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The Return of Galinius

After laying fairly low for several weeks, Galinius Roderic is gearing up for his penultimate performance. His reviews thusfar in teh city have been mixed. Some claim that he has helped them immensely, others complain that his shows are often interrupted with drama. But he's still gathering crowds and has, reportedly put away a hefty amount of silver in sales. There have been several admissions to the Saving Grace hospital from people having bad reactions to his 'perfumes'.


Sept. 30, 2018, 3 p.m.

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Godric Rowenova Jasher Harmon



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Comments and Log

The afternoon crowd is a bit thicker than usual, as a buzz of activity has started up at the large tent complex that houses Galinius Roderic's stage and stalls. His assistants are on the stage, starting their patter to get the crowd engaged and excited. "Hello once more people of Arx! Are you ready to be CURED?!" The female assistant calls out in a strong voice, gathering attention towards their set up. "For the second to last time, the Great Galinius, Alchemist without peer is willing to share his gifts with YOU the people of Arx! Come forward to be FIXED!"

"That would be a lot more believable if the Great Galinius, Alchemist without peer, wasn't selling people shit that put them in the Hospital." More often than not the silent observer, Godric is apparently a shit stirrer today. Sorry Laric! "In fact, one poor young woman almost died from whatever crap she got on her that they were spraying around the stage."

Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington are in market place and checking out the darkest, deepest silks. After those taunting shouts from the loud showman, the furred couple look up toward the yonder stage. The human of the two frowns whilst the canine of the two cautiously eyes the ongoing acts. Looking over toward Godric over there, the young lass pipes up, "Is that so? Should we flag down the Iron Guard?"

Jasher is in the process of walking past--well, around--the city centre when he's slowed, then stopped, by the sight of the place being busier than usual, and the reason why. He cranes his neck as he watches from the rear to see what's going on, moving along the periphery.

Abridal recognizes Godric and she lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of her nose as she looks over to Mordo, the male assistant and flaps a hand in his direction, "One of the hecklers is back." The male assistant makes a face and looks to the crowd, "Who are you going to believe, folks? We've been here a while now and you've all witnessed the miracle we put on. This man and his friends have repeatedly attempted to thwart our shows. He's part of that Guild who are just jealous because we succeed where they fail!"

Harmon makes his way through the crowd, arms tucked in under his robes. The many pouches and straps on his belt jingle with their contents or stowed tools. The unhinged occultist peers with scrutiny at the Great Galinus.

Godric checked command + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(3) + propaganda(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"If you want to call a Master Physician of the Guild a heckler, sure. The person who had to run one of your victims, with the help of a few Knights of Solace, back to the Hospital to save her life. You're a fraud. All of you." Godric points a finger right at them, looking both cranky /and/ angry. Rabblerabble! "You might want to." he agrees, in an aside. "I don't have the feeling this is going to end well."

Rowenova sets down her prospective wares and rather than shop instead wanders to stand beside Godric as she scans around the immediate scene, doing so with a halting hand right behind her for Sir Floppington to easily see. He sits down, but there are no wags. Nova pipes up, "Did your parents not raise you right?"

It seems that there's no love lost between the bulldog-faced man and the man somewhat responsible for the hubbub in the city centre. Jasher's blue stare flicks from one to the other as he listens to the arguments being made. His gloved hand motions towards his usual retinue, and they begin to spread out a little, as if ready for when the other shoe drops.

The rumble of the crowd seems mixed, but Godric's words seem to have noticably more heads nodding along with him than Mordo's. He sends a look to Abridal and from behind the curtain, another masculine call, muffled, can be heard, "I haven't gotten my cue! What's going on out there?" The female assistant looks out to the crowd and speaks in a reassuring tone, "Rest easy, good people! There was one incident that the man from the Inquisition is speaking of, and yes a woman got sick, but it was not due to anything we did. It was likely some of the exotic food she encountered elsewhere." The woman's tone is utterly respectful, and reasonable.

Rowenova speaks quietly over here by Godric under her breath and does something behind the people in front of them, but it is a bit obscure all in all.

"Really? Because all she had to eat that day was an apple, some milk, bread, cheese, and ale. I made sure to check that, because I'm a physician and not a charlatan." Godric verbally pokes with an equally verbal stick, though something seems to have grabbed his attention to make him glance in several other directions. "She did, however, communicate to me that she was near the stage when you sprayed something. And that she came into contact with several of you."

