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Sir Alexandros Dawnbringer

Every time I think I'm paranoid enough, my enemies find a new way to show me different.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Paranoid Paladin
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Dawnbringer
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Religion: Gloria
Vocation: Templar
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Sunstreaked blonde
Eye Color: Doe-eyed blue
Skintone: Healthily tanned

Description: Alexandros would be an extraordinarily handsome man; with his sun-streaked blonde hair, his healthily tanned skin, it's just he carries himself in an extremely offputting way. His piercing blue eyes are almost always clouded with fear, and seem to stare right through people as though they weren't even there. He's long, lithe, and solidly built, but always seems tense and rigid at the best of times.

Personality: Alexandros, templar of Gloria, is convinced that unknowable forces in the world are trying to destroy him. From the beginning of his service to the faith, he was tormented by unfounded fears and nameless terrors that preyed upon his mind. For years, he was able to function more or less normally despite his growing paranoia. As time passed, genuine bouts of panic began to intrude upon his psyche. These bouts lasted longer and longer, paralyzing him for minutes, hours, sometimes even days. Every few years he puts a new name to these forces-- demons, shivs, the smiling shadows or some other identifiable target becomes the imagined source of his fears for a time. He does his best to prove the wrongs of these imagined enemies, and anyone who has even a passing resemblance to the target is persecuted until the next delusion grips him. Occasionally, one can get a glimpse of the kindhearted man he once was.

Background: Alexandros once strived to be a sterotypical boyscout. He was polite, honest, brave, and obedient to his social superiors. He served a few years as a rather unremarkable though dogged Templar, often going on pilgrimages to help those in need and to right perceived wrongs, only it's become apparent to those who know him best that he's withdrawn into himself and is now an empty shell of what he used to be. Where he was once a cheerful lad with dreams of heroism, he's become something of a crestfallen recluse that seems to be married to his letter of his job and has grown oddly apathetic and listless to the spirit of it.

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