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Lord Samuele Rubino

The honor of my house is carried upon my shoulders.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Towering House Champion
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rubino-zaffria
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Whiskey
Skintone: Golden

Description: Tall and broad, all muscle with a couple of interesting scars, this burly man balances the refined beauty of noble features with the rough and rowdy life of a career fighter. He carries himself well, having a commanding presence due to his size and his silky basso voice. Mahogany hair, naturally wavy, is usually tied back in a severe tail to reveal a handsome bronzed olive face, squared off with rugged cheekbones and a strong jaw, which is covered by a thick and manly beard. Whiskey-brown eyes are framed with dark lashes and are equal parts intense and sensual, heightening a wolfish smile or an enticing gaze.

Personality: While Samuele is generally polite, he is a bit of a rough sort, very much commanding in his own way and has a confidence that can sometimes get him in trouble. Still, he is not around generally to talk, so He finds himself making little in the way of social situations. When he does however, he always goes out of his way to smooth things over.
    His work is viewed seriously however and he does not tolerate any offense given to his family. Especially of that of his Brother and Sister.

    Born to an offshoot line of Duke Rubino of Gemicitta, Samuele, was focused on his life working to be a knight, training to defend the house and his older sister and brother. But even so, he always stood out not only because of his size but because of his combat prowess, along with a distinct lack of skill in leadership. He was always known to compare himself to the sword, rather than the arm swinging it.
    Still, after he had been knighted at the age of twenty-two he took up residence with the Rubino family in the city and works to defend his house while his sister is left to the decision making. As for his eldest brother lysander, He indulges the artistic man, enjoying his company and others of the family.

Name Summary
Alrec Scared me for a moment. I wonder if he wrestles?
Apollo A noblewoman who understands the busy life of a skilled artisan, always a pleasure.
Domonico A big man who appreciates the effort and result of hard training. I look forward to testing myself against him.
Duarte Has the potential to be very intimidating indeed, but thus far has been a friendly giant.
Grazia "Little brother" grew up into a giant hulking swordsman. But it's fine and well, for he is protective and loving and quite devoted to the family.
Ignacio The Brother of Duchess Grazia. I must admit, he is one of the largest men I have ever met, but then he is humble enough regardless of that fact.
Miranda Well. We know who got all the height in this family! He is as tall as he is thoughtful with his words. Welcome to Arx, Cousin!
Rowenova I first met this Lycene lord (from the Rubino-Zaffria duchy) at The Spirits, and he is wisely preparing to gear up, a nice man, and extremely tall!