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Thrax:Noodling & Shucking

Another year passes and the High Lord of Thrax gets another year older. Much as has become tradition, his wife throws him a party that is the furthest thing from what she would throw and what her husband wants. So all who wish to attend are invited to join House Thrax as they board the caraval and sail up the coast fir a day of noodling, oyster shucking, wrestling, drinking and otherwise getting up to no good and possibly very wet. Come celebrate with the rest of tge house and enjoy yourself.


Sept. 27, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Victus


Galen Denica Sheena Coraline Lisebet Carita Harlan Skye Turo Reese Sparte



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Stojan, the assistant, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

Boats have been coming back and forth all afternoon to this little quiet - not so quiet - location that has been sussed out for the specific purpose of being loud, raucous, noisy and celebrating the birthday of the High Lord of Thrax.

There are no multiple different sized spoons. Not here, not now, not tonight.

Children have had their time to come and play, splash about the shoals of the windy river and there's noise that the noodling will start soon enough at the approaching dusk. For now though, there's a great giant cake that's been carefully assembled at a table, alcohol is flowing with abundance and music plays. It is the loud, noisy, impolite and precisely that which Victus likely thoroughly enjoys. There's no hoity toity. Even Alarissa's dressed down in leather pants, a tunic left untucked and hair down to respect the atmosphere.

"See now -seasoned- is a new one." Victus is coming down to the beach with a casual gait, walking along with famed mustache and its host Galen. "People say getting older is to be celebrated, 'cause it's wiser. And ya' know wisdom is always cherished in a leader. Especially big time leaders. But you're dying a little faster every year. Pros and cons. Personally, me? I don't like dying. It sucks." This ramble goes on as the Prince makes his way down toward his wife, hands in the pockets of his snakeskin coat on his approach. He immediately greets her with a kiss on the cheek and an arm around her shoulders. "So long have we come from shoving a live octopus down your throat."

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, Bigsby arrive, following Lisebet.

"I don't think anybody likes dying, Victus. I'm old too, so I'm right there with you," Galen grunts on his approach into the caravel with the Thraxian High Lord. "But you know, like you said? A little salt on the hair and all that? I'm told girls dig that a lot, sometimes. Says the experience makes us better, you know," he nudges his cousin, grins at the man. "But yeah, wisdom's cherished in leaders. He nods to Alarissa when the leader of the Thrax goes to embrace and kiss his wife, smiling at both. "We got darts here, right, Alarissa? I mean, somewhere. Right?" Hopeful expression there. He really wants to throw darts.

Well, Denica might still be in her umbra dress, but she can't seem to help just trying to look her best everywhere she goes, even in the noisy, impolite company that the party is meant to attract. She just grins easily when she looks around, a drink in hand and approaching her cousin with a wave and a one-armed hug, squeezing him from his side. "Well, you're still a pain in the ass. Happy birthday," Denica grins to him.

"There are no live octopi here. Nor will I ever eat another live octopus. Thank you." Alarissa looks faintly green at that thought." She kisses him back, diminutive enough that he eclipses her as opposed to just dwarfing her. "THere's darts set up near a tree somewhere. I'm sure you'll find someone to throw against. But the Oyster shucking is about to start. Followed by the noodling." Denica is smiled at, a kiss for her cheek as well. "Sorrel coming on another boat Galen? Or busy with preparations?"

Likely after much objecting Sheena enters the beach for the party, looking as uncomfortable and nervious as she does at each public event she is proded to join. She stays paused at the furthest part of the crowd, scannign faces, undoubtedly the timid little Sheena is looking for a specific person and unless noticed there is no going further for her.

1 Templar Initiates, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

"She's gone on those paperwork slash songwriting frenzies of hers, so the latter, I think. I do have to ask Victus here what he wants for his birthday, since I got the ingots, but I have no idea if it's a codpiece or an even scarier belt to frighten people with," Galen's probably joking about the latter two there, because he's laughing and taking a swig from a rum bottle he snatches from the arms of a zealous but hurried servant after that pop of removing the cork. "Worry not, everyone, the mustache is here. And now he has rum. The party can begin in earnest. Get to shucking those oysters!"

Stepping onto the sands comes Cora. She moves first to Victus, "Happy birthday, don't drink it all in one sitting." and hands him a bottle of something clearly very nice rum. Then to Alarissa, "You look amazing as always." Aiming for that cheek kiss thing she seems to like as a greeting. "That is a hell of a cake." Galen gets a wave, "I see the warstache is looking good still." Sheena gets a hug, as does Denica.

A squeeze and kiss are given in return to Alarissa as well, and Denica looks around at the gathering party, giving Coraline a squeeze of her own with a kiss on the cheek of greeting, she bites her lip. "I don't think even I could eat a live octopus either... I'm surprised you did it!" she says.

"Salted hair to be extra attractive don't help much when you're married. Soon to be married with many kids too." Victus takes a little more than pointed look down to that swelling belly. "I'm pretty sure there's like four of 'em in there. Five? Probably five..." With a snort he steps away from his wife. Mercifully. "Coraline, hello, not dead yet I see. Good." His eyes squint at the form of Sheena a moment before recognition briefly flashes there. "Your delivery today was much appreciated. Lady Sheena, wasn't it? You gave me a nice fond memory to look back on for a moment. I won that thing in a costume contest. I was a shark. A really good shark at that." But then he's being squeezed... no, /hugged/ from the side. He bawls at Denica as she does just so and gives her a light pat on the back. "Whoever told you older equals more affection, they were very wrong."