Sir Floppington stands up behind the wolf scout, mournful eyes slow scanning.

"What is happening?" The voice from behind the curtain hisses before the curtain parts and a silver-haired man's head pokes through. "Why haven't you given me my cue?" He looks around in irritation, though with Godric's words and the fact that more in the crowd are starting to turn towards Godric's side of things, Abridal's eyes are narrowing and her focus is set there. "Look, just because we were not able to fix *your* problem does not mean you get to take it out on the good people here!" The insinuation is fairly obvious, given the touch of scorn and direction of the woman's eyes as she looks at Godric, before dismissing him to focus on the crowd, "Come on my friends! You have all seen the miracles we produce! Where did Ronnie hte stutterer go?"

Rowenova says, "'Alchemist without peer'? Seriously? I have an alchemist in the basement at home who is better than all y'all."

Godric checked command + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(4) + propaganda(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

"And what problem would that be? I don't recall having one that I asked you to fix." Godric returns, arms folded across his chest. He doesn't seem like he particularly cares how swayed the crowd is, or isn't, which is definitely not to his benefit.

Nova and Flop slide themselves into positions which flank Godric and look to match up with the incoming paths of those who seek to bother him.

There are a few titters spread through the crowd, and Abri's implication seems to sway a few more to her way of thinking. A couple sympathetic head shakes towards Godric as they seem to settle back into the show. As for the two large men heading towards Godric, they soon find their paths blocked by Nova and her dog, a little frown at the intervention, though one tries to move around the dog, while the other looks to Rowenova and says, "Excuse me. You are in my way."

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Sir Floppington looks up and his mournful look suddenly turns quite vicious with a quiet growl and bared teeth. Rowenova similarly growls, "And let you come in and pincher attack this guy? No way. You can talk to him from here."

Jasher has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 4

Jasher, standing at the periphery of the crowds, draws his gaze from the alleged physician and phony to regard the rest of the people, gauging their reaction to Abridal's latest words. He frowns briefly, but continues to watch and listen.

Godric is either completely unobservant, or is pretending not to notice that he is suddenly surrounded protectively. And approached menacingly. "Problem, Gentlemen? Aside from working for hustlers, that is?" A side eye is given to Flop. "Nicely done." is whispered. Well, stage whispered.

Sir Floppington tail wags at least twice after Godric's words, but then is snarling menacingly all over again. Rowenova has no tail, but she also snarls.

"It is time for you to leave, doc. You're disturbing the show." One of the large men that have decended upon Godric mutter, looking between the inquisitor, the growling dog and the snarling woman. "And your friends need to go too. Last thing we need is some dog biting people in thr crowd."

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From up on the stage, Galinius is muttering, "Oh, this is getting ridiculous!" He pushes through the curtain and stomps to the middle of the stage, "Curtis, instead of threatening the man, just bring him up on stage. I will convince him through my amazing talents!" Abri and Mordo look a little wary about this idea.

"I don't really give a shit if I'm disturbing your show. You're a bunch of frauds, and nobody should be buying anything that you're trying to sell." Godric counters, stubbornly. "And if the same thing happens this time that happened last time, there will be people who need treatment after the 'show'. Because, again, fraud." This time, his teeth are clenched. "I don't fucking think so. You're not trying any of your wares out on me. I was here the last time."

Harmon stares at the wares, then looks to the people Godric chastises. "Assumption I would be a perfume. Display product you would give me."

Rowenova checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Rowenova sharply glances at those last words from the intercepted man, "If you do alchemy on that dear dog, I will thrash you within an inch of your life." quietly utters the serious scout and speaks back toward Godric, and then the young woman scans around for any Iron Guards who might be currently avail. "Would you like me to send for the Iron Guard?"

The man standing near Rowenova and Godric looks to the woman and says, "Look, miss, I haven't threatened anyone. Unlike you. I simply said that you lot are disturbing the show and your dog here seems ready to bite somebody. Go ahead, call the Guard. We have permits to be here, to sell our stuff and put on shows."

