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Baroness Skye's Birthday Party

The sky overhead is blazen with yellow, orange and red as the sun starts setting in the distance. Soft sounds of strings can be heard by the quartet of players standing on the side. A banquet of seafood, chicken and beef dishes simmer under a gentle heat from an iron bowl underneath the dishes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are laid nearby. A three tier cake with butterflies in flight up the sides sits nearby with twenty three candles on the different tiers. Servants move about seeing to the needs of the guests.


Sept. 29, 2018, 2 p.m.

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Kael Alarissa Reigna Monique Bianca Jasher Galen Sorrel Iseulet



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Empyrean - Twilight Terrace

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Comments and Log

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Skye before departing.

The sky overhead is blazen with yellow, orange and red as the sun starts setting in the distance. Soft sounds of strings can be heard by the quartet of players standing on the side. A banquet of seafood, chicken and beef dishes simmer under a gentle heat from an iron bowl underneath the dishes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are laid nearby. A three tier cake with butterflies in flight up the sides sits nearby with twenty three candles on the different tiers. Servants move about seeing to the needs of the guests.

Skye is dressed in white with blue accents, looking the picture of a young baroness celebrating her birthday. Her blue eyes are alight with joy. Her lips smile as guests arrive to her party. She looks so bright from this outpouring of support from friends and family.

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Perhaps just a minute early is one Kael and Reigna Keaton. The couple arrives arm-in-arm with one another, and there is a bundle that has been wrapped in a simple brown paper that has a bright, shiny and beautiful ribbon around it. It's the shimmering silver ribbon the makes the packaging. Of course those little details are likely missed in the wake of Kael, well, being Kael. Upon spying the Baroness he is slipping the package to Reigna and thereafter moving toward the Blackshore, snaring her in his brawny embrace if he's able to so that he can give her a twirl that is a full two and a half. "Happy birthday, Skye!" There's a ridiculous amount of warmth in that greeting.

Alarissa has joined the an elegant chaise lounge.

Skye makes a happy noise at the arrival of Reigna and Kael, looking at her cousin in such a way, one would think he was her brother. She laughs as he spins her about, "Oh wow...this is so lovely. I am so glad you could make my party." She motions to the Reigna, "It's good to see you too Reigna." She looks at the gift in hand, "Oh you didn't have to bring a gift."

Alarissa's present already, making sure to get to where she needs to go early. That she isn't staying for long either means she's making the most of what little time she has there.

Reigna takes the packagee and smiles as she watches Kael's greeting of the Baroness. There is a reflected sort of happiness in her expression as she watches the greeting. And while she is not as exuberent in her own, there is still a wealth of warmth as she grins to Skye, offering the gift once the Baroness has her feet back under her once again. "Happy birthday, Skye. Kael picked this out himself."

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Monique arrives for the party, carring a lovely backpack of cloth printed with snowflower, a bow affixed to the top of it, ribbons spiraling down festively. Her smile is bright for Skye, and everyone else. "What a beautiful location! I'd no idea it even existed. Happy birthday, Baroness! The Archlector and I put together a small present, and I do hope you'll like it. We were so grateful for your generous donation to the Finders Festival. Did Commander Fatchforth claim his prize?" She curtsies for everyone present, murmuring warm greetings. "Marquis and Marquessa Keaton. Your Highness," to Alarissa, a touch of reserve but no outright disdain. Progress!

The Legate arrived arm in arm with such a handsome (yet often dour) Prince Jasher. The pair seemed to be in quiet conversation about this or that, but as they entered Bianca's gaze turned outward to overview the small gathering with soft smile.

"Lady Monique." Alarissa offers up from where she's sitting when the redhead greets. No disdain there. Indeed, perhaps progress. "Marquise, Marquessa." She offers in greeting as well, sipping and nursing a glass of wine and watching the festivities with a smile.

Skye waits till Kael lets her go to take the package and carefully bring it out. When she spies the umbra dress, she gives a little gasp, "Oh Kael, it's just lovely." She gives a smile over to Alarissa, making sure that a servant brings her a drink. Then she accepts the next gift from Monique with a sunny smile, "Oh yes, my cousin, Isuelet, saw to the decorating of this beautiful club." She looks at the gift in hand, "Oh you didn't have to." She gives a sweet smile to Monique, "It's lovely." She then confirms to Monique, "We've corresponded, Master Fatchforth and I but haven't had a chance to meet yet." She gives a greeting to Prince Jasher and Legate Bianca as they arrive.