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"When is the warstache never up to snuff?" Alarissa looks around, ensuring everyone is tended to or fine, that no one is lacking because this is just what she does. "OH, it was a promise I made if he attended the white gala. He would have to not swear and I would eat a life octopi. And now when someone new joins the family, they have to as well. A newly minted tradition. Sorrel acquitted herself quite well when nit was her turn." Sheena. It's an unfamiliar face to Alarissa and she lifts a hand toward the woman, as if offering her to come join the smell group even as Victus beats her to it. "Lady? I thought is was mistress? Am I wrong?"

Oh but the oysters are prepared and Alarissa looks to the group "All of you, lets go. I want to see Victus try to shuck tiny oysters with his mits."

When she spots Coraline the easily scared of Sheena beelines for her, pretty much right into the hug. It gets a surprised noise but it is returned with relative ease. THen behind the princess she scoots and from there she gives everyone a quickly done curtsy. Against Coraline's back Sheena's hands fall when she finds herself suddenly being spoken to by the High Lord, she quickly looks around to assure she is not mistaking the words being directed at her. It causes her response to the words to be delayed, "I merely carried through with what was wanted, Highlord." Her voice is even lower than it already normally is, displaying her easily intimidated side. You know, like it wasn't already on display. The beign called 'Lady' doesn't register until Alarissa points it out and she shakes her head, "I'm no lady, Highlord. An ex-thrall at best."

Cora shakes her head at becoming the usual barrier, "If anyone had told me even a year ago that I would be the socially brave one..." this is said more to herself under her breath and she introduces Sheena, "This is Mistress Sheena, she is an excellent seamstress and is trying to grow her business. Sheena this is Highlord Victus and Princess-Consort Alarissa, which I am sure you already know but hey, formal introductions never hurt." She grins at Victus, "Keep it up and I might just hug you too."

Cora belatedly laughs and nods to Alarissa, "True about the warstache but it does bear noting."

Lisebet sneaks in. As much as she can sneak, which is not much at all. She's wearing leathers though so the petite Farshaw may be not recognizeable for not wearing a flirty dress? She makes her way to whichever boat is heading over to the caravel, (at least so I think is the plan) and then gets off, looking around curiously.

"One of these days, I'll get a real hug from you, Vic," Denica chuckles a moment, rather shamelessly as she saunters away from Victus with her drink in hand. She eyes Coraline again when she makes her introductions and wiggles her own fingers in greeting to Sheena before she makes her way over to Alarissa to begin the Oyster shucking.

With his hand moving in a gesture to Alarissa in clear agreement to her inquiry slash argument on the warstache, Galen grins brightly at Cora. "Hello, Grandmaster of the Order of the East Light. How's the raiding and pillaging?" Cheeky sense of humor, "I mean, protecting and fighting evildoers." He nods sadly to Victus; a reality he's aware of. "Five? That's a whole lot of them. Maybe eating living octopus means you get triplets, quadruplets or even octoplets." He eyes Alarissa to make sure she doesn't have throwing knives anywhere near her vicinity and then quietly steps behind a servant.

Carita gets adorable fuzzy rabbit slippers from small canvas bag.

Victus rolls his shoulders back in a shrug at the correction. "Well for the moment she was a lady. You lot could've played along if you were generous sorts." The Prince snorts in amusement as he wades between family members and guests, schmoozing with the crowd as best he can. It's a decent effort if nothing else. He moves onto Lady Lisebet next, another face he recognizes. "Lady Farshaw. You got your Marin'alfar lessons in eventuality, right? I can't remember. I'm OLD and all." He gives a shifty glance toward the cousins that are threatening to hug. Not his forte, no sir.

Carita's carrying a small package when she arrives, her hair left down to trail behind her in the wind as she goes. Like everyone else, she waits for her time with the Victus, amusement dancing in her eyes as she watches the crowd gather. As the oysters are prepared, she slides in to discreetly offer her gift to the High Lord anyway. "For you, Prince Victus," is said with a curtsey and an impish smile.

There's a knife in Alarissa's hand but it's her picking it up to hand to her husband and there's a look to Galen. "I'm already far too large for my liking. Lets not jest about that. I'm large than I was with Danse. " But she looks to the gathered. "If you are joining in the shucking, step to the trough!

Well, Carita is here! So, Denica spreads her arms open and squeezes her into a hug in greeting. "Lady Carita, so good to see you again," she beams. "What did you get hiiiim?" she wonders rather nosily, before she gathers up her knife to begin the shucking, drinking some more of her rum, for luck!

Lisebet laughs softly, managing a bow. "I did, thank you. It was more to practice speaking than to have another lesson. Princess Alarissa is a most excellent teacher." She tilts her head, inspecting Victus' face and hair. "Old is it? I am sorry, your highness, but I can't say you look old at all." She then turns to look towards where the oysters are, curiously. "Did I hear someone say the oyster shucking is about to start?"

