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Lord Alessandro Greenmarch

If you have eliminated all doubt from your soul, you must have eliminated all reason from your mind, for there is no true certainty in the world, save that the sun comes up in the morning. And even that, I'd wait until morning. Just to be sure.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Defender Contrarian
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon (Thirteenth)
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: dark, dark brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: olive with stray freckles

Titles: Mirrormask

Description: Strong bone structure and the lean lines of Alessandro's features combine for an impression of sharp elegance. His cheekbones can probably not actually cut diamond, but it could be a near thing. His eyes are pale and clear, of startling focus and intensity, beneath high-arched, thick, dark eyebrows. Their pale clarity is contrasted with the warm tone of his skin, dotted by occasional freckles. The dark waves of his hair are such a dark brown that they are nearly black, but in direct sunlight glint with deep mahogany highlight. Tall, lean as a rake, and impeccably dressed, Alessandro's looks are dynamic; at rest, features that might be ill-fitted are given an arresting allure by his personal vitality.

Personality: Alessandro has mastered elegance the way artists master their craft, and it shows in everything he does. He pursues knowledge for its own sake, an eclectic, thirsty mind with a keenly energetic spirit behind it, and always has a spare pair of reading glasses in his pocket so that he can take them out and clean them with a monogrammed silk handkerchief. His will is indomitable and contrarian. He is fiercely passionate about his work, and fiercely, intensely protective of his family. He also has a keen sense of the ridiculous, and a deep -- if buried -- ability to recognize his own paradoxes and make fun of himself. But privately, if you please. Dignity is key.

Background: Alessandro was a youth who pushed limits. He got into trouble a lot, and set his overbearing will against the dominance of his elders generally and his parents in particular. He was a handful, a struggle; generally, a big pain in the neck. As he grew older, his mischief grew more obscure and intellectual. His favorite game began to be pitting his intellect against that of instructors he believed couldn't keep up with him. Of course, when he was 12, it turned out he was rarely right about this -- the amount of knowledge an active preteen can absorb, no matter how much time he spends in libraries and harassing scholars for information, is not really a match for most trained adults. But he never really lost his taste for the game.

He hated sword lessons. He hated learning about poisons and antidotes. He was fortuitously allergic to horse dander and exaggerated his allergy to get out of more and more things so that he could spend more time with his books. He learned etiquette and mastered it expressly so that he could push the limits of being rude, and, enchanted with his own cleverness, earned himself several enemies in Lenosia's court. At least one of them is dead now, and it can't actually be traced to Alessandro at all, but he's always been on the lucky side.

Theology lured him, especially the theology of doubt, and while his cousin Isolde soared into the panoply of the Mirrormasks and reached heights of elevation as a disciple leader, he personally found much more lure in the practicum of their craft, and focused himself almost entirely on the scholarship of law and politics. By the time he defended his first case as a Mirrormask serving in the Court of Lenosia, he was certain he couldn't lose, because he knew the law that well.

It turns out there is more to defending a case than being right, though, and Alessandro learned some humility in practice that he had never had before. A perfect record is impossible as a defense attorney, but defending the indefensible is the greatest challenge of Faith for a Mirrormask, and Alessandro grew skilled in the balance of ego and humility, doubt and certainty, necesssary for the work. He also learned very valuable lessons from his family about the critical impact that sartorial perfection can have on one's effect.

Relationship Summary

  • Margret - My balance.

  • Friend:
  • Niklas - A good friend, who will make an estimable prince.
  • Sabella - Wife in another life.

