to your ankle and jump in the sea. Again, we aren't usually trying to end stories, from a GM perspective.

[Public] Thena sighs, unties weight.
[Public] Octavia: I'd almost think that some people might have limited magic /now/.
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - that's right in that the resource that will let you learn magical skills will not be given to anyone before anyone else. Now. We might require you learn magic from an actual teacher, which would be a gate of sorts. Again. Subject to change.
[Public] Calaudrin laughs Thank you, Hellfrog. :) And I'll try not to do that!
[Public] Edain doesn't know if this is spoilery, but I get the distinct impression certain things literally keep us from being able to work magic right now even if we wanted too.
[Public] Apostate: Where I as a GM take the gloves off is somethign that's clearly antagonistic. Someone is, 'I want to investigate the dark secret behind bob so he can be executed, and see if I can pin the connection to Demon Lord Fred on him'. Yeah that shit might get someone killed
[Public] Olivia: I mean, some people ICly definitely have/do things that are not normal.
[Public] Merek: Ya, that's what I was asking Aleksei.
[Public] Calypso: With the mantra of not trying to end stories, but the philosophy of good vs evil. How do you handle the clash where one is constantly trying to eliminate the other with out ending stories?
[Public] Hellfrog: Yes, Edain. Currently no PC can just work magic on their own. But yes, some people are not strictly normal.
[Public] Orazio: I gather that some people have done something magicky, but that it's very inconsistent/uncontrollable/dangerous.

[Public] Merek: But if they're mostly GM orgs I can see less... Well, crazy stuff.
[Public] Merek: I just see so many PC death emits that it freaks me out at the randomness of some of them.
[Public] Aleksei: I really don't think any of them are random
[Public] Edain is as normal as it gets, save maybe a bit of an obsession with maple syrup and bacon.. but these things are normal!
[Public] Aureth: No PC deaths are random.
[Public] Hellfrog: There is no PC that has access to magic they can just work on their own. And don't freak out when you don't know details. The vast, vast majority of PC deaths are asked for by the players.
[Public] Hellfrog: like. 97% or something
[Public] Orazio: I think we've only had...two that weren't voluntary deaths by the players?
[Public] Apostate: The only one that I can think of that was sheer bad luck, 'well he got stepped on by a demon' was poor Narciso. Random combat death
[Public] Aleksei: They may /look/ random, but that's just because you don't know the whole story/all the details behind it
[Public] Aleksei: RIP Narciso :(
[Public] Merek: Makes sense.
[Public] Dafne: Poor Narciso. That was terrible luck :(
[Public] Khanne: Poor Narc :( *pours out some whiskey - "one for my homie"
[Public] Mydas: Man, those corrupted inquisitors sure hit hard
[Public] Merek: Though I suppose most of them happen when players are quitting characters or RPed into a very bad situation.

[Public] Hellfrog: Don't think too hard about it. Trying to see behind the curtain like that can kill your immersion. Just trust that we are definitely not killing PCs at random.
[Public] Aureth: There are a lot of reasons to choose death as an ending for your character.
[Public] Corrigan: The way people die is often much more interesting than the way they lived. It makes for good storytelling.
[Public] Darren: On that note, Hellfrog, if a teacher is involved, I take it there will be multiple teachers? Just in case one of them don't like you for RP reasons and you don't bar yourself from getting magic?
[Public] Hellfrog: Yes, Darren.
[Public] Darren: Sweet, thanks
[Public] Orazio: Oh, and since we're talking magic, and the setting: Despite all the Important Events, most NPCs are still ardent disbelievers in magic's existence, as I understand it?

[Public] Apostate: Now to be honest a whole lot of the deaths that appear to be quitting were, 'Well, I screwed up and I'm gonna die from my choices. I quit'
[Public] Reese: I am sad that Narciso died, but I do like coded deaths. I don't want Reese to die, but I like that idea that if she doesn something dangerous, she can die - cause the danger becomes more meaningful and interesting, so I like it.
[Public] Aleksei tiny lol
[Public] Merek: I think most PCs don't even believe the Bringers were real, let alone magic.
[Public] Orazio nodnods to Reese. "I feel the same way."
[Public] Hellfrog: NPCs still mostly do not believe in magic at all. And yeah, I agree. I am the one always pushing for more risk in the code. So blame me!
[Public] Olivia: Weren't there... giants attacking the city though? I was not here for it but my understanding is that there was visible weirdness.
[Public] Calypso: With the mantra of not trying to end stories, but the philosophy of good vs evil. How do you handle the clash where one is constantly trying to eliminate the other with out ending stories? (I feel like this got missed in the stream of chatter. Posting again just in case.)
[Public] Apostate: Yeah Orazio. And the crisis will be getting a massive value that actions will chip away at in updates (or raise if things go bad)
[Public] Aureth: I'll blame you when I die, HF
[Public] Hellfrog: Tehom and Apos are the nice ones. I just think that without real danger, there's -again - damaged immersion
[Public] Mira probably has a shelf life, honestly. >.>
[Public] Octavia: Remember when Bringers blew a huge hole in the wall? Thrax remembers.
[Public] Darren: What is the current NPC response to elves? Seeing as they are like. Here. IN the city?
[Public] Caelis: Danger is the most fun. Is Season 2 going to be more dangerous?
[Public] Merek: There's an IC reason no one remembers.
[Public] Mydas: Well, from experience, losing the character after 2 weeks wasn't that fun. But you get over it.
[Public] Edain: on a slightly related but probably more of a tehom thing.. for people that want to be more Batman than Doctor Fate... will there be things like combat styles alchemy and other things for those that for whatever reason reason, my IC character, believes or OOC desire to do something different, be 'options' to give them something to hold their own against more magical players, from a game balance stand point?
[Public] Thena absolutely has a shelf life XD
[Public] Estaban: Me to Reese kind of like when I dived into Aiden to keep him from being smashed on the Sea Gate I knew the risk but it was fun.
[Public] Orazio: Most NPCs will never meet an elf, I imagine. Or, for that matter, a High Lord. :p
[Public] Calaudrin: No, Thena!
[Public] Darren: Are you saying the NPCs don't believe I exist?! :P
[Public] Reese nodsnos.that was an awesome moment, Estaban.
[Public] Hellfrog: Calypso - that clash doesn't really exist, from a storytelling perspective. It's something we hear OOC that we try to correct, though. We - the staffers - run team evil. We run it, we recruit for it, we control it. We do NOT recruit PCs and give them the directive to go out and murder PCs. We just don't.
[Public] Octavia: ^edain. I'd like to know if there's going to be a 'linear fighters/geometric wizards' problem
[Public] Aureth: I feel like the danger level has upped since the code changes

[Public] Hellfrog: Edain, there will be 'adepts', which are basically fighters who enhance their abilities with inwardly focused magic. Think Garen, vs Lux. :D

[Public] Sparte shakes pom poms for team protagonist.
[Public] Mira appreciates the razor's edge danger potential. It would be boring otherwise!
[Public] Skapti: From my perspective the few orgs I've seen that have PCs that could have been evil are really more... 'Morally ambiguous, with ends that aren't the same as the whole of the compact, but not evil'.
[Public] Orazio: Ooo! Like phys adepts from Shadowrun.
[Public] Apostate: For those who are curious, the biggest influence on our take on magic for me and Tehom in terms of design is earthdawn
[Public] Edain nods, "I remember Tehom saying that Earthdawn was a big influence for some of things he had planed, so I think I have a good visual picture of how that might work."
[Public] Merek: Will mana play a big part in magic?
[Public] Hellfrog: we call the fuel of magic primum, and yes, it is essential to magic.
[Public] Mira stares at Apostate, "Do names have power??"
[Public] Aureth: I think he's probably asking about the mana stat
[Public] Merek: Yes.
[Public] Freja: Or Adepts like in Shadowrun.
[Public] Calypso: And the flip side where Team Good exists to root out evil? Is that ok to end the evil sides story? PC or NPC alike?
