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Past Actions

Action by Preston for Gyre Straits - Calling the Banners

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 31, 2017, 6:36 a.m.)

With the growing threat in the East, and at the request of the leaders of the Faith and acting on behalf of the Grandmaster, Preston approached Cassandra and requested her certification that the cause of fighting against the Pirate King and the heretical cults supporting him was a righteous cause for the calling of the Templar Levies. Cassandra agreed. Accordingly, Preston has sent out missives to all parishes of the compact for their Templars to muster and assemble.

The plan is to have the forces form into three and a bit groups. The current Templars on Parade force will remain at Arx to secure the nearby beaches and act as a strategic reserve. We will be splitting the newly raised infantry roughly in the middle between the two main columns, one going to Crovane under Sir Preston and one to Serteco under Blessed Cassandra. Archers we will bias in favour of Serteco. Pike biased towards Crovane (as they only have limited ability in terms of holding gates etc in a siege) and cavalry entirely towards the crovane force (for field warfare). A small force of 50 infantry and archers will be broken off to go to Darkwater Watch under Emilia.

In his letter, to which Preston will include missives from other Faith figures on the importance of the raising of levies, Preston will urge the seraphs to ensure the full force is sent - not only urging that we now face not just a threat to the compact but to the Faith, and now for the first time in centuries the Templars must fulfill their duty to the full and muster their full strength to ensure the Faith remains undespoiled by invaders. He will of course list the great successes, and talk about how not since the time of the 4th Great Valardin Crusade has the order gathered in these numbers, that it will be something the disciples will talk of to their children, their grand children, their names will be carved on the stones of their parishes, and any left in bed who did not answer the call would shrink in regret and shame each time they passed the shrine.

Between studying doctrine, the letters by Preston and Cassandra, old notes left by the former Legate of the Arts (Guiscard Blanchard, former Grandmaster of the Knights of the Temple), and the stories of the Faith Militant commonly told in the Oathlands, Ailith has a firm basis in which to compose an impassioned plea to the Templars -- reminders of their oaths and vows and of Gloria, how by rising up they stand shoulder to shoulder to make history like many of their heroic Templars, and ultimately of the righteousness to defeat the evil in this realm.

Cassandra is already busy writing letters to the disciples of Gloria and everyone else, but she adds to her work to send out even more missives to the distant realms of the Compact on behalf of the Templar forces. She writes to the leaders of more remote cells from Arx, targeting groups of known Templars or their allies, and calls them to arms.

    Gloria teaches us the ways of honor and chivalry; she demands of us that we retain these concepts and codes when we go to War. The Compact is going to War, my friends; honor and chivalry demand that those of us with strength defend those without. Your sword is needed; your courage is needed; your hammer and anvil, your bandages, your soothing touch: all these are needed.
    Across Arvum the banners are being called and soldiers rally for war against the pirate king sailing from the east. You are now called. Gloria demands your service, and the Faith issues the summons.

    Archlector Cassandra of Gloria

With all his charmed talents Saedrus willingly steps in to assist Preston to help gather the Faith's strength to arms. It is with an empathic call that Saedrus helps rally the Templars to the cause. Missives are sent, and the courtier meets with small groups to voice poignant prose to stir the recipients to answer their duty, to bolster them in the face of their fears and remind them that great honour is found in their bravery.

Under the leadership of the redoubtable Sir Preston, the Templars are gathering. From Crovane to Setarco, throughout the land the call goes out - the Gods need your strong arm. Seraph Ailith reaches out to the Seraphs of Arvum, reminding them of their oaths and their vows, of Gloria and how this is their chance to rise up and stand shoulder to shoulder to make history. This is their moment to see that Arx stands triumphant against the forces of the abyss.

Archlector Cassandra of Gloria joins that call too - a reminder to all Templars as she calls them to arms. "Gloria teaches us the ways of honor and chivalry," she reminds them. "She demands of us that we retain these concepts and coddes when we go to War. The Compact is going to War, my friends; honor and chivalry demand that those of us with strength defend those without. You are now called. Gloria demands your service, and the Faith issues the summons." Saedrus Whisper joins this call with an empathetic summons of his own, reminding those who don't respond of the need to protect their smaller parishes, reminding those who do to serve with honor.

The Templars are called to War.

Action by Aleksei for Thralldom in the Isles

(Public Action)

Aleksei is doing a bit more work in Stormward. Now that so many thralls have been relocated with the help of so many ships, he's turning attention to those who have remained in House Kennex's demense. With those that remain, he's working to try and and continue smoothing over their transition to freedmen, and encouraging the others of Stormward towards a more accepting path with their new fellow citizens. He does his best to approach matters from a place of respect for Thraxian tradition (even if he DOES NOT AT ALL RESPECT IT), at least so far as he knows it will be the best way to relate to the Stormward natives. This includes using some investment of Liberators funds where appropriate to help smooth matters over.

Without question, Saedrus will travel to Stormward with Aleksei and the Liberators to help the transition of freedmen. With a little sale of clothes he's added coin to the coffers to assist in a monetary matter. While in Stormward however he's there as a diplomatic voice to see that everything goes smoothly, and that the locals are assured in the change.

Zhayla intends to help. She heads to Stormward, knowing a little of the Isles as she does, and tries to help. She's not terribly sure how to help, mind - but she is determined to do what she can. So to Stormward she travels, and she reaches out to help Aleksei talk to thralls, and when he gets in over his head she starts glowering and making sure they know to leave him alone even if they don't agree with him. And she makes some effort at trying to lead them to a better path, but this is more Aleksei's gig than hers and so she follows along. She wants to help, but her trident isn't really a diplomatic sort of weapon.

Off on another Stormward venture, Ferrando is similarly engaged with doing stuff for Aleksei that's not quite important enough for his direct attention, getting dispatched to go handle miscellaneous things in a general-purpose sort of way.

Cassandra is joining the Faith's approach to the Kennex crisis by organizing some Templars to visit the affected isles. She's sending a small contingent of disciples and priests to keep order and calm - trusting that warcamps may be very similar to some of the situation the newly freed thralls will face - and organizing refuge points. She's bringing more non-combatants than combatants, though, hoping that some of those impacted in the Isles might find apprenticeships and the like with the smiths, chefs and so on that get brought by the Templar forces.

Knowing how Thraxians revere and respect Mangata's clergy over all others, Blessed Madeleine sends Disciples to assist with the transition and to encourage freedman merchant vessels - yes you can have oar crewed boats, yes they also need to be paid. They offer blessings and support and mediation when needed to help soothe the transition.

Archscholar Bianca arranges for a small group of Scholars specialized in diplomacy to act as Aleksei's extended voices. With their aid, stories of Thraxian histories and traditions are spun in a positive light and it is reinforced that the times they live in are ones of great change and progressive in nature. It is only with the foundation of their past and unity of the people that the Isles can move forward into the future.

Aureth will go with Aleksei to Stormward, not because he is a Liberator, but because Aleksei is his friend, and because all souls are human souls even if some of them make him sigh more than others. Once there, he will make his best efforts to help the locals buy what Aleksei is selling. He may privately think that Thrax culture is garbage, but mo propagandist ever had to believe all his own bullshit.

Fortunato's in the shop with his apprentices churning out some respectful art gifts celebrating Stormward and, of course, freedom. He does not himself go to Stormward, trusting an apprentice with good balance and strong arms to cart the load.

There was always the danger of backsliding into violence, particularly with the amount of religious fanatics on Stormward now. The outreach helps stabilize Stormward significantly further, and while there's certainly a few thousand Orazians there, they don't seem to be on the edge of violence... unless someone should try to undo the reforms, of course.