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Lord Aethan Kennex

Love is a lottery for which the prize is death. You're lucky to have lost, and if you're wise, you'll lose always.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Brooding Perfectionist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Description: With an austere courage and a placid demeanor that almost never forsake him, Aethan has a noble countenance that is enhanced by a generally well-trimmed beard, and short brown hair that is neatly kept. His tanned face is lined by care, more frowns than smiles, and a profound melancholy has dimmed his blue eyes almost to gray.

Personality: Aethan is a man who lives always by a strict code of honor that he'd die before he broke, but he's also a man with demons. A moody, sometimes violent perfectionist who can only see his mistakes, he has a lot to feel guilty about, and a lot to regret. Like a good man of Thrax, he keeps all of these feelings bottled up, and the face he shows to the world is composed, with a noble bearing that inspires respect, if not love. He speaks with a scalpel, never wasting an extraneous word.

On the very rare occasions when the darkness within him break through, Aethan can turn into a cruel and dangerous man... which leaves him with even more to repent, when the spell passes.

Background: From childhood, Aethan never forgot that he was his father's oldest son, and someday, the weight of heading his branch of House Kennex would fall on him. He was given a typical Thraxian education, and was sent out to sea at sixteen to learn to sail. His younger brother Porter followed a couple of years later, and then a year after that, his much younger brother Ian.

The pressure of being the oldest son only got worse at sea, where he was responsible for his brothers, especially Ian, who was ten years younger than him, and more like a son than a brother. But he drove himself hard, taught his brothers to do the same, and by the time they'd graduated from escorting merchant ships to hunting pirates on a ship that Aethan himself captained, the brothers Kennex were a force to be reckoned with. Aethan got so much respect for how well he'd taught his brothers that he was the one tasked with teaching the ungovernable Washburn Grayson to sail.

These few years, riding high on the waves with his brothers by his side, were the happiest of Aethan's life, and they ended too soon when Ian, while trying to sail a prize ship through a storm, fell from the rigging and nearly died. The fall left Ian paralyzed -- and Aethan knew that it was his fault. He should have seen the signs that the storm was coming. He should have checked the prize ship's rigging. Unable to stomach the guilt, unable even to look at his broken little brother, Aethan lost himself in the bottle.

He also lost himself in the comfort of a woman. Invierna Winter, the daughter of a very wealthy Thrax-sworn merchant, came to him in that darkest night, listened to him, soothed him, and -- or so he thought -- loved him. Only weeks after meeting her, they were married. Aethan loved her ardently enough that, at least for a couple of years, he was able to drown out his own self-loathing.

But this happiness was even more short lived and ephemeral than the last. Aethan lost his father, his mother, and his wife all in quick succession -- his father died of a lingering illness that had plagued him for months, and then a few weeks later, his mother and wife died suddenly during the same night.

Aethan is now the head of his branch of House Kennex, just as he always expected to be, but his branch of House Kennex -- his family -- is a ruin of what it was. Now he has come to Arx to try to rebuild what he can... or maybe just to try to escape the ghosts of his past.

Relationship Summary

  • Porter - Middle brother
  • Ian - Youngest brother
  • Wash - Adopted brother
  • Name Summary
    Agatha I wonder if that's what I look like when I'm fighting. The baring the teeth, the crazy grin, jumping right back in when I get knocked around...
    Ainsley He's very serious. I didn't think there was anyone who looked more serious than Ian or Shard.
    Caith He was very understanding about Stumphrey slobbering all over him. Which makes him a good egg in my book! Anyone who is kind to animals must have a good heart.
    Caspian I wouldn't call him the most expressive man, but he seems like a good guy down inside.
    Coraline Was wonderfully friendly, maybe I can grab him for a spar and some more booze soon!
    Dante If the world ever felt it could use more Ian, it was only feeling so because it was ignorant of Aethan. If all of Setarco burns before the march of the foul foe... if all that I know and love is laid waste to ash and ember by the beasts of the abyss... I hope Kennex adopts me.
    Dominique One of Ford's cousins. There are so many Kennexes these days. Still, he's a pleasant fellow to be around an a good duelist!
    Elara My old reading and grumbling companion from Stormward. It is good to see him in Arx. I wondered how long he'd hide in his hole.
    Fiora I like my men the way I like my coffee: Weak and about as exciting as an old dish rag.
    Ian I'm glad he's back. I've missed him.
    Ignacio A man that held his own with my wife in a sparring arena. Not many men can make that claim. He seems like a man I would like to get to know better.
    Iseulet This man makes brooding an artform. And sees straight through me - I can feel it.
    Jan Morose as ever, but there's still a little hint of humour buried in there. I saw it.
    Jeffeth Lord Aethan, Lord Ian's brother! He seems a very nice man. Lord Ian is a kind man when you get down to it, I believe, but Lord Aethan you don't have to get down to it, you can tell he's kind and friendly right away.
    Lucita Ian's older brother, Dignified seeming perhaps due to a more somber expression yet amicable enough. We seem to get along pleasantly and feel relaxed in his company. One senses he can be an interesting conversationist when one takes time to listen to him, he'd have to be to warrent Lady Juliana's attention.
    Niklas The oldest of the Kennex cousins and possibly the most serious. Like any Kennex, a good person to have at your side. It has been some time, but it's good to see him again.
    Seymour A man who spends his words like a poor man spends coin, carefully.
    Sidney He has the impressive ability of managing to look as if he isn't having any fun at all while, I suspect, enjoying himself quite a lot. I'd very much like to see him drunk again.
    Theron Pleasant Lord of House Kennex. This one is like Ian, I think. Dutiful and able in service. It's a House of contrasts, in my opinion. The two brothers have the better half of it.
    Thesarin Seems grim, on the main, but knows how to laugh when he needs to.
    Valdemar A serious sort, who also seems a good sport. I look forward to finding out how good a fighter he is.
    Victus Looks just like an older Ian, but ironically has the better working legs. I'd say he might have a little more humor in him too.
    Zoey Quiet and stoic on the outside, there is great emotion under the surface. I see why Ian idolizes him so much.