[Public] Mailys: I don't know what Earthdawn is

[Public] Merek: That's why no one IC names demons.
[Public] Hellfrog: Also: i have no idea what earthdawn even is, and I am also very loud and opinionated about magic. :)
[Public] Hellfrog: Oh! The mana stat. Yes.
[Public] Edain: Earthdawn was Exalted before Exalted was Exalted Hellfrog.
[Public] Hellfrog also doesn't know exalted. Heeee
[Public] Caelis: Exalted is delightful
[Public] Apostate: Ars Magica, Earthdawn are two of my favorite systems so you can see influences
[Public] Aleksei: Calypso, they did say earlier that Team Evil PCs are told to accept the possibility of being found out and taken down by Team Good PCs
[Public] Calista seconds, HF.
[Public] Octavia: Exalted is /ridiculous/
[Public] Mira loves Exalted! And Earthdawn!

Apostate says, "
[Public] Hellfrog: Having a mana stat at all that isn't 0 is indication you are able to touch magic.
[Public] Orazio: Exalted is...ambitious, but deeply flawed. *ducks, runs*
[Public] Calypso: Was not here for that. Thanks Aleksei!
[Public] Olivia: Yeah I was wondering about the mana thing. Staff rolled it for me on one of my very first rolls, having no idea what I was doing, and I failed spectacularly with my starter stats. So I do kind of wonder at figuring out what stats are proper for that kind of a character focus.
[Public] Samantha: Which is a thing that happened! Chanse, e.g.
[Public] Octavia: Isn't having a mana stat of zero like being a black hole?
[Public] Merek: It's basically like having no soul.
[Public] Merek: As I read it.
[Public] Aleksei: Well, Chanse was an NPC
[Public] Hellfrog: Olivia - that's a very ooc concern. Your character has no idea how to go about raising their mana stat.
[Public] Leona: and the server crashes to a halt as we all check our mana stat
[Public] Olivia: Right? But we can, can't we?
[Public] Olivia: Like people are capable of teaching mana/luck/wp, right?
[Public] Merek: Yes.
[Public] Mydas: Mana can be raised like any other stat.
[Public] Hellfrog: hmmm
[Public] Mira: If Mana is your soul, what *is* Luck anyway?
[Public] Olivia: So that's my confusion I guess. Is it proper to be raising those things or other things or what!
[Public] Sparte has training plans for mana and luck.
[Public] Merek: You just wouldn't really be telling people you're training your soul though.
[Public] Corrigan: More important. =)
[Public] Leta: I have no idea how you'd RP a teaching session for luck, but it sounds like a fun challenge.
[Public] Olivia: It's OOC, but we only have so much XP so some degree of prioritizing is important.
[Public] Orazio: Leta, toss knives at them while they're blindfolded.
[Public] Calaudrin: Excessive gambling
[Public] Octavia: "No you just need to let go and let it happen, Leta. You're trying too hard."
[Public] Leta: "Ow!" "You didn't believe in yourself! Believe harder!"
[Public] Olivia: There is no try!"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Octavia: "Your eyes decieve you, do not trust them."
[Public] Samantha: I have a question about elves and bloodlines - the Graysons in particular have elven blood, and some are probably more directly related than others - will there be any kind of element involving how elven and human biologies intermix? Esp. with Alaric marrying a fullblooded one.
[Public] Aleksei: No one's ever asked me for Luck training but I've always kind of figured I'd decline ICly with a general 'I have no idea how to teach that, I'm just that way naturally'
[Public] Abbas: Are Houses supposed to be 'good'. Post Donrai is it possible for a House to be basically team evil? Or does the 'Compact' have plot armor?
[Public] Shard: Raise it to 10 and then visit all the casinos. This is what New Vegas taught me."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Sparte thinks that plan sounds speciaL.
[Public] Hellfrog: Samantha - yeah, some people have found info on the mixing of those races, and the results. You could definitely investigate it!
[Public] Leta: I've done training sessions that weren't really -deliberate- training sessions. They fulfilled the same role, but it wasn't a deliberate 'Now I will teach you this thing.' moment.
[Public] Estaban does have a question, with the visions my alt gets and such as of now staff rolls her dice, once magic is put it would that be left to me to roll or will staff always roll it for me?
[Public] Mira: Embrace your hatred, Abbas. Give yourself to the dark side.
[Public] Hellfrog: There are no houses that are 'Team Evil", as such. All Great Houses are members of the compact, and thus on the side of the compact"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Merek: Oh! Occult and Theology got file updates!
[Public] Margot: are there plans to ever have PCs of other races?
[Public] Merek: Sexy!
[Public] Olivia goes and reads those...
[Public] Orazio: There will eventually be mass combat code, right? Will that be exclusively Compact vs. Environment, or do you anticipate things which warrant House vs. House conflict?"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Olivia: Because that again fits into the whole 'what to buy as a potentially mystically-focused person' question!
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio - dominion should allow for war like that, between houses.
[Public] Darren: Hellfrog, how do you see the Great Houses changing as the story progresses? I mean we've already seen substantial change in House Thrax and some of their more 'unthemely' elements changing rapidly. What are your plans for the Great Houses?
[Public] Hellfrog: Margot - no. We don't have the staff/lore support to set up non human PCs.
[Public] Apostate: Yes, dominion would let people actually conquer one another's domains if they wanted to really badly without staff involvement at all
[Public] Aureth: Thrax changes have been pc motivated
[Public] Mira: Question: Golems, Automatons, and Magic-Powered Items--are these possible? Also, will we ever have small gears?"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Orazio: Thank you, HF and Apos!
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren - We didn't really plan the things that have already happened. I personally don't have plans for the political climate of Arx, beyond course corrections. I don't think railroading politics is fun, and that's something pcs should be able to change.
[Public] Mydas: Pretty sure I've seen some forms of automatons running about as messengers.
[Public] Abbas did his share of Thrax changes on his own. Nothing to do with staff. Not prompted or pushed by staff at all. FYI."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Freja: So, does that mean Redrain Fealty has to worry about other people coming and annexing our lands? Or will it be more smaller, like vassal against vassal? Because we're smaller PC wise and that just...kinda blows :(
[Public] Hellfrog: Mira - there are some magical automatons. They have small gears! Perhaps a pc could get the skill to make those, someday.
[Public] Aleksei: You're not smaller @domain wise, though, Freja
[Public] Audric: I very much doubt you'll be able to overrun someone just by having more Pcs
[Public] Orazio thinks mass combat would work off your domain stats, not PC numbers, yeah.
[Public] Mira: Ooo, thanks."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Freja: I was asking staff, Aleksei.
[Public] Hellfrog: Aleksei is right though. Dominion and orgs are all about NPCs.
[Public] Freja: I mean active player wise, I know what our lands and domain are. I am curious how domain will work? RL is kind of limited for me now and my concern is how much maintenance it requires.
[Public] Hellfrog: You have a lot of NPCs in the org despite active pc count. The two aren't proportional.
[Public] Orazio: Although, and this gets wargame-geeky, I do wonder if mass combat will take into account environmental factors like mountainous terrain, weather issues, and/or specialized training? ('No' is a fine answer! Just curious, because some domains are set up to be /very/ difficult to invade.)
[Public] Apostate: Freja, while PCs are important, there's a matter of scale. Redrain is -not- smaller military or in population. Sure, players can effect the rate of change of things through dominion but it's not going to be like, 'my land of 3 million people has four more guys that are really good at commanding than yours so your barony of 100 people can take us out.' No, there are raw numbers to consider and I'm strongly opposed to systems that make those invalid"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Mailys: On any game.. I go in with the thought that PCs are just characters tht some how stand out, even when hey are made to not stand out
[Public] Magpie: Are you guys planning a weather system at all?
[Public] Hellfrog: A weather system would be cool but we have 2 coders and one billion systems on their plate ahead of that.
[Public] Freja: I would still prefer an answer from staff when it is a GM hour on a public channel. And thanks! That helps squash some of my fears about that. I just didn't want to be penalized for not having as many active characters as say...Velenosa?