Galinius looks at Godric and just stares at him. "I am no fraud!" He draws himself up to his full, lanky height, "That you would imply such -- I do not understand why you and your accomplices have such vitriol to throw at me, I am but a man called to heal. But really your behaviour is beyond the pale. Please leave so that I might find others I can help."

Rowenova quietly utters, but those two nearby herself and Godric likely hear. Speaking up more conversationally, "He is a very good boy indeed, so if you stay calm, he will, too. Let's see those permits."

Sir Flop briefly glances to the guy who keeps talking about random bites.

"I tell you what!" Godric calls back, after a few whispered words with Rowenova. "You give me samples of everything you're trying to sell, and the Physician's Guild will be glad to review it and deem it safe. We won't charge for the service, as it's in the best interest of the citizens. But, if any of it is poisoned or being fraudulently advertised...." His smile there is almost a challenge to the two assistants that are also there. "The person responsible for dispersing it will be arrested."

Harmon checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

The man Rowenova is talking to says a bit more clearly, "I am, and have been calm this whole time. I am security for this show and was coming over to tell the both of you to leave. I was trying to be discreet. However, you are the one with the loud, growling dog. You are the one making threats. You are the ones who are causing a disturbance. And the permits are posted, right there." The man turns to point to a sign set up near the stage. From this distance the lettering is too small to ready, but it does appear to be some sort of permit display.

"Nnnngg." Harmon tilts his head in thought. "No aberrations, blends likely proprietary, additives to throw off reversal attempts...allergens, maybe?"

Harmon then turns his head to look at Mordo. "Product given that caused medical emergency in woman?" His stare is focused, penetrating, but without malice.

Rowenova skeptically squints at the security fellas but calms down before then actually becoming more reasonable, "Well, thank you for being so calm, but those who were made sick definitely concern us." No more growls here, the soulful hound calming down, too, even wagging his doggie tail a few times. "Please, will you let them work it out? It would end it all both ways despite the current drama."

"Sorry, but I don't have to leave unless I want to." Godric counters. He doesn't say why exactly, but since they already know he's with the Inquisition, surely they can put two and two together. "Don't care about your permits either, if they were obtained due to fraudulent advertising." He doesn't even look at them, though he does try and keep an ear out for Harmon. Who seems to be literally sniffing out ingredients in the vials.

"Of course. It is a bit galling, that you would have doubts about my products, but if that is what it will take, you can have a smple of all of our supplies." Galinius looks at Godric with that wounded dignity wrapped around him like a cloak. Abri and Mordo look back and forth between one another and there is a subtle nod between them, before Abri says, "Good. Glad we have that resolved. Can we PLEASE go back to our demonstration now?" The man talking to Rowenova signals to the second guard and they back off, heading back towards the stage.

Mordo looks to Harmon then and says, "I have no idea what you are asking about. None of our products have sent anyone to a hospital. We are healers."

Godric looks at Mordo like he wants to strangle him. Really. "Can you help me make sure we get samples of /everything/? We don't want them hiding anything in the back." is requested of Harmon.

Reigna GM Roll checked command(3) + manipulation(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

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Rowenova hand signals to Sir Flop who comes over to get ear pets. Then, the young woman eyes up Abri and Mordo. She grunts lowly but calms down even more for some reason, looking about with obvious confusion.

Harmon nods, then takes out a blank scroll, quill, and ink. He then looks between Mordi and Abri. "Tent where supplies are kept? Do not accompany me."

Godric engages in a quick, quiet conversation with Rowenova, before he watches and waits to see what will happen with Harmon and the procuring of samples.

The crowd is not at all sure what is going on. They seem unsettled and the crowd starts to disperse. Galinius sees this and frowns, shaking his head, "Just give them what they want." The man seems upset, defeated, his vaunted charisma in tatters. Abri and Mordo keep looking back and forth between one another and then Abri nods to him and then shakes her head, starting to head off the stage. Mordo looks to Harmon and points, "The tent to the right, the one next to the stage."

"Hm." Harmon quickly shuffles towards the gestured tent to go inside and take stock of the supplies, in particular looking also for where any reagents or additives are being stored.

Rowenova does not seem bothered about Mordo. She finishes up her convo with Godric before she and Flop steadily weave through the crowd to follow Abri.

Godric lets out an inheld breath. He's not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed that nobody tried to arrest him! His days as a rabble rouser are short lived.