"Of course you get a present," Kael informs Skye, eyes glimmering as he sets the Baroness down. At least after backing up he is more formally inclining his head toward her. "I am glad that you like it." With that, he's returning to his wife's side and offering her his arm before looking about and spying Alarissa. "Your Grace," he says to her, rumbling a greeting before turning back and spying Monique. "Lady Greenmarch," he offers in hello. There is a more quiet murmur to his wife, a quiet, "Shall we go acquire some refreshment?"

Skye gets a pale blue linen dress embroidered with blooms from lovely snowflower cloth backpack.

Skye gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from lovely snowflower cloth backpack.

Fortunately, Jasher's dourness seems to be muted somewhat as he walks in with Bianca, offering a polite nod towards Skye as the birthday baroness greets them. "Happy birthday," he says in cordial greeting at odds with his attire, black leather with red highlights. A band glitters off his arm, gold and barbaric contrast against the darkness and bronzed flesh.

"I think it will look quite lovely on you. It was crafted by an extremely talented tailor. She makes many of my gowns. She is just incredible." Reigna gushes to Skye, though she is soon distracted by Monique's arrival, "Lady Greenmarch!" When Alarissa speaks to her, Reigna turns to the Princess Consort and inclines her head, "Princess-Consort." That is it. Her voice is neutral at best, and she is soon turning to Bianca, eyes lighting up, "Cousin! Ohh.. Forgive me, Mother Bianca!"

Skye motions to the beautiful banquet that's been set for the guests, "Oh yes, Kael and Reigna, please enjoy some of the food." She blushes a little at Prince Jasher's greeting and then murmurs, "Thank you for coming to the party." She then informs her guests, "The flowers here only bloom in the evening so once the sun has set fully." She motions to the beautiful skyline, "You will get to enjoy watching the flowers bloom in darkness." There are torches ready to be lit once the sun goes down so the guests won't be standing around in the dark. She gives a nod to Reigna, "Oh I can tell it's well-made." She gives a glance between Alarissa and Reigna, then motions to the servants to make sure that everyone has a drink that wishes one.

Bianca in turn voiced her greeting in conjunction with Jasher toward Skye, "Blessed be, Baroness. Happy birthday and thank you for having us." She then laughed openly as Reigna sought to quickly correct the title usage, a vibrant comparison to the more subdued creature of days past. "Marquessa Reigna." She spoke warmly. "Oh, no need for apology. It is so good to see you."

Alarissa on the whole seems non-paused by the Keatons and smiles to the both, looking to Bianca and Jasher as they make their way in too.

The streaks of yellow, orange and red at starting to fade as the sun sinks deeper into the horizon. Servants move about the party, lighting the torches and candles at the different tables. The music by the string quartet gets softer.

When a servant drops by to get his drink, Jasher gets himself some rum. Of course. He takes a sip and makes to slip away from Reigna and Bianca, allowing them the illusory privacy of personal conversation.

With the notation on the flowers, Kael is shifting his attention to the skyline, his head tilting as he regards the flora curiously. There's a little look to Reigna and her greeting to Alarissa, but no actual commentary from the Marquis. At least not just yet. Instead he just shakes his head and, upon her greeting to Bianca is bowing his head deeply by way of greeting. This done, he'll be acquiring a tumbler of some fine beverage and nothing to Alarissa, "I hope that you are well," before adding, "And congratulations, once more."

"It is good to see you as well." Reigna's warmth seems to be almost extreme given the contrast of her greeting to the Thraxian Princess and the Legate. "It has been too long, Mother Bianca. Though for understandable reasons. I still think fondly on the last trip we took together and I wish, well. Perhaps one day we will travel together again." When Kael speaks to Alarissa, his wife sends him a Look. It is a brief thing, but clearly not a happy one.

Bianca's smile drifted, a bow of her head given first to Kael in reply to his own and then to Alarissa and Monique in turn. Pale gaze returned to her cousin, opening her arms to embrace Reigna properly. "My mind drifts fondly to those memories often and I share that hope. It is so good to see you and I agree, it has been far too long."

"As well as can be expect Marquise Kael. Thank you." The look thrown to Kael from Reigna is noticed and Alarissa regards Kael with a faint shake of her head and then a smile. "I should be going. It was a pleasure to see you again but the child tires me far too easily these days and I instructed off my feet as much as possible. Baroness, I will send something later. Many more happy years to you." And Alarissa's putting down the half finished wine so she can start to make her slow way out.

