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Wanted Concepts

Subject Poster Date
Instrument Makers and Bards Gianna 07/14/18
Yo Ho Yo Ho! A Tyche's life for meeee! Donato 07/09/18
Join the Faith Orazio 07/06/18
Nerd Family looking for more Nerds! Fairen 07/06/18
Be an Iron Guard Sparte 07/04/18
Arman Saoirse 07/04/18
Kennex Wants YOU p.2 Constantine 07/02/18
Kennex Wants YOU p.1 Constantine 07/02/18
Harthall Characters! Orvyn 07/02/18
Join the Crimson Blades! Violet 06/30/18
Semi Reformed Pirate? Margot 06/29/18
The 'Mysterious Champion' Caspian 06/29/18
Sisters wanted! Reigna 06/28/18
Arcuri's Wanted Josephine 06/28/18
Malvici Rosters+ Calypso 06/28/18
Wanna be an uncultured savage? Snow 06/28/18
Thursday's Child Sheena Sheena 06/27/18
Calling all Harrows! Felicia 06/26/18
Noble & Commoner Vassals Quenia 06/24/18
House Melaeris: Voices and Ministers Vera 06/18/18
looking to fill a Shaman's position Snow 06/18/18
Why be a Commoner? Instead be a Servant! Arik 06/18/18
Looking for family and hooks Snow 06/18/18
Grimhall Still Expanding Valdemar 06/17/18
Sanna In House Shaman Cirroch 06/14/18
Seeking Flirtatious men! River 06/13/18
I'm looking for more interpersonal conflict. If you are interested, let me know Caspian 06/12/18
Blacktongue the Harlequin Talen 06/09/18
Compact Bulletin Writer! Mae 06/07/18
Be Rad. Be my Dad. Theo 06/06/18
Want to be an unconventional Thrax woman? Play a Redreef! Ember 06/06/18
Singers, Musicians, Storytellers Gianna 06/05/18
RE:Caspian's Younger Sister, an opertunity! Caspian 06/05/18
Join House Laurent! Cristoph 06/04/18
Brogan Nightgold Felicia 06/04/18
Join House Blackshore Skye 06/04/18
Looking for a Sister! Reigna 06/02/18
Looking for a Harrow(ing) Time? Felicia 05/30/18
Apprentice for Caspian Caspian 05/27/18
Advice For Brand New Players Apostate 05/26/18
Eccentric Nerd Family Fairen 05/23/18
Arman! Theo! Saoirse 05/22/18
Desperately Seeking Shazza Samantha 05/19/18
Collecting Corsetina Mirari 05/17/18
Aksel is available! Signe 05/17/18
Dianna Mazetti Alessia 05/16/18
House Grimhall Valdemar 05/16/18
Rubino Knights! Grazia 05/15/18
House Malespero Lianne 05/09/18
The Salon wants you Sparte 05/08/18
New Champion Ranks Caspian 05/05/18
Want to March? - Join House Laurent Cristoph 05/03/18
Nobody expects ... Laric 05/03/18
Theo Velenosa! Saoirse 05/03/18
Theo Velenosa! Saoirse 05/03/18
Join The Telmar Ranks! Tesha 05/03/18
Join the Faith! Aleksei 05/03/18
Consider the King's Own! Corban 05/02/18
A Brand New House! Fairen 05/01/18
House Melaeris Voice & More Vera 04/29/18
Protigee Wanted Tessa 04/26/18
House Amadeo Duarte 04/26/18
Join House Darkwater Carita 04/25/18
Gilden Enyo 04/22/18
Welcome to Seraceni Prisila 04/18/18
Raconteur Hiring! Venturo 04/18/18
In Praise of Imperfect People Tessa 04/16/18
<strike>Amanda<strike> Ailys, please Ainsley 04/16/18
Live the Jinx-Join House Lyonesse! Jacque 04/15/18
Knights of Solace Jeffeth 04/12/18
Play a Wyrmguard! Dominique 04/12/18
Join The Pride Samael 04/08/18
Meddlesome Family or Friend Armani 04/07/18
The Brothers Kennex! Ian 04/06/18
The Sisters Thrax Cassima 04/06/18
Whispers Lumen 04/05/18
Join Harthall! Sunniva 03/28/18
Play Duke Dagon Tyde, you manics Victus 03/27/18
Duke Ryhalt & Duchess Clover & Lady Elsebet Alban 03/24/18
One Count Seliki Peri 03/23/18
We need people in House Sanna! Cirroch 03/21/18
Wild Shaman Brother Violet 03/21/18
Joxur (the Mighty!) Samantha 03/19/18
Join House Blackshore Skye 03/18/18
Korka and Adriel: Now Refrehsed! Corban 03/16/18
Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard Sorrel 03/15/18
Join House Ashford! Harlan 03/14/18
Lord Joxur Deepwood Emily 03/13/18
Marquessa Iliana Leary! Fairen 03/12/18
Jasper Iseulet 03/06/18
Play a Coldrain! Sameera 03/04/18
Count Tibault Laveer Fairen 03/03/18
There Can Be Only One Margerie 03/02/18
Crimson Blade Mercenaries Tobias 02/26/18
Corsetina Mirari 02/26/18
Caspian's Younger Sister Caspian 02/22/18
Caspian's Younger Sister Caspian 02/22/18
Drea, High Shaman and Mother Bear Driskell 02/20/18
Lyonesse Needs You! Demura 02/19/18
Re: Brigida Aureth 02/18/18