[Public] Darren: On Freja's question, how can we combat the raw power of bigger factions that are able to gather more economic resources? I know I feel pretty far behind in the game, as Redrain does not have a ton of active PCs generating tasks.
[Public] Hellfrog: Crime, exploration, dominion, magic...
[Public] Mira: If I amass 6000 economic writs, can I establish a new house? Even though I'm a commoner?
[Public] Estaban had to step away sorry did I miss a answer to my question?
[Public] Sparte: Is tonight Reddit AMA night?
[Public] Cara: It's staff Q&A, Sparte, yes. :)
[Public] Octavia: AHA/AAA
[Public] Hellfrog: No, yeah, no one has as many active pcs as the velenosa fealty, but that's another thing - with fealty on this game, like you would very rarely see people amassing the whole fealty to go to war with another faction in the compact. That would be catastrophic. (Possible! but not to be done lightly)
[Public] Mailys: A new noble house? Or just a house? Like Mirari and I got our house by having enough PCs and roster ides to make it a thing."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Samantha: Could some kind of incentive program or system be brainstormed to encourage people to look toward factions with smaller membership?
[Public] Hellfrog: but each tier of vassals could unite against their liege and outnumber them, for instance.
[Public] Aleksei: They get more starter XP
[Public] Hellfrog: Mira, no you can't just spontaneously be like "we are noble now", if that's what you mean. If that's not what you
[Public] Audric: Feudal systems make it exponentially harder for big groups to eat other big groups but also easier for smaller groups to eat other small groups and get slightly bigger. It's fun!
[Public] Aiden: Could there be an incentive program or list available of those who like being Player GMs?
[Public] Aiden: I imagine with all these visions and stories coming up, it'd be useful to have.
[Public] Reese: I would join the list, I love to run prps."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Aureth: there's a bboard for that, Aiden, as well as @randomscene incentives!
[Public] Orazio would run things, and is currently with some free time!
[Public] Hellfrog: Estaban, if you are putting in storyrequests, we roll the dice.
[Public] Fortunato: I'll also run things on spare evenin's
[Public] Mydas: What is considered thematic in terms of responses to Nox'alfar now being official allies, considering the bloody history between them and humans (but also the history that is slowly being recovered about previous alliances with them)?
[Public] Reese ooos..I would be curious as to Orazio storytelling, his pose are good, so his plots would probably be too! and Fortunato to.
[Public] Darren: I might have missed this (and I apologize) but will the Dominion system allow, say, Velenosa to steal Redrain land?"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Apostate: Aiden, there will be a fully coded GMing system to do that. Crime lays code foundation for that, just like masks laid the foundation for crime and so on and so on
[Public] Aiden nods. I just mean for the long haul if there's something you could ping and it throws back a list of people who are maked OK to GM. Some people don't like it and some people don't like eachother oocly or what not. I just thought it'd be an easier way to get people to collaborate easier. *Thanks Apostate!
[Public] Abbas: Two questions: 1) Can vassals switch to other Houses in dominion? 2) Can I have a ship like the ones on GoT last night? Yasplease? :P
[Public] Mira: Hellfrog, I was just curious. ^_^ Like if people could buy nobility.
[Public] Olivia: Lol those ships.

Apostate says, "
[Public] Hellfrog: Mydas, there's not really a bloody history between the humans and the Nox'alfar, though. They were allies 500 years ago, and left humans of the compact entirely alone until the Compact (was misled into) breaking that treaty and disturbing a life-or-death ritual for them.
[Public] Dafne: I assume if you want nobility, cosy up to the people who can make you noble? Ie, nobles with the land to make new vassals?
[Public] Estaban high fives Abbas!
[Public] Hellfrog: And then, while there was no treaty, they were involved in sometimes violent clashes with humans but that's like...a year.
[Public] Hellfrog: So there has been some violence, but it is all recent violence.
[Public] Mydas: Ah, I was under the impression Nox'alfar were responsible/pointed at in regard to various deaths in regard to PC backgrounds or more recently, the Knights of Solace that were wiped out and such. Has that been changed?
[Public] Mydas: Gotcha, recent violence.
[Public] Olivia, victim of elf violence. Meanieheads.
[Public] Cara: Not changed. You're just mistaken. :P
[Public] Hellfrog: I can't say what people are pointing to in regards to the Knights of Solace. Spoilers.
[Public] Merek: Ya, that was never a thing as I recall.
[Public] Hellfrog: And dafne is right. You could probably bribe someone to make you noble with that amount of resources! who knows.
[Public] Thena shuffles feet awkwardly, hides Knights of Solace tabard.
[Public] Cara: For 5000 econ, I'll make you a baroness.
[Public] Sparte: The Knights of Solace didn't die, they just regenerated as Nox'alfar women.
[Public] Cara holds out hands.
[Public] Hellfrog: abbas 1. do you mean entire vassal houses? I dunno. Apos!? 2. I don't know CAN YOU? (sure)
[Public] Dafne: I'd love that much econ. *checks lands*
[Public] Merek: Purchasing nobility is possible but it's likely to make the ennobling party look very bad if that comes out.
[Public] Mydas: All right, so as far as anyone knows, Nox aren't responsible for anything that might make the Compact resentful towards them?
[Public] Mia: Cara's got the right idea.
[Public] Thena: Sparte, those were not KoS
[Public] Edain: Though Mydas I /can/ see many people not seeing any difference between a Nox'alfar and the Sylv'afar that we were at war with 500 years ago, especially with some much of that history Murky right now.
[Public] Sparte: Or Doctor Who, whichever.
[Public] Morrighan: I was under the impression that attaining nobility as a commoner should be really, really hard to get.
[Public] Merek: Well that's still an IC thing Mydas.
[Public] Apostate: I have let characters slice off land to ennoble people, and there's a shitload of land controlled by abandoned, so gobbling up NPC controlled land will very much be a thing, which then can be used to ennoble people sure. Keep in mind like the whole conquest of Nilanza was essentially storyrequests and PRPs, as one example, and Thrax's domains increased due to the thirteen hammers and so on"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Hellfrog: Mydas - That's not what I said! You can have any IC reaction you want, I just don't want to see it predicated on false info.
[Public] Aureth: there were definitely some people who died to Nox follies during the period of time that there was no treaty and there is every reason to react to that IC
[Public] Mia: Speaking of that, is there a more detailed map of Arvum somewhere?
[Public] Olivia: There are definitely people who have reasons to dislike elves.
[Public] Abbas: 1. Yes, like could say.. Darkwater go Velenosa in dominion? 2. Sweet Magnata, bite on my kraken prow! Yas!
[Public] Hellfrog: The Nox'Alfar are not super great neighbors, and they did murder some of your leaders. it was a misunderstanding, but still.
[Public] Aleksei: I mean, the Nox did kill several High Lords and put the king into a magical coma. So there's certainly stuff the Compact wouldn't like about them! Obviously there's a lot of argument about whether stuff was justified, forgivable due to circumstances, etc.
[Public] Aleksei: hellfrog beat me
[Public] Mydas: Oh no, it's not for the use of IC reaction, ICly Mydas doesn't care. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the Nox and their relationship with the Compact OOCly.
[Public] Hellfrog: OOOH I BEAT YOU
[Public] Mydas nods. Fair enough.
[Public] Merek: 'Mydas doesn't care'.
[Public] Orazio: And they do claim to practice blood magic, which the Faith and Compact are against (even if it isn't real).
[Public] Calista: So it's okay if some of the PC's feel a little weird about welcoming the Nox with open arms because of that incident. Yeah?
[Public] Hellfrog: Mia - nope, that map on the site is all you've got atm. Someday I'll revisit it. Someday.
[Public] Merek: Mydas for High Lord.
[Public] Cara: So, any further hints about Season 2? :) Is winter coming? Should we invest in woolen socks?
[Public] Hellfrog: Of course, Calista.
[Public] Margot: when domain comes online will those of us who have gained territories already (like the Eswynds and such) see that reflected in our domain stats?