Skye gives a careful murmur to one of the servants to make sure there are blankets available for anyone that gets a slight chill that occurs after the sun goes down. She holds a glass of white wine in her hand and hands off the presents from Kael, Reigna, Etienne and Monique off to a servant for safekeeping. She gives a fond look to her patron, "I'm afraid her highness won't be here long with us but perhaps she can stay for the opening of the night-blooming flowers." She makes a point of telling Kael and Alarissa, including the rest of her guests, like Jasher in the coveration by angling her body just so, "I've gotten a few positive mentions from those that dropped by the Sanctum of Reflection to see my new sculpture." She pauses as it's clear that Alarissa can't stay, "Oh feel better your highness. I look forward to your gift. Thank you so much for coming." She motions for a servant to come assist Alarissa on her way out.

Jasher takes another sip of rum as he regards the closed flowers, half-listening to Skye's words over the bustle. But his attention's drawn to Alarissa making her way out, and he stalks over to catch up to the princess-consort, inclining his head in greeting. "Princess Alarissa," he says mildly, "do you need me to accompany you home?"

"Princess," Bianca called after Alarissa hopefully before she could sneak off! "I have not forgotten our tea date and I apologize it has not yet occurred. I hope to amend that sooner than later should your schedule have a pock of time I may be able to sneak into." Her gaze returned to Reigna attentively.

In counter of that Look <tm> there is a distinct arch of Kael's brow offered in response. It really has moved up to quite the height and is joined by a stern expression from him. "Of course. Do rest well," Kael murmurs, inclining his head toward Alarissa before sending a flash of a smile to Skye. Thereafter he'll be drifting back to his wife, a sip of drink taken. Once Reigna's finished embracing her cousin, he returns to his post beside her and sets a hand on the small of her back.

Jasher tilts his head, as if he was listening in to something being murmured his way. His lips then pull straight, blue eyes lighting, as if whatever he heard amused him somehow. He murmurs something back.

"I have no doubt that you remember Legate, and I shall wait patient. I promise. We are both, after all, busy women." Jasher inquires and Alarissa murmurs softly, a look given to Kael that seems to speak that everything is fine.

Reigna warmly hugs Bianca, though when Kael returns to her side there is a little dimming, a vaguely chastized look that has Reigna's head briefly bowing. She is quiet for the time being, hands clasped in front of her.

Skye leaves Jasher to assist Alarissa on her way out, and joins the others that are further out on the terrace. She points out the different species of flowers, knowing that Reigna will find it interesting, "You'll see in a few moments how as it gets darker, the flowers come out and that mold that you see there is bioluminescent so they also shine in darkness.

While Kael returned to his wife's side, Bianca turned to stand opposite him with her arm snaking to twine with Reigna's. She listened to Skye's description of the flowers attentively, "Bioluminescent? How interesting."

Alarissa's arm slides into Jasher's, leaning on the man. "I have no doubt Baroness, that I will be permitted to see them another night. For now, I beg forgiveness as I abscond with the Prince Jasher to help me home. Again, Happy birthday my dear friend."

Jasher nods and looks towards the gathering as he clasps Alarissa's arm. "Perhaps another time I may see the flowers bloom, Baroness. Happy birthday." And that said, he moves to help escort the princess out.

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Skye gives a wave to Jasher and Alarissa as they head out. She turns to look at the sky, noting the colors are still there, "Hmmm, it should be soon." She seems happy enough that it's a small gathering.

Kael's head bows and he offers forth a kiss to Reigna's temple, a light thing, before he is turning toward the aforementioned flowers and regarding them. Noting Bianca on the opposite side of Reigna, he's flashing a smile her way. "How interesting," he murmurs, watching the skyline. "Wherever did Iseulet find these flowers? I assume this was her set up?"

Reigna leans in against Bianca in a familial show of affection before she too is focusing on the explanation from Skye. "Curious! I have never seen flowers with that quality, some fungi yes, but where in Aion did she find flowers?"

The streaks of the sun finally leave the skin, as the stars come out to shine. The servants are careful to keep the light away from the flowers and plants that are going to shine in the darkness. Once the rays of sun dip into the water, that's when the Twilight Terrace comes alive as the flowers start to bloom their rich jasmine and other scents filling the air. The mold on the rocks starting to glow a in light greens and blues, "Even in darkness, the gods have given some the ability to shine brightly."