  • Family:
  • Sofia - Sister
  • Lorenzo - The best of brothers.
  • Simone - Cousin-in-law, and a very good friend.
  • Monique - Cousin-in-law, who brings adventure to my life.
  • Marius - Cousin-in-law, a fitting leader for Greenmarch.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha Lorenzo's brother, the Very Smart Redhead's betrothed. What happens when three bears and two foxes walk into the Oathlander bar. I wonder if we drank all their whiskey
    Alarissa An eloquent man, who does his best, even in the face of impossible odds.
    Amari I hope one day to take his measure in a real trial. I suspect he held back, but would be a formidable, if not dangerous opponent when the stakes were true. He is perhaps too handsome though. That might be an unfair advantage.
    Barric A recent Lycene turned Greenmarch Prodigal or Valardin, not sure, it's not been Valardin for long. Seems a good man though, easy to talk to and friendly. That's high enough marks to want to see him and speak to him again.
    Bianca Quiet, direct and polite. All qualities I find incredibly valuable. I hope that in the future we will find more reason to work together.
    Bliss Ah, Prince Alessandro Velenosa. So much charm and grace in one man - and mischief, if I am reading him right. Of course I am. He's a Fox. I somehow get the sense that I could get into so much trouble with him, and he would only encourage it further. I like that.
    Coraline Charming man, but yeesh if I blush anymore around him I dunno what he will think!
    Cullen My brother-in-law to be. A lawyer, Mirrormask, and Prince of Velenosa. What could go wrong? I've been told he's a good person. We'll see. Our discussion certainly didn't make me think that family dinners are going to be comfortable...
    Dominique Rather pensive and quiet. That usually means he's thinking and observing and putting things together. Or he just knows that it's better to be quiet and thought of as smart than to speak and be thought of as a fool.
    Duarte An easy to talk to prince.
    Etienne A practical, informed man willing to take the chances that matter.
    Ezekiel He did so seem to enjoy my music! He seemed quite nice.
    Gareth A Velenosan prince who seems to be a decent and polite sort. Fitting for his position.
    Ignacio Prince Alessandro Velenosa... While not my first meeting of Cadenza's cousin, it seems like it to me at no fault of his own. He seems to be a solid man with a good head on his shoulders. I am sure we will get along nicely.
    Jeffeth A prince that seems quite taken with Lady Margret! Good for them! But he claims he has never slept outside. How?!!?
    Jenessa A very kind Prince who offered to assist in furthering my education on investigative matters. Like myself, he has a love of learning - I think in this I might get along with him quite well. A friendship to pursue in the future, perhaps. I would like to speak with him again.
    Jordan We've met a few times. He's soon to become a Greenmarch thanks to a marriage with Lady Margret. By all means he's a socially adroit man who seems very resourceful in many ways. I look forward to seeing what accomplishments he'll bring to history, as not all men need to wield a sword to be able to do so. Some can carry words just as well.
    Kenna I'm FAIRLY sure I saw a sense of humor there, but it's also possible I was wrong. I don't think I am though. He was so very sweet to Lady Margret, which is why I think that.
    Lianne Effortlessly restrained without falling dull or flat. Potentially compelling, even with so little shared.
    Lorenzo My noble older brother always has such creative ideas.
    Lys He's quite the intellect and a very patient teacher. Patience and smarts: One couldn't ask for more in a tutor.
    Magpie Magpie is a big fan of compliments and some of the first words he exchanged with Alessandro were as much. The man wasn't afraid to speak his mind, nor defend it. He was quite polite for a prince, and seemed rather attentive even to casual conversation. Of course, one would be a fool to take a Velenosa prince at face value, especially a lawyer.
    Merek Quiet guy, Merek thinks he is a nice enough Prince however!
    Moira The Velenosa Prince, the one destined to marry into the Greenmarches. Gracious, polite, friendly. Maybe one day he can be a noble patron.
    Monique The nerves are all in the eyes. I make him nervous. I suppose that's better than any number of other things. At least he's polite. Far more polite than I am.
    Niklas Easily the most agreeable Prince I've met since coming to the city.
    Norwood He seems a very serious gentleman with a suspicious lack of desire for sweetness in his tea. I suppose I cannot hold it against him though.
    Orathy Reckon he be concerned bout givin fair rights to those of us common folk who be pushed around by the law.
    Orazio A Mirrormask and a Velenosa Prince. A combination often fraught with danger, but Orazio has enjoyed his conversations so far, and appreciates his conversational skill and charisma.
    Oriana His struggle does him more credit than I think he gives himself. I hope he comes to understand that.
    Prisila He gets it.
    Reese Well mannered, charming, likes to read and possibly knows some law!
    Reigna I admit to being curious to see how well the Lycene Princes takes to being an Oathlands Lord. He is jovial and gregarious, the Greenmarchers I am certain, will welcome him. He's just... so... Lycene!
    Rinel A prince who believes strongly in egalitarianism during the exchange of ideas. I approve.
    Sabella A very nice and fun seeming Velenosan Prince. I marry him, Margret marries Niklas, ???, PROFIT!
    Sameera Less on the annoying side.
    Saoirse He said there's no law about hanging up decaying heads. That's nuts.
    Selene A fellow I heard of by passing reamrk and conversation first and in person second, he seems a witty sort, which is always a plus. Sad I didn't get to speak with he and his Princess-to-be longer, but I'm sure we'll make up for it somewhere down the line.
    Shae Something Other. He keeps an open mind and a calm exterior. He is either the eye of the storm or the cause of it.
    Sidney He is, in fact, as charming as he playfully claimed to be, and an excellent drinking partner. He and his brother Prince Lorenzo make quite a duo, although it's a shame that Alessandro will no longer be sharing the Velenosa name with him.
    Thesarin He spake when he had something worth saying. He kept silent elsewhise. That's a thing I can respect.
    Vayne It's refreshing to meet a young lord who is so devout in his journey, especially given the fealty into which he is marrying! He is someone I want to know better, and I look forward to it.
    Vercyn A Velenosa Prince. I suspect we may have traumatized him.