Seeing Lisebet and Carita arrive Cora flashes a grin to Galen and shakes her head as she heads over to the ladies, "Oh you know, hard work pillaging, er protecting and raiding, or rather fighting evildoers. So much to do so little time. We miss you in the Order but I understand why you needed to step back, rather full plate I think." she shakes her head, "If she asks me to I will throw things at your head you know." she says dryly. Then hugs Carita, "Hey you," Lisebet gets a warm smile, "How have you been Lady Lisebet?"

A small face is made from behind Coraline at Victus then the tailor shakes her head, "I've no desire to be a 'lady'. I am barely making it through as being no longer a thrall. I am pretty sure even just pretending to be a lady would be hard enough." THen the greeting from Denica gets a small smile from Sheena. To Coraline Sheena looks and lifts up to whisper in her ear quickly then away she looks once more, realizing shucking things are going to happen.

"Hey, now. Children are a blessing. And the largeness is temporary. It's just not good for the High Lord to have his hand broken as many times as he has children. Bones take long to mend, especially when you're growing more -- seasoned." Galen points out, holding up a finger in clear protest, before Coraline's words have him laughing. "Yeah, I know, I know. And you would, too. Damn you." A fist is lifted and he shakes it in the knight-Princess's direction as he gets in on the oyster shucking bidness.

The trough is long, the trough is wide and it's settled with thee people one other side in this little batch of people. Buckets at the ready to take the oyster when it's shucked if the shucker doesn't want to eat the briny things right then and there. The special knives are laid out for each and there's a few healers on hand in case someone cuts themselves. A possibility. But Alarissa's there, a smile on her face. "The one who shucks the most within the set time is the winner. Do try not to bloody yourself though since this is Victus' party, he has often said it's not fun unless blood has been spilt. On my count..." Servants and at the ready as well and alarissa drops a lovely floral hanky "Go"

"Princess Coraline, I've been well, thank you. I hope you have too?" Lisebet calls out. She does not offer hugs but that's mainly cause she doesn't know Victus that well. She'd give one to Coraline if she wants one. "Mistress Sheena, I love that dress you made for me. It's lovely. Thank you so much." She looks over at Galen, and her eyes twinkle with mischief. She manages another credible bow. "I think the oysters!" She moves to get ready, and as the hanky drops, she gets knife in hand and starts shucking, finding a nice swift rhythm to start with. And in fact, she slurps down the first one right off the shell, though she does also put some into the bucket for cooking. They might have oysters over at Westrock Reach.

Cora does indeed want a Lisbet hug and returns the one given, "I have been quite well thank you. Busy but not the fun kind." She adds with a grin. Her attention now going to the War Chief she calls."Damn straight I would." Cora nods at Galen with a laugh then gets to shucking, clearly rusty at this particular pastime. Still she does alright, not fast but careful, she doesn't want to be the one that adds blood to the event.

Victus takes the offered gift from Carita with a raised brow. "For me, Lady Darkwater? Doesn't feel like booze... I'm intrigued." The packaging is torn asunder by his mighty, greedy hands. What he's faced with inside gives him pause. Total, utter pause.


The High Lord slowly withdraws a pair of fuzzy, absolutely adorable bunny slippers with a stony expression. His mouth opens and closes, the gears in his head turning on overtime. "Holy shit, these look comfy. How many pelts did you skin together to make these? They look just like actual rabbits!" That stony expression turns into a grin in an instant. "Ha! Proper prey put to good use! I knew that plague-bunnies scandal would be good for something." Though his wife mentions bloodshed and he's turning to regard her as well. "Knickin' yourself when you're shucking an oyster is a right of passage. 'Course it's also a stupid fuck-up if you've already done it once. First time though is excusable. No second chances." He slings the rabbit slippers under his arm as he takes up his own shucking knife.

Well, Denica gets herself into position to begin that oyster shucking, and she's not exactly new to the sport, though she missed the last one she's picking them out quite easily, though the art of popping them into her mouth to enjoy eating them might be slowing her down a touch. She doesn't cut herself though, she's just plopping as many oysters from their shell as she can!

Galen is working his way through the oysters, ripping them open and cutting the skin free, or just discarding them if he thinks they're below the Thrax Oyster Shucking Standard. Soon enough he has a few set aside, but he looks at Lisebet's bin with something that's a mix of admiration and pure (faked) dread. The points the knife in the bin's direction. "How?"

The shucking is fierce and a small crowd gathering to watch the contest going down. Lisebet with her rather impressing little bucket of oysters and just the sheer amount of shells that are starting to pile up on the ground at everyones feet. Other troughs are occupied with oysters and people in their own little contests and there's cheers or gasps as some people clip or slice their fingers. But none here so far have done that and the contest is off to a very good starts. Bunny slippers and all.

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

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Lisebet continues, though she may slow down with her oyster shucking a tad at Galen's perplexed question. "Must be Westrock reach style," she says impishly, with a chuckle. In fact, the distraction helps slow her down, though her pile of oysters in the bucket continues to grow. The piles of shells also grow. She slurps another oyster, occasionally enjoying one right off the shell.