The storehouse tent is neatly organized, with all the supplies set in seperate chests in pouches, sacks and casks. There is a LOT of stuff to go through, but the good news is, everything is labeled and seems to be what it says that it is. The search is going to take a while either way. It is a big tent. As for Abri, she is heading to another of the tents, one that looks to be personal quarters, or at least has the appearance of such. She is in the doorway when she notices Rowenova following her and turns. "What do *you* want?"

Rowenova hand signals for Floppington to sit down before she steps closer to where Abri is. "I want to know what you have in your pocket-es."

Godric has rolled a critical success!
Godric checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 52 higher.

Harmon checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Jasher likewise remains quietly watching, gloved hands in his pockets as the crowd begins to disperse, no longer constrained by a show. As the scrum eases up, he follows suit, motioning for his retinue to follow as he turns to head off, too.

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A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

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"And if it were any of your business, I might consider telling you." The woman, now away from the crowds has a marked disinterest in being polite. "You have no authority here. Now go away." She makes a shooing motion towards Rowenova before slipping into her tent and letting the tent flap fall down into place.

As previously stated, there are a LOT of things in that tent. On the first pass, nothing seems out of place or out of order. Until Harmon picks up a chest of herbs that is far, far heavier than it should be. The chest is ornately carved and peculiarly shallow for its size. And that is more than enough to get his attention. It is Godric, however, that figures out the trick to unlock the concealed bottom half of the chest. Inside the bottom half are pouches filled with dried and powdered flowers, seeds and vines. Instead of a label, there is just a large red X on them.

Harmon's brow furrows, and his eyes then turn to Godric. He then looks back down to the items, looking to identify them to see if it's expired product, trash, or toxic.

Rowenova reaches out to hopefully stop the tent flap from falling down the whole way, if actually possible. "No." she bluntly states.

"Well, looky here." Godric drawls, hunkering down beside the chest that Harmon found. "And don't I just love a good mystery." is murmured to himself as he puzzles out the hidden compartment and... a large red X. "I think we'll be taking some of this with us. Here, we'll each have a look and a sniff and see if we can't identify what they're using." Some are handed to Harmon, and some he looks to open himself. With gloves on. He definitely has gloves on.

Sir Floppington definitely looks rather worried, but he stays put back there.

Harmon checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 60, rolling 5 lower.

Rowenova can definitely stop it from closing. It is just a tent flap, afterall. But the woman inside is reaching a hand in her pocket, snarling as she turns towards her persuer. "Get. Out. This is my home and you have no right!"

Godric checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 60, rolling 5 higher.

Reigna checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 60, rolling 10 lower.

Rowenova definitely prepares herself for the likely spraying. She holds up the tent flap with one arm as the other arm pulls down her wolf mask before her, covering up her nose and mouth to some degree. Her muffled voice pipes up, "Gotchya." She jerks sideways to tumble away from the doorway opening.

Rowenova shouts loudly from nearby, "She has weaponized alchemy, folks!"

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Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Rowenova completely fumbles her tumble check. Getting tangled in the flap, the wolf scout gracelessly flops onto her ass bones on the ground below before that tent's opening!

Sir Floppington stands up with hackles raised from a ways away.

The tent flap comes loose and falls down onto the clumsy lass!

There is an indignant screech from Abri as Rowenova's antics tear the tent flap from teh tent, exposing her 'room' to the world. "What is fucking wrong with you!?" Abri stamps her foot and pulls her hand out of her pocket, a handkerchief held in one hand a clatter of bottles can be heard from within the make-shift pouch as she sets it down onto her bed. "You broke my tent!"

Godric rubs some of the dust between his fingers, and leans over to give a bit of a sniff to check. And it takes a moment of him crouched there. "Devil's Breath." he whispers. "We're taking all of it. Get all of it, can you? Check for any more chests that look strange?" Hearing the yell from Rowenova he tries to push himself up, probably cracking a few vertebrae along the way. "Too old for this shiiiit." is mumbles, before a, "Hey, someone call the Iron Guard!"

Harmon nods. "Yes. Will itemize, sign, take chest as well. Get signature from fraud." Harmon begins to collect as Godric's requested of him. He also searches for more chests with secret compartments as Godric had demonstrated, wise to the charlatan's tricks."