[Public] Apostate: Aside from the gorgeous map on the world page, not yet, mostly because I still need to go over every single holding in the game for domain and rework a macro level grid for army movements (oh god kill me)
[Public] Octavia: Abbas: there's also the matter of whether or not their liege would take that well (we wouldn't.)
[Public] Merek: Especially since their treaty allows their embassy to be free of Compact law once you step in it.
[Public] Darren: Oh, tacking on to Margot's question, what about the alliances we've already made through marriages? Will those be reflected?
[Public] Cara: There's information about changing fealties in the Limerance news files.
[Public] Freja: May be mistaken, but if people are ICly given the card of 'your so and so relative' was killed this way by these Nox, they're still going to have feelings of resentment and vendetta? I mean, people were killed in the follies. ICly? Justified to react as so. Just keep it IC I guess.
[Public] Orazio: Serious Question: Apostate, are there any parts of that you could crowdsource so that we could help and you will not need booze?
[Public] Hellfrog: Ok, let me just correct that: They will be free of compact law to a degree. if they are murdering people, of course the compact is going to oust them and put them to the sword.
[Public] Freja: In response to Nox reactions.
[Public] Mia: Sorry for the question; I just had someone recommend RPing with Mia's terriorial neighbors and I realized I have no idea who that is or where to find it.
[Public] Sparte: Serious question: Could we possibly see or work towards the rise of an NPC noble house that doesn't have any PC members? Say, one made of animals.
[Public] Apostate: Season 2 will be titled, "Heroes and Other Fables." The first chapter is "A Fable Of Peace." I think you can draw inferences from the names.
[Public] Hellfrog: Like, assume rationality in your leaders, guys.
[Public] Aleksei: Merek, that's the case for all the Great House Wards, too. The Wards are considered to belong to their respective Great Houses and follow that fealty's laws, etc.
[Public] Cara: TY, Apos!
[Public] Hellfrog: Sparte, you can work towards ennobling animals if you want. You will ICly be seen as a lunatic, most likely.
[Public] Sparte: Serious question: Could we possibly see or work towards the rise of an NPC noble house that doesn't have any PC members? Say, one made of animals.
[Public] Apostate: Season 2 will be titled, "Heroes and Other Fables." The first chapter is "A Fable Of Peace." I think you can draw inferences from the names.
[Public] Hellfrog: Like, assume rationality in your leaders, guys.
[Public] Aleksei: Merek, that's the case for all the Great House Wards, too. The Wards are considered to belong to their respective Great Houses and follow that fealty's laws, etc.
[Public] Cara: TY, Apos!
[Public] Hellfrog: Sparte, you can work towards ennobling animals if you want. You will ICly be seen as a lunatic, most likely."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Aleksei: Like I think that Thrax has thralls in their Ward but technically outside of it slavery is illegal so they don't generally bring them out?
[Public] Fortunato: A story of peace, a nice dream. A false lull, perhaps, perhaps.
[Public] Mira: Ahhh! I was going to make a Fable II joke, then I realized it's true and not a joke!
[Public] Octavia: that's just crazy talk, there are no thralls in the Thrax ward. They all died during the Silent War
[Public] Apostate: Mia, just @finger Mia and see the orgs you are in, and who is in your orgs for the fealty chain. Basically you'd rp with deepwood, bisland, grayson. But yeah I intend to add a lot of clarity there
[Public] Orazio: I think it's mentioned somewhere that a thrall that gets free of the Thrax ward or lands is generally pretty quickly taken in by /someone/ and never given back? Because each lord or lady sets laws by fiat.
[Public] Samantha: Does land increase effect rank/title?
[Public] Hellfrog: Orazio, yes, that is known to happen.
[Public] Aleksei: Look I just found these hundreds of thralls in my pockets
[Public] Darren: I think Redrain has done that once or twice
[Public] Mia: Thank you, Apostate. I feel doofy for asking such simple questions compared to everyone else.
[Public] Hellfrog: sadly, it leads to thralls in arx being treated even harsher than others, because the possibility of escape is so much closer.
[Public] Samantha: That's why Samantha publically declaring she will accept fealty from any thrall who can make it to Deepwood was such a Thing.
[Public] Mailys: Aleksei it says in the files, or along the lines, hat only select thralls are brought to the city and don't leave the ward because heir overlords are concerned they will run away.
[Public] Aureth: there's some mumbling about geography in the Twainfort writeup on your org, Mia -- you're in the Gray Forest on a river delta
[Public] Apostate: Samantha- tl;dr, yes. In practice, sort of, there would be politics involved. That needs a write up.
[Public] Mira: Where does Dragonweep come from, commerce-wise? Not 'what is its origin' but 'where does one buy the stuff'?
[Public] Freja: Sell your soul.
[Public] Aleksei: lmao
[Public] Mia: Thanks, Aureth.
[Public] Apostate: And Mia don't sweat it, it's really helpful to me to see those also as I think of writing up more guides
[Public] Aleksei: I think you can just buy it in the market? For a BILLIONTY DOLLARS but.
[Public] Merek: Most things like that are find out IC /heavily/ I think.
[Public] Merek: I've been told that when I asked before.
[Public] Audric: ICly it probably comes from traders who found it after it fell off the back of a wagon in an ancient ruin or something
[Public] Mia toddles around after people like a baby gosling.
[Public] Caelis: It's called dragonweep cause dragons can't even afford it. And they hoard gold.
[Public] Apostate: Intentionally ambigous origins, Mira. Rare finds by explorers, winds up with Merchants
[Public] Mailys: It would be nice to see a little bit of detail on how life is for Thralls so former thralls can better grasp how to behave.
[Public] Mira: Thank you!
[Public] Aureth: so, ask Aislin
[Public] Margot: with the exploration system do we have the opportunity to gain things like lore or rare mats?
[Public] Hellfrog: yeah, there's a big explorer culture on arvum. People are always bringing back extremely rare, weird things to sell at the market, or tuck away into a drawer to CURSE THEIR FAMILIES.
[Public] Hellfrog: Margot - yes!
[Public] Mydas: Step 1. Make an explorer. Step 2. Find Dragonweep. Step 3. ???? Step 4. Profit.
[Public] Dafne: Aislin couldn't make it here for the Q&A so, in her absence, I'd just like to say she loves questions. ;)
[Public] Aureth: god I'm so into that explorer shit
[Public] Caelis: There's an exploration system?
[Public] Aleksei: Down the line
[Public] Aureth: one day there will be
[Public] Hellfrog: There will be.
[Public] Caelis: I have a new life goal.
[Public] Hellfrog: someday."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Freja: Fuck. I have to tell Aislin our org has been found out. It's really a front for Dragonweep.
[Public] Edain: Is it still possible for there to be sort of an off shoot of the Exploration system for Knight Errant Adventures? I have that half finished document I need to get to you sometime Hellfrog.
[Public] Hellfrog: yup. But also it will not be a solo thing, going solo will be a bad, bad idea. So you will probably need people with all sorts of different skills.
[Public] Margot: when it's a thing? I badly want it to be a thing.
[Public] Hellfrog: Edain, for sure, it could definitely be used for that
[Public] Apostate: Nothing will make us happier than to have dynamically generated rooms with events and people put together exploration parties, yes
[Public] Orazio: General Question: If there are three things that /every/ PC should know about Arvani culture, or three theme files that /every/ player should probably read, what would those be?
[Public] Mira: Hey, so, here's a serious question: How does one make silver, because I feel like I'm being very exploitive when I spam people with +task/supportme, but I don't actually have a real job on grid.
[Public] Aureth: so were there questions you guys were hoping for about season 1? Since you said we were going to talk about it!!
[Public] Aleksei: What were your FAVORITE GM MOMENTS OF SEASON 1 (that you can say out loud)
[Public] Meyneth: ooh
[Public] Merek: Whooooo, great question!"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Merek listens!
[Public] Aleksei: Or maybe like favorite player-driven twists that you didn't expect but super loved
[Public] Mydas: Also will there be helpfiles concerning the lost-but-found gods? Or were those already added via theology?