Cora's attention is on the shucking, for the most part, however something catches her attention and whoopsie that knife finds Cora meat instead of oyster shell. Cursing a blue streak of sailor curses, Cora sticks the offended, and bleeding, appendage into her mouth, best place for it really, to slow the bleeding.

Carita's laughter is girlish as she watches Victus open his birthday present, and his expression nearly makes her cry she's laughing so hard. He pulls his rabbit slippers free, and she dips her head when he looks her way, that laughter dying off to a warm smile that seems to remain as she makes her way to the trough.first attempt is .. just /not/ budging. Her lashes flutter as she tries, but instead of cutting herself by accident she puts that pesky little beast back in the pile for more expert hands to pry open. The next one she tackles with more vigor and ends up slicing herself, "FUCK!" She's only bleeding a little, but it's already too much blood for the Darkwater woman. "I better not get a fucking scar."

She keeps moving and her hands just keep shucking, and she keeps on eating them, no butter required! For real, oysters are delicious. She's picking up her pace, and she has a determined look on her face as if she -really- wants to win this thing.

Harlan makes it over from the boats -- just in time to watch the various people shucking oysters. He pauses, just watching now, although he does give a polite incline towards Victus and Alarissa.

Galen is middling at best at shucking oysters, but he clearly shows practice and ease with what he does with that knife. Clean, no cuts -- save for that red dotting on his thumb, surely that must be seasoning -- and he eats a fair amount. One or two oysters fail to pass the Thrax Oyster Shucking Standard test (short for TOSS) and as such, they end up in the TOSS bin.

Alarissa sucks in a breath at the sight of the blood and there's a servant there for both woman, ready to tend to them if it's needed. A larger crowd starts to gather as more and more, this seems to become a heated battle, and indeed, many of the oysters making their way to the buck are of TOSS levels of edible.

Waving off the help, but with a quiet thank you, Cora gets determined face on now and she goes at it with a vengeance. Not epic Lisebet levels obviously, but pretty damn good all the same. There is schucking and eating to be done dammit! And shucking and eating she does.

"Duke Harlan" Alarissa waves the man over. "Come watch. Oyster shucking. Feel free to grab a few to eat yourself if you like."

Lisebet winces a bit as folks get injured. She glances briefly to see that Denica is hard on her heels, catching up. Lisebet continues shucking, especially as it seems that everyone is going to be alright. Harlan's arrival is noted briefly when Alarissa calls his name, and she flashes a grin his way, mischief flaring as she was just about to eat an oyster. Oh well. Slurp. and back to shucking, attention now on what she's doing and not who else is arriving.

Victus shakes his head with such disapproval at all those who begin slicing their fingers. "It's like they've never properly sliced muscle off of a clam. Have any of you even lived?" He's slower than most of the pack, but one can see he's not gathering any extra scars for his troubles. Of course the fact that his hands were rough all over was probably a big help as well. "You see, slice and suck down." To demonstrate he pops one of the buggers into his mouth. "Gamey and slippery. With a hint of salt. Now that's fine cuisine."

Lisebet who? Denica keeps on shucking, she's focusing on herself and the delicious delicious meat of the oysters. Really, who cares if you lose if you get a good meal out of it? She's not slipped yet, no blood, no cuts just more delicious oyster meat. She does give a little glance over to the rest of the competetors but for the most part, Denica is off in her own little world.

Harlan smiles towards Alarissa and says, "Preferably the ones without blood in them, yes?" He does, however, sample a bit of what's going on as he looks around, taking a moment to savor the taste.

Even more people come over and Alarissa ensure there's a place for Harlan where he can see well enough. Cheers still happen at the other tables, and a ridiculous embarrassment of oysters will soon be thrown into something edible when this table is done. But it's clear that Denica and Lisebet are neck in neck and leaving others in their wake.

Lisebet grins at Victus, and she nods her head. Her own fingers are unbloodied so far. She maybe put herself to a bit more concentration, though, trying hard to see if she can't keep her lead. Though she's definitely not able to keep that starting pace, but then, maybe nobody could. "I think Princess Denica is really good at this." Admiration shows, briefly. And then she concentrates, giving it as good a shot as she can. "This is fun. I haven't done this in - well, some months."

"I didn't think I would catch up with you," Denica says to Lisebet. Her eyes shifting a moment before she really picks up the pace, and it's looking like it could easily go to either of them now, Denica is really picking it up, now she seems to really WANT to win, the rest of the Oysters all going into the bucket, instead of her mouth now.

"I've never tried to do it /quickly/." Carita uses as an excuse, but she does finally get one open, and then it seems she has a better streak as she continues onward, even with her little cut. She's still slow but she's isn't a quitter!

Harlan says towards someone else, "Remind me never to upset any of these women with a knife nearby." He sounds more amused than anything.

Galen sets his knife aside for a moment, wringing away that dot of blood on his shirt, before looking at Carita. "Are you alright? You could pour some rum on it, you know. It stings just a little, but then at least it won't smell of oyster."

"I'm sure you can find a few." Alarissa assures Harlan though she herself doesn't touch any oyster, nary does a shell cross her lips or come near her. She watches the ongoings, shaking her head.