Skye gives a bright smile to Bianca, "For there is never any true absence in light, just shades..." She has a servant bring forward a light to show how the plants hide their light until the servant takes it away again, "And in this case, these plants don't waste their efforts if other light sources are present." She gives a shake of her head to Kael and Reigna, "I'm not sure where Isuelet collected these flowers. I did forget to ask her before the party."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Orchids, jasmine and the four o'clock flower are just some of the purple, white, crimson, and blue flowers that are blooming in the darkness. A few pools of water lilies also show that not all night blooming flowers live on land. An evening primrose even finds itself in this nighttime garden.

Kael's eyes flick to Reigna briefly before there is a messenger that intervenes and taps him upon the shoulder. He thanks them, and rather than opening the missive immediately he is instead regarding the beautiful display of the flowers. "They are fascinating. Do give her my compliments," he says quietly in response to Skye, nodding his head to her.

Bianca nodded in reply to Skye's words, "Well said, Baroness." She leaned forward slightly, though not far enough to jarr Reigna, to inspect the display. "Ah, the water lilies are my favorite, I think."

Reigna is certainly trying to follow the explanation of the flowers, looking over those shown off. She watches as the messenger delivers something to Kael and there is a brief look of suspicion there, a slight shake of her head before she releases Kael's arm and nods to Bianca's words, "Yes, I too like the water lilies." She takes a step or two towards them in fact, to get a better look.

Skye looks pleased at everyone's reactions to the night-blooming flowers, "I am so glad you like them." She gives a nod to Bianca, "Oh the water lilies are one of my favorites too. Did you know that they can pull impurities from the water? Even arsenic? It's rather quite fascinating." She motions to herself, "It was actually this garden that prompted me to start exploring an aqueduct system that would use plant filtration."

Kael says, "s head tilts to the side when his arm is released and he regards the flowers for a moment or two more in silence before, finding his tumbler empty, is starting to move back so that he can set it down on a tray. The flowers are regarded once more from this particular angle."

Kael's head tilts to the side when his arm is released and he regards the flowers for a moment or two more in silence before, finding his tumbler empty, is starting to move back so that he can set it down on a tray. The flowers are regarded once more from this particular angle.

"I may need to corner you one of these days to learn more about fauna, Baroness. I had no idea water lilies held such hidden blessings." Bianca glanced up to Skye, still holding fast to Reigna and moving with her. "Oh, I would love to hear more about that as well."

Skye checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Monique has been silent this whole time. No, really. It's probably a record. But now she breathes a low whistle of appreciation at the flowers and their blossoming, green eyes wide as they unfurl in the magical bowery of the Empyrean. "This is amazing. I can see why you chose it as a setting. It takes the sting out of aging. I might have to borrow the idea," the Greenmarch teases.

"Actually, there are a quite a few flowers that can pull poison from the water. In my system, I was going to use a series of tanks that would leverage pondweed, hornwort, water lilies and iris," Skye tells Bianca and Reigna with a smile. She gives a smile of appreciation as Kael looks over the flowers in question, "Out the group I just mentioned only the water lily is night blooming." She turns to Monique who's now back with them, after having toured the terrace, "Oh, I don't mind getting older, I'm only twenty-three...I really have my whole life ahead of me." She motions to all her friends, "And being here, these last few years with my friends and family have been some of the best years for me."

"Oh, really?" Reigna looks to Skye at that, then speculatively at the plants. "How wonderous. That gives me plenty of ideas for potential projects for Oakhaven." There is a thoughtfullness about her as she contemplates the flowers. Skye's words have her smiling and reaching out to touch the Baronness' hand. "You are such a dear thing Skye. I really cannot express how glad I am that Kael has you in his life. You have been one of the most significant factors in his appreciation of family."

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Kael's still quiet from his little corner of the gathering, and thereafter he inclines his head toward Skye. "Twenty-three is very young still. You have, as you say, all of life before you." His voice softens as he continues, "There is so very much more to experience." He is spying Vern, his attendant, from the corner of his eye and frowning slightly before deliberating a moment. "I apologize, cousin, but I believe I very well might need to slip out early. I am grateful for having the possibility to see the flowers bloom, however." He pauses a moment before adding, "Reigna, I can have the guards escort you home if you wish to stay longer."

"Actually I do have a patient I have to see soon." Reigna looks to Skye and says, "Happy birthday, Skye. And many many more to come." She moves back to Kael's side and takes his arm, though there just may be a liiiiittle more space between them than is usual.

