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Princess Helena Redrain

Oh now, let us be friends. You might need someone to pull that dagger from your back one day.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Gracious Maven
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: dark blue
Skintone: fair

Description: When you first set eyes upon Helena Redrain, you might think her a fragile thing, something not crafted for this world. Her face has a fae-like cast to it, high cheekbones and large blue eyes the most notable thing at first glance. A longer look will show full lips that carry a playful, sardonic tilt to them and a strong chin that she often raises when she's feeling stubborn. She is willowy, only the slightest hint of curve to her hips, but there is a core of steel there. Every step is graceful, every footfall planned to showcase her body, enjoying the eyes that trail after her as she moves.

Personality: This woman is a chameleon, a study of contrary behavior. She doesn't like to feel out of place, so when she walks into a room she behaves like the other people there, careful to only stand on when she feels comfortable doing so.

Her family gets the spectrum, the mischievous prankster, the woman who makes funny faces behind an elder's shoulder as they give a lecture, a dainty Princess at a tea party with her legs primly crossed. She has watched people her whole life and noticed how people behave and the things that make people smile and be comfortable with others. She stands out and shines when she wants to, but otherwise she'll be in the background watching until she's comfortable enough to come bursting out of her shell.

Background: Helena had a happy childhood, because her sister already paved the way for her. They had already gone and done things their own way, so by that time, her family was amenable for Helena to find her own path.

She's tried to follow in Agatha's footsteps once. Stole her practice sword and managed to mow down a large section of hedges and topiary, taking the head off of a rather interesting rendering of an elephant. After a few more nicks and cuts, she gave it up for a while - deciding that her training can come later when she's ready.

Then she followed in Elgana's footsteps. Literally. She trailed after her sister like a baby duckling and begged and pleaded for her to pay attention and play tea party with her. Elgana would spend hours sitting with her sister, and they had some tea parties that could be in books and fairy tales. Handsome frog Prince's, talking pigs and probably even a few benevolent emperors attended these teas. The middle sister doted on her little sister, and it was Elgana who helped her sister find her passion.

That passion was books. They were her first true love (besides her family), and to this day her most persistent. She devoured books like they were food, and could be found hiding in a tree, nestled in between some stones, tucked in a nook in the house, or even hiding in the kitchen eating an apple as she was reading.

When her sisters went to Arx, she remained behind, but after a few months of solitude she couldn't stand it anymore and followed them there. Time to be a pest again.

Name Summary
Adora A Redrain Princess who has a bear wardrobe. Predictable. I don't like her. But I will sell her a bookcase.
Aethan Related to Princess Gwenna. Makes sense. Not a bad thing.
Alessandro A Redrain Princess. A little bit fae, it seems, though not a bad thing. Quite enjoyable company, and enjoys natural adornment.
Bliss Elgana's little duckling. She's certainly an exuberant one, and very curious and enthusiastic. I think she will do very well for herself here in Arx.
Brigida Something of a wit. And from the north! Maybe it's the lack of beard that does it.
Cullen Anyone who is at home amongst the trees is someone worth knowing, especially with a sense of humor and good-natured wit to go along with it. I shall have to make sure to show off my beard often, more conversations will be in order. And a beard stylist.
Delilah Whiskey and sunshine bottled in slim, glittering sweetness. A scholar enveloped by the light-dazzle of the north. I find it easy to warm to her.
Elgana I love all my siblings for they are all unique in their own way, but Helena stands out with her intellect and sweetness. She is a blessing to our family and I am so grateful to have her here with us once more in the city.
Gwenna Princess Helena Redrain is sister to Agatha and Elgana, we all having grown up among many other cousins in Farhaven. As with her sisters, she is both every bit like them and yet has passions distinct from their own as well. Her talents are just another boon for House Redrain and I couldn't be happier to have more family here in Arx.
Helia She's so beautiful! She seems like she should be drifting through a forest in a gown of aeterna, all mysterious and magical. She has a lovely manner about her too! A very nice woman.
Luca The same bright spirit and personality as her sisters, and so distinctly different at the same time. I could have told you she was a royal of House Redrain before the introductions were even made. There's just something to them, isn't there?
Mirk A strange one. A Redrain princess with her nose in a book, but then she suggests bar fights a moment later. I appreciate someone that can't be easily summarized with a few words.
Monique She brought me books. I think that means we're best friends now.
Pharamond The most adorable princess ever. If he had to pick between her or his House in a duel of a matter of honor he'd at least have to think twice if she dazzled him with those sparkling blue eyes again.