"If none of you are fat by the end of this..." Victus calls over the rapid shucking while he downs another oyster himself, savoring the taste with some rockous 'MMMM' noises. "Then these little critters die for nothing. Best save some room for muscles. Delicious muscles."

Lisebet continues to shuck, concentrating. Though Victus' comment does get a grin, even if her cheeks might go a little bit pink. She is running out of oysters, so hse reaches over and nabs some from Coraline's bucket. Well, hey, why not? They're not named or anything right? "C'mon, we can get the entire table's worth done." she might look over at Denica for help on that, really. "We can do it." Slurp, she snuck another one, though the majority are still going into the bucket.

"I'm already fat and haven't touched a single one." Alarissa calls out to Victus

"They aren't giving us pearls, so they've already died for nothing," Denica laments, still popping a couple more in her mouth to try to finish it off and try to beat out Lisebet, but it's looking like it's not enough! Denica looks to Lisebet as it all comes to an end and she carefully compares, unsure yet and slowly she realizes. "Oh. Oh well, it was all good fun," Denica smiles, she would offer a handshake to Lisebet but her hand is covered with oyster. "I think we already did," Denica giggles a bit, looking quite proud of herself.

Alarissa has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 4

"Ow. Shit," Galen curses out after the blade glides right along the outer curve of his thumb and peels some of his skin, little red dots of blood welling up there. It's going to be a bleeding but not a terrible, life-threatening one. He follows his advice in pouring rum on the wound.

There's a moment of glee, as Lisebet gets to the last one, and she grins. "Maybe they work," she says. Her hands are just as oyster filled so a handshake wouldn't be a problem. She holds out a hand though, palm up and open to show the pearl that she's managed to find. Now she gets a chance to glance around and her eyes widen. "Oh. You're right, your highness. I think we definitely did. Nice job." Her gaze goes over to Galen the bleeding, swiftly with his yelp.

Carita's brows lift at Galen, "Are /you/ ok?" but it doesn't seem to break her stride, in fact, she tosses one of hers in to the Warlord's pile when he's not looking. She continues to shuck as if she were completely innocent, even with that laughter.

Harlan looks over at the yelp, but otherwise just watches, giving a smile and nod towards Lisebet before he gets another oyster.

1 Navegant Marines, Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Skye.

Sheena just keeps quietly watching hte games, sticking close to Coraline.

"Lisebet wins! Gods alive, woman, your shucking!" As counts come in. "With Denica and then Victus!" Alarissa smiles. "The prize is... getting to eat some more oysters as we get ready for noodling." The Princess consort states, looking to Galen with some alarm. "Do we need to get you someone to look at your palm?"

Harlan walks over towards Lisebet and leans down with a faint smile, "Congratulations. Remind me," he repeats, "not to get you upset when a knife is handy." He chuckles, then asks -- "What's noodling, anyway?"

Skye arrives at the party, a little late but clearly happy to hear that she has not missed out on the noodling. She does draw a look of concern at Galen when it's mentioned that he's injured, "Your highness, perhaps I should take a look? I have been volnteering at the Commoner's Medical Clinic with other physicians, I should be able to dress a simple wound."

Adam, A Young Apprentice, 4 Navegant Marines arrive, following Turo.

Turo might have arrived late, maybe he was here all along - who can say! - but the Count smiles and volunteers for the noodling portion of the festivities, making a quiet comment to Carita about something or other.

"I'm fine." Galen shakes the remnants of the rum off of his hand and steps back with a smile, letting the others compete in the ages old tradition of noodling. Did he cut his hand on purpose? Who knows?

"You're not fat, dear. You're healthy with child." Victus calls back to Alarissa as the game begins to die down at last. There was simply so much oyster and so much to devour now. But all good things must end, and so too does this. Victus stands with his bucket rather triumphantly, swinging it to and fro. "A healthy catch! I will eat like a... Like a well-fed High Lord, I guess. Now, to noodle. It's not as weird as it fuckin' sounds, I promise you that."

Lisebet smiles, and then she shrugs to Harlan. "I have not a clue," she says honestly. She pauses to call out to Alarissa, "Thank you, your highness." She takes a breath, glancing at her hands, and then she says, "I think whatever it is, I will pass. And wash my hands. And this pearl." Since she found it, it must be her prize, that's what. "And I suppose we can learn what noodling is by watching unless you would like to try it? I mean, if so, by all means." Lisebet, nope. The petite little shucker is staying out of the noodling one.

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"It's as strange as it sounds." Alarissa counters her husband as once Galen's hand is tended to, if it needs tending, the group starts to move to the riverbanks and the shoals. "It would seem that the fine art of noodling is not what his Grace thought it was two years ago. Which was sitting on the backs of others and whipping at each other with wet.. ropes?" Alarissa shakes her head and points to the waist deep water, slightly muddy and along the bank. "There are holes in the side and in those holes reside catfish. I had someone out here last week to find this exact spot. So who, is going to go into the water and see to catching a catfish, with your hand. It seems, the method is that you stick your hand in blindly, fish around till you find one, shove your hand -down- it's throat, grab it's gills from the inside and then pull it out and up into the air." Alarissa looks to the gathered. "And since this is the sort of thing that victus would crow about, thus, it is one of the contests. The largest catfish caught, is the winner." Across on the other side of the river, there's some others already doing the same. "Who wishes to partake? If so. Get ready to go in the water. I... am staying on dry land."