It's not long before Monique is rising, too, dropping a curtsey to all and wishing Skye the happiest of birthdays. "I'd best take my old self home," she offers wryly, grinning. "Good night, all."

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Kael is overheard praising Skye: Happy birthday, Baroness Blackshore!

Skye gives an understanding look as Kael has to make his goodbyes, "Oh if anyone understands duty, it is indeed myself." She gives a little smile to Reigna who joins her husband in leaving, "Oh have a good night, I do hope your patient is better." She waves to Monique who also takes her leave, "Have a good night." She takes a sip of her white wine as she looks on the night-blooming flowers, waiting to greet other guests.

Galen and Sorrel arrive, Kyrios left to the nurseries because the Thrax pair intend to drink! And celebrate Skye's birthday. "Happy birthday!" He calls out to the Baroness of Blackshore, tossing a cloth-wrapped gift to an attendant; it'll be handed to Skye later. "How are you feeling, Baroness? A little wiser?" He grins at the Blackshore.

"Have a good evening, Skye, and the most beautiful of birthday celebrations. Hopefully we can speak soon." Kael is flashing a warm smile to his cousin before inclining his head toward her. When Reigna takes his arm, he is nodding his head toward her and thereafter escorting her from the chamber.

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"Happy birthday, Baroness Skye," Sorrel offers with a warm smile as she arrives with her husband, looking tall and stately in aeterna slashed with seasilk the color of dawn. "I hope that it's been a good one. This is a lovely place to have a celebration."

Skye gives a bright smile as Galen and Sorrel arrive, "Oh no, I don't know if I am more wiser." She motions for a servant to bring the duo a drink, "Thank you so much for coming." She has a servant attend to the gift brought, "Oh that is so lovely." She admires the diamondplate for a moment before she motions to the night-blooming flowers and tells Sorrel, "Yes, this is one of my favorite places in Arx. I am afraid you missed their blooming after the sunset but you can certainly enjoy them now." She gives a wave as more party goers ebb in and out, "How are you both doing? I feel like it's been too long."

"Congratulations," Galen grins brightly at Skye, reaching out to squeeze her shoulder before looking over to the night-blooming flowers, studying them. "How beautiful." He spends a moment to admire those, instead, before replying, "Oh, we've been well! My job as a Warlord has taken most of my free time these days but that happens. I meant to speak with you at another opportunity but this is a night for levity and fun. None of that dreary stuff. It's been long, indeed. I hope you've been well."

Skye gives a bright smile to Galen, "Oh yes, very well. My brother threw the Harvest Festival for our anniversary of building New Hope. My people enjoyed the visit from myself and my brothers." She motions to herself with a gloved hand, "And I recently debuted a new sculpture that's now in the Sanctum of Reflection. I've gotten good reviews on it." At the mention of the upcoming conflict, she gives a serious look, "Yes, I've been assisting the Iron Guard with constructing archery platforms and fortifications." She does admit to both of them, "I've been practicing with the bow but I am no where near ready or able to fight in the conflict."

"I've missed my Warlord with him going to sea a bit, and me needed here, but that was an expected hazard of marrying the Captain of the Serpents Tide," Sorrel remarks with a laugh, getting a glass of something or other from a servant and sipping it delicately. "But we're both hard at work for Thrax these days. You and I really should coordinate more, what with me being Minister of Productivity and you the Minister of Infrastructure."

"Congratulations! I should tour New Hope at some point. I'd have offered a gift of military writs additionally but diamondplate works too, right?" Galen grins at Skye, nodding at her words about the reception for her visit. "The humbler a people are, the better they will take to the zeal of their lords in ensuring their comfort and happiness. Good on you, Skye, to look after them as often as you can. I also really like this place. It's very... golden. No wonder it only opens at night. It makes sense. As for that -- I gave enough military writs for Sorrel here to get a catapult for her part in the defense of the Lodge."

Iseulet sashays in dressing 'down' in less umbra, but far, far more strategically placed lace, her very grumpy looking cat under one arm and a glass of wine in the other. Upon seeing another pair of familiar faces she beams and bows her head. "Oh dearest Skye I'm so sorry I'm late, I was held up with something downstairs in the kitchen." She certainly did /not/ smell like smoke that was your imagination.