[Public] Estaban: Yes!
[Public] Aleksei: i'm a walking lost god helpfile
[Public] Mydas: Yes, but you're not pinned on the web site :|
[Public] Mydas: Or are you?
[Public] Hellfrog: Oh that's hard. I loved the meeting with Death. I loved the mental portions of the paladin scene. I loved busting through a door like the kool aid man. Player twists, the whole "restoring the King's soul" was totally unexpected and very cool. Like...we didn't plan for that at all. We thought it would just be a season of political maneuvering and end with a new king/queen."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Hellfrog: or something. political change!
[Public] Aiden: Why do some game wiki's show 403 server forbidden? Secret characters?
[Public] Aleksei: NPCs, often, Aiden
[Public] Hellfrog: Mira...I'm not sure. Get a patron? The social system should help non crafters with that. Hopefully
[Public] Hellfrog: But tasks are definitely there for that
[Public] Merek: NPCs.
[Public] Merek: Their basic info isn't available to regular PCs Aiden.
[Public] Octavia: Mira: more law RP when +crime is in, is what I have been told.
[Public] Aiden: Got it
[Public] Olivia: Which is a shame when they have +firstimpressions you want viewable/viewed! :(
[Public] Aureth: nothing like crime to make work for lawyers
[Public] Merek: There's an NPC I'm still looking forward to meet.
[Public] Mailys: I do wish there was a way to earn silver over just getting resources. I'd rather do a 'work' command and get money or something
[Public] Hellfrog: Yeah there will be a 'heat' system that good lawyering could help you out with
[Public] Freja: It's a bad, obvious criminal that needs a lawyer in a first place. Aim to not get caught!
[Public] Hellfrog: mailys, maybe put that in as a feature request?
[Public] Mira: Wonderful!
[Public] Aureth: hey I resemble that remark
[Public] Freja: (Seriously though, law will pick up and that is great)"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Mailys: I can do that! I've just kinda been waiting to see how the social stuff plays out since it is suppose to make social bits more useful.
[Public] Hellfrog: Ooh yeah, Mira, you should be charging exorbitant prices for teaching. :D there you go
[Public] Mydas: Convince the court to not pursue? That sounds like corruption! :O Is that included in the +crime system?
[Public] Mira: I should? o.O
[Public] Aiden: I was told charging someone for a lesson as a noble is gauche?
[Public] Apostate: Crime will be a lot more than burglary. Things like confidence games, spying, etc, and yeah lawyers should hopefully have a lot to do. Grand jury stuff will be significant, in that lawyers will be able to get dismissals based on skill rolls so clients don't need to face ordeals
[Public] Orazio: Spying!
[Public] Olivia would be very happy to pay people for teaches on one char (and teach on another). But it seems like there's often few bites over it.
[Public] Hellfrog: Pfft, Aiden. Not charging for teaching. Your time is valuable. charging for like, crafted goods.
[Public] Mailys: We're suppose to charge for teaching? I wouldn't even know how to charge for that.
[Public] Aiden: Really!? Man I got robbed. XD
[Public] Aureth: do support requests if you don't know what to charge.
[Public] Magpie: Mailys, I charged a couch for a sailing lesson.
[Public] Aleksei: Yeah, there's stuff in -- I think the Jayus helpfile? Or the crafting helpfile. About nobles not selling crafted wares."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Hellfrog: ok, i might be reaching the end of my "read very closely" attention span. Do you believe I was actually kind of nervous no one would have questions?
[Public] Aleksei: I used to get all of Aleksei's monies teaching nobles how to swordfight!
[Public] Aureth: I usually do a support request for the faith for teaches when I remember which is not often.
[Public] Freja: I think it is up to the character/player. For instance, Freja is picky about her students she takes on, but will charge them - but all of that money would go straight back into Redrain.
[Public] Freja: But she would never charge for teaching shaman stuff?
[Public] Octavia: That's ridiculous, hellfrog. We have more questions than Semi-Perfect Cell
[Public] Aureth: Aureth teaches people he likes for free because nepotism or something
[Public] Magpie: I trade teaching often
[Public] Merek: Can we ask for meetings with NPCs via messenger without getting scared?
[Public] Orazio doesn't teach much, but wouldn't charge silver if he did - but /would/ absolutely be up for an exchange of favors.
[Public] Olivia browaggles at Orazio.
[Public] Corrigan: What's more gauche than nobles charging for teaching? Telling them it's for a good cause.
[Public] Hellfrog: you can ask, Merek! Depending on the NPC, you should maybe be scared.
[Public] Fortunato: I assume a certain level of fear is always appropriate, but that keeps things exciting.
[Public] Apostate: Depends on the npc. I wouldn't recommend telling the guildleader of the guild of assassins you know his secret identity from a lucky guess and you'd like to get a beer together
[Public] Dafne: I think I collected a favour from Orazio for teaching.
[Public] Magpie: Oh, I have a quick question. When a character dies, does the character's PC family get to go through all the Black Journals and pick and choose which are released? Or is it an all or nothing?
[Public] Orazio: You definitely did!
[Public] Mailys: I don't think they can pick or choose? From what I understand it is kept to the private files unless there is a reason to bring to the family attention
[Public] Hellfrog: But, yes, that's a good point - the NPCs, by that very designation, are going to be orders of magnitude more powerful/badass than your average Arxian. Please do not poke the bears carelessly, because some of them will bite.
[Public] Merek: Beer with assassin leader.
[Public] Merek: I mean I did give the Queen a gift and Tyrval a thingy.
[Public] Abbas: Will there ever be embassy sorts of things on grid for other races? Like an Elven embassy? Eurus embassy? Car(whatever embassy? Or is the current 'so and so' representation pretty much the political shape of things?
[Public] Merek: I just reallu wanted to meet Lorelei.
[Public] Olivia hopes the elven one gets built!
[Public] Hellfrog: Yeah, it's all or nothing atm pretty much for ease of use. It's a lot more work for us to designate someone to pick and choose, and it would circumvent the Scholars' oaths. You can't say "i want to see black journals before I give my ok to release them", because that could just be a gambit.
[Public] Edain does have one question he wants to ask before I forget, "And I aplogize, this one is a little self indulgant. So.. I have been trying to put together a big Tournament of Roses to celebrate the King being all awake and non-crazy now. because of bringing alot of work home recently, I've been getting a late start and I was thinking of pushing the 'Finals' for the Joust and the Grand Melee to the first week of August late in the week or the weekend. Is that going to 'cock up' anything for early Season 2, conflict with anything that may or may not be planed or will that be kosher?
[Public] Orazio would love to see more interaction with foreign cultures in the future. Negotiations! Diplomacy! Spy...learning about new people!
[Public] Hellfrog: who knows, Abbas? I am not being facetious there. An elven embassy was not in our original plans by any means.
[Public] Hellfrog: Again, that's something that was inspired by player action
[Public] Hellfrog: And Edain - that's totally fine
[Public] Merek: How can you tell which NPCs are cool to contact and which not? Like... Just go by if their Guild is secret, or.."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Apostate: It's very likely there will be 4 distinctly different power blocs eventually, with Arvum being 1 of the 4.
[Public] Leta: I want to contact a Herald and attempt to behead him. Please advise.
[Public] Mailys: Just because I'm curious. with the foreign cultured people around IC.. I assume they ICly know some trick to getting to Arx but we don't have that trick?
[Public] Hellfrog: You probably can't, Merek, so as with any unknown person/animal, best to approach with some caution and civility
[Public] Aleksei: i loled, leta
[Public] Dafne: I want to lick an elf. Wait. Did I say that out loud?
[Public] Hellfrog: Mailys - yes, they know many secrets :D
[Public] Merek: Fair enough. I suppose if I want to message an elf, I'd just be very polite and try to be entertaining I guess.
[Public] Mira: Did Apostate have any favorite moments from Season 1? I only saw Hellfrog's
[Public] Fortunato: civility is always a good tact. With anyone.