"No, it's /hands/.." Carita says through laughter to Turo, shaking her head. She then shows him her hand, "I cut myself shucking oysters. My first war wound."

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Harlan shakes his head and says, "Well.......this shall be interesting." And he moves to secure his clothing so it won't get --too-- wet. He looks towards Lisebet, "This would wash your hands." He's amused.

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Reese arrives at the beaches while adorned in pink and toting weapons. She peeks over the area, trying to get a sense for things here.

Turo heads into the water without complaint, apparently not bothering with removing his trousers or any such thing. "Used to do this when I was a kid," he says to Carita with a bright smile, "Let's see if I've lost my touch, hey?" He starts wiggling his fingers, because apparently that's a key component of noodling catfish.

Lisebet listens to Alarissa, and her eyes widen. She then gives Harlan a pained look. "I supose, but it would likely drown me. Or you know, eat my entire arm." She shakes her head, finding a spot to start cleaning up a bit. She does glance over to Harlan as he makes to go get up close and personal with a catfish. "Good luck."

Volunteers for noodling at happening and Alarissa's with a servant taking names and making sure that there are others at hand to help with the pulling forth of the noodled catfish. "Everyone who is going in the water. Best start divesting yourself of what you do not want to get wet" There' sa pause and a look to Victus. 'Do they have teeth?"

Skye gives a nod as someone else seems to be attending to Prince Galen, then gives her focus completely to the mention of noodling. She looks down at her white dress and gloves. Then she gives a bright smile, "Well...I tried it once or twice as a child, and I was quite terrible at it but..." She gives a shrug, "Why not?" She is going dress, gloves and all to the water.

Returning from some last minute business Cora heads off to start the noodling, only thing not going in is her boots and weapons. "Lets do this thing!"

Sparte shows up about the same time Reese does, giving her a grin and a thumbs up before heading over to approach the people getting underway. "Oh... Swimming? Huh. Okay." He slips off his iron guard cloak and some of his kit while he watches. "Oh, fishing. Should be fun!"

Reese peeks over to Sparte, giving him a gentle smile that reaches her blue eyes. "Hi, Sparte!" She greets in the man's direction. She then goes to join the games, seemingly eager for such. She has a warm smile for Coraline that touches her blue eyes. "Princess Cora." She greets.

Victus throws off his coat (somewhere safe of course, must treat it very, very well) and gets right into some knee-deep salt! "The trick is to predict. You don't wanna grab the fish where it is, ya' wanna grab it where it's gonna be." Big calloused paws slowly gleam over the waters surface. Carefully... carefully... And snap! Like lightning the High Lord dives in, water crashing like a grizzly bear had just dunked itself with starving fury as he wrestles with a catfish. "HEAVE HO YOU FUCK."

Denica had gone off to wash her hands and keep herself clean, the umbra not being sullied by the oyster juices. She gives a little grin to Lisebet, and leaves it to herself to watch the procedings and give Reese a little wiggle of her fingers. "Oh, Princess Reese!" Denica smiles, settling herself down with some nice rum to watch the next competition from the sidelines.

And out comes a fish. Respectable in size, the High Lords fingers gripping the gills fiercely as he hauls out the poor catfish that was just enjoying itself in it's hole. A servant in the waters looks it over, a nod before declaring "Twelve pounds your grace!"

Having had a gander at Vic's cat wrangling technique, Cora shoves her arm in the hole and finger wiggles real good. *wiggle wiggle* go her fingers, and apparently they look tasty because suddenly she is hoisting that fish dangling from her arm, "Apparently I taste fantastic!" Reese gets a warm smile back, she would wave but she has been fished.

Skye gives a happy clap with her white gloved hands as Victus pulls out that big catfish, "Oh that's going to be hard to beat." She comes closer to the edge, eyeing possible other holes as she waits her turn.

Indeed Coraline's fingers prove too tempting and as that fish clamps on tight and she pulls it out, it looks to be a little bigger than Victus'. IT take a moment, conferring between servants before it's declared 'Thirteen pounds your highness!"

Reese looks over to Denica, giving her a gentle smile. "Oh, Princess Denica, hi!" she greets. She strips down to a white linen camisole and bloomers, seeming getting ready to join the water games.

Umbra, the gloomiest handmaiden arrives, delivering a message to Sheena before departing.

Lisebet does get cleaned up, she waves to the new arrivals and chuckles as they get into the water to go enjoy some catfish noodling. "I think I am glad I am here," she says to those nearby watching the others. She does watch though, all those brave and intrepid types who get wet and pull out fishes. With their hands. And when nobody's looking she makes sure she did not get any oyster juice on the leather she's wearing. because who wants to be walking around all over oyster juice anyway?