Hearing all the commotion, Galinius comes back out onto the stage, "What in the name of all the gods is going on here? Whya re you people still harrassing me?" He seems affronted, and Abri is clearly looking extremely irritated. Of Mordo, well, he seems to be conspicuously missing.

Rowenova's cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes go rather wide. She suddenly shouts, "No!" which ultimately pauses Flop from coming closer before she then rolls with that tent flap wrapped up around her to get away from the screaming gal, hopefully putting tent wall between herself and assistant alchemist inside.

Harmon checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

"This. This is what's going on." A packet of the offending herb is held up for Galinius to see. "When ground into a powder, and inhales, it makes people extremely susceptible to suggestion. And then, with gaps of memory when the drug wears off." He's not really keeping an eye on Galinius though. Instead, he's looking for Rowenova to make sure she hasn't been dosed. "Do I need to just have everyone arrested? We'll have everyone arrested until we can go through all the inventory."

Harmon decides it's easier to just confiscate... everything.

Harmon begins cramming even stage makeup into an empty chest. "Contents of facial cream unknown. Irrelevant. Taking. Worst case scenario: Beauty of investigators."

Harmon then stares off for a moment. "...acceptable risk."

Galinius looks at the herb and studies it, his brows furrowing, "I do not know what that is. I have never seen it before." There is a frown then, and he looks off to the right, brows furrowing. "Wait. What is it you say it does?" There is a dawning sound within the older man's voice. A suspicion that is very real.

As for Rowenova and Abri, the woman in the tent isn't doing anything aggressive, she's obviously upset at the damage done to her tent. But the open doorway gives her a perfect view of the stage, Galinius and Godric with his hands on that bag. There is a widening of the woman's eyes and she grabs for a backpack and bolts.

Rowenova groans aloud and flounders around in the tent flap to sprawl out the wrapping fabric, "Stop her, Flop!" And then, Sir Floppington bounds forth to hopefully intercept the fleeing woman with a loud growl to hopefully herd her!

"It was in a hidden compartment one of the chests inside the supply tend." Godric gestures that way. "It makes someone -very- open to suggestion. If you blew it in my face and then told me to hop on one leg while reciting the alphabet and making kissy faces, I'd do it. And do I really seem like the kind of man who would do that?" There's a definite pained expression to accompany those words. "I might not even remember doing it afterwords." he explains, with a measure of sympathy in his voice.

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Reigna GM Roll checked willpower(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

"Where is Mordo? Abri? Abri where is Mordo?" Galinius is clearly getting upset, looking around for his two assistants. Mordo is still in the wind, and Abri is definitely trying to make a run for it. She is clearly afraid of the dog, but she appears to be afraid of something else even more. She ignores the growling of the dog and tries to leg it through the City Center.

Harmon turns and sprints after Abri, eyes narrowed.

Harmon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + brawl(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Sir Floppington jumps forth toward the fleeing woman. Rowenova stands up from the tent flap and that whole mess, making chase, too!

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

There is a mild level of chaos in the City Center at the moment. The remnants of a largeish crowd are dispersing, not without a good amount of grumbling about buzzkill Inquisitors and hecklers. Though this thinning crowd is a woman, running with a backpack in hand, and who has deftly spun away from Sir Floppington who was attempting to grab her by the tunic. In their wake is Rowenova and Harmon who are in pursuit. On a nearby stage an older man with silver hair and a defeated expression is staring in bafflement at the sight of his assistant running away. And Godric is...?

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Godric is definitely not chasing anyone, because do you remember how old he is? Too old to be chasing people that's how old. At least, well, he could -probably- chase someone. But he's up on the stage with Galinius, explaining just what the dust in the puch he's hold up does to people. It doesn't sound pretty. "And if someone has an allergic reaction to it, their airways close up and without a tracheotomy they die." He seems fun, doesn't he.

Sir Floppington bounds after the woman and tries again until a human can help!

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Harmon checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + brawl(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Abri is making good headway, but Flops is able to cut her off with a bark and a snarl and that makes her pause, just long enough for Harmon to be able to tackle her to the ground. "GET OFF ME!" Abri thrashes and flails, but is unable to break loose of the hold on her.