[Public] Merek: Is Lorelei with the Embassy and messagable?
[Public] Magpie: I guess I don't understand. So family doesn't get to see the black journals? How is it decided if they're released?"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Juliana: How big is the continent of Arvum? Like, how many days ride would it be from Arx to Blancbier? Also, are there real world cultural touchstones to the Oathlands/Crownlands? I had gotten the impression there was a general Mediterranean vibe from the Lyceum, a northern Barbarian type vibe from Redrain and a vaguely Vikings-type feel for Thrax. But I wasn't sure what to make of the other two.
[Public] Olivia: Jerk.
[Public] Hellfrog: I don't think we have given families ic review rights yet, though.
[Public] Hellfrog: Nekarris' didn't get released first to Max, afaik
[Public] Estaban: If someone wants to contact say Tyrval do we request staff?
[Public] Hellfrog: Juliana - coast to coast is roughly moscow to paris
[Public] Apostate: message him directly is fine
[Public] Aureth: send him a message
[Public] Hellfrog: Estaban, he's in the city. Just send him a message.
[Public] Dafne: Yeah, the RZ didn't get Valk's first. (Which was sort at the time.)
[Public] Magpie: ok, thanks Apostate. My one joy with Black Journals is that someday Aureth will have to read them all. I hope that happens XD
[Public] Estaban: Okay"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Aureth: DON'T DIE MAGPIE
[Public] Edain: The best why I can say Juliana (and this is Vastly over simplyfying it) For the Valardin think King Arthur.. for the Grayson think the Starks.
[Public] Reese: Oh, we get to the Starks! :)
[Public] Edain: and that is a /super/ loose basic frame of reference.
[Public] Esoka always pictured the Graysons as Tyrells. But I'll take Starks!
[Public] Estaban: Yes Starks!
[Public] Orazio: Starks + Indiana Jones?
[Public] Juliana: Ahhhh. See, I would have pegged Redrain for The Starks with the northlands/shamanism
[Public] Hellfrog: The Oathlands have a vaguely french countryside feel. The Graysons are like...any of those. Pragmatic, frontiersy.
[Public] Dafne: I get a French courtly love tradition from the Valardin. Not just King Arthur as in the tradition that created the highly chivalric version of those stories.
[Public] Hellfrog: Oathlands are a bit arthurian, too, yes.
[Public] Freja: I thought Redrain was the Starks :P
[Public] Mira AFKs for an hour or two, but leaves the game open to read answers!
[Public] Freja: That is what Iw as told a while back though
[Public] Edain likes to imagine the Oathlands just all looks like the Brittany Region of France.. and that Whitewall Castle is basically Mont St. Michel
[Public] Mira: Thanks for doing this, HF and Apos!"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Mailys: whho's Tyrval again? I can barely remember details on my own bit.
[Public] Freja: Has snark, will travel
[Public] Khanne thought we were Norwegian/irish/scottish/celtlike vikingish peoples.
[Public] Freja: That is Tyr'val.
[Public] Hellfrog: So, none of the houses are direct rips of anything. There can be elements of the same inspiration in multiple places, for sure
[Public] Aleksei: Prince of the Nox'alfar, Mailys
[Public] Dafne: My Grayson slides a bit Scottish but that's my brain. Possibly his PB.
[Public] Mia: Honestly, some of this place reminds me of Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince trilogy, but no one knows WTF I'm talking about when I say that.
[Public] Freja: I meant the actual family of Redrain, not the fealty as a whole.
[Public] Thena: I do Mia. :)
[Public] Hellfrog: I always think of the Northmen from the First Law series when I think of Redrain
[Public] Hellfrog: and a half dozen other things
[Public] Orazio: Ooh, ooh, me too! I loved those books for a bit.
[Public] Edain nods to Hellfrog, "Civilized, but very rugged and tough is what I think when I think Graysons which is why i use Starks as an example.. I did not mean to implied they were ripped from them at all."
[Public] Orazio: (Dragon Prince.)
[Public] Dafne: I, er, read those books and forgot them.
[Public] Fortunato: the northmen are terribly unpleasant in a winning way.
[Public] Mia: ....We're buds now, Thena. Orazio. Sorry, you don't get to object."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Orazio Yay!
[Public] Thena: I do not object!
[Public] Orazio: Sunrunning was an /awesome/ magic system.
[Public] Estaban: I see Arx as a mix of Fantasy meets Game of Thrones meets AD&D and had a child. :)
[Public] Reese: I went to a viking exhibit today. I play a Nothern Shav crafter, Petal here. I got to touch all replicas of the vikings clothes and got all kinds of crafting ideas for what to craft :)
[Public] Alis: I lurved the Dragon Prince trilogy.
[Public] Thena: Viking outfits are super cool!
[Public] Magpie: Thanks for answering all the questions, Staffers :)
[Public] Apostate: Sure thing. Got a little spammy for a bit, was there questions I missed?
[Public] Reese: Yes, thank you :) and thanks for running the game.
[Public] Calaudrin: I'd love to see more outfits that are Valardin-esque out there. For no reason at all.
[Public] Mia is a Viking reenactor. Like, IRL.
[Public] Calaudrin: Also, thank you for the question answering! :)
[Public] Aureth: that's so cool Mia
[Public] Reese: That is neat Mia.
[Public] Estaban: YOu got asked what was your fav things from season 1 Apostate not sure if you saw
[Public] Mia: No, it's super dorky. But it's fun. If you want ideas for crafting, lemme know, depending on what it is. I have a small collection of replica jewelry.
[Public] Orazio: Yes, thank you for answering our question!
[Public] Hellfrog crawls under desk and goes back to coughing.
[Public] Aleksei: fEEL BETTER, HELLFROG
[Public] Estaban: And yes ty for answering all the things :)
[Public] Juliana: Thank you!!!
[Public] Thena: Thank you staff!
[Public] Merek: Feel better!
[Public] Apostate: Definitely didn't expect Dawn and friends to confront Everard in the Iron Guard barracks with a dozen guys when there were hundreds of iron guardsmen that got very, very confused. I expected the Compact and Nox to go to war, Thrax possibly to assassinate Alaric, thought great house wars might happen. I didn't think the Silence would become the major season 1 antagonist, to give you an idea of how far adrift it went
[Public] Alrec: Thank you!
[Public] Fortunato: Thank you!
[Public] Merek: Also thanks staff for this thing."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Orazio hee!
[Public] Dafne: Thank you!
[Public] Hellfrog: Ooh yeah, I thought they were all going to die. I also thought everyone was going to die when PCs were in the twilight court and one person was being very stubborn.
[Public] Cara coughs. Sorry, Apos. :D
[Public] Hellfrog: But! It didn't happen! Phew.
[Public] Cara: Thank god for Leo and his badassness.
[Public] Apostate: Dawn unanimously being made regent, that was very very unexpected
[Public] Calista: Aww, Leo. :(
[Public] Orazio: So, we didn't rack up quite the body count expected. Hmm. HMM. Crazy Plans...INTENSIFY.
[Public] Cara gives Orazio another kitten to distract him.
[Public] Hellfrog: Well, badassness can be a mixed bag.
[Public] Cara: True but for myself I appreciate not being beheaded, so :D
[Public] Caelis: Season 2, more dangerous? Deadlier?
[Public] Hellfrog: Depends on you guys! I expect it is going to be a bit more dangerous, yes. The conflict will be closer to home.
[Public] Cambria: Is there anything you guys would like to recommend to players going into season two? Just in general.
[Public] Meyneth: Be entertaining!
[Public] Meyneth: The more engaging you are, and the less likely you are to just question dump, the more likely you are to attract NPCs, plot attention, etc.
[Public] Apostate: The Big Bads are there to be very slowly chipped away at, there aren't going to be a lot of stakes to the heart to try to end the season in one stroke five minutes into it. Don't be the guy that challenges the dragon to single combat, it can only end in being an anecdote
[Public] Audric: I think you misspelled appetizer
[Public] Dafne: Such pressure, Meyneth ;)
[Public] Alis: But, Apos :(
[Public] Mia: Recommendations for new players, especially those joining part way into the game?
