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The Fast and the Furious

For some god damned reason, Grand Duke Consort Talen Velenosa and Princess Coraline Thrax have wagered pink slips over a race they'll have, betting their dromonds from House Velenosa and House Thrax respectively. Winner takes the loser's ship for their family.


Sept. 21, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Talen Coraline


Eleyna Alarissa


Velenosa Thrax


Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The presence of Talen and Eleyna is less the indicator that people have found the right place today and more the two hulking ships waiting out at sea for their captains. Either way, Talen's keeping half an eye on the raft nearby ready to take passengers aboard a ship, meanwhile speaking quietly to his wife. "I mean, at the end of the day, the loss of one ship is a possibility... but so too is the gain," is reasoned.

"You had better hope that it is a gain or else I'm letting Antonio and Jaenelle have at you," Eleyna mutters as her pale blue eyes drift out to the sea. The ocean breeze catches the ends of her loose blond curls and blows them about her face which she attempts to smooth away with a hand as she adds, "Good thing that you didn't bet caravels, I suppose."

Alarissa is present, there is a capacity as voice. Wgat with a boat from Thrax's navy at stake in this friebdy wager that was produced from yesterday. She is making her way carefully toward the beach. "It would have been denied if it had been Caravals, or Victus' own ship" She looks like classic Alarissa as compared to yesterday. less seadragged and more sea maiden. "when you lose, you don't get to send letters saying you should have let me die out there"

"I can deal with them," Talen says confidently, as if Eleyna's the one he could be worried about, before he crosses his arms and adjusts. There's some time waiting before words comes that the event will need rescheduled, to which he calls to Alarissa, "That wasn't part of the terms, Alarissa! Though denied for a caravel I think is fair." Then, with a wave of his arm, he shouts, "Alright, pack it up, boys. We'll do this later this weekend!" And so the apologies are made for those who've come all the way out for little result.

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