Skye steps into the water, uncaring as the delicate silk gets all thin and transparent. She holds up her white gloved hand that just happens to have a few pearls on the inside her wrist. She places her hand in the water, carefully lines up a fish. Then she quickly darts her hand, the pearls almost having a mesmorizing effect on the catfish in question who thinks he's getting a tasty snack. Then she tries to lift him out of the no avail. She gives a gasp, struggles again. The small petite woman's hand and arm is practically swallowed by that large fish. She glances frantically, not wanting to lose her large catch. She calls out to her guard, "Help...oh" The guard rushes forward to help the petite baroness and through a bit of struggle she pulls a massive catfish out of the the water. It's amazing because that catfish is sooo big.

(300Indeed the catfish seems to engulf the Baroness and as she finally brings it out of the water with the help of the guards, it's clear they will be eating well. The servant wades forward before declaring after great inspection. "Twenty seven pounds" And thus, the petite baroness is in the lead for noodling!

Sparte finishes piling up the gear he didn't feel like taking into the water, wiggling his toes and watching Skye struggle to shore with a grin. He cups his hands, shouting at her. "Excellent catch, Baroness!"

Reese woots. "Great catch!" She says, looking to Skye and seemingly all impressed.

Carita rolls her trousers up and shucks off her boots to hand to her assistant. Next are her sleeves, rolled up as she wades in to the water. She bends to place her hand in the water, as Victus had been teaching, and the sparkle of her bracelet is likely a lure for catching the attention for the slender fingers the fish might like to eat. Sure enough, she grabs one up and squeeeals as the fish thrashes and splashes and though she has to grab it with both arms, she does eventually win and is likely pretty drenched now!

Carita's efforts do not go unrewarded and as the Darkwater lady fishes, she is rewarded. Though the fish pales in comparison to the one that came before, this one looks to have a few pounds on what the High Lord managed to pull out from a nook. The servant after inspection declares "Sixteen pounds for the Lady Darkwater"

Akarissa meanwhile, is still staring at the ugly fish that Skye managed to pull out. "Do you even still have your hand Skye?" A little alarmed. "-Do- they have teeth?"

A very wet and happy Skye makes her way out once the guards relieve her of her prize catfish. She gives a sweet smile to Victus and Coraline who went before her, "I just got lucky...I guess." She gives a wave to Sparte as a servant rushes forward to give her a blanket as she gets out of the water in the soaked white silk dress and gloves, "Sparte! Wow...yes, it's quite big isn't it." Reese gets a bright happy look as well, "Thanks!" She flushes as she realizes just how transparent that her white silk is and closes that blanket around her. She looks in Carita's direction to see how her fishing efforts is going. She looks very happy to see that Carita also got a good-sized fish.

Skye looks back at Alarissa, "Oh wow...yes, and no," She lifts one of her white gloved hands from under the blanket, "See...I'm fine."

"Oh, that's a huge fish, well done," Lisebet calls out merrily. She moves to where she has a good view of all the remaining fisherfolks, curiously.

Cora grins at Skye, "Very well done! And very lucky indeed. Brilliant finger wiggling as well, that is a beauty." An amused look goes to Alarissa's teeth concern. "No worries we shouldn't be losing any limbs tonight."

Turo peels off his shirt and tosses it to a nearby rock, leaving him in his pants. Into the water he goes, checking a few holes quickly before sticking his hand into one. He grins and then snatches a fish from the water, tossing it to the bank without much fanfare or show. Rather like Turo to get the job done without making a production out of it.

Turo, a meritorious man, with plenty of naval history is successful and soon enough he too brings up a fish that seems to be just a little smaller than the High Lords, but not by much. The servant happily declares for all watching - and there is a crowd gathering with interest, that "It is eleven pounds!" IT is, no doubt, still going to taste darn good over an open flame.

Skye gives a bright sunny smile at Lisebet and Cora, "Oh it went much better than the last time I tried to do this." She gives a clap as Turo finds his own fish, "Cousin! Wow...that was quick." She eyes Sparte as he is called up next.

Victus had his own prize slung over one bare shoulder, eyes wide as he spies the mammoth thing that Skye has pulled forth. "Holy shit, Blackshore." He balked at the sheer prestige of that giant catfish alone. "You are petite! How the fuck did you nab that one?! That could eat half your innards for lunch I reckon." He lets out a sharp whistle. "I'll call on ya' when I need to feed a hall of sailin' folk."

Harlan calls over towards Victus while he's waiting, "It looks like it's nearly as big as she is." He's joking, of course. He continues to wait his turn, having set a number of things aside.

At the announcement of catfish's weight, Carita's smile lifts a little higher. Since she can't preen by running her fingers through her hair, she'll just have to quietly gloat.. like a /lady/. For Skye there's a brigher smile, "She's multi-talented. It certainly doesn't surprise me that she's had the biggest fish thus far."

Sparte steps out into the water, looking around as he goes. He dips his hands into the water, sliding them along as he walks. It is a casual sort of just feeling things out, nodding to himself as he looks around. He wanders a bit further than the others have, still all calm and curious. Then he suddenly drops down to his neck in the water, giving a bark of a laugh before dropping completely out of sight. A few seconds later he splutters back up to over the water, pedaling his arms wildly. "Found one!" A big gasp of air and he falls back into the water. It is a mess of splashing that climaxes in Sparte slowly pulling the mouth of a monster-sized catfish to the surface. His right hand grasps it tight by the lower jaw, left yanking it along by the gillplate as he works on tiring it down further. There is another splashing mess of struggle before Sparte finally gets the fish worn out enough to take the hand off the gillplate and wrap it around the tail, lifting it from the water. "You better be delicious."