[Public] Merek: I'm sure challenging Brand 1 on 1 would've been awesome last season.
[Public] Merek: 'Begone' *EXPLOSION*
[Public] Skapti: as a new player, seconding Mia.
[Public] Hellfrog: Be excellent to each other. I am kind of a dictator on channels, but there's a reason - and it's not that I like micromanaging people. I have a pretty firm belief that a game environment where people are mostly nice and polite to each other OOC is a happy, healthy game environment.
[Public] Caelis rolls up sleeves to find the danger.
[Public] Calista: It's yonder.
[Public] Mia highfives Hellfrog. "Bill and Ted. Solid."
[Public] Alis brings Caelis with, finds dragon to challenge.
[Public] Caelis: Yes, excellent idea for a lady date. Dragon brawling it is!
[Public] Alis fist-bump!
[Public] Calista: Recommendations for new players? Link up with veterans who are looking for folks to be involved in plots, investigations, etc.
[Public] Morrighan replaces dragon with bears.
[Public] Apostate: Mia: you can't go wrong at all with being proactive and trying to have as wide a social circle as possible. Like one of the most frequent complaitns I dealt with as staff is the same names of players coming up a lot in emits and vox updates and the like. Generally speaking, staff had nothing to do with that. It was because some very active players were consistently reaching out to just about everyone and trying to be a part of every prp, story request, whatever they could. If someone is super involved I tend to never nudge them just because thye don't need the help
[Public] Calista: A lot of times when I've met with people fresh off roster or CG, I tell them about two orgs my character is involved in that has opportunity for characters.
[Public] Calista: It may or may not suit them, but it starts a conversation.
[Public] Merek: My Merchant's idea of dragon fighting.
[Public] Merek:
[Public] Aleksei: As someone who's been blessed with some really awesome metaplot stuff, I will second what Meyneth said. I approach the NPCs as if they're PCs to have fun with and engage with. I mean, sometimes that involves having questions for them, but a regular player also wouldn't have fun if you went to their PC and just question-dumped. Be fun, have fun, make fun for others.
[Public] Thena: Mia, I would say never be afraid to ask questions
[Public] Orazio: Have something you're passionate about, I'd say. It's impossible to know All The Things, so if you try, you can feel like you're always missing something. Find one or two things you find /really cool/, and poke people about those things, seek out people who might also be passionate about those, etc."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Merek: I have a side-question.
[Public] Aureth: oh god yeah don't try to find out everything
[Public] Merek: Can Knights be Knighted to ideals/orgs rather than Houses?
[Public] Aleksei: There's SO MUCH secret lore going around, you'll never know all of it. Just find some areas you're into and chase them down.
[Public] Hellfrog: Yes, that's a big one. We play the NPCs, and we are here because we love RP! Treat NPCs like characters and make things fun
[Public] Merek: I just really like elves. I could probably play with one for hours.
[Public] Merek: ... Phrasing.
[Public] Apostate: As a GM it's nearly impossible for me to be invested in a scene if I feel like a player comes into it with a clear OOC check list of boxes they are trying to strike off in order, with no kind of immersive involvement in the scene at all, and they are just dealing with a Everquest NPC they are trying to magically get the right text string to respond to. Those are excruciating, I might not consciously avoid them but I absolutely do if that happens
[Public] Orazio: I'd also say, try to be part of a 'solution' - come with an idea of what your character can do, and sell it. Lots of people who know things IC aren't just looking to share that info, but are looking for /help/ with things - you're lots more likely to get someone willing to tell you Things if your character offers help in return, or has suggestions.
[Public] Meyneth: As a GM I have been in scenes where people ask 4 questions in the space of a 4 line pose. I'll still try and engage you and give you plot, but I'll be less excited to interact with you in the future."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Calista: Grabbing an NPC's attention through messenger. Should we messenger more than once thinking, oh maybe they just get a lot of messengers and maybe missed mine?
[Public] Calaudrin: I've found for myself, that at least when dealing with other PCs, it's helpful to come bearing gifts. If you want a bit of IC knowledge from someone else, be prepared to exchange something in return.
[Public] Calista: The whole fear of "I don't want to harass this player" comes to mind.
[Public] Merek hopes someday elves are playable, when theme is more fleshed out.
[Public] Hellfrog: if you think they missed, feel free to message again or put in an @request
[Public] Hellfrog: I don't log them all in daily, by any means
[Public] Hellfrog: I mean currently I have....
[Public] Hellfrog: like. 6? 7?
[Public] Apostate: And Merek, it wouldn't be accorded the respect of someone being knighted by a house would and would be treated as suspect, see from the knighthood helpfiles
[Public] Aureth: yeah people are way more likely to exchange info than just hand it out
[Public] Calista: Understandable. I just hate feeling like I harass people.
[Public] Hellfrog: 8
[Public] Hellfrog: DOn't feel that way!
[Public] Merek: Thanks Apostate.
[Public] Aureth: although if you're magpie I'll probably just back a dump truck of it over your head
[Public] Hellfrog: We are busy, but we are doing this because we /enjoy/ rp and storytelling. Just try to be patient and understanding with us. We aren't going to feel bothered!
[Public] Aleksei: I haven't found anyone who's responded badly to a polite follow-up in a few days/a week in case they missed a messenger
[Public] Orazio: Yessss, Calaudrin. I mean, just speaking for Orazio - he is /more than happy/ to tell people things, if they seem useful. And he has a low bar for 'possibly useful'. But if it's always just 'I have questions for you/here's what I want from you/here's what you can do for me, then, as a player, I am sad.
[Public] Merek: I have that issue with PCs as much as NPCs.
[Public] Merek: I don't like to feel I'm a bother.
[Public] Calista: Okay. That makes me feel better. Thanks, HF.
[Public] Hellfrog: now, bear in mind they have distinct personalities. "Skald, can you come tell me all about what I should do with my life" is going to get you little more than a paper crane in return and a lot of avoidance. But that's not any judgment on you as a player
[Public] Aureth: I want a paper crane
[Public] Calaudrin: I really enjoying exchanging information with people. I get pretty excited when I give someone else a piece of the puzzle they might not already have.
[Public] Merek: Skald, do you want to wrassle bears.
[Public] Orazio sad eyes at Skald.
[Public] Olivia: Belatedly, sorry to any GMs if that was me being all question spam. I know I have probably been a bit wide-eyed babe in the woods with one NPC!
[Public] Dafne sends Skald a paper mouse.
[Public] Apostate: Asking the Leer the same question will get memorable answers
[Public] Merek: Lorelai, do you want my blood for a rit--- How are you.
[Public] Merek: Leer?
[Public] Calista: I can see Dafne sending Skald a paper mouse in Nightshade's mouth.
[Public] Fortunato: Dear Leer, I am Fortunato the artist, can you provide for me a proper direction in life? I am taking several. Thank you!
[Public] Magpie: Oh man, now I'm all self-conscious that I've only ever asked NPCs lots of questions..
[Public] Dafne: I have a paper mouse! I'm sure Nightshade'll love to carry it around. Even to Skald.
[Public] Meyneth laughs, oh goodness, don't be self-conscious.
[Public] Octavia: I wonder what Death's advice to living a good life will be
[Public] Merek: 'Live it to the fullest.'
[Public] Magpie: Tooo late.

Apostate says, "
[Public] Antonio: 'Earn it.'
[Public] Apostate: To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if any the scenes I was thinking of are still active as players. Some people come in going at 200 mph and get super pissed if they don't turn into the magic demon princess reinarnation in 2 weeks and then ragequit
[Public] Dafne: I'm always self-conscious. I have a club.
[Public] Aleksei: Mags I've witnessed you be pretty fun with an NPC. I imagine you're probably okay.
[Public] Khanne: the one time I met NPCs (outside of prp) I wasn't introduced, so didn't assume to know who they were... I asked nothing.
[Public] Merek: Is that an actual issue Apos?