On the stage, Galinius is shaking his head, a hand pushed through his silvered mane of hair. "I don't understand. Everything was going so well. Why... who would do such a thing? For what purpose?"

Rowenova jogs up to Flop, "Good boy!" says she and gives him many pets before moving forth to help out Harmon with the evil assistant, "Good work!"

Harmon stares down at Abri. "No. Explain usage of Devil's Breath."

Harmon raises a fist, knuckle dusters gleaming from his hand. "-Now.-"

"Greed. I mean, that's usually my first guess. But..." Godric gestures the way of the heroes chasing down Abri. Chasing and catching, mind you. "Perhaps your assistant can shed some more light on the why." He also doesn't try to chastise the threat of violence. I mean, she kinda deserves a good punch in the face.

Nova and Flop simply provide a menacing backdrop to Harmon's interrogation!

Sir Floppington even snarls as a helpful wingman, too, not far from her face!

Harmon thinks a moment. "Clarification needed: Unconcerned with social mores of striking women when target is a grifter using memory-altering drugs. Patience limited. Frequency of demons, death, torment, pain in dreams: Frequent. Sleep: Lacking. Uncontrollable anger: Increasing exponentially."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" A girl has to try, afterall. Abri puts her hands up to cover her face before she gives a heartfelt scream, "HELP! He's trying to hurt meeeee!" That gets the attention of a few folk, who look over, frowning at the image presented.

Galinius shakes his head, "I just don't understand." There is a lost quality to his voice. "I pay them well. I was going to sell them my name, so they could continue on, as I bought the name from the man I learned from."

Rowenova gets ready to intercept anyone who is going to grief Harmon and Flop!

Harmon is not concerned with the optics. He is a man of science that hates it when science is used in this way.

"Your usage of Devil's Breath to manipulate: EXPLAIN."

Sir Floppington lets out a rather loud bay right into the woman's face!

Harmon says, eyes boring holes.

"Where's the other one? The guy. Where's... what the fuck's his name." Godric snaps his fingers a couple times. "Mordo! Where's your buddy Mordo. Maybe he can explain it."

Godric adds on to that. "So, what's the real name of the man you bought your fake name from."

"It was all Mordo's idea!" Between Harmon and the dog baying, Abri concedes, cowering, arms still held up to protect her face. "I didn't do anything! Someone call the guard! These people are attacking me!"

Galinius looks around, "I don't know where Mordo is. Where is Abri?" He sounds increasingly lost, his expression clouding. He looks back to Godric, leaning in. "Do I know you? Have we met before? What is happening? I have a show to do soon. If you are here for an autograph I really do not have time."

Rowenova ultimately agrees, "We should call the guard, yes."

Sir Floppington quiets down to a low growl for continued interrogating!

Godric has rolled a critical success!
Godric checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Harmon says, "Mordo. Location? Destination?""

Rowenova says, "I think I would trust Flop to find him before believing her."

"I don't KNOW! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Abri's repeated cries for help are starting to repa results, a cluster of young men in Grayson colors moving towards the altercation. "What do you think you are doing, accosting this woman in broad daylight?"

Harmon looks to Rowenova and nods. "Belongings of Mordo, likely back at tent. Scent, possible? Must turn over to the guards." He points down at Abri.

"Nobody is attacking you. Just sit down, answer what you're asked, and wait for someone to arrest you." Godric, one grey haired Inquisitor that looks increasingly irritated. "Yes, we've met before. There's been a problem with some thieves in the area right here. And you may have to postpone your show. Why don't you have a seat in your tent over there and wait for me to come get you when it's safe." he suggests, waving towards the clsuter of young men in Grayson colors. "If you're with the Iron Guard, that woman needs to be arrested. If not, kindly go get one of them."

Rowenova momentarily eyes the Grayson folk. "She poisoned people last show." says the wolf scout as she pushes up her wolf pelt to simply shadow and not cover her pale face. She nods to Harmon, "Yes." She looks back at those in the Grayson colors. "Please, yes, go get the Iron Guard."

He then turns his head to the young men. "Arresting thief's accomplice. Waiting for Iron Guard, assisting Godric." He points in the Inquisitor's direction, then looks back to the men. "Iron Guard? If not, stand back. Intervention unnecessary from civilians. Unhelpful, at best."