Skye gives a Sorrel a sweet smile, "Oh I'd be happy to coordinate with any projects." She does admit to the other Thrax minister, "I've always seen myself as more of a builder where you come in once it's built to make sure it runs properly." She gives a shake of her head, "I'm much better at fortifying than trying to coordinate people." She makes sure to assure Galen, "Oh the military writs would be welcomed as well. We've gotten our navy up and running but our ground forces are still rather light." She gives an admiring look to Sorrel, "You're so brave to go out on the battlefield." She blushes as she admits, "I'm afraid when High Lord Victus let out a war cry at Lady Rosalie's wedding, while cutting the cake, I fainted dead away." She turns as her cousin arrives, "Isuelet, there you are!" She motions to her, "Come...everyone has been admiring what a wonderful job you have done with the night-blooming gardens here."

"She's my sister-in-law now, having married my brother Lord Alexandre," Sorrel volunteers cheerfully. "I wish them the best, and I know they're trying for a baby as quick as they can, which will be fun. Maybe we'll have another one around that time, too. I know my sister, Duchess Clover, was considering the same." She shrugs once, laughing her beautiful musical laugh. "We all have talents, and it would be an insult to the gods not to use them. Mine have me on the battlefield, singing a ritual so that others can fight the gargantuans. Please, say a few prayers that we are not overwhelmed at the Lodge, for the world shall be in poor shape should the Enemy prevail."

"Oh why thank you. If you like this you'll have to come by Blackshore Manor in the next week or two if you've been staying away or thought I'd forgotten it, I plan to have everything finished and put way - just need to catch my breath." Iseulet winks and joins the three of them momentarily, "Happy Birthday Skye, I hope it's been memorable. You have always been there for me through thick and thin. I know that I will never be able to repay you for all that you've done for me. All I can say is thank you. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart." She lifts her glass of wine to Skye and takes a sip in her honor. "Sorry, I was probably absent for any toasts earlier and thought I might like to slip that in since I saw an opportunity."

Skye gives a gentle nod to Sorrel, "Oh I am so happy for Lady Rosalie. Your brother is quite lovely. They made a striking pair at the wedding." She then comments on the upcoming conflict and her prayers to the gods, "Of course, I shall be happy to go to the Cathedral and pray for you and others on the field when the conflict happens. I prayed for others when the Battle of Setarco happened. I am happy to pray now." She gives a smile to Isuelet, "And I look forward to seeing what you create cousin. What you've done with the Empyrean has been just stunning." She does get a little choked up when Isuelet thanks her, "Oh...Isuelet, you have truly been a gift since joining me here." She motions for the servants to bring glasses for a toast, and points to the cake, "Well we haven't sung happy birthday or cut the cake yet. I was hoping for her highness lovely assitance on the matter."

"No time like the present, Lady Iseulet. Good to see you." Nodding to the Blackshore lady, Galen looks over to Skye again, and flashes her a smile. "I'll see what I can do about bolstering your forces in the long-term, soon as I've got the paperwork set aside again. You might want to invest in an infantry with the writs, though: cheaper to arm, to train and to maintain, and I suppose 600 soldiers in a Barony might be a chunk of your weekly income."

"Oh, I'd be happy to sing Happy Birthday to you so that you can cut the cake," Sorrel volunteers, what with being Arvum's equivalent of a rock star. Any opportunity to sing brings a smile to her face, and she looks cheerfully enthused at the idea. "I do love cake, but I love singing even more. Just let me know when you're ready and we'll do it."

Skye gives Galen a thoughtful look and nods to him, "Hmmm, I shall have to think about it. We're still not making enough for me to pull my own salary at Blackshore. I am afraid I'm rather dependent on my salary as Minister of Infrastructure for my own personal needs..." She gives a shake of her head, "But let's not talk war now..." She motions to Sorrel, "Not when her highness has so graciously offered to sing." She then motions for the servants to bring forward the cake so the birthday song can start.

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Sorrel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 69 higher.

Sorrel sings the birthday song. It's spectacular. It's charming. It fills the air of the party with beautiful music, for Sorrel is an exceptional singer and she's very happy to be singing this song right now. Her love and joy carries in the notes of the song and introduces the cake with aplomb. She encourages others to get into the birthday party spirit with her and sing along, too.

Skye checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Skye has a sweet, soft voice as she joins in the song with Sorrel to sing happy birthday, but it's not nearly as good as the royalty present. She does smile as the cake is brought forward. The candles glitter in the candlelight. Skye steps forward and closes her eyes before taking a deep breath and blowing out the candles. When she's done, she claps her gloved hands and lets Sorrel know, "Your song touched me deeply. It was so lovely."

Galen smiles quietly, enjoying the interaction, but otherwise lost in his thoughts and drinking. He's like that.

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