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OOC Stuff

Subject Poster Date
Simple Army Caculator Caspian 07/17/18
Vacation? Alpaca Bag. Percephon 07/17/18
RE: Very Sad Samael 07/16/18
Slight Scholars Update (Teaching!) Derovai 07/16/18
Unresponsive Eshra 07/16/18
OOC: I live again Wynna 07/16/18
The Trade-In Deal Luca 07/16/18
I'm sorry Saedrus but I have to do this one Rhea 07/16/18
Re Re-- Stahp Saedrus 07/16/18
Re: Alaric Re: Laric Re Re: Whisper Business Luca 07/16/18
Re re re re: Whisper Business Laric 07/16/18
re re re: Whisper Business Alaric 07/16/18
Re: Whisper Business Saedrus 07/16/18
Whisper Business Bliss 07/16/18
Scarce for the Next Couple Weeks Alexis 07/15/18
Iron Guard Liaisons Calaudrin 07/15/18
Break Alarissa 07/15/18
New Rohran Rohran 07/15/18
Ho boy! RL is COMING! Joscelin 07/15/18
A Longer Break Cadenza 07/14/18
Commissions? Josephine 07/14/18
Summer Break Calista 07/14/18
Fairen-Lark Duel Lark 07/14/18
Very Sad Samael 07/13/18
Barik Away For A While :( Rinel 07/13/18
Fairen-Lark Duel Fairen 07/13/18
Polar Plunge Change Thorley 07/12/18
Drama! Modem down! End of the world! Alarissa 07/11/18
Rescheduling Masquerade Aiden 07/10/18
Attack of the RL Margot 07/10/18
Craft & RP Delays Ida 07/09/18
Iron Guard Contact Calaudrin 07/09/18
unexpected vacation Silas 07/09/18
New Cass Who Dis? Cassandra 07/08/18
Vacation Monique 07/08/18
Sick Lark 07/07/18
I'm back! Talen 07/07/18
Days of Summer Aiden 07/06/18
This puts a dent in things Carissa 07/06/18
Vacay Orvyn 07/05/18
Getting Mojo aka Groove Back Margerie 07/04/18
Archery Lesson Aiden 07/03/18
Vacation of sorts - 6th - 14th Wynna 07/03/18
Vacation July 3-8 Sorrel 07/02/18
computer woes Fredrik 07/02/18
Do you want to have a PrP? Monique 07/02/18
Help me remember what I might have forgotten! Khanne 07/02/18
Praise Tracking Spreadsheet Caspian 07/02/18
Reduced Playtimes Katarina 07/02/18
Telmar Winter Gauntlet Rolls Tesha 07/01/18
Winter Gauntlet Reschedule Tesha 07/01/18
Sorry Aiden 07/01/18
Where's Niccolo? Niccolo 06/30/18
On The Road Again.. Ectorion 06/30/18
Scarcity Due To Work Tesha 06/30/18
AoW Reschedule Natalia 06/30/18
There is life Alarissa 06/30/18
Storms and poop Ainsley 06/30/18
Death by toddler Alarissa 06/30/18
scarce Alarissa 06/29/18
RL Stuff Violet 06/29/18
Back to Semi-Normal Availability Morrighan 06/29/18
Help me Name? Saoirse 06/29/18
On Vacay Aleksei 06/29/18
Social Prestige etc Barric 06/28/18
PSA: Private rooms should not be on public Laric 06/28/18
What device do you use Muse on? Talen 06/28/18
A (not so) foggy day in London Town Talen 06/28/18
Vacay Juliana 06/27/18
Graphic designer for Muse Talen 06/27/18
RE: Archery duels DOUBLE POST, forum meltdown Rhea 06/26/18
RE: Archery duels Rhea 06/26/18
RE: Arrow Duels Ainsley Caspian 06/26/18
Re: Arrow Duels Ainsley 06/26/18
Archery Duels...Help me out here! Caspian 06/26/18
Am I teaching you a thing? Sparte 06/26/18
Spoke Too Soon Aiden 06/26/18
An Apology Owed Edain 06/25/18
AWOL Margot 06/23/18
The Pox Iseulet 06/22/18
Gone Campin Aiden 06/21/18
Stuff and Busy Puffin 06/21/18
Vacation Alarissa 06/20/18
Spotty Availability Morrighan 06/19/18
OOC...stuff Thena 06/18/18
Did I promise you a train this week? Reigna 06/18/18
Flashback Teacher Orathy 06/18/18
Sort of Back! Orazio 06/17/18
PrP Exchange Program Up and Running! Jeffeth 06/17/18
Journal Day Reschedule 2.0 Bianca 06/17/18
Lower Arxtivity Jasher 06/16/18
PRP runner! Cristoph 06/16/18
Back and apologies Briseis 06/16/18
Whisper Ball Bliss 06/16/18
Sporadic playtimes Aslaug 06/16/18
Away Carissa 06/15/18
Briseis Player Aleksei 06/15/18
AFK-ish Wynna 06/15/18
Vacations Giulio 06/14/18
RP Time Sporadic Kaldur 06/14/18