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Count Philippe Blanchard

I mistrust laughter. It is said that we sometimes need fools to speak truth behind sly words, but I reject that. If one cannot hear harsh truths and rule accordingly, they lack the steel to be a true leader.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Meticulous Count
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Blanchard
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
Eye Color: Bluish grey
Skintone: Tan

Titles: Count of Chevalle

Description: With blue-grey eyes that rarely reveal the slightest trace of good humor and a grim and weathered countenance that seems set in a perpetual frown, Count Philippe of House Blanchard possesses a dignity so austere and a manner so severe that even the most dedicated mummer is likely to surrender all hope upon seeing the man. His precisely trimmed salt and pepper beard is maintained with a meticulous care mirrored by the rest of his disciplined, fastidious appearance that surprises not a single poor soul that had the misfortune of being forced to speak to the dour lord. With an athletic build despite his advanced years and hard, wrinkled line face that clearly spends much time in the sun, it's obvious the noble embraces discipline in all aspects of his daily routine.

Personality: A comically humorless man, Count Philippe will never be loved by his vassals, a love he neither expects nor requires. His reputation as grim, unyielding, merciless, completely indifferent to frivolity, and callous are well deserved, but the the old warhorse has the respect of his vassals for his meticulous diligence, relentless devotion to fair (if harsh) rule, unflinching honor and unwavering sense of duty to his subjects as well as his liege. Among family it is said he shows a different, carefully hidden warmer side, with a caring devotion as a loving father. Completely untrue, though. The rumor just started because no one wants to believe someone is -always- like that.

Background: Philippe's father, Count Vardon Blanchard, the Count of Chevalle, was among the most beloved nobles in the Oathlands. He was unfailingly generous, said to be willing to give the shirt off his back to a commoner in need. He was forgiving of any slight, who so badly wished to be loved he would join into the laughter of any joke made at his own expense. He was merciful, refusing to make war upon any of the Abandoned that came increasingly close to Chevalle's borders. He was very much loved, Philippe saw in his father a man that who so badly desired the approval of others that he agonized over ever decision and was happy to give away Chevalle's lands to quarreling baron vassals just to settle a dispute without acrimony.

Philippe loved his father. And he despised his weakness.

When Count Vardon Blanchard died, the county of Chevalle was so weak it was a peer to its barony vassals, it was nearly bankrupt, it was constantly threatened from emboldened shav forces that saw House Wyrmguard need to repeatedly to intervene to protect the domain, and any semblence of respect for House Blanchard was nearly gone with Blanchard's baron vassals often ignoring commands entirely. Count Philippe proved himself an entirely different kind of man. He immediately called to account every vassal who had outstanding loans, and brutally crushed one brief rebellion. He rallied his forces, and ruthlessly massacred one Abandoned tribe that had been occupying one of the county's forests. "The warhorses are riding again", was how one vassal in the Oathlands described it, and Philippe took that lesson to heart. An honorable man, but there is not a single element of softness to him, not even to family. For him, all that exists is duty, and the legacy and the name of the family.

Name Summary
Alarissa One would think, by what I had heard of the man in the past, that I might not see the generosity and yet, there was without a doubt, generosity. He is a good man, though perhaps he jousts better on horse than on boat. No finer can lead Blanchard to victory.
Amarantha Quiet but intriguing. I'd love to get him alone and pick that brain of his.
Cybele Count Philippe Blanchard. Student of investigatory technique and also patron of Solace. I am glad his generosity will aid the knights! Also maybe I should get a horse?
Dominique So formal. There is a clear aura of authority in his presence. He reminds me so much of my father.
Isolde A wise, calculating count. He could be Velenosian if it wasn't for that pesky honor of his. A pity, he'd look good in purple.
Jordan A Count who exports horses. He is a good man, from what little I can tell of his interactions with common folk, and willing to sell horses of good standards to individual knights, rather than Houses. I will do business with him.
Norwood A man of few words. Something I can more than respect.
Prisila A man of serious temperament but I can respect that. There is nothing more serious than tending to one's lands and vassals.
Sparte I met him while jousting. With boats. I mean, on boats, not wielding boats. What do you mean, what was the horse doing?
Veronica A stern lord, an industrious lord, and an efficient man. I feel he shares my view on many things, and an easy man to talk with (when you are me)!