{33The monster that's pulled out is likely to be spoken of for weeks to come. Another layer to add to the tales that will be told of Sparte Fatchforth. King of noodles. Because from the water he pulls that behemoth and it takes a few servants wading in and conferring before offering up "Thirty nine pounds!" With much exclamation!!!

Skye gives happy smiles as everyone compliments on her huge fish, "Oh Your Grace, my brothers also said I had a knack for drawing out the fish..." She motions to the guards that helped her with thanks, "And yes, Duke Harlan, I am glad that monster didn't eat me." It did look like for the moment that the fish might have been winning at first as she tried to pull it out, "Luckily others were here to help." She smiles over at Carita, "Nice catch." She pauses in her polite conversation to gasp at the size of the fish that Sparte managed to pull out of the river, "Oh my...oh wow...that's even bigger." It's clear she's happy for her cousin's prize-winning catch that has knocked her down to second place at the very least.

Harlan finishes removing -- well, nearly everything. He was wearing seasilk after all, don't want to get it wet. He leaps down into the water with a piece of oyster and pauses, before shifting to knife his hand into the water, pausing briefly, before taking a quick grip, and pulling his arm back much as Victus did, flipping a fish up into the air back towards the boat with a grunt of exertion.

"Fifteen pounds!" Is what's declared when Harlan manages to pull out his catfish from it's murky hiding hole and tosses it to the shore like Turo did. Sure, compared to Sparte's it's downright puny. But when one looks at it compared to the others, it is a more than respectable fish, a little heavier and bigger than the High lords. There's scattered applause because to be fair, most tare still watching Sparte and that monster. Jeremy, an older and grey balding servant looks very interested in that river monster, rubbing his hands.

Lisebet whoops as she hears the size of the fish Sparte pulls out. "Nice one, Master Sparte," she approves. And then there's the duke and that gets an interested look from Lisebet, much the same as the rest of the fishers. "Well done," she calls out again, impressed at all the fisherfolks. "I'm amazed nobody has been eaten yet. Or had their nose bitten." She's teasing clearly. "Actually, maybe next time I'll give that a try, now that I know what it is." She doesn't sound like she's sorry she missed it, instead, watching the shenanigans.

Sparte has a big goofy grin as he carries the fish towards shore, but oop, it was not meant to be. He loses his footing getting back out of the water and falls in again with a splash, the monster catfish giving him a few good smacks with their tail as it slips his grasp and gets away. The soggier and now bruised Sparte pulls himself back out of the water, scrambling to shore still with the same goofy grin.

Harlan comes back up onto the ship with the fish, and sets it down where people who handle it can ... well, handle it! He then gets something to dry himself with before getting dressed again, "I think I got one of the baby fish." He's teasing about Skye and Sparte's giant creatures.

Reese gets ready to go fishing! She joins one of the boats and is in her camisole and bloomers. The princess starts to get tug and it seems she has caught something.

Jeremy the servant looks very dismayed

Skye gives a laugh to Harlan, "Oh no...your catfish is quite respectable." She motions to Sparte, eyeing him with concern as he falls in the water, "I think that we just managed to catch the King and Queen of the river catfish." She gasps as Sparte loses a handle on his monster, "Oh no...Sparte...he's getting away."

Grayson princess have a motto to go by. Unfortunately, Grayson's motto didn't account for Sparte. But as this catfish that Reese pulls out it shown, there's a call up from a servant. "Sixteen! Like the Lady Darkwater" A tie at least. But that's it for this small group of noodles. It's time to get out of the water and back to dry land.

Even as the monster swims off, a flip of it's tail as a fuck you before it disappears into the murk swiftly.

About to congratulate Sparte on his awesome catch, Cora ends up bent double laughing as the fish tells the lot of them what they can do with themselves. Giving a sign of luck to the monster, Cora begins to head out of the water, patting Sparte on the shoulder as she passes him, still laughing.

Skye is overheard praising Sparte: Now that's a catfish

Sparte can't help but laugh a bit too when Coraline passes, must be contagious. A thumbs up is given to Skye. "She said I wasn't her type, but there are plenty of other fish!"

Lisebet pauses as folks start to get back to dry land. She looks at all the fish and all the oysters, and she says, "Oh my, I think we are in for a feast beyond compare." Sparte's fish gets laughter from the Farshaw lady as well, since it seems the fish is somewhat spunky as well as large. "Another day, she'll meet her match," she adds with a nod. "For now, foot - erm - fin loose and fancy free."

Reese tugs out the fish and then lifts it up to show off the fish. She seems happy with such. She then smiles to those gathered here. "Thank you, Princess Alarissa, great event. I need to get going." She smiles over to Sparte as well. "Great catch." She murmurs softly. She then gets ready to leave. Reese blows a kiss to both Coraline and Denica.

Reese is overheard praising Alarissa: Great event!

Reese is overheard praising Sparte: Great catch!

Reese is overheard praising Skye: Great catch!

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