[Public] Mia: Thank you for the tips. I have to say, I agree with most of it, 'cause it's basically "How Not to Sit Around and Baby Bird at People and Wait for Them to Feed You Plot."
[Public] Apostate: Yes
[Public] Calista: Good idea for a new character concept, Apostate.
[Public] Octavia met the queen on a bridge because she saw her there on +where and went "I want to meet the queen"
[Public] Apostate: Dude trust me if I mention something it is never a hypothetical
[Public] Cambria: Yes. I am not an actual reincarnated demon princess yet.
[Public] Reese: If going to be a magic demon, can I be a pink one?
[Public] Orazio likes the 'yet'.
[Public] Calista: Smart, Octavia. I get very self-conscious doing that.
[Public] Meyneth: I try really hard to throw my NPCs out into public so random people can interact with them.
[Public] Merek: Cambria, you're almost there.
[Public] Merek: Just wait until the virus kicks in.
[Public] Cambria: I was told to wait until after staff break. *waggles brows*
[Public] Calista: I'm always like, eh, she's not going to want to talk to me and then I kick rocks and go home.
[Public] Orazio hesitates with that, too, Calista.
[Public] Merek: Later your son will destroy Star IV.
[Public] Octavia: Calista: At your social rank, you could probably get an audience with KA4.
[Public] Leta: Important theme question. Now that we have an elf queen, can ear jewelry that looks like pointy ears come into fashion?
[Public] Octavia: You just have to ask.
[Public] Calista: He was my first friend in Arx!
[Public] Hellfrog: Random interaction is great! I have done it with some of mine, as well. Sometimes, no one even bites and I just loiter around, and that is also fine. Just treat NPCs like you would another character, and you should be golden. DOn't do the things that would make other players not want to rp with you again.
[Public] Meyneth: Technically, no elf queen yet
[Public] Meyneth: You still need to have a splashy royal wedding
[Public] Shard: But I want to be a magic demon princess? Unfair.
[Public] Octavia: Yes, well, future queen
[Public] Cambria: fite me, Shard
[Public] Shard: i fite
[Public] Leta: Yes, but in theory!
[Public] Cambria: Now I just want to see elaborate fake nail accessories?
[Public] Orazio: Actually, that does bring up something I am hesitant to raise but - Does the Faith still have to bless the Alaric/Elf message, considering that failing to do so would put us in violation of an already signed treaty, or can we just assume that happened somewhere off screen? >_>
[Public] Caelis: Sooo....still time to be a mermaid?
[Public] Calista: It's funny, I do get all sorts of self-conscious and semi-star struck around NPCs just because I think that's the old school RP I'm used to.
[Public] Calista: Old habits die hard.
[Public] Hellfrog: I think the King kind of assumes the Faith's approval.
[Public] Olivia: Yeah I was like that Calista, with the first one I met.
[Public] Leta: Or something like those really long pointy medieval shoes, but for earmuffs?
[Public] Octavia: I think the Dominus could say no if he wanted to, but I'm not sure he wants to risk that.
[Public] Orazio: Works for me!
[Public] Dafne: I get really self-conscious around NPCs. I tend to skulk around the edges of scenes and run away. Er, I've been trying to get better about that. *elf fangirls*
[Public] Cara: Would the Faith really pass up the opportunity to put on its fanciest hat for the wedding? I mean, it's a pretty amazing opportunity...
[Public] Octavia: Rumor is that Octavia might wear a /dress/"

Apostate says, "
[Public] Octavia: King wedding is a big deal guys
[Public] Olivia: OMG wedding talk <3
[Public] Hellfrog: I just think in any scene you ever do, no matter who it is with, you should be conscious of "is this fun for both of us?" Everybody, all the time. I think about it, too, when I'm on NPCs
[Public] Aureth: yeah it's good to think about your rp partners
[Public] Calista: Fashion question! Can we make like... a jumpsuit that looks like a skirt when standing still but when you walk it's pants?
[Public] Hellfrog: For sure.
[Public] Hellfrog: Wide legged pantsuits, go and do
[Public] Juliana: Palazzo pants.
[Public] Calista: Because Pinterest has some pretty awesome looking medieval type garb that looks like that.
[Public] Magpie DID have a lot of fun meeting Skald.
[Public] Apostate: Yea, I mean when writing metaplot secrets, I usually try to think about what might be fun for the player based on what might have drawn them to the character, though sometimes it is a wild shot in the dark
[Public] Merek: I think you hit Merek's on the mark Apos.
[Public] Merek: For what it's worth.
[Public] Cambria: It may also be helpful to not view it quite so 'gamey' and look more towards the story. Would it be an enjoyable story to read, or would you find it super boring?
[Public] Dafne: Dafne's is the awesomest awesome.
[Public] Darren: Oh, speaking of secrets. Apostate, since most of our metaplot secrets tie us to Season 1 stuff, are we allowed to request for a new Season 2 metaplot secret?
[Public] Samantha: A precision strike reveal of a plot secret can be awesome. >.>
[Public] Magpie: My secret is causing soooo much angst lately.
[Public] Magpie: (in a good way)
[Public] Hellfrog: Darren, we'd really prefer no. Established players have a lot of knowledge they can use to gain more info, through investigations and such.
[Public] Reese: You hit the mark with Petal, <3 her's. I love Reese's too,just she was roster and came with them :)
[Public] Hellfrog: Like please, have a heart.
[Public] Mia: I am of the opinion that if you want to sit there and have plot handed to you by the person who wrote it without having any sort of meaningful impact on what is happening, well... might I suggest reading a book? I don't mean that snidely. I happen to love books. But if you're just there to consume someone else's creativity, you are objectively the worst.
[Public] Aureth: <3 Mia
[Public] Apostate: That's one of those things where it's like, 'Man, if I have time sure' but it's almost impossible to get to that point. For established players, more like, 'Hey I have an idea and let me run it by you'. Sure, great, fine
[Public] Hellfrog: He does not have time.
[Public] Aislin nods to Mia. I think half the fun of plot is seeking it out; finding the plot can be an adventure itself!
[Public] Hellfrog puts foot down.
[Public] Apostate: I don't have time."

Apostate says, "
[Public] Darren: Understandable, was just asking :)
[Public] Aureth: lol please don't make hellfrog break Apostate's knees
[Public] Merek: I like to share secrets/clues with others.
[Public] Merek: Just I worry sometimes I might be sharing it with an enemy.
[Public] Aleksei: That's always a possibility
[Public] Apostate: 'Can this hurt my character or people I care about'? Then yeah, take your time and build relationships
[Public] Mia: Are wiki logins a thing yet?
[Public] Reese: And belatedly, that is a good question to ask about scenes, Hf. I going to try and remember and ask myself that in scenes.
[Public] Apostate: You login to the webpage with the same login info, Mia, it's the same database for game and the webpage
[Public] Hellfrog: Mia, you can log in to the site with your game login! Just can't do much beyond change your photos
[Public] Aislin: And write journals.
[Public] Merek: And write journals.
[Public] Apostate: It's a misnomer to call it a wiki, it's automated and draws all the information automatically from the same db so there's not much editing aside from gallery pictures
[Public] Esoka: And write journals. I do all mine website-side instead of on-game
[Public] Merek: You owe me a soda Aislin.
[Public] Esoka: So many
[Public] Mia: Ohhhhh, okay. Because when I tried registering, it says to be implemented. And so I was like, "Hmmm, login?", and then the wiki told me I suck.
[Public] Hellfrog: and sorry Darren, that firmness was for Aposate, not you. He will keep going every minute of his free time, and I have to step in sometimes. Like right NOW because we have to clean braum's ears
[Public] Hellfrog: and as he is 110 pounds ish, this is a multi person job
[Public] Orazio: Massive puppy.
[Public] Apostate: Yeah on it's the login button on top right
[Public] Fortunato: 110!
[Public] Samantha: There's also an unofficial traditional wiki - the Deepwood Reflections page I showed you is off that.
[Public] Magpie: Here's the long of the Q&A for those that wanted it:"

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