Sir Flop slinks away to go figure out the required scents.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

"Arrest me? That is preposterous!" Galinius laughs and looks at Godric with confusion, "I don't know what game you're playing at, my boy, but I am in no need of a jester. I am supposed to be healing people soon. And I think I shall rest my eyes before I begin." There is a yawn and the man stifles it behind an upraised hand. He moves to go to the backstage area.

One of the Grayson men move off to fetch the guard, while the others just watch, looking around curiously. "A thief? What has she stolen?"

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Berenice.

"Unknown. Interrogation of her and her accomplice required. She was using a drug that changes subject's memories, makes verbal suggestions possible. Found stash of the drug, accomplice Mordo fled before connection was made."

Harmon says, in his strange speech pattern.

Rowenova dusts off and glances around, briefly eyeing the hound's departure before turning back to those in Grayson colors. "That."

"No, not /you/. The other two." Godric punches the bridge of his nose while trying to sort this out. "I said thief so he wouldn't know that she.." he gestures to Abri, "And Mordo, have been drugging the audiences with anherb that can be ground into dust and released into the air. It makes people do what you tell them to. Like, buy the remedies they sell. Or, speak without a stutter and make it look like a miracle.. You see what I'm getting at here?" He gestures towards Harmon too. "Excellent summary."

"It's not true! Don't believe them, they are *lying* Gally!" This is from Abri, who is trying to lean on the old man's affections. As for Galinius he is looking very confused, "Is that Trish? Where is my daughter? Has anyone seen her? I have so many secrets to tell her before I forget them all..."

The Iron Guard arrive, clearly having already been altered to the commotion, and split into two groups, one to move towards Abri, the other pair moving to Godric and chinning towards Galinius, "We need to take him in, Inquisitor?"

Sir Floppington eventually returns to Rowenova's side with his head hung down. The wolf scout looks over and gently ruffles his floppy ears, "What's wrong?"

"No, not Galinius. Just her." Godric nods towards Abri. "You also need to be on the lookout for someone calling himself Mordo. He ran when we discovered the Devil's Breath in with their supplies." he explains. "Galinius needs medical attention. Please get her out of here before she upsets him more." he adds, in a quiet murmur and with a look towards the aging performer. "Question her about 'Trish'. Maybe we can find her."

Rowenova kneels down and back pats Sir Floppington who tail wags, minimally so. "Hey, it is ok." says she in an encouraging way. She then leans to Harmon.

The Guardsmen nod to Godric, and move off to join their fellows in collecting Abri, who is shouting for Galinius the whole time. Each shout seems to strike at the older man, and he's muttering, "Trish? Where is Trish? Is that her? Is she my daughter?" Looking more and more distraught. He looks to Godric and asks, "Can you tell me where I am? What this place is?"

Harmon watches Galinius a moment, then frowns suddenly. "...I see."

He then shakes his head and quietly speaks to Nova.

Rowenova doles out all the best hugs for Sir Flop who cheers up after the reassuring attitude of the wolf scout who forever loves him.

"You're in Arx, and I'm going to take you to a place called Saving Grace. Maybe you can tell us more about Trish there. And we can find her for you." Surprisingly gentle with the older man now, given his general irritation, Godric will try to guide Galinius along and further away from the screaming Abri. "Do you like dogs? This one right here could use some cheering up; and he's been a big help today. We'll stop by as we walk."

Sir Floppington looks up toward Galinius and Godric as they come closer.

Harmon looks down to Abri. "Mordo's belongings: Where? Clothing? Hairbrush? Comb?"

Rowenova sits back on her haunches so the incoming fellas can do pet therapy, as she just pats the doggie flanks while the floppy ears are easily pettable.

Galinius seems to trust Godric, nodding to him as he follows him further from the shouting and chaos. "Alright. That... I think that sounds good."

Abri narrows her eyes at Harmon, "I am not going to tell any of you ANYTHING. I can't believe that you're doing this! I haven't done anything wrong! If anything, you should be arresting HER." She tries and fails to point to Rowenova, "She barged into my tent and broke it!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal, Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Talen.

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal, Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse, 6 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Talen.

Rowenova neither admits nor denies anything and just pets Sir Floppington who happily wags at the approaching fellas.

3 Armed Confessors, Cujo, the cadaver canine leave